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  1. Welp no Masters, probably no US Open and maybe even no Open championship. Could miss 3 majors. Probably rusty for the PGA. Basically a lost year in terms of majors. I would say his hunt for Jack is very much in doubt. I was firmly on the 50/50 going into this year. I now say its more like 90/10 that he doesn't catch Jack. I'd even put it in doubt he wins another major at all.
  2. 100% legit. All over the news, ESPN breaking news and such.
  3. Seems to me like you laid out an argument that says Jack is the greater humanitarian than Tiger, which I don't think anyone would argue with you. You can't put things like charities, hospitals, course design and giving back to communities and human welfare as reasons for being the greatest of all time. There is no doubt in anyone's minds that Jack was the great humanitarian who ever played the game but that can't fall into the realm of who was the better golfer or left a bigger influence on the game and how its changed. Undoubtedly no one has had a bigger impact on the game f
  4. Anyone who still wears pleated pants. It seems like the new overwhelming style is slim fit, straight legged pants with the athletic fit polo's. I agree they look sharper than the days of all those guys wearing loose baggy pleated pants. I still for the life of my can't figure out the all white outfits. I don't think they good at all. Contrast in fashion and style seems better to me than wearing bright white pants, shoes and a polo. I also can't stand the white belts, I'm with Zinger on this one. I just don't get it at all. Also why does Bubba not unbotton the top button on h
  5. According to Tim Roasforte he has been hitting balls for a little while now. He didn't really say much more than that other than he has been able to hit balls lately. Not sure obviously for how long and if he's hitting full shots and whether he's hitting these shots pain free. Either way that has to be some good news. Imagine if all this was so elaborately planned out just to keep the focus off of his actual golf game and results lately. All anyone is talking about is his back and whether he can simply play. No one is really talking about hey he hasn't won one of these since 2005, h
  6. This would actually be a devent time of year if they were to transplant a tree into that spot. The coolor temperatures and not peak sunshine yet would make it much easier to keep the tree alive through the transplant process. I've done many transplants in my line of work, and seen many done as well but I would find it hard to believe that they could get a tree of similar size into that spot. Maybe something more along the lines of 25-35 feet would be more likely. The root structure of a 50+ foot tall tree would be hard pressed to survive a transplant. Plus the tree would have to be wired i
  7. Guy has to have the best job at the GC. Travels all over to popular locales to rate courses, food and amenities on the company dime and meets plenty of famous people along the way. In general most of his reviews are for the "high end" resorts and such. Probably because GC has to more to gain by pimping higher end courses and resorts. He does do budget stuff from time to time but in general I find most his stuff to be "Hey look at how freaking sweet my job is" type reviews.
  8. Well for starters they had to recant about the final ACARs transmission showing that the turn was already programmed in, cause it wasn't. Malaysian officials and satellite companies said there was absolutely no way they could know when the turn was programmed in and it wasn't in at the time of the last transmission. And new information that the plane dropped to 10,000 feet shortly after the turn which would indicate there was likely a mechanical issue and could have been depressurization of the plane. It would also be under the protocol to get the plane down if you have to turn around to get i
  9. Nope i'm pretty sure I did as I clearly explained above.
  10. Has there ever been a point in Tiger's career where he entered a tournament to just "play" and not compete to win?
  11. Sad but a very predictable end. There should be some widespread ramifications among American news programs for the way they covered this entire story. I know its unlikely because it made for the ratings but there was some absolutely awful journalism on display the past 2 weeks. I feel terrible for the families of the Pilots and the crew that likely died as heroes attempting to save the aircraft. So much reporting was proved false whether it was bad information released by investigators or just supposition or conjecture. In a story so devoid of any facts news agencies basically sl
  12. Generally yes I ignore it. Unless its related to the catty its usually just some $20 dollar sensor that can be replaced at the next oil change or maintenance appointment. I get the analogy but i'm not sure I agree with it pertaining to this situation. Tiger's showed he can play with the back issue, bulging disc or simple spasms. No one in Tiger's camp has confirmed the bulging disc, an unnamed source doesn't do it for me. I'm sure if a doctor says hey you can play without doing much more damage he will play. Its the Masters. Obviously if it serious than I doubt he'll play but if it
  13. Yeah I was thinking the same thing. Its the clear Tiger cat and mouse game with media. I find it hard to believe he won't tee it up at Augusta even if he isn't completely healthy. I mean just a common cortisone shot should be enough to help with pain. I've had shots in my back before and they alleviate a lot of pain and help loosen things up on a temporary basis. I don't see how Tiger with his endless funds and connections couldn't get a nice shot or temporary treatment and play for 4 days. I mean he's played there before hurt and he's played there under some of the worst conditions
  14. Yeah Dufner really struggles with the flat stick under pressure. Add to that the bowling alley greens at Augusta and you've got issues. He's been at the top of the leaderboard the past few years after the first couple rounds and then fades. That putter gets heavy on the weekend. I generally look at 3 factors that seem to always hold up at Augusta. 1. Course knowledge Guys just don't win at Augusta without getting around there at least a few times before in their careers and not just practice rounds. You need a few years as a competing player to really learn the course. Angel Cab
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