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  1. I have tried to make adjustments to my swing but it never seemed to work too much. I will play around at the range next time I go. I don't play enough I feel to completely change my swing. I have had the same swing for many years and feel if I can get a driver to fit my swing I know I can repeat my swing. I know I might not ever have the perfect driving stats but if I could increase my launch angle to 10-12 I would be very happy. I could always to continue to hit my 3 wood or hybrid off the tee but one if these days I need to find a drive I can hit. Thanks for your input. Maybe when I get
  2. I am in need of a new driver to match my swing. I buy a new driver off the rack every other year and I still have lots of problems of the tee. I am a 7 HC and just got a set of custom fit irons. First time in my whole life (31 years). I found out I needed my irons at 3 degrees of lie up. I have a upright swing. This made a huge difference for my ball striking with my irons and it made me realize I need to order a custom driver as I never looked at the numbers until recently. I currently have a 107-110 MPH swing Speed with a ball speed of about 155. My launch angle is around 8 degrees( I d
  3. I have a question. I am not sure if I want to pay for a full driver fitting. I have a strong idea of my swing. I have around a 107 mph swing speed with my driver. I have about a 7 degree launch angle. I tend to miss with. Snap hook or a really low drive. I need a driver with a high loft and a shaft that launches the ball with a spin of 2700 rpm. Drives go about 240-260 currently. Any suggestions on a good shaft for my swing speed and the need to get the ball up? I am think of getting the SLDR 430 cc driver with a custom shaft. I am also 5'9 and thing of ordering the shaft at 44". Please hel
  4. Yes I have seen the website for this place. I think it does help that they are in a downtown setting so golfers have little options if they want to hit balls. I am thinking of a place like this but a little larger with a small lounge/ bar area. Thanks for the info. [quote name="WUTiger" url="/t/72955/indoor-golf-center-bar/36#post_958574"]This ties into a discussion which popped up at TM "Loft Up" day at the local GGalaxy. The St. Louis area had a lot of snow this year, but the golf pro didn't seem to think an indoor range was that good an idea. He said even in snowy years, it wouldn't mak
  5. I purchased my new irons from golf galaxy a few weeks ago. I was happy with the service. I think I was there for 2+ hours and the salesman was fine with me asking for 9-10 sets to try. He actually told me to try another set that I had not asked to try after about an hour hitting balls. Turns out that is the set I ended up purchasing. (MP-4's). Still not sure I made the right choice as I've never played blades but I will find out this spring. They sure felt good in the simulator though. Disclaimer this was my first club fitting of my life so I have nothing to base this off of. They fitted me f
  6. I agree that my idea would do little to no business from May-August. Business would slowly increase again in Sept-October when football starts and the weather starts to turn. But really the money would need to be made from Nov-thru mid April. My business plan shows no revenue during May-August and then slowly increasing from there. Where I am from you can't buy land for a driving range that is convenient enough for people to get to. The land is just to expensive now. Again my overhead being extremely low for this business is the only way it works. Try to go too big and you will not have eno
  7. That place looks really nice. They did it right. I know you stated you don't like simulators to much but what was your thoughts on the aboutgolf sim? I was looking into those? I agree people that drink too much and golf clubs could be a problem.
  8. I would tend to agree with you. I want to go to a place that caters to golfers but also offers beer and basic food. I don't think I need to spend tons of money on the food as I don't think it's the draw. The draw is the golf and beer. As long as the pizza is good guys will be ok with it. I think? I could be wrong. There was a place in MO that opened and closed within 1-1/2 years. The place looked great but I believe they went to big. They had 10+ simulators I think, full big bar, full kitchen all in a 10,500 sq ft facility. They tried to be everything to everyone. I just think their overhe
  9. I understand where you are coming from. If I was at a bar that had a simulator I might use it once or twice a winter. The thing is this will not support the cost of the simulator nor do I think I sell much more alcohol. I would basically be a bar/restaurant. I do not want to compete in this space. There are way to many options of bars people can choose from and me having a simulator is not going to pull in that many more people. Bars succeed based on how many women ( hopefully hot) that you can get into your place every night. Guys go where hot girls hang out and I can guess hot girls won't
  10. Just had a chance to take a look at the website link. That place looks really nice. This is the quality of place I would like to open. I sure hope business picks up so you can enjoy this place for many years to come. I know I would be there often if it was near my house as well.
  11. I have been to a top golf about 40 minutes from my house. Had a really great time the few times I've been with my buddies. If it were closer I would be there once a week probably. Ha. My friends and I all said it would be really cool to own one. It has everything you could want. The thing is to start one is 10 times the expense than the business I'm looking into. The land and build out would be well over a million dollars I would assume. This is something that would be too rich for me. Those reading this I would recommend going with your buddies one day if you haven't been before.
  12. You are correct a business plan is a must. Thank you for the recommendation of business plan pro. I will look into it. I would anticipate getting a small business loan for such a new idea (these centers have been around 10 years maybe) would be difficult. I will look at all options but assume I might need to take out a Helco loan and fund the rest with savings.
  13. Thanks, I will certainly be spending some time on this site. That is when the wife isn't bugging me to do something. I had a chance to read some other threads before posting and found most of them informative and/or entertaining. Cheers
  14. Yes, half hour installments of range time for like 13 bucks for sure. I have done this a few time and I really enjoy it. Great feedback from the machine. I was really interested in my ball speed and launch angle at one point and this information was given on every hit. This is a tough market so not sure if the business end of this we make sense or not but I am going to get as much information as possible to make an educated guess.
  15. I will keep you posted. I can tell you new machines will run 40-60k for a good machine. A used machine a few years old in good condition would be about half that 20-30k. I do not have concrete upkeep numbers but would assume 1k per machine for the first year and increase that by 20% each year compounding. Again, no hard numbers here just assumptions. I would guess a good new system would have a shelf life of at least 8-10 years if not more. I would get all this information before I go ahead with this. I am in phase one of 20 if you know what I mean. Still a lot to work out. Lease rates are
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