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  1. They resigned Bautista! 1 year for 18M$ Let's Go Blue Jays!
  2. Let's Go Blue Jays! Hope they re-sign Jose Bautista soon!
  3. With already a few feets of snow on the ground here in Canada, I gotta say the Tournament of Champions at Kapalua. Those views are out of this world, I wouldn't get tired of playing that course day after day.
  4. With the Xmas break in full swing, can't wait for the January transfer window to open. Before, I was high on Draxler but now it seems he's a team cancer type of player. Last year, forcing a move from Schalke to Wolfsburg; now to PSG. In the EPL, Chelsea seems to have full control with 6 pts up from 2nd place Liverpool. La Liga is tight with 3 teams between 4 pts of themselves (RM, Barca & Sevilla). In Italy's Serie A, it looks like Juventus has full control like always. In France's Ligue 1, I'm glad Nice and Monaco are playing better than PSG, getting tired of them winning year after year. Most interesting matchup race is in the Bundesliga, with Leipzig contending Bayern for the title. A David vs. Goliath type of matchup. I'm a Arsenal fan since here in Canada, they mostly show EPL games on the TV.
  5. They seem to picked the name from playing Create A Team mode on NHL17 too much!
  6. sg92

    NHL 2016-17

    Ha! At least I know whenever Ottawa plays Montreal, we have better odds of winning recently.
  7. sg92

    NHL 2016-17

    Ottawa Senators fan here! They're playing better than last season, happy with the coach change this summer for Guy Boucher. Erik Karlsson will win his 3rd Norris trophy after this season, hands down! They will eliminate the Canadiens in the playoffs.
  8. My unpopular opinions on golf: 1. The rules book should be simplified for everyone. 2. The flag should be left in the hole. 3. Golf will always be perceived as being a elitist game, even if we try to grow the game.
  9. The putter would've been the better club choice! He certainly wins the 2016 Darwin Award for Idiot Golfer of the Year
  10. Jordan Spieth is 23 years old. He has the talent and skills to be Top 5 for many years to come. 4 years on the Tour, already 8 wins. Last season, he played 21 events with only 2 missed cuts while winning 2 events. He finished 9th for the FedEx standings. If that's a off year, I'm not worried for a bit for him. He has a competitive mindset and maturity beyond his age. He can't overdrive versus the likes of Day, DJ and McIlroy but he can certainly play like Zach Johnson who has a stellar career. Spieth strengths are his short game and putting, focus on improving that and the wins and majors will keep coming for him. Every Tour player has a off year. Can't wait for the 2017 season start!
  11. From Ryan Lavner of Golf Channel, " First-round play at the Omega Dubai Ladies Masters was suspended Wednesday after a caddie collapsed and later died. Max Zechmann, who was looping for Anne-Lise Caudal, fell ill in the 13th fairway. He was transported to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead. The Daily Mail reported that Zechmann suffered a heart attack. Zechmann, known to many as “Big Max,” has caddied for Markus Brier and Marcel Siem, among others." "The event has been shortened to 54 holes, with the first round scheduled to resume Thursday. It’s the second caddie death in the past two years, after Ian MacGregor suffered a heart attack while looping in the 2014 Madeira Islands Open. Zechmann is survived by wife Elinor and three sons, Maximilian, Ryan and Marco, the Tour said." RIP Max Zechmann and condolences to his wife, children Here's the article: http://www.golfchannel.com/news/golf-central-blog/caddie-collapses-and-dies-during-let-event
  12. Checked the scores, without those 2 double bogey holes at the end of Round 1. TW would be dueling out with Hideki. I'm pleasantly surprised with how TW is playing. Cheers to that! 2017 should be a great season to watch!
  13. The golf courses and ranges here in Ottawa, Canada closed between Halloween and Remembrance Day (Nov 11) since the grounds are starting to freeze over. My personal deadline is at Halloween. I'm in hibernation until April or early May.
  14. Here's my 2017 golf goals: 1. Play more golf on the course, aiming for 24 rounds of 18 holes. System: Play once every week. 2. I will try my absolute best to break 90 this upcoming year. Broke 100 last summer. System: Improve my putts per round and GIR. 3. Enjoying the time on the golf range or on the course. System: Turning off my cellphone while there.
  15. Thanks for reminding of that! Forgot it was a no-cut tourney. Hope he's get a top 10 for sure...
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