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  1. I think i've played with that guy too.
  2. Well, you did say these things, can you blame me?
  3. That's the issue. That puts us (me) back to square one. Why was the rule ever made if it can't be enforced? I thought the video posted here clearly showed contact with his hand/wrist during his swing. Others don't. How could this ever be definitively proven? Are there any other rules of golf that have such difficult measures to evaluate whether an infraction was done? I'm not suggesting BL is a cheat. I'm suggesting, just like Rham and Lexi that he commits an error and isn't even aware of it.
  4. Better clarified. However it still remains to be resolved as to whether BL or SM have anchored on occasion. The only real conclusions that have been made are statements by BL saying he hasn't. Well, how will it ever be resolved? Just quit asking or speculating? Rham's cases were reviewed and a decision was made. Same with Lexi. Just seems this rule is very difficult to enforce. But I still don't think BL simply saying ' I don't anchor' is enough nor do I feel Tom Lehman stating those who have questioned it should 'be ashamed of themselves' has any merit. But thanks for the 'intent' clarification. That certainly makes more sense.
  5. There's a Women's Hockey league?
  6. You're right and It's the inconclusive bit I don't like. Is there any reasonable way to actually confirm whether anchoring is taking place other than their word? I mean, it's not like we can yell "freeze!" then go on the green and see if his hand/arm is in contact with his body (which I think it was in the video). It's putting. Essentially there's these two guys who have a questionable technique who just happen to be leading the money list I believe. If these professional golfers can't simply adapt a putting stroke that strays far away from anchoring then the hell with ' Like you said, 'the lack of ability to enforce it" shouldn't be an issue with regards to a rule.
  7. I thought you were suggesting limiting putters to 48"? That would pose a problem for McCarron and BL, but it wouldn't prevent the same issue from arising from shorter golfers was my point. And the intent IS saving these guys. If a video surfaces (which I believe was posted here that confirms it) that shows BL/SM are anchoring, they aren't penalized because they simply state, "Oh, well I sure didn't INTEND to anchor"'s nonsense. You could show a clear video of BL anchoring, and that is his defense. Sure he has wonderful integrity, nobody is saying that's the problem, that he's a cheater, it's being suggested that simple carelessness has taken place. Sorry, doesn't matter. Anchoring is against the rules and whether he intended to do it or not should be irrelevant. AND furthermore, as we all know very well....FEEL AIN'T REAL. So I really don't care what BL thinks he's doing.
  8. Well as @iacas pointed out short golfers would still be able to use the questionable method. I think the rule needs to be adjusted, clarified. The whole 'intent' part of the rule is absolute nonsense.
  9. Hello friend. I paid for the premium content (sorry don't remember what I paid) and it's really just an organized view of his concepts/drills. Also, I actually worked with Shawn in person here in Florida. It was in all honesty quite a disappointment. Sometimes when we have been working on our golf swing in a particular style, routine..anything different can come along and kind of force, or encourage us (infamous light bulb moment) to 'change the picture'. Shawn did have 4 other students so we were 5 in total. However I was clearly asking direct meaningful questions and getting half-hearted and confusing responses. It was clear I really wanted to grasp his ideas and I explained how much time I spend on the range as well as my golf history in general. After 3 hours of discussion and swing work, my final 'evaluation' from Shawn was that I should play golf right handed and I should buy a grass whip and swing if every day for a month then 'get back to him.' After 2 weeks (I actually did spend a day at the range hitting balls right handed) I emailed him to discuss my believing that switching to right hand just isn't going to work for me and maybe he could offer some guidance on my current swing, etc...Come to find out he obviously has a robot-generated email service that produces generic responses. His reply to me was, "Hey Kevin! Great to hear from you! How's that power fade going? And yes, I clearly reminded him who I was in the email. Anyway, I think he makes some swing ideas that may be helpful for some and maybe you've connected with his material better than I. But for me, I can't say I care much for him.
  10. Persimmon ....such a beauty. Actually the first driver I ever hit (think it was a Northwestern) I remember my dad saying, " Son you won't get to hit a finer wood than this for a long time." Learned to play with NW Thunderbird irons...criminey the 2 iron looks like a domino tile tide to a stick!
  11. I think some just liked that the rusty surface reduced the glare especially with chrome.
  12. Watched some last night....Troy Mullins...what an incredible hottie...great swing too...
  13. lol. yeah I don't get that stuff either. I feel like it would be if I pretended to be a lesser stable or belt in fight to secure a win...can't imagine feeling any pride about that win. Applies to any competition I guess. As I've said before, I'd much rather shoot the best round of my life and finish dead last than to hack around the ball, get lucky and win. Certainly wouldn't feel any satisfaction winning if I knew I didn't truly earn it.
  14. Sorry, but your friend's a tool. I'm sure if he was playing well only to find another "10hcp" shot a 69 and beat him he'd have quite a bit to say about him. And your friend needs to realize, he's THAT guy.
  15. Heat, meh. 100+ with 95% + humidity. But with a lot of hills, I'd ride.