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  1. What I will say is that my 3 putts have almost vanished, and that is almost entirely due to my short putting improving dramatically with the newer putter. Also, I don't think it was (is) and alignment issue. With my old putter, I fought to keep it on the path of my stroke. The new putter fights me to stay on the intended path. It's amazing. It's much harder for me to make a truly bad putting stroke. I still miss putts, but much more of that is due to a misread than a bad putt. I will add, that half the improvement is due to a better stroke made with the new putter, and the other half is the confidence that inspires. I stand over 3-4' putts and just know they're going in.
  2. Both my golfing buddy and I have straight back and through putting styles. I had a toe hang putter, and struggled with short putts. I switched to a face balanced putter and my short (<6') putting improved dramatically. I probably shaved 2-3 strokes off my putting per 18. My golfing buddy also was using a toe hang putter, and he too switched to face balanced. I don;t think he saw quite the improvement I did, but he definitely improved. I'd say there is definitely good reason to get a putter that matches your stroke. EDIT: This got me thinking, so I checked my stats. I began using the new putter on 6/13 of this year. From 3/1-6/12 1.85 putts per hole, 2.13 putts per GIR From 6/13-pres 1.79 putts per hole, 2.03 putts per GIR Not as big of a difference as I thought. That said, I played my home course almost exclusively in the beginning of the year, and other, much harder courses more recently. I still feel the switch made a significant improvement.
  3. Claim Your Achievements Here!

    I've gotten an eagle and broken 80. Breaking par has eluded me (just barely, though).
  4. The (No) Sixes Challenge

    For the first time in a long time played without a 6 today. Wasn't my lowest score of the season (81, wasn't even close to lowest), but played with the no sixes mentality and prevented any big numbers.
  5. Anyone go from Footjoy to the Originals? Just trying to get a sense on sizing. For normal shoes, I wear a 9 1/2 or a 10, but my Footjoy shoes are 9, and fit perfectly. Just wondering if I should match the Footjoy, or my non-golf shoes.
  6. Fake Taylormade Spider Tour Putters?

    I wonder if the fakes all use the same serial number?
  7. How old are your irons?

    My irons are about a year old. I play a lot (3-4 times per week), so they don't look nearly that new, though.
  8. You misread his post. He thinks it's a terrible idea (as do I).
  9. He also said it takes a couple hours for them to get all the way cold, so the balls in that test video may not have been fully chilled (he said they had been outside for 1.5 hours). Maybe that accounts for the lower than expected distance loss.
  10. Virtually nothing distracts me on the course. That gets me in trouble occasion, however. I forget that other people can, and do, get distracted, and I find myself doing somehting I shouldn't be doing while they're hitting (generally on the tee). That being said, I could not care any less where they stand, as long as it isn't between me and the hole. ;)
  11. Pro Shop Hat Sales

    I've never once referred to my hats as "caps", FWIW. And that goes for everyone I know, both where I grew up (MA), and where I currently live (NY). I mean, I know what a cap is, and wouldn't think it odd if someone referred to it that way, but no one I know does. [If you Google 'golf caps', all the results say 'golf hats']
  12. How about something like this... https://www.amazon.com/Mark-Mender-Multi-purpose-Golf-Divot/dp/B0048792OG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1502289380&sr=8-1&keywords=mark+mender
  13. Pure wraps for me. Love being able to put them on with a compressor and not needing tape. I can change them out in under 15 minutes (full set).

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