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  1. @nevets88 @iacas LOL! Those were great!
  2. Hello and welcome to TST. Obviously it depends on who does the online analysis as to its value. But you’re in luck here. You can post a video of your swing in the ‘Members Swing’ thread. You’ll get free advice from very good instructors. You won’t get any bs advice Here. Cheers!
  3. Vinsk

    2020 Masters

    Yeah. You’d think the photographer would’ve said something.
  4. Vinsk

    S7K Putter

    Well really...what ‘ golf club infomercial’ isn’t mostly hogwash?
  5. Vinsk

    2020 Masters

    Check out these 8 photos that go inside Augusta’s exclusive clubhouse Take a tour of the simple white clapboard clubhouse that has become one of the most iconic structures in... Great pics!
  6. Snell. Great golf ball and a much better price than the ‘premium’ ones out there. The MTB Black and the MTB-X.
  7. Scientists: Earth Endangered by New Strain of Fact-Resistant Humans | The New Yorker “It’s possible that they will become more receptive to facts once they are in an environment without food, water, or... 😉
  8. Sounds like you may be trying to get them to feel what you feel. You can’t tell people what they feel or should feel all the time. People’s proprioceptions, physical ability, muscle strength can be vastly different from one to the other. You keep saying ‘appearance of improvement.’ I don’t even know what you mean by that. If a student is moving his head 6” front side and drifting his body with hit and getting his club stuck back forcing him to throw the club to catch up..that’s a poor movement. You get him to make a centered pivot and correct this problem it’s not just an appearance. How you achieve that may not be the same for every student. I