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  1. Damn Kevin…I’m not even an instructor but I certainly think you’re doing yourself a disservice in all this pondering and video searching. Not to be an ass but you're all over the place. You’re building a house and analyzing the kitchen sink before even having the foundation poured. Have a good instructor give you a priority piece then focus on that and that alone. You’ll find much better progress that way. Just my two cents.🙂
  2. Which is why @iacas and TST instructors in general recommend priority pieces. This could really screw someone up who’s hip rotation wasn’t a priority piece or who’s hand/wrists movements were. I vote D-. Not an F purely because of his enthusiasm…lol.
  3. Yeah…but that’s what he wants! Lol. He mentions slicing the ball outta the range but somehow thinks that will translate to getting someone to rotate through to get that face square. I didn’t re-watch in slow motion but I’d bet he’s not even doing what the thinks he’s doing.
  4. I think he’s making a huge assumption that something he feels makes him do something, will translate to anyone else. I think tips like these come from instructors who confuse the concept of what’s natural anatomy wise isn’t natural function wise if that makes sense.
  5. It would be nice to watch Covid slowly just fade away as vaccinations increase. Unfortunately the dopes who have refused to get it will dream up some other reason why Covid faded. Or we’re in for another lockdown as Delta and other variants surge and they’ll say, ‘ see..what good is the vaccine any way.’ Again, profound ignorance.
  6. Olympic athletes are in a different world.
  7. Those who haven’t gotten a vaccine by now simply have a distorted, uninformed , and/or profoundly stubborn disregard for the greater good. It’s exhausting to hear the mindsets of them. You wouldn’t believe what I hear on a daily basis. Ignorance is a powerful cult.
  8. I appreciate the write up @DeadMan. But except for learning some management tips, playing with players like @iacas are pure entertainment for me. You see, they do everything better than me. It would be like me trying to run alongside Usain Bolt and think, ‘ boy..maybe I should get my knees up higher.’ It’s just a different world. 😄
  9. @KevinBlakeHave you read this post? It may help.
  10. Welcome to TST and welcome back from your coma. As you may have discovered there are plenty of options out there for clubs. We now have SGI ( Super Game Improvement) , GI ( Game Improvement), Player’s Distance irons, and of course your cavity backs and muscle backs. Almost every major brand has a series of all or some of these categories. The general consensus these days is to get a good fitting done and see what works for you. Find a few brands you like, even if it’s just due to looks/price. eBay, 2ndSwing, Callaway Pre-owned are some places to find great deals on golf clubs. If you
  11. That’s quite an accomplishment.😳
  12. This nails it. And if he read this he’d think..’yeah…another minion.’
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