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  1. Yep - Contacted adidas and they are not interested. They are saying that the shoes are legal and thats the end of it. Its not that they have fewer spikes, its that each spike is raised about 10mm from the actual sole of the shoe. This means that the sole doesn't make contact with the ground at all on dry greens meaning that they will mark the pure ones and not until the spikes have already dug in 10mm on wet greens. You can imagine what mess that makes. Just a very, very poor design. When I bought these a few weeks ago they were literally just out in the shops so I'm gues
  2. So here's my issue... I have very recently purchased 2 pairs of the Adizero 2014 golf shoes (one white and one blue.) Because of the damage these shoes do to the greens, my club (Camberley Heath) has now banned these shoes from the course permanently. Here is a quote from an email I have just received from the club: Adizero Ban Due to the significant damage that these specific golf shoes cause to greens, the Board and Committee have made the unanimous decision to ban these golf shoes. I am the first and only person at my club to have purchased the
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