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  1. I'm a standard on the chart as well. However, I like the feel of mid-size, so that is what I opted for. I have those Golf Pride Dual Durometers on my clubs and couldn't be happier. They don't slip - hot or cold weather.
  2. Try Golf Pride Dual Durometers - yellow caps. I like them very much: http://www.theworldofgolf.com/equipm...042_f0703_2118 Also, measure your hand from your wrist in a similar fashion as described in this link. I'm a standard grip, but I like the mid size and have opted for those instead. http://www.eagleusagolf.com/proshop/..._custom_e.html
  3. I have both, but like the 5 hybrid more. Where do you draw the line? How many hybrids should one carry? I have 1, 3 & 4 Cobra Bafflers and hit them very well. I also have a 5 that I use here and there. I'm 50/50 with my 5 iron and sometimes use the 5 hybrid. Should I scrap it for the 5 hybrid that I place and pull from my bag constantly??? I feel like an idiot on a Par 3 160+ using the 5 hybrid while everyone else lines up with irons...
  4. I have Cobra Bafflers 1 (16), 3 (20), 4 (23) and 5 (26). I also have Vokeys (54 & 58). I'm going to buy the G15s 6-UW. I'm still debating over additing a 5... Not sure if I should still ue my 5 hybrid (Baffler 26) or go back to a 5 iron, wich I could not hit as well in my old set of Cobra 3100 I/H clubs... Any thoughts? 5 Baffler or 5 Iron?
  5. See my earlier post on the G15s. I'm buying them on Tuesday at TGW. The Raptures looks very expensive, so I'm running with the G15 5-UW and keeping my 54 & 58 Vokeys.
  6. I'm going to pull the trigger and spend 612.00 for 5-UW at TGW. I'm going to keep my Vokey wedges and if I decide later that I want all wide sole irons, I'll buy the G15 SW & LW.
  7. I used to have a Ping G5i Mini C, but didn't care for the center shaft design. I've switched to a Ping i Series Anser 4 and love it. I like the traditional blade putter. The mallets and center shafted putters just don't seem to work for me...
  8. I'm thinking the AWT shafts are the way to go. I'm also going to stick with my wedges. i have Nippon shafts (1050) on my current Cobra 3100 I/H irons. They are nice irons, but I found the G15s easier to hit for my handicap level. The Cobras were won in a raffle five years ago, so trading them in for the $75 is like free money off my new set. I have sentimental attachment to them, but they are designed for 5+ handicappers and that is simply not me. The more forgiveness the better, so I'm thinking the G15s are the way to go... I'm also happy they come in the same exact lofts as my Cobras
  9. Scrap the old clubs - everything. And buy new stuff, even a cheap beginner's set. You can get stuff very cheap these days. Look for last year's models.
  10. Thanks for the feedback. I think I'm going to buy them, but 5-UW and keep my Vokey 54 and 58 wedges. I'm also skeptical about the G15 SW & LW being effective close to the green with incredibly wide soles. I also hit my wedges pretty well. My real problem is with the longer irons. I'm determined to keep a 5 iron in my bag. I've already opted for a 3 & 4 hybrid, but want to draw the line there. Next question: AWT shafts or opt for Nippon 950s for an extra $10.00 per club? I'm thinking the AWT shafts should be fine and the Nippons are a bit lighter and might make the club head feel too
  11. Anyone using these? I'm contemplating buying them on TGW and I like the customization feature where I can select the irons - meaning not buying long irons that I already have replaced with hybrids. The price is holding me back on pulling the trigger, but after having hit them at Golf Galaxy, I can feel a big difference over my Cobra 3100 I/H irons. As a high handicap golfer, I'm thinking these could really help. Also, should I scrap my Vokey wedges in favor of the PING G15 wedges? I was going to buy 5-9, PW, UW, SW & LW. I have Cobra Baffler 1, 3 & 4 Hybrids (no fairways) that have the
  12. House. If you leave them in the car, temperature swings could prematurely age your grips.
  13. I have a Titleist SC85 cart bag that I use on my pull cart as well as a golf cart. The quality is exceptional, it has 14 slots and plenty of pockets. It also looks great. I would recommend a Titleist bag any day.
  14. I have Cobra 3100 I/H irons 4-GW, but as a higher handicap golfer, I'm not certain they are the best fit for me. Cobra states they are for the 5+ handicapper. Does ayone use these irons? How do you like them?
  15. Not a wedge to leave behind on a green accidentally! In all due seriousness, the price is absolutely ridiculous. Think of all the rounds of golf you could play that equal the cost of that wedge???
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