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  1. the open on tv

    ESPN has to provide the worst golf coverage. These announcers are horrible. Spend more time talking among themselves and showing the driving range instead of the players on the course. Almost unwatchable
  2. where did you wind up playing?
  3. as part of a cruise stop in Port canaveral, we played Savannahs http://golfthesavannahs.com/ It was a decent course - runs through a housing development. I liked it
  4. Golf Near Newark, De

    yup that downhill par 3 that is about 94 but at least 2 clubs shorter - - miss long and you are toast!!!
  5. I played Celebration on my last trip to Orlando and it was a nice course-well maintained, good pace of play
  6. Golf Near Newark, De

    OK you didn't mention your price range. You can find some online and discount books around that drop those prices. The 3 courses you mentioned are now all managed by BIlly Casper Golf. Rock Manor had a significant makoever before it re-opened hence the higher price. It certainly is a nice course. Delcastle is owned by the county and Porky Olivers by the city of Wilmington (it just reverted back from the county last year). Both had been a bit rundown over the years with little investment. I am not sure how much investment upgrade has been done. Porky's is a par 69 and many think it is 'too short' but both courses have a loyal following. A bit further out 896 you will find Chisel creek - which can be reasonably priced though it is an 'odd course' to me in terms of layout. I heard they had some problems with their greens last year. Also out that way is Inniscrone which opened as a private course, then a high end daily course and now owned by the municipality. It has the love/hate short par 3 on the front 9. Not sure of the quality this year. Good luck
  7. Golf Near Newark, De

    I disagree there are some great courses near UofD. Right up the street is Deerfield - used to be on of the DuPont/MBNA private courses. White Clay Creek is also not far away and also top notch
  8. Brian Davis

    I think CBS did a horrible job of covering. They could not even figure out what was going on . Then after it was decided there was a penalty made no effort to explain it or the rule involved. They were is such a hurry to get off the air (at least on the east coast)! I think for the amateur watching at home, explain the rules when penalties are invoked (which is rare) helps make everyone undertand the rules of the game. Davis is a class act!!! It is a shame that Furyk won under those circumstances but he did it as gracefully as possible!
  9. Cruises

    My wife and I are booked on a Bahamas cruise in January- we have cruised before but I have never played golf during any of those trips, but this time I plan too. Our first stop is port canaveral, seems only one course close by (Savannahs at Merritt Island) it is a muni but looks nice - a fair amount of water. Nassau is next and it seems the only reasonable course is Cable beach. It seems the one at the Atlantis is reserved for guests and/or EXTREMELY pricey. Final stop is in Freeport but we are only there for 7 hours, with getting on and off the ship might not be enough time. For the first 2 stops I plan to book myself and not through the ship excursion (too pricey). If I did freeport i woudl go through the ship -this way they may not leave me behind Anybody have any experience on those course or other suggestions /thoughts. Thanks
  10. From sky caddie web site Requirements PC with Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista (32- or 64-bit) Mac OS 10.4.0 or greater 256 MB of RAM (512 MB of RAM is recommended) 4 MB of available hard disk space USB 1.1 or 2.0 port High speed Internet Access Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher (PC) Safari 3.1 or later (Mac)
  11. Anyone ever play in this annual event in Mrytle Beach? Was looking at the site the other day and I see the number of players is way down compared to prior years. I know that long slow rounds are common at this event, just wondering if the smaller turnout might improve that aspect. Have no belief in making it to the final but it looks interesting. http://www.worldamgolf.com/results/
  12. Who's been to Firestone?

    I've played both the north and south course. 2 completely different experiences. The North course i found more intersting than the south. Playing 16 on the south is cool if the tees are back near the pro tees. We got to stay in the club house and fuzzy's bar is a nice place to hang out for a while if you can get it in.
  13. paired with a jerk... what do you do?

    Last weekend the course matched 3 singles (myself included) together. One was a real jerk. Would complain if someone else was on the green when he was putting cause they were in his line. Would walk off the green and not bother to pick up anyones club - not a big deal but the other guy and I would always reach to pick his up when it was appropriate. If you commented positively on one of his shots he would not even acknowledge you. As we left the 5th green as he took off his golf bag came the back of the cart and landed on the cart path. I said nothing just smiled to myself. He mumbled something about the guys who put the clubs on the cart. But in his case he made a point of switching his bag to the driver side so he could drive (i was alone in the cart in the back). Karma!!
  14. Ball is on the green, player puts a tee behind the ball as a marker and picks up the ball. Then puts a coin on the green behind the tee (touching the tee) and picks up the tee so now the coin is the ball maker. Penalty? Does the ball need to bo back on the green, remove the tee and then put the coin down before picking up the ball again? Thanks