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  1. Played in a scramble out and my team won. We shot -13 and had 3 skins all eagles.
  2. Age 72 Height 5'10" Hdcp. 7 Years played 60 Northeast Ohio Best score 63 I have shot my age dozens of times starting at 68 Fav club all of them Best Club ever played Sciota or Canterbury or Firestone Best thing about golf is beating par anywhere and any tee
  3. Things that change and need an upgrade is swing speed. When your swing speed drops you need more flex in your shafts. If you play forged irons you might want to go to cast perimeter weighted. I have played certain sets as many as 10 years but those were blades 30 years ago. I was scratch back then.
  4. Chas thank you for your support, here is the video you asked for and I also have a picture of me finishing my last round before the scandal broke. I thought about moving to California during my therapy hiatus but it wasn't Southern Cal. I was going to move to San Francisco so I would blend in with my pink and pastel clothing. Here in NEOhio they think I am a Harlem Pimp. I quickly changed my mind when I thought if my playing partners there knew I could survive a 9 iron head in my rear end I was in trouble. I might be afraid to look for my balls in the woods.
  5. Alright I can finish what happened at my conference the wife has left for her court ordered anger management course. I want to point out there wasn't any domestic violence on my wife's part, I put that 9 iron up my rearend, and I smashed the windows of my vehicle because I was so ashamed of myself. Now to address the performance enhancing drugs. It's all made up by the commie pinko press thats why they are not present today (in fact nobody showed up). I will say that in the 60's I heard about Rabbits on the tour and I did take some blood transfusions from a rural doctor in Mississippi, little did I know he took the blood of the Mad Hatter and I have been looney ever since, I can't stop wearing that stove pipe hat. The only performance enhancing drug I ever took was ex-lax, this so called Doctor told me that if I wanted to finish my rounds strong I should take it at the turn and when I was coming down the last few holes it would take my mind off the pressure of sinking those last putts to break 90 (I had to stop that after the locker room attendants refused to clean my pants). My drives were straighter because my cheeks were so tight, so I had that going for me. I plan to return one day, I don't know when (probably after I have that 9 iron surgically removed) I know my playing partners are in near bankruptcy due to the loss of my nassau money, and I hope that one day they can believe in me again, Mommy hug me my wife won't (fake crying here). Unlike that other guy I will be answering question the next time I show up at the club.
  6. All I can ask is my friends believe in me again, I'll kick this bowling thing (I mean bad golf habits) and be back on the links with my true love. Mom how did I do? I love you baby she said, I'll always be by your side even if those biatches won't. BTW when I come back I'm still puttin my balls in the rough and they can't stop me, remember they need me more than I need them.
  7. I made the mistake of scheduling my apology conference at 11 AM on the 19th of February, needless to say nobody showed up or heard my statement. So, in the interest of fairness I will post my statement. Good Morning, and thank you for joining me, many of you in this forum are my friends, many of you know me, many of you have cheered for me, worked with me or supported me. (deep breath and a dramatic pause) now everyone of you has reason to be critical of me, I want to say to all of you simply and directly, (tears welling in my eyes) I am deeply sorry (yea right) note to self- don't say that- for my irresponsible golf game. I engage in. I know people want to find out how I can be so bad on the golf course, so foolish, people want to know, how I could have done these things to my regular foursome, and all playing partners in general. While I have always tried to be good player, the truth is I suck (at golf at golf dammit). My partners and I have discussed my shortcomings (not my anatomy) and have decided to work through this problem. I have moved to Northeast Ohio where there is 7 months of snow and 5 months of rain and I believe I can beat this addiction to golf. I have cheated and been unfaithful to the game I love ,yes I have been bowling, (tears streaming down my face) What I did was unacceptable and I am the only person responsible. (at this point I can't go on) the wife is yelling.
  8. Here is an idea I started doing many years ago. If you were lucky enough to have won multiple trophies and the wife says it's time to get rid of the shrine, or clean out the closet, donate them to a local agency for kids. The idea came to me when a friend of mine was involved with Special Olympics in our area (something close to my heart). It turns out to be one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. The thought that some youngster has one of my old trophies in his home brings a constant smile to my face whenever I think about it. There are so many worthy organizations like the Police athletic league, Boys and girls club, YMCA, local junior tour, etc. all you have to do is take the name tag or if the base of the trophy is engraved take it off and just donate the body of the trophy. Most trophies have interchangeable parts so if you donate a loving cup with a golfer on top it can be swapped out for a runner or whatever. Just a thought that can make a difference. I was going to one day take all the name plates and put them on a plaque, but I never got around to it, maybe I should melt them down hehe.
  9. I have seen both and in their prime(which Tiger is now) I voted for Jack because Tiger hasn't broken the record book YET Tiger Woods is the perfect storm (if, and my guess is he will overcome his current problem) of African American athleticism, Discipline (from a military father), Buddhism (the ability to project an end result), Commitment to excellence (Golf I'm talking about), Work Ethic, and Ego. No one in my mind will ever be better equipped to compete in this sport, his ability to see the shot, hit the shot is unparrelled. I would think though that in a head to head, both players in their prime, there would not be a big gap. Also I beg to differ the oldtimer view, Jack's competition was mentally stronger than todays players, which made them harder to beat. Young men nowadays are better athletes but I question their heart across the board.
  10. LMAO I heard on the news a reported rumor is January 9th Charles Barkley is hosting Saturday Night Live and tiger is going to be on to publicly apologize Letterman must be giving him advice now, I'm betting it doesn't happen.
  11. PipePro

