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  1. I have the 56 WS bent to 55 and the 60 ES bent to 59...PX 5.5. I absolutely love these wedges. I have a 54 Edel Wedge (digger) that has been fantastic and it was hard to take it out of the bag...but I'm loving the Glides 2.0! The 60 ES has really improved my bunker play and I'm really getting some great ball action with the WS 56. Great wedges!
  2. I guess so. I see so often pros hit a shot that doesn't do what they expected and the first thing they do is look at the ground with a "must've been a strange lie...didn't expect that." So....well hell I dunno.
  3. http://www.golfdigest.com/story/ernie-els-penalizes-himself-for-a-curious-and-noble-reason Ok. Just a thought here. Ernie is a great guy from what I've gathered over the years. But this kind of irked me. With all the hoopla over LT's penalty, is this a sign of what's to come? I mean...he called a penalty because the ball came out better than he expected! Is it possible he was more concerned a TV viewer would rewind it meticulously and call in? Calling yourself on a penalty is respectable and I guess expected, but he 'felt the ball came out too easy'. He placed the ball as best as humanly possible...but then second guessed himself due to how the ball came out? I dunno ...what do you all think ?
  4. It's not the powers that be. It's anybody who understands the golf swing and its mechanics. "feel" is never scientific nor does it provide any evidence. You don't agree with that? "Reasons to support the old school motion". Iacas has repeatedly stated he supports your appreciation for what you call 'Old School". He stated he's fine and even teaches the lifting of the lead heal if it allows one to gain better rotation. You seem to be trying to defend something and I'm not sure what it is you're defending. The rear leg does not retain its flex completely on the bs. You can have the 'feeling' all you want that it does. But it doesn't. Just like 'feeling' you keep your trail arm straight to help widen your swing. It's impossible to keep straight. Feeling it as being straight? Fine. I don't think you seem to understand that just because these 'old school' golfers SAID what they felt or did during a swing doesn't represent WHAT THEY ACTUALLY DID. Mickey Wright can say she tried to get all her weight or 95% of it on her trail leg in the backswing. Fine. But she didn't. You can't possibly believe that if we put these "old school" golfers on pressure plates their readings would be vastly different than today's 'modern players'? No one has said the old school motion was wrong. What has been stated, correctly by Iacas, is that what you're describing as what is being done by that swing is incorrect. Hell, you even just admitted your statement on weight shift was inaccurate. So....what, again, is your point?
  5. So......Is this your point @Jack Watson?
  6. I've read this entire post and my head hurts. Perhaps it's due to being a lefty and doing the mental conversions has become exasperating...wait, no I'm used to that.....I'm waiting for @Jack Watson to MAKE A POINT. PLEASE!
  7. Lol! Yeah...pretty stout.
  8. I've had the shanks for over 20 years. It all started one day in college with a Mizuno sand wedge. I've had malaria, dysentery, filaria, and several tape worms. They don't compare.
  9. Callaway Epic mentality, concept-car approach comes to new pair of irons and hybrid - Golf Digest http://www.golfdigest.com/story/callaway-epic-mentality-concept-car-approach-comes-to-new-pair-of-irons-and-hybrid
  10. Right. Like I said ...great for you and a few others I suppose. The vast majority of golfers are above a 10hc. If SL clubs were 'revolutionary' as they are to you, then they would be all over the OEMs and selling like hot cakes. They're not because they aren't. I'm actually glad you find them amazing. No problem at all. But that wasn't the question. Gimmick...well....'Gimmicky' is the best I'll give them.
  11. No one ever said a 'gimmick' won't work for anyone. SL was tried years ago. Poor Bryson Dechambeau came along and pre-maturely got Cobra to give it a go. Unfortunately BD has so far been a bust. Pretty much a flop when you consider the company he shares being NCAA/US Amateur champ with. It's great that you play well with SL. Some people hit their best drives ever with the Hammer. However, statistics don't lie and the fact is nothing revolutionary came about with SL and nothing will. Sorry. {insert classic comic stamp} GIMMICK.
  12. I was once one who didn't care for the penalty and thought Lexi got screwed, yes mostly just not agreeing with viewers being able to call in. However, with an open mind I read Iacas' responses and really don't see any reasonable nor logical argument against what he said (wrote). 'Sympathy' for Lexi as I heard on the radio this morning, 'redemption.' Redemption for what? Hey, I'm always up for debating but when such a clear point is brought that isn't just an opinion but solid facts, it's a bit futile to continue. When both parties have only opinion the debating can be endless. I don't see this case as that any more. Lexi -1.
  13. If I'm told to work on a piece, I want to be sure I'm working on it properly. The longer I go between lessons, the more time/progress I'm wasting. This is why I just can't get the whole video lesson thing going. Set up the video station, do my thing...then wait a few days or longer to get input only to find I wasn't doing anything right. Rinse, repeat. At least weekly I can maybe salvage any progress and get back on track if I've been doing something wrong all along.
  14. What was your hc when you were captain of your hs golf team? Fitness is of course important, but with a goal to pursue golf as a professional, I'd put less time in the gym and more on golf. Most importantly however is to maintain the engineering degree. A lot to juggle, but I think you can do it if you really have the drive.
  15. Let's hope this shuts the door once and for all. I certainly hope any nay sayers are well informed and can see the notion of gaining flex in the trail knee is 100% wrong and even maintaining the flex is sub-optimal. Done. Great post. Move along now, nothing to see here.....