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  1. Props to Tiger, I'm one who said 3 years ago it would never happen again. Payin out $2,000 because of it, fk!, but really did enjoy his celebration with the kids and his mom. One of the most amazing sports stories in our lifetime. Erik, ur fanboyness has been paid.
  2. Um, what?? Jordan played 4 under today and lost by 3. Not your best post.
  3. The point is, Strick has no bearing on the decision. If Phil wants to play, he'll play, otherwise, he won't.
  4. Strick said in an interview yesterday that it's Phil's choice. Thankfully he's having a good week so I'm sure he'll opt to play.
  5. If Phil wants to play, he'll be on the team. If he ends up an asst captain, it'll be because it was his choice. Or, he may even want to spend that time w family which he hasn't done in 20+ years. He is the most influential player today, in terms of the PGA. He's driving the bus.
  6. All of those drugs are illegal without a script, doubt he had current scripts for all 5. Anyway, that's a minor component of my post. More important is the fact that they are dangerous and potentially harmful and Tiger had no compunction about putting them in his body. As I mentioned, just another tick mark on the Yes side of the argument for me. There are a few ticks on the No side as well, but Yeses far outweigh Nos on my scale. Perhaps not on yours.
  7. I've always believed Tiger used PEDs to some degree in his prime. This revelation, while unrelated, ticks another box on the Yes side of that argument for me. Clearly no compunction about putting dangerous, illegal substances into his body.
  8. The TST poll? C'mon G, you know better. Your objective thoughts about golf are generally correct but when you delve into the subjective, you typically are off the rails. Keep rollin tho...
  9. Always knew it was Jack, his special on GC just sweet confirmation. And it's only just begun. Tiger might slip to 3 after 3 episodes. Lol
  10. Happy Serge got his 1st. But woulda never happened without that pairing. Thought earlier JR would be the one that took advantage but Serge thrived off of Justin's encouragement. Wish Rickie and Jordan woulda done same. Different mindset here in the US, which is OK.
  11. Precisely how I see it. I think his pairing with Serge helps him. If he were paired with Jordan, I think Jordan would take him down.
  12. Perez, easy decision imo. 3 beers, no tip. Thankfully, I typically have more than $12 so I tip generously.
  13. It's an interesting game, golf. Just the opposite for me. I spent a year and a half not able to hit my driver out of my shadow. Could not figure out why. One day about 3 or 4 months ago it just sort of dawned on me that I somehow had lost the wrist cock that always had been so natural in my take-away. Since I've reimplemented the hinge with all full shots, my ball striking has been terrific, driving the ball long again, compressing irons more consistently and scoring better. Cannot hinge and hold on pitches or chips though, gotta keep the left wrist straight for those types of
  14. This weather changes my picks somewhat: DJ - nothing bothers him Jordan - mentally strong, good wind player Phil - good wind player (now), knows course better n anyone and he's 46 Rickey - loves the elements, embraces the challenge Zach J - also embraces the challenge, only way he can win is in inclement weather If weather was nice, I'd pull Rickey and Zach in lieu of Rory and JDay.
  15. Fkn stupid. You RoG Nazis should be proud.
  16. I don't think there's any question that 5W's are in many fewer bags today than 10 years ago. I haven't used one in 6 or 7 years. Can't recall if I took it out in lieu of my 60 or when I switched from a 3I to a 3H. Either way, my gaps at that end of the bag are great, 5W would be redundant. I'd guess fewer than 20% of PGA tour pros use one and the majority that do probably don't have a 3W. It's all about having 4 wedges these days (or 5 even).
  17. Rahm's a lil bitch. He should be a good foil to root against for years to come, supplanting Sergio (who I now like, oddly).
  18. Butt cut current shaft to 44" and regripped. No tape. @Golfingdad's experience guided me. He didn't tape either so I figured I'd try it. As it happens, I won't need to add weight but I was prepared to if I didn't get results. Good luck!
  19. Spieth got krunked. I'm out. Worst fkn tournament of the year. Course terrible, match play sux, horrible field, 5 days? Too many. Oh, right.
  20. Favorite regular/WGC event of the year. Beautiful course, match play, great field, 5 days. I conveniently scheduled a home maintenance visit for 1p today so I can watch the day 1 matches. Can't wait.
  21. It is wrong to engage in as much schadenfreude as I have over the past few months. I should be ashamed but oddly...
  22. Just a quick update: used to be a long knocker, haven't been in 4 or 5 years. Hit one 334 today, with a dead right wind (no direct help but does help a draw). Not my longest ever but among my top 10 and longest I've hit in 3 years, so perhaps "max distance potential gone" was a bit premature. Cut your driver down to 44" or even 43", you will never regret it. That I can tell you.
  23. I don't have the healing powers of the thread owner but this one seems to be pretty cut and dried. If you're playing for any money, set the rules up front: playing it down, putting out, etc. If he doesn't want to comply, no biggie. Play your game. #arniewould
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