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  1. I've heard great things about it. Saw I think Costco selling vouchers for rounds there but I wound up passing on it once we decided we'd get a membership elsewhere
  2. Respectively: Blackhawk CC. Madison. Odana and Door Creek.
  3. My girlfriend and I just joined a country club for the first time this week, so I've managed to get out and play a bunch already, but I'd never seen wet conditions like this before back when I lived on the east coast, when I golfed in soggy conditions in January and March a few times. The course itself is immaculate but on every shot you have your ball caked in mud. Same thing happened on a few public courses I played on last month. Wisconsin muddiness is quite the thing to behold.
  4. Yeah, it was definitely a blow up hole for them.
  5. Yeah, but think of how many stakes you can make out of those felled trees! Assuming a level surface where there's no slope that'll make a ball travel farther in one direction than another, it won't ricochet farther away than it would have gone if you missed the flag because of basic physics. You can't get more out of a collision than you put in. ___ I personally like putting with the flag in; it saves me time (not a ton, but when I'm playing alone and trying to get done before dark, I never bother with taking out the flag, save for the rare birdie putt), and the math s
  6. dkolo

    Play 200

    As long as you (or whoever is playing such a game) aren't holding up play for your group because you need to wait on every green to clear because it's now driveable, I think it's great.
  7. I've only ever used the app. I prefer it, especially since I swap clubs in and out a lot, and I sometimes play with different sets when I travel. I exclude those from my stats, but I still like to have the shot by shot record of all of my rounds, if only for the memories
  8. Amazon has Adidas Tour 360 Boost, FootJoy Hyperflex and DNA all for around $100 depending on color and size. I would rank them in that order, although if you wanted to switch the DNA and Hyperflex based on ease to keep clean, that'd be fair.
  9. I've recently begun playing the Golf Pride Evolution. I break a couple fewer per round, so yay for that. I'm more about the color of the tees I play (neon colors) than anything else. No tee will add so much as an inch to my drive, but I love the sweet colors over the boring natural finish.
  10. I don't, but I wanted to chime in to say thanks for helping to grow the game among the next generation!
  11. Just the opening zeppelins needed to grab market share in pro sports!
  12. BOA's website says that they have a lifetime guarantee, which I assume carries through to a BOA bought on an Adidas shoe. I remember reading that the actual cable is rated for something like 5000 cycles, which is probably longer than the shoe itself will last.
  13. Yah! I'm in central WI. I think. I just moved here and I kinda don't know where anything is, haha. I'm happy to make new golf friends here. Unless @RFKFREAK wants to schlep over to play Intrigue! I feel like I missed a post somewhere...
  14. I loved the idea of the BOA until I tried it on with the Tour 360 Boosts I was shopping for this year at the PGA Tour Superstore. I wound up paying a couple dollars more to not get it. I loved the idea in principle because my previous Adidas Tour 360 ATVs wouldn't stay laced for an entire round, but I didn't like that it concentrated more pressure at the top of the foot versus in the toes. I suddenly missed the ability to adjust that more granularly with laces. It also felt flimsier than I would have liked, though I doubt it actually was. I'm over the moon happy with my Tour 360 Boosts I
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