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  1. Why? I’d still do less damage than Sergio.
  2. Or ‘OSU’..that’s clearly Oklahoma State.
  3. If I hit my shot well, no. Poorly, yes.
  4. If He had displayed his ‘lack of knowledge’ for WNBA in the manner HH did for the LPGA he would’ve had similar heat thrown his way. It’s not offense to not care much for women’s sports. It doesn’t give the right to belittle it and show poor taste when you’ve made your career from the sport, you’ve profited from it and you’re someone who’s supposed to help grow it. Erik made a great statement regarding what HH could’ve said and how to have said it professionally and respectfully.
  5. It was a lazy attempt to somewhat convey a sentiment (perhaps a personal one) and let readers develop it into something the author didn’t have the talent or balls to do. Sloppy and amateurish for the most part. But I hadn’t read it prior to this post so thanks for sharing it.
  6. Send this to Azinger.
  7. Lol! You’re an entertaining read
  8. Stenson hits fan in head, lays down for selfie A potentially scary situation took on a more light-hearted turn for Henrik Stenson Saturday on the 16th hole at... Very cool of Stenson... Lol! You’re an entertaining read.
  9. And has a large effect on the break of the greens.😀
  10. It's a major. The U.S. Open. I couldn't disagree more.
  11. Seems like Tiger was playing the old strategy of being conservative and avoiding bogeys and big numbers. Unfortunately that only works for the usual brutal course where they’re just trying for par. He seemed all suave about hitting to the safe side of the green while Rose and others are throwing darts. Come on Tiger...today was moving day, not ho hum par day!
  12. I’d rather see 20-30mph winds.
  13. He played practice rounds. The approach I can see a bit of question but ‘there’s a huge cliff at the end of the fairway at 250yds’ shouldn’t require a caddie’s call no?
  14. It's just Thursday.
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