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  1. Alexander Levi. Here’s just after impact. But yeah…he’s got a lot of lean.
  2. I fired up some Darksiders 2. Built some serious Scythes with 75% critical chance and 80% critical damage and 65% health steal. Also made a secondary weapon with arm blades carrying a whopping 173% health steal. Fun to coast through The Crucible!
  3. Unfortunately Phil won’t make the cut.
  4. Vinsk


    Wasn’t too surprised to see Hadley collapse. English’s 18 was hilarious. Hadley had it coming from the Gods. That approach on 18 was a mess. He’s gotta be pretty crushed to blow that round and lose it so quickly.
  5. This is something I noticed at approx the same point in the swings. Notice the angle of your trail arm with the club shaft compared to the pro’s. There are plenty better people here to comment on this but I thought I’d show you a comparison.
  6. I could fill this thread with worst shots quite easily. After every round I would be adding a new one. I’ve mentioned these before as they stood out, but my three memorable ones, all shanks of course, resulted in: Broken BMW window Almost killing a cyclist Knocking a grounds crew’s lunch out of his hands.
  7. I guess there are those who’d like that. I’d much rather watch an LPGA tournament over Champions Tour. I have literally no interest in anything with the Champions Tour. There are LPGA players who out drive Champion Tour players so the different tees would be a bit confusing.
  8. But this issue was playing a different type of ball. Not just changing balls.
  9. Damn that’s a tough break. I wish they would’ve posted a pic comparing the two balls.
  10. Lol…yeah….oleschool had troll written all over him pretty quickly.
  11. 1. SG Off the tee. Driving will be extremely important ( as usual) for Torrey Pines. 2. My eldest son needs to work on his time spent golfing. Which is zero. Baseball is the worst thing for golf as it consumes your life and eliminates the possibility of participating in anything outside of it. It’s a cult.😆
  12. Pros have played with hickory clubs. Other than that I wouldn’t find anything else very interesting. It’s like watching NBA players play with a sewn cloth ball and a peach basket. meh.
  13. Conjuring 3: The Devil Made Me Do It. Bogey. I enjoyed the Conjuring series for the most part. But this one had the tired old theme of possession and demons. If I have to see another demon or possessed person with their joints going backwards I’m gonna lose it. Lol.
  14. That horse is taking a beating…..
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