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  1. Check this out. He probably needs a win to make the payments. http://www.ssqq.com/archive/vinlin24.htm
  2. WOW!! Greg Norman is BACK......I am going to be cheering for him and hope he can keep it together for one more round. He'll have to put up with Harrington, but he is playing like a winner. Looks like Tiger's void has been filled at least for this week.
  3. I watched the whole game. I am usually not a big baseball fan, but this game was kind of historic so I watched. I got tired, but stuck it out. The National team should have lost at least 3 times before they actually did lose. Uggla was pathetic.....First he hit in to double play with players in scoring position, then his 2 errors in a single inning loaded the bases with no outs (they got out of it somehow)....then in the next inning he strikes out with bases loaded and I'm not positive, but I think he made another error later. He should have quit. I'll miss this Yankee Stadium. I saw a
  4. You should be able to shoot under with those. I am new here also.......Welcome.
  5. The weather today is definitely not helping scores, but I would think conditions can't be like that everyday so scores should come back somewhat. I would go on record and predict a score of -5 as a winning score.
  6. I would have to sat that here in NC the Hardee's ThickBurger is excellent. It has a steakburger taste and hard to beat. When fixing burgers at home I have recently discover Bubba Burgers from Wal Mart or Sam's Club. They are frozen and made in the shape of Texas. Plop them on the grill and you will be pleased!
  7. I miss the green quite often and find myself using an 8 iron most of the time and try to chip & run. I am not bad at this shot, but sometimes I may have a trap between my ball and the green and then I would choose either my pitching wedge or sand wedge. If it's a downhill green I may back off from the 8 iron to a 9. It's not a sure up & down, but many times it is. If I could make 6 - 8 foot putts my up & down save percentage would be much higher.
  8. Thanks so much........This sounds exactly like what my problem is and I will be anxious to try these techniques next time I play.......which may be tomorrow.
  9. I don't think I would use them if it were the hard plastic type. I have some soft type and they are very easy to stick in your pocket until after the shot and then put them back on. They are made out of a sponge type material and don't bother me in my pocket at all during my shot.
  10. I haven't been able to play much in the last 5 years and the grips seem fine. I played last week for the first time in years and I will not be looking to re-grip anytime soon.
  11. Hi....I have been in the video game business for almost 20 years and you can replace those games for $50 or less. Not familiar with the wedge, but I would be in agreement that it's a good deal for you especially if you play better with it.
  12. I think I would decline in a humorous way like telling him...."I would let you try it, but for your own protection I don't think I will because if you scratched it.....I would have to kill you and I'd rather keep you alive & kickin". He should get the point and unless he's really thick won't ask anymore.
  13. cvlngneer.......I had that problem a few years back and drove me crazy. I solved it by moving a tiny bit away from the ball and making sure to reach for the target in my follow thru. Reaching for the target was the key for me. Jay in NC
  14. I'll have to give him the benefit of the doubt. Looked like he grounded the club and then hit it in. I didn't see a whiff.....quality was not HD though.
  15. Hi and welcome. I just joined myself and also can't start a thread. I am located in Burlington, NC so I guess you could say we are neighbors. Good luck with your golf. I have just started playing again after several years of not playing (only couple of times in last 4-5 years). I used to shoot around 80....now looks like low 90's so I've got some work to do.
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