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  1. I don't recall the tournament, but here's what happened. Woody had maybe a 10 ft putt to birdie a par 5 and made a poor stroke. He started moving to the hole almost as soon as he hit it, and the ball ended up on the other side of the hole. He leaned over and went to tap the ball in, in disgust, but as sometimes happens the putter sort of caught on the grass and the ball didn't move. In a second movement, he then "completed" the stroke. One commentator immediately called it as a whiff, the other wasn't so sure until they showed the replay. It was as clear as anything. They sent Feherty out on c
  2. I just joined this forum and what I really like about it is how positive everyone seems to be - very refreshing. I don't have any stories about crushing my handicap by that margin (gets really hard on single figures) but one piece of advice I wish I could give all new golfers or those really struggling is: Hey, we're ALL struggling. Many times I've invited a new member or new golfer to join our group and they are reluctant because they think everyone will be watching them and they're embarrassed not to be flushing it and attacking the pins. Or they think people will look at their swing and b
  3. I was lucky enough to see Jack in his prime (not live) and have witnessed Tiger's career to date. They say that "comparisons are odious" especially between golfers of different eras, but we like to make them anyways! Almost everything has changed in the last 30 years - technology (clubs and balls, materials etc), the courses (now set up for the majors to be longer, narrower, deeper rough, faster greens), the pressure - mainly due to the immense television and other media coverage, plus of course the money available. The greatest difference though is the number of competitive players on the
  4. I'm so glad that Woody Austin choked and handed it to Kenny Perry. Partly because Kenny is a great guy, but mainly because Woody Austin is a cheat, and my Dad told me that cheats never prosper. The whole world saw him whiff that putt last year, and he made out like he was placing his putter to get ready to putt. He cheated, and he got away with it, but karma has a funny way of catching up with you and inside he knows what he did. What goes around comes around.
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