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  1. Well I think it violates the standard of ethics such that rule 5.6a ‘ unreasonable delay of play’ could be called: https://t59dl.app.link/en/e584e56416bb272edae34e3f3dfd7eb4c478c63734b4fbd04af4b663fbb21bf6
  2. Admittedly I haven’t played them in a while. Magnolia gets the hype for hosting a PGA tournament years ago. Magnolia took a beating one summer and burned up. They’ve since repaired it but I still find Palm to be a more enjoyable experience.
  3. Unfortunately David there are those of the opinion that if you don’t find the LPGA, or any other women’s sport for that matter, exhilarating then you’re sexist. It’s of course nonsense. Simone Biles is the greatest gymnast of all time. I much prefer to watch women’s gymnastics in the Olympics than the men’s. I also enjoy tennis just as much for both. LPGA and WNBA I much prefer the men’s. And that’s completely fine.
  4. Well sorry but not a big fan of this one. Too many ‘it depends.’ How much green do I have to work with? Is it downhill or uphill? Downhill I’m using putter. A lot of green and uphill I’m chipping. But generally I use putter anytime I can.
  5. Ah...well...the LPGA players may have some issues with the greens no? Pin placements? I think it’d be fine and I’d like to watch it.
  6. Not for me. Below 60 is chilly. Below 50 is cold. But it can change when you’ve become adjusted to one place for several years. I’ve lived in both extremes and for the life of me can’t imagine those that prefer the cold. I have fun with it, that’s all. There were literally months that I couldn’t enjoy a round of golf while living in Colorado and Detroit. I may have a week in Florida due to heavy rain/hurricane. Unless I’m snowboarding on it, snow sucks. I don’t want to have a ‘mud room.’ And If I’m going to be uncomfortable I’d rather do it in shorts and flip flops than looking like the King of the North. Scraping windshields, shoveling, tire chains, road closures, flight cancellations...the hell with it.😃
  7. Wow! That’s awesome. Boy...I could shank a good one and wreck havoc for those pilots! You’re right...that’s one small strip!
  8. A familiar scenario for me: Hit a nice drive on a tight par 4 down the middle. All down the left side is water and on the other side of the water is the street. Unfortunately it’s a neighborhood street where people sometimes park. One particularly unfortunate person parked his lovely 5 series BMW there. I proceeded to hit one of my famous shanks for my approach shot. That cringing sound of a rear window spiderweb shattering can really brighten your day. I made the shame walk over and glad he was home..we had a laugh about it and he had insurance and was real cool about it. The funny thing was he was a golfer and says, ‘ damn...how did you manage to hook your approach that severely?’ I said with almost a look of deep sadness and shame, ‘ well..I’m left handed.’ I could see him imagining the shot and realizing I had hit the unmentionable shot. He mercifully replied, ‘ oh...yeah..ok.’ And that was that. I showed @billchao the spot where this atrocity occurred when we played together. I think he always kept to my right after that.
  9. Agree...Ping has some of the best customer service I’ve found. I had a G30 3H...was hitting some shots when suddenly one sounded strange. I look at the club and there was a dent on the crown, a crater. No ball mark or scuff at all and it was a decent hit. My pro sends it to Ping and they say ‘well...it doesn’t appear to be a defect so we’ll replace it for $120.’ I tell the pro to just forget it and keep the club.’ Next day Ping calls my club pro back and tells the pro..’ Hey we went ahead and just upgraded the head to a Ping G and kept the specs...we’ll send it out and you should get it in a few days....no charge.’ Really appreciated that. Got it last week.
  10. How many times you think your shot was used? Lol....
  11. @Rulesman...yes it was this year. Silly. Kuchar being Kuchar.
  12. Lol...well, when I hit a golf ball I usually bring attention to myself.
  13. Lol..yeah they basically told him to stop being ridiculous and play it as it lie.
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