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  1. All great suggestions, thanks, I was very frustrated and reaching out for humor. After a little retrospect my first mistake was drinking coffee before playing. Caffeine makes me hyper. I was 4 shots back and when I jab stroked the 3 footer on the 1st hole for birdie because the guy ahead of me was in the hole with a bogey. Then it is like water running down a hill slow at first then picking up speed, I missed a par on #2 inside 4 ft. and I was off to the races, 3 putts aplenty. I taught for a long time and I am overly analytical to a fault. My mechanics changed like the wind while searching each hole for the golden stroke. Confidence, imagination, and feel are the keys. I'll work at as always and maybe next tournament will be reversed.
  2. What would you do if you played in a 36 hole tournament shot 162 with 76 putts? Would you A. Slit your wrists B. Break your putter C. Quit golf forever Now mind you I had in the second round 13 birdie putts and 7 were within 8 feet. missed them all Not to mention 4 par putts inside 3 feet. I was so livid I lost 4 balls on 17 and 18 in 2 days 3 double bogeys and a quad AAAAAAAAAAAgh just shoot me now
  3. People just don't walk anymore I guess. This cart pays for itself in one year of golf, plus the health benefits of walking. Down to $400 now I will even meet people halfway in a 100 mile radius of Northeast Ohio
  4. PipePro

    Steve Stricker

    People that say nice guys finish last don't know Steve Stricker. Very Happy for him winning his first National Championship.
  5. Lee Westwood's swing was interrupted by a fan's cell phone, it happened during his backswing. Cell Phones should be turned off on the golf course, but with fans taking pictures constantly at least they should be muted. I know people forget, my phone went off during a wedding ceremony, I couldn't shut it off fast enough. It seems to be the thing to bring a mini speaker and play music while playing golf now. I don't have a problem when everyone in the group is ok with it, but sound travels, players have to show respect to others on the course. What do you think?
  6. The Lectronic Kaddy makes maneuvering through the green 10 times easier than ever. This golf caddy keeps in step with you as you traverse the golf course. Missing out on this high-tech golf gadget doesn't have to happen to you. This Golf Cart is one that will make your life a whole lot easier. Never hurt your back lifting your bag over and over again during a round.There are easy speed controls with a stop and start switch. Comes with battery and battery charger. Weight without battery is 10 pounds. Folds up to fit in your trunk or back seat. Also comes with a Hill tamer wheel so when you go up inclines you can be assured it won't tip over. This wheel was a add on for $75 (included in the price) New models sell for $800 Asking $450
  7. One of the best US Opens I've ever seen. The strength that Woodland showed he had to hit the shots he had to hit was amazing
  8. The world of golf is filled with what if stories and excuses why there are dreams that can never be fulfilled. Many Many years ago in a galaxy far far away I knew a young man that was so full of himself nothing could keep him from his dream. He practiced 2-4 hours a day everyday and played 6 days a week. He enter local tournaments and club events and won. He turned Pro and followed the carrot on a string. Qualifier after qualifier somebody else always won and got that elusive spot to be a replacement. Then one round was the round that would put him with the big fish and he tin cupped a hole after leading and it was over. He knew some pretty big names on tour playing practice rounds with them even tweaking their swings. He asked a lot of questions and one thing stuck out. Most tour guys told him that at every club in the world there is this guy or gal that the members would say if this guy had sponsors he could make it bigtime, but once the little fish swims in the big pond they get eaten by the bigger fish. It takes years of experience at the highest level to break out of the pack. Some players don't have enough time or money to keep it up. So I say to you and all, dreams are just dreams and 99.999% never come true. Become a club Pro or a hustler.
  9. I have a friend that interviewed a very prominent player after he won the PGA. He was new to asking questions of a tour pro and made the mistake of asking him to explain his swing in 16 position points. The player made a bigger mistake giving him those 16 points. Screenshots are only for the teacher to assess a players swing. The tour player in question didn't win again for 7 years I think. It totally screwed up his swing because he had paralysis through analysis. My swing coach many years ago wouldn't let me see video or screenshots if I was striking the ball poor enough to have him tune up my swing.
  10. I spent some 20 years standing next to a student watching his swing after making sure his basic fundamentals were correct and all I could see was the ball flight being influenced by swing plane and clubface. Then another 15 years using software with slow motion capture video. I would then take screenshots like mine against a grid to solve the problem. The only thing I can be sure of watching of video is rhythm and balance. I hope we can agree to disagree because we are all set in our ways to a certain extent.
  11. I think that analysis is what this is all about, but I guess I'm wrong. Sorry
  12. I shot 78 with an extremely errant Driver. I spent most of the day in the wet rough. It was a club tournament and now my Hdcp dropped to 6.9
  13. I carry a PW 48* I hit 125 a 56* I hit 110 and a 60* I hit 85
  14. No video but I have some screenshots I used for teaching positions in the swing. Screenshots were produced from a swing analyzer program GOLFTEK. The main problem I have now after knee replacement surgery in both knees is snapping the leg and hitting against a firm left side. Collapse is inevitable depending on the uphill, downhill, or sidehill lie. I noticed my ball position in these shots was too far forward. I've been Playing Golf for: 60 My current handicap index or average score is: 7.4 My typical ball flight is: high The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: pull hook Videos: [Delete this, Embed Videos Here - https://thesandtrap.com/how-to/embed-videos/]
  15. No never, mostly because of cost. There are too many great tracks for less than $100 to fill a lifetime of golf.
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