    PC Golf

    The game works with XP and Vista, and I use a 256 MB Nvidia Card 9500GT rather inexpensive.
  12. PipePro

    PC Golf

    There is also a Mod 1.06 version of the game where putting is absolutely maniacal, pretend every green you ever played IRL (in real life) was like Augusta's greens. A putt that would break 9 inches in the regular version will break twice that or more depending on power level. Scores are more realistic to IRL. Windy conditions go from adding 25 yards to a shot, to almost 40yds. In the latest version of the game called 1.07, both versions are incorporated into the 1.07 patch for the game and you choose your poison. I hear people in the community are working on a all 3d mod (in the current version only player animation is 3d) which would make every screen shot come alive. All this is done by people around the world that still play Links. Some very talented individuals. One of the 3 websites I webmaster is an online Links 2003 version 1.07 teamsite http://www.roughridersgc.com this team has been around 11 years.
  13. Whenever you buy a new set regardless of what brand, you have to take them to a reputable clubmaker/repairman to get the lofts and most importantly the lies checked. With that said, you have to be lie checked, I can't tell you how much of a difference there can be in one set of clubs. The same goes for shafts, they may say they are a certain flex but in most cases they are not. I have had to bend every set of clubs I've had in the last 20 years. Chinese anyone. Just 2 weeks ago I had a local bring me a brand new set of Taylormade irons and they were anywhere from 1 degree up to 1 down, the lofts varied by 1 and a half degrees on some clubs. Then to make matters even worse the swingweight varied throughout the set. So if you want to drive a nail with an axe it might not make a difference to you after awhile. Those with forged clubs, depending on how much you practice and play should check your lofts often like 3 times a year.
  14. PipePro

    PC Golf

    There are 4 types of swings in the game Easy, RTS real time swing, PS power stroke and classic which can be a 2 click or 3 click. Yes graphics are 3d rendered and a fairly good video card is a must but not absolutely necessary. I have played online from my laptop with onboard graphics while on the road.
  15. PipePro

    PC Golf

    I was wondering now that the snow is flying and its cold how many people play PC Golf. Even though the game is 7 years old I still play Links 2003, I find the game more pure golf than TW. It works with all windows based OS except windows 7. Microsoft Game studios IMO made their big mistake by creating a pure golf sim but the biggest mistake was realeasing the Arnold Palmer Course Designer (APCD) giving access to thousands of designers creating thousands of courses, (1592 free courses available) like this fictional rendition also the ability to create animations and create clothes and create golf clubs, like my cleveland irons I use in this shot on Augusta's #16 yes they still sell this game on e-bay and at the Links Country Club http://www.linkscountryclub.com/download they have a demo game there. The game lives on through sites like http://lspn.net/ and http://linkscorner.org/index.php For years Microsoft supplied a golf web area to play called the zone, but now most players play on ventrillo and teamspeak.
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