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  1. Hi from Metro Detroit

    Welcome! You’ve joined the best golf site in the Internet galaxy for sure. I used to live in West Bloomfield and Dearborn. Weather drove me away. Cheers!
  2. Is Joe LaCava Tiger's Best Choice of Caddie?

    When Tiger was being interviewed after the API and he said, ‘I wasn’t committed to any shot’ regarding his tee shot on #16, I wish he had been asked, “Did Joe have an idea on what shot to hit? Did he have anything to say or do you think he thought you were committed to a shot? How Tiger would’ve answered that my have shed some light on their dynamic.
  3. Rude Fans at PGA Tour Events

    Yeah. Of course it’s also great to remember the time when ‘fat guts’ was brushed off or even just chuckled at. Now it’s ‘body shaming’, post it on fb/twitter, demand an apology and cry outrage. Pansies. All of ‘em.
  4. Lydia Ko Thread

    Well, when you’ve got 11yr olds who can qualify for a major...yeah.
  5. Bad Luck - Hitting a Bird in Flight

    There was no ‘fowl’ play suspected. No need to get your feathers rustled. The camera had a birds eye view of the incident. Too much?
  6. 2018 RBC Heritage

    I like Rahm’s show of emotion...but I don’t like his tantrums. When he had a little tantrum at The Masters...yet his ball landed like 15’ from the pin....shut up and play ...it’s golf. Everyone has to pay their dues to the golf gods. Everyone.
  7. 2018 RBC Heritage

    Just hated seeing Ian Putzter card that 40 on the back. Poor guy.
  8. Ok. Yeah, I thought he just used them in his hybrids/FW....didn’t realize he had them in any irons.
  9. Bernhard Langer

    Nope. Unless an official or another player is standing right up against him and watching, or a video/pic is closely evaluated, it’s pure speculation whether he’s anchoring or not. I do not believe he intentionally anchors as he seems to be an honest guy ..just careless at times and gets away with it. My last post shows a clear picture of him immediately after making contact with the ball and clearly shows he’s anchoring. The USGA just asked him and he says no. Of course he says no just as I would say no if asked if I’m swinging OTT. He means to take his hand off his chest and knows he’s supposed to ...but the USGA doesn’t really care that much so meh....it happens.
  10. I think there are some pros who use the Aerotech Steel-fiber which essentially like a combo of graphite/steel. I had them on a set of Ping S55 irons and loved them. I don’t think many if any Tour pros use straight graphite shafts. Not with their swing speeds.
  11. Is Joe LaCava Tiger's Best Choice of Caddie?

    Yeah, 2011-2013 was decent with Tiger I guess...but then the hiatus came...I’m just saying he rather abruptly left DJ (Tiger didn’t even contact DJ IIRC) then Tiger’s injuries took over and DJ bloomed. Money probably isn’t a main issue with Joe (maybe?) I’m just saying he doesn’t seem like much more than a mule for Tiger so what’s the big ‘loyalty’ factor?
  12. Is Joe LaCava Tiger's Best Choice of Caddie?

    I’m wondering if Joe ever regrets leaving DJ? I mean ...DJ took off and became number #1. I understand Joe having this loyalty thing....but he doesn’t seem to be much of a ‘force’ for Tiger like a Bones to Phil or Greller to Spieth.
  13. Is Joe LaCava Tiger's Best Choice of Caddie?

    I voted no mostly for the reasons @iacas mentioned. No matter how good a player is he needs some direction, re-focusing and maybe just a kick to the butt sometimes. Maybe someone like Stevie would’ve said something before Tiger hit driver on #16 at the API? LaCava seems like a bellhop and nothing more.
  14. If you’re only doing it for fun, exercise and fresh air, why do you care? Just play.

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