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  1. Vinsk

    One Plane Swing

    I wouldn't say there are 'pitfalls' necessarily. What is common knowledge here is this: There are 5 keys necessary to have an efficient and productive golf swing. 1. Steady Head 2. Weight forward 3. inline impact 4. Diagonal Sweetspot 5. Clubface control. How one achieves these keys can obviously be quite different. If you can achieve these keys with your 'single plane' swing so be it. But I would focus more on these keys rather than this 'single plane' idea.
  2. Vinsk

    Golf Myths Running Topic

    Not much difference here with Spieth: Driver vs Iron.
  3. I asked my friend here who is a pro who mostly teaches kids. He teaches the kids golf camps and the junior golf program as well. He agrees with you and @iacas and said he never sees a kid and seldom gets a beginner adult with too strong a grip.
  4. Vinsk

    This Is a Lot of Work to Hit a Golf Ball

    I wonder where @iacas would start with that? Priority piece? Lol.
  5. Vinsk

    3/4" Off Driver Shaft

    I’m not an expert with this stuff but I’m not sure if the head technology alone is going to give you added distance. It’s all about being able to have good impact with your maximum swing speed. With this in mind it may be beneficial to test various shafts that would enable this to happen. If your current driver shaft isn’t the best for you I don’t believe cutting it down is the best thing for you. There may very well be a shaft that you can keep the length and allow you optimal distance.
  6. This may be true. But what has probably decreased dramatically is the ‘learn it from the dirt’ type kids. Hand me down clubs, tennis shoes and a Sunday bag was the norm. All over now I see kids in golf pants, premium clubs, shoes and taking lessons. Lessons with video, monitors, which I think are producing better players.
  7. Vinsk

    Dee official video with Nick

    That’s just damn cool!
  8. Vinsk

    Stop Aiming at the Flag!!!

    The problem is Mike, and probably the other guy, are types where despite you showing them facts/stats they’ll say, ‘That’s not what I’ve seen...’
  9. Vinsk

    Golf Myths Running Topic

    If you haven’t listed this already, this myth needs to die as I still read/hear it today: ’Johnny Miller’s 63 on Sunday at Oakmont was done on super wet greens.’ I actually thought this was true until @iacas informed me otherwise.
  10. Vinsk

    Overrated/Underrated (Golf) Topic

    I think this is going off a bit of a tangent. I believe the topic is more about the benefits of reaching a par 5 in two when you are capable of the distance and you are weighing in the factors( pros/cons) of the decision thus; when you factor the pros are you under or overestimating them?
  11. Vinsk

    Overrated/Underrated (Golf) Topic

    This shouldn't count towards the 12 hour time.... just wanted to say this is a great idea for a thread! Nice @iacas.
  12. I am. As you already know ...I hit hundreds of balls a week meticulously trying to stop it. You mentioned a possibility being poor wrist flexibility...I take the club back in an awful position. Last week I shortened my swing (felt shortened but was still a good length) and it definitely helped. That’s my next video to Stephan (along with other stuff.)
  13. Yeah the grip is an odd beast. Hell I’m so ridiculous I take my trail hand palm completely off the club at the top. It’s become a trigger for me to start my downswing so I’m probably stuck with it. At least there wasn’t water right in front of you. I’ve actually considered trying jumbo grips just to see if I can keep my psychotic trail hand from abandoning ship.
  14. Just saying it’s human nature to grip tighter at the moment just before impact. Seems like if you were holding the club tight enough to make a good strike you would naturally hold on to the club. That loose it seems the club face would just spin like hell and be a real poor strike.
  15. Just like regular golf....lol.

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