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  1. He also said it takes a couple hours for them to get all the way cold, so the balls in that test video may not have been fully chilled (he said they had been outside for 1.5 hours). Maybe that accounts for the lower than expected distance loss.
  2. Virtually nothing distracts me on the course. That gets me in trouble occasion, however. I forget that other people can, and do, get distracted, and I find myself doing somehting I shouldn't be doing while they're hitting (generally on the tee). That being said, I could not care any less where they stand, as long as it isn't between me and the hole. ;)
  3. Pro Shop Hat Sales

    I've never once referred to my hats as "caps", FWIW. And that goes for everyone I know, both where I grew up (MA), and where I currently live (NY). I mean, I know what a cap is, and wouldn't think it odd if someone referred to it that way, but no one I know does. [If you Google 'golf caps', all the results say 'golf hats']
  4. How about something like this... https://www.amazon.com/Mark-Mender-Multi-purpose-Golf-Divot/dp/B0048792OG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1502289380&sr=8-1&keywords=mark+mender
  5. Pure wraps for me. Love being able to put them on with a compressor and not needing tape. I can change them out in under 15 minutes (full set).
  6. PW to Gap Wedge Gap

    My wedges are 46, 50, 54, 58, and it gives me perfect 10 yard distance gaps. PW - 125 GW - 115 SW - 95 LW - 85 FWIW- I recently changed from Vokey 54 and 60 wedges, to Harry Taylor 54 and 58, and I am loving that combo. I can do way more things with the the HT 58 than I could with the Vokey 60.
  7. Now that's a pretty good idea.....
  8. Unknown Iron Set

    Google found this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-CUSTOM-MADE-HIGH-LAUNCH-WIDE-OS-IRON-SET-3-PW-REGULAR-IRONS-GOLF-CLUBS-CLUB-/390497550917
  9. Yeah, I don't get why there are still 14 spots when there is putter well. It triggers my OCD tendencies a bit having an empty spot in my bag..... But the putter well is great. I am not sure why people wouldn't like them. Especially with the advent of oversized putter grips.
  10. So it seems that the new trend has been to move the external putter well from the side of the cart bag to the front on new models. I am not a fan. The issue I am having is that having the well on the front makes the depth of the well greater than that of the putter, which means the putter is hanging by the putter head. This makes getting the putter out more annoying. Also, I use a putter towel that clips to the putter shaft (which is awesome), but that wouldn't work if the entire shaft goes into the well. Does anyone still make a cart bag with the putter well on the side? Or if not, one with a well that isn't as deep or deeper than the length of a standard putter? I can't for the life of me figure out why they decided that the well needed to be relocated....
  11. I have a Harry Taylor 54* (along with a 58*) out for delivery as we speak. They look like really nice wedges and are currently inexpensive. https://www.harrytaylorgolf.com/collections/series-305-wedges/products/ht-series-305-wedge-satin-finish
  12. PGA Superstore FAIL

    It's state specific. A lot of states require the retailer to honor the marked price (if it's lower).