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  1. I did not say that you could not learn slowly. I said if you train slowly you increase the learning curve. See my original post, 80. You know much more about the mechanics of the stroke (golf, swimming, pitching, kicking, etc.) than I do. But, you do not know the science of learning, the science of instruction and the laws of human movement learning. I asked the human movement earning scientist to write something for you folks. It took awhile, but here is the introduction to a website which will plug his sports training academy of the future. It's mostly about WHAT will result
  2. Glad you would like to learn more, Shindig. I understand the first book to explain the science of HUMAN MOVEMENT LEARNING book will be available shortly (for a not so quick buck) . And , the HML scientist will find funding to open his sports training institute soon, which will provide the scientific data you need. (How long was it before Darwin was "peer reviewed"? Newton?") Regret I said "mindful," Erik. Should have said "thinking." Almost all physical skill learning happens BELOW the level of your awareness. Were you aware of HOW you lear
  3. From what I've learned recently, slow practice with a lot of time spent thinking between trials is not the OPTIMUM way to become as good as you can be at any physical skill. I just became aware of the new science of human movement learning (HML). HML was developed by a scientist during 20 years of university level research. The HML scientist has shown that slow, methodical practice can lead to improvement, but with a longer learning curve. He asks: If slow is better, why not do 1 free throw a week with a lot of thinking? Or, 1 practice putt a month? Did you learn to walk or ride a bike w
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