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  1. I can regrip my whole bag in under 15 minutes. When I use tape underneath I use blue painter's tape. It's slightly thinner than masking tape but easier to work with.
  2. hilmar2k


  3. Played in New York for the first time this year, and managed a solid 39 (obviously only 9 holes). My home course opens tomorrow, so I'll get to start playing a lot more. But I have to say, after having the shanks in Florida and posting 3 of the worst rounds I've ever played, and one average round (104, 106, 111 and 87), it was nice to actually be able to hit the ball again. And without the 3 putt on one due to the ridiculous greens (like putting on shag carpet), it would have been an even better day.
  4. https://www.pga.com/golf-equipment/equipment-feature/golf-club-fitting-how-club-fitting-works-part-ii
  5. I assume that you are setting the appropriate club for each shot?
  6. I wear spikeless unless it's raining or very wet. Morning dew is no problem for spikeless, but if it's been raining recently I'll wear spikes. My spikeless shoe of choice is the Footjoy Versaluxe, which is sadly discontinued. Luckily that meant that I could get a pair in every color for less than half original price (good thing because they weren't cheap).
  7. I bet an auto body shop could pull that right out....
  8. Yup, that's them. They are ridiculous. Here they are compared to my old irons (TaylorMade RSi1).
  9. Are those the tiny ones? My fitter sells Miura clubs, and when I got fit for my clubs (ultimately ended up with Wishon 565MCs), I had to try to hit those for fun. Yeah, I could not.
  10. My business partner has a Big Bertha Steelhead Plus driver leaning against his bookcase in the office next door to mine. I can't help but pick it up and swing it every time I walk into his office (20 times per day, maybe?). It's funny, because I was just making fun of how old it is (it was his father's, he doesn't use it), and we looked it up to see how old it was (1999, in this case).
  11. hilmar2k

    Golf Scores

    ESC is for posting for handicap purposes, not for your scorecard. That said, I have picked up to save time and written my most likely score on my card, then posted my ESC for handicap purposes. I don't mind people that score however they want, just don't compare your "82" to my actual 83. ;)
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