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  1. Like Silicone sealant? Can the tags be removed from the grips after being "glued" in?
  2. I have found that any bag with dividers will bind some when pulling or replacing clubs. Some are better than others. My Sun Mountain C-130 isn't bad, but it still binds some. Sometimes I have to pull up the neighboring club a little and the club drops down.
  3. JPX900 Hot Metal Corrosion

    That's crazy. My pitching wedge has 100 rounds on it and looks better than that.
  4. He had the Arccos 360. The other issue he had was having to keep his phone in a specific pocket. I'm not sure he gave the system a completely fair shake before returning it, but he definitely had some issues with it. Not a huge fan of batteries in the sensors, either.
  5. Why all the underflex?

    Step 1: Correct the swing Step 2: Fit for clubs Never a good idea to fit clubs to correct for a poor swing, especially for a beginner. Their swing is likely to change drastically in a relatively short time if they start playing regularly, or *gasp*, get a lesson.
  6. Yup, my golfing buddy had the Arccos 360 and couldn't get through the round on his phone battery. He also ended up having to make a bunch of corrections. Tried it a couple times then returned it. He picked up the GG Live (as did I) when it got discounted.
  7. That seems like almost as much work as pushing your clubs. Not as much physical work, maybe. But after watching the video on their site, there are a lot of steps you need to follow to use it as designed. I'll just stick to pushing.....
  8. I used to have an issue with my left foot, but I am more careful when buying shoes now, and have generally eliminated the problem. For me, Footjoy shoes are perfect. Just the right amount of support, and in the right places. I used to wear FJ Contour shoes exclusively, but I have found that their other high-end shoes are good as well.
  9. High Top Golf Shoes

    Other than Ricky Fowler....?
  10. I highly doubt you could damage it by cleaning. Pretty sure the system has a lifetime guarantee anyway (it does on my Footjoys).
  11. I guess my point is if you already owned that thing, and could manage to figure out a way to attach the gun, I'd certainly give it a shot. But if I were going to buy a compressor for the job, it would absolutely not be that one.
  12. But you need a decent volume of air, one which I don't think those little handheld units can provide. I've been blowing on my grips for a while, and just couldn't see it working without a tank style compressor. You don't need much of a tank, but I do think you need more control, and volume, than that thing can produce. The one other thing about it.... That thing is not made to run with no place fore the air to go. So you have to leave the installation gun open the entire time the compressor was running. That's another limitation of not have a tank. Something like this would work.... https://www.amazon.com/PORTER-CABLE-CMB15-Oil-Free-Shrouded-Compressor/dp/B006CVXGR0/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1516997562&sr=8-2&keywords=compact+air+compressor+with+tank
  13. That won't likely work. Those put out air in spurts, as opposed to a constant stream. Each stroke of the piston creates one "puff" of air. The flow out of them is those "puffs" strung together. A tank stores those "puff" and releases them as a smooth stream of air. Which is what you want for grip install. They also don't give you fine control over pressure and volume. It will also not connect to the Pure gun, at least not without some interesting combination of adapters.
  14. GAME GOLF Pro

    Does that work if two people in a group are both GG users? If one of them moves the hole, will it move it for the other one too? My golf partner and I just bought GG Live, and it would be great if only one of us had to relocate the pin.
  15. Hard sided golf bag

    I have a hard case and it isn't all that much bigger than my bag. I am not sure Id trust those baggage idiots with my clubs using a soft case. I also recommend using iron covers when travelling. I used to weave a towel between the clubs but the covers work better. Just don't use them any other time...

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