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  1. Or...Fed Ex is big enough to just say, ‘ Hey guys...screw the PGA TOUR altogether. We’ll pay bigger purses and just become the circuit for you.’ Fed Ex Premier Golf Tour.
  2. I think given enough time you could take the top big hitters on tour, give them old clubs and they’d still be making mockeries of these courses. They’re not that much better than early days because of equipment. They’re just that much better.
  3. Because it’s a vague statement that gets said over and over without any hard data to show it. The pros are hitting the ball farther than ever for sure. I just don’t buy that the ‘forgiveness’ is monumental. They’re better than the players of old. Period. I contribute a very small percentage of that to equipment. There are still many, many players on tour who aren’t considered ‘long hitters’ despite having access to this amazing equipment. Nor are these guys nailing the fairways like they were a country mile wide. That’s all I’m saying.
  4. Jack Nicklaus says, if Tiger Woods' body holds up, 'He probably will break my record'
  5. Well welcome back! Some good new stuff and the same ole discussions since you’ve been gone. Nutshell: 1. Slow play and Bryson DeChambeau a putz. 2. Distance and it’s effect on golf in general. 3. Tiger Woods of course. 4. Still people around who think you ‘ Drive for show and putt for dough.’ 5. Still people who think Jack’s the GOAT. He’s not. It’s Tiger. 😀. 6. Brooks Koepka/Fed Ex Cup. Yada yada....Cheers!
  6. Other than him saying that very thing? You’re wasting my time kid.
  7. That’s your opinion, However Jack has said otherwise. So...fact vs opinion there. Sorry, you’re wrong. But that’s OT.
  8. Right. All over the world we’re all just smashing those drives down the middle. The slice is all but gone.😏 And as for the pros..gosh he’s right, I can’t remember the last time a pro hit a driver OB or off the fairway...come on.
  9. Jack is mainly concerned about his record being intact. He’s stated he doesn’t even watch golf anymore. Jack had his way for a long time with moving the goal posts. He needs to let it go and just stay silent on the matter. Dialing back the ball is asinine. I think all the belly aching about length is rubbish. Like you said, these pros are just damn good and will make the shot. Period. There are still current, top level golfers shooting over par. Golf will always win. Let them play.
  10. Welcome to TST. Golf can certainly be frustrating. But you have a bright side in dropping your hcp quickly. Congratulations on that. Lots of information and general discussions here I’m sure you’ll find helpful and entertaining! Cheers!
  11. Can’t do well against these guys when your ball striking is off. Just can’t happen. I could only spot watch today but on four different occasions I tuned in to see Tiger hit twice from rough, twice from good fairway positions and missed the green entirely. Damn it.
  12. This is a recent Mevo session. I don’t know why the club speed/ SF didn’t register. This is also with floater range balls that new are stated to deliver 20% less distance and these of course were far from new. Either way I’m not swinging very fast. Disappointing.
  13. Why can I turn 90* and swing like there’s no tomorrow yet only generate a 95-100mph SS? My hips are still not open at impact but since they’re only a small portion of what’s generating speed ..why do I swing so slow? How can I torque myself like crazy, take the club considerably further back than finau yet pale in club speed?
  14. What seems hard to grasp is how much the body must influence the speed of the arms. I’m a helluva lot more powerful than JT but he can smoke me on distance anytime. And how the hell does Finau generate so much speed with such a short backswing? Isn’t the biggest difference in pro’s swings and amateurs their rotation? I mean it doesn’t take incredible skill to swing hard so how do they do it if the body is such a small percentage of the swing?
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