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  1. Hello all, Last time I posted here, I was interested in a set of pinemeadow clubs... I purchased a lob wedge from them, and it was very nice. But, I have since changed my mind after crunching some numbers... I am a beginner, and I've played a few rounds of golf with my old set (ticat cougar something or other), and they are beginning to fall apart. The driver head is cracked, and the irons don't look as if they were epoxyed well to the shafts. I went to a store by my home and found a set of adams iron/hybrid set 12os and v4 for 299 and 399 respectively. The reason I bring thos
  2. Also, I found a set of spalding "greg norman" irons in my garage.. apparently my uncle gifted them to my dad. Any good?
  3. I have been looking and can't make up my mind! I swung some new nike vrs and Taylormade burner 2.0... they were very nice but very expensive. I was looking in my area for some used, but none seemed worth it. http://www.overstock.com/Sports-Toys/Cougar-Ti-Cat-Mens-12-piece-RH-Golf-Club-Set/2555005/product.html ^Those are what I have.. for what it's worth..
  4. Did you find them to be at least of decent quality? I'm not looking for the best set in the world, just something to play that I won't hold me back even after a bit of improvement on my end
  5. Where is a good place to find cheap used clubs? Where can I get irons not part of a full set? I liked the way a set of nike clubs felt in my hands, but lost my breath when I saw the price (dicks sporting goods)
  6. Hello, I am trying to get back into golf after a long time away. I am in grad school right now, so money is tight...I currently have a set of TiCat cougar walmart special clubs from when I was in middle school. These clubs are too small for me I took a few lessons in the past and am quickly remembering. I hope to take some lessons this summer. Which of these brands (and/or models) would be the best choice? I'm not worried about resale value and I know I'm not going to be a pro so those top brands are OUT! I do plan on purchasing a driver used, and am able to get some woods from a buddy.
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