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  1. It's the season for bashing golf and certainly a sign of the times with elitist idiots (ooops! sorry, I promised my left-leaning brother I wouldn't call them idiots anymore) in the MSM. It's OK... I'll be walking the course on Firday and Saturday wrapped up in the sanctity of blessed fairways and greens. Fore!
  2. You have got to admire old Hank trying to fix Sir Charles' shanks; it's always been fun, that son of a gun, making Charles into someone he ain't. Who really cares if Hank cures him? And, if he does, who's going to be his next patient... John Daly? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, that would be worth watching!
  3. I workout so I can improve my golf - and, it's working. I'm a morning person so I hit the fitness center 3-5 days a week from 6-8am. Generally, MWF - weight training (45 minutes) and cardio (30 minimum to 50 minutes max). TTS - cardio (35 minutes jog/run) with flexibility exercises and some simple yoga. During the golf season, I cut back to MWF. I walk on the course as much as I can usually getting in 2-3 rounds a week. Good luck! You can't go wrong with weight training, cardio, and flexibility exercises.
  4. Generally, I like to walk; however, in the U.S. we have evolved into a golf cart dependent society. When playing among my circle of golfing friends and the majority want to ride, I ride... more often, at our club, we are encouraged to walk. Everyone here has debated the pros and cons of riding and walking and which is or isn't faster. I like to play golf... so, I'm not hung up on walking or riding. I am a fanatic about pace of play; so, I can relate to much that has been said. I suspect that the golf course in question has significant business on the weekend and that it probably makes more business sense to service that clientele with carts (again... debatable). That seems to be management's decision. I guess it now becomes a personal decision on whether or not you want to play golf at that course on the weekend... Hmmmmmmmmmm.
  5. I agree with RC. The information on grip alone will pay for the book. If it's the only book you buy for your library, it will all be valuable read. Hit'm straight!
  6. I suspect that is why Clegg was trying to take pictures, for the perspective, ya think? It is tragic.
  7. While Daly is struggling to recover, I'm siding with him on this incident. The spectator was a jerk and should have been ejected from the gallery for taking pictures against the terms and conditions of the tickets... >>Clegg said he didn't think he provoked Daly by going so close. "I was bold, but I wasn't unreasonable," Clegg said. Terms and conditions for tickets at the Australian Open prohibit the use of cameras on the course for spectators.>Herden said he spoke to Clegg and the spectator realized he should not have been using the camera without proper accreditation. Organizers offered Clegg tickets for the weekend, but he declined./emoticons/huh.png" title="Undecided"/>
  8. It's been a crazy season... and, "it ain't over 'til it's over." As a Big 10 fan, it's been a tough year... I was at the Big House when Utah started Michigan's downward spiral; at the Horseshoe when Penn State beat the Buckeyes; and now the Hawkeyes... Wow! Lot's of big games coming up on November 22nd... can't wait!
  9. Yes, golf can provide happiness... a measure of happiness. I, personally, don't think it's the "end all" to happiness but, it can help (for many, it's a major contributor to happiness). It has been covered in other posts... there are other things that can enhance happiness outside the ropes; however, only with golf can there can be a bunch of things all rolled into one sport/game: outdoors, family/friends, competition, fun, traditions, etiquette, trust, honesty, you all know the rest... For me, it's being able to watch my playing partners hit good shots or, not... especially, sons, brothers, and good friends. Sharing in all our common and individual accomplishments and frustrations; learning from others I play with. Competing at the level we wish to compete; or, playing with no competition at all. Being outside enjoying nature, walking, observing how designers challenge the golfer, and how well the course superintendants and staff keep the course in shape. It all leads to happiness and well-being for me.
  10. Hard to pick favorites. Lot's of players have made a mark on the game and rise and fall over their careers. But, here goes... PGA - Tiger, Wier, Mahan, Duval, Kim, Furyk, Choi, Els, Rose, Lefty... LPGA - Pressel, Pettersen, Ochoa, Annika, Creamer, EURO - Harrington, Garcia, Monty, Karlsson, Poulter, Scott, Fasth, Clarke Champions - Crenshaw, Kite, Watson, Langer, Strange, Sutton, Cook, Funk Nationwide - de Jonge, Atwal, Barnes, Reifers, Knost, Summerhays All-time: Jack and Arnie, Seve, Norman, Miller, Casper, Player, Travino, Faldo Would love to have seen play: Varden, Jones, Young Tom Morris, Hagen, Crosby & Hope, Hogan, Craig Wood, Babe Zaharias, Bill Spiller, Peter Thompson, Chick Evans
  11. You have to wait for the end of thet year to see the fall off of memberships. For my club, you are responsible for your yearly dues no matter when you bail. I suspect that there will be a thinning during the first quarter of 2009. case31 nailed it. F&B; minimums is a PITA. Many times I have called up the club chef to pack up sirloins and salmon on the last day of the quarter to salvage my bill. I'm not a big eater during a round or a drinker after; so, I tend to forget and leave money in their pockets. My main motivation for the country club is the convenience and the two challenging course that are great fun to play... over and over again.
  12. [QUOTE=Q.Q.Quillume;225726]J.D. taken into custody by Winston-Salem police - found drunk outside Hooters. (You just can't make this stuff up!) Choice and accountability... you can't have one without the other. Another ingredient that John has lost is desire . Butch is right... I guess he hasn't hit bottom yet; it's sad to witness his continual downward spiral.
  13. You are in a tight spot! I can honestly say the most fun I have had is playing golf with both sons. Better than sitting in the stands and watching them basketball, baseball, soccer, skateboarding. etc. But, you can't force your son to play. You might be able to have his friend influence him. Or, tell him that it would be great to have him play with you and his uncle... the family angle (which I think is a good angle.) He might not want to play because he knows that he's not sharp. You might consider mixing up the round... two-man scramble, alternate shot team... switching things up after every 6 or 9 holes... do something that lessens the individual competitiveness of the round. Keep supporting him and creating opportunities for "together" time. It will happen.
  14. I've noticed that folk at my CC are spending their quarterly minimums and foregoing the club for dinners - the bar 37th Hole is a little light in the afternoons. The half-way house has seen a down-turn in business. One positive note... after 4PM on either course you won't see too many people. Our fitness center is down about 30%. Now, it is the end of the year for most golfers; however, between politics and the economy, people are nervous.
  15. For the first half of this year I used a glove. I left it in the trunk in August. I played fine and started playing without it. I cleaned my grips really good and haven't had a problem with any slippage... however, I did have a slight problem this last weekend playing in cold windy weather. The grips felt very hard and the dryness of my hands left me with an unsure feeling and some of my shots were less than perfect. I got through the round but I think that in weather like that, the glove would give you a better grip on the club. Luckily, gloves last me a long time. Lesson learned? I'll keep the glove in the bag and not in the trunk!
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