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  1. Me and a buddy played Royal Links earlier this year. Had a great time. Took a caddy for the local knowlege, would recommend it. I enjoyed playing great replica holes since the wife won't sign off on a 10k trip to europe.
  2. Most of the time I take 3 or 4 practice swings, and away I go.
  3. I don't think it's physical. I am in good shape. I think I start "protecting" my front side score, instead of keeping the momentum.
  4. My mental game is SHOT!!! Here are my last 4 rounds- 37-44 36-49 39-41 38-45 This is on 3 different courses, so it's not that the front sides are easier. I seem to have started to loose it after 9. Any clues?
  5. I am a "Rock-head!!!" I order from them @ twice a month. Only 1 problem in 3 years, they sent wide shoes instead of regular. Called them and 2 days later my shoes came with a ra for the wrong ones. A+
  6. In SLC on biz, and just found out I have tomorrow off! Any idea's?
  7. Yeah that's w tax and a kitchen. I'll call monday to see what the upgrade fees are for the courses mentioned above. The other 2 couples we play with have done this trip a few years now and it seems hard to beat the prices. I figured the condo's are only costing @ $8 a night per person. Tough to beat that!
  8. No we haven't put the deposit down yet. But for those courses, 6 rounds 7 nights, it is $50 per person per night. Golf, green fees and cart, Lodging all included. 2 couples in a 2 bedroom, and 1 couple in a 1 bedroom.
  9. Thanks for the feedback! We are going thru a package deal. We get to choose 6 of these: Bricklanding Brunswick Plantation Carolina National Farmstead Lockwood Folly Meadowlands Palmetto Greens River Hills River Oaks Sandpiper Bay Sea Trails Byrd and Maple Woodland Valley. We would like to add an afternoon round a couple of days. Did you guys like World tour? Or was it gimmicky? Also looking at TPC.
  10. Me, the Wife and 2 other couples are going in August. Any must plays?
  11. Provisionals are only for lost ball and out of bounds. Depending on the stake color yellow you could go as far back as you'd like from the point of entry, and red you get 2 club lenghts no closer to hole.
  12. The wife, me and another couple always play in these. Be prepared for a lot of sandbaggers and pencil whippers! Usually -16 to -20 under wins these. Just think about it as a fun Saturday afternoon with friends.
  13. Are you sure that is the right "Southern Oaks" website?
  14. Played yesterday, winds were gusting to 25mph. On 16 had 185 to middle figured a nice easy 7 iron, (usually 160-65). Sucker went 219 on the sky caddie!!!! OH YEAH!!!!!! Side note: Got up and down for par.
  15. I hope this was in jest. Obviously you don't have a daughter, wife, sister or mother! Anyway.... One of our courses is set up nice for women, the shots are made with @ the same clubs as the men. The other course has lots of forced carries!! It's fine with my wife because she's a long ball hitter, but one of the couples we play with refuse to play it. The carries are to far. She has no fun when she is losing balls in the water.
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