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  1. This one, really good value for the money. Never had any problems and the battery is insane! http://www.pargate.com/ waterproof and everything! Like this better than the Bushnells altought I have not tried the newest ones from them.. I have the 2000 tpx
  2. Nike VR Pro blade and Wilson FG 62 are nice blades...
  3. Odyssey Protype black with superstroke slim grip! AMAZING PUTTER!!!
  4. I dont know, maybe they used them in the old days. They hand-water every green and green area, flowers, trees and shrubs to conserve water. Thats their enviroment policy :)
  5. It would not hurt covering these heads up! I have seen that several times on tour. It's pretty stupid. Becuase it aint a part of the course...On Augusta they does not even use them!
  6. LOL! It's sick that they do not cover the ''water-locks'' with false gras mats or something, in a tournament like master! Or in PGA tour at that matter.......Stupid
  7. And the Rocketballz 3 wood is the best I have ever used.. Since im a clubjunkie I try new clubs and shafts all the time, but im not gonna get rid of my RB tour 3 wood, that and the black R1 driver :)
  8. Yeah, I tought so to, that the timing was bad.. But "sold out", hehe...
  9. I already have the pro blades and im not going to buy new. Was just looking if people would happen to know anything about some new blades from Nike :) Btw, rather Nike and Titleist than Mizuno, I think the mp4 is not as sweet as everybody wants it to be ;)
  10. I think the R1 is an amazing driver. My driver swing is pretty good and I did not get better numbers from the newer TM drivers. I have no plan for changing it soon, this and the vr pro blades are the clubs I have used for longest time ever, and im quite a equipment junkie. Used booth since they got released :) Just to get a feeling, I last year had 5 different putters :)
  11. Talked to some Nike guys, they told me that the VR Pro blades are all ''sold out'' and they did not know ''when'' they would get them again. So what you guys think? Are som new blades from Nike just around the corner? The Nike VR Pro Blade is/was one of the most sweet blade iron I have ever hit. Do not know what Nike have planed now. They have also taken the Pro Blades away from their Nike Golf site.
  12. Im still getting the best numbers out of my R1 and the first Rocketballz tour 3 wood they released. These and the 913 from Titleist. After I have hit the SLDR houndreds of times with same and 3 other shafts as my R1 I CAN NOT HIT LONGER drives. Hell I even hit my old Wilson Deep Red the same distance as the new drivers... Marketing Marketing Marketing.....
  13. If you like theTitleist Mb 712 and 714 you will also like the Nike.. Regarding the shafts I think that flex and weight feel in the hands is the most important. Also a heavier shaft does not always make the feel of a heavier swingweight.The KBS tour are nice shafts and also the c taper. When I got fitted with new blades I choose Nike because I had some contacts to get them forged same place as the tour blades, did not have this with Titleist, booth of these blades where really amazing.. What was really funny was the shafts I eneded up with. Many years ago I played the #s300 and s400.. The last
  14. Take the club in your hands, swing as far back as you can, preferably see the whole driver club in your left eye in your backswing, and swing down as hard as you can through the ball = amazing distance. Proven and tested by me (crazy amateur viking golfer (in womens clothes) from Norway) Trust me, go to the driving range and try, you will hit ball further than before :)
  15. Im a grip junkie and have tried almost every grip on the marked, and I have sort of fell in love with the Pure grips. The one grip I have never tried is the champ grips. I can get my hands on package really cheap, but before I do that... Anyone tried them and have some feedback? [URL]http://champspikes.com/products/golf/accessories/grips/champ-c4-grips/[/URL]
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