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  1. I appreciate the truth in this statement! Looking forward to my next round, trying not to get ahead of myself but I can't help being confident.
  2. Cheers guys! My handicap is still 28. Do I need to string a few consecutive scores below 100 before it drops a bit?
  3. I'm not sure this justifies it's own post, if not I'm very sorry! I just shot a 98!!! 53 on the front 9, wasn't expecting much. Pretty standard start to my game (previous best 102). Then I shot a 45 on the back 9! I can't tell you all how pleased I actually am, I genuinely feel like I've accomplished something. I started playing last July (10 months ago). December 26th I bought some Callaway X Hot Irons (Boxing Day sale!). I've had 5 lessons between January & April. This might seem insignificant but I can't describe how much it has improved my game, just 5 little lessons! Sorry to bore you
  4. I fully expected him to be #1 after The Players. Congrats to him when it does happen, but I'm sure he himself would admit he'd like to reach #1 whilst competing with Tiger, not just because he's injured.
  5. I'll always try and copy the pro's, they seem to know what they're doing & I'm always looking on ways to improve my game, especially my poor putting. I could do with Spieth's control & composure, nevermind his technique.
  6. Entertaining final round. He didn't half make that hard for himself! Pleased for him.
  7. I thought he'd thrown it away, that putt alone justifies his position on the leaderboard. I honesty thought he'd crumble completely after his double bogey 6.
  8. I'm changing my putting grip as soon as I get onto a practice putting green! He alone this week has convinced me it's the way forward.
  9. Very fortune with his 17th tee shot there! Plenty of work to do for his par. I can see a playoff happening tomorrow.
  10. I really don't understand why he's just done that. Settling for the 5 and hoping he can carry his 1 shot lead all the way home?!
  11. I'm exactly the same. I tend to hit an 8 on the front 9 AND the back 9 every round. Trying to get these out of my round and I'm confident I can break 100 soon.
  12. Cheers for the replies guys, much appreciated. [quote name="RoyJeeBiv" url="/t/74484/high-handicapper-blow-up-holes#post_988665"] both of these = great advice. i'll also go one further and recommend playing a couple rounds with irons only. i started doing this last season and it helped tremendously (i'm actually continuing to do it this season, as i enjoy hitting my long irons with greater consistency). it makes you focus on the basics, and your misses won't be as bad. there's so much emphasis on distance, when accuracy is far more important at this stage of your game. [/quote] Thi
  13. Apologies for the loose term, just read it on another thread and it certainly applies to me. Been playing since July last year. Nearly a year in and I've still only shot a personal best of 102 and forever staying a handicap of 28. Lately I've improved a lot (last round 103), and I feel I'm starting to make great progress, albeit slowly. There's ALWAYS one hole though where I self destruct and completely bottle it. It tends to be an 8 on a par 4, sometimes worse ... I shot a 12 on a par 4 a couple of months ago. This may be a daft question but how do I get this stupid hole outta my game? Is
  14. A mixture of good fortune & great recovery play over the last few holes there. Very impressive.
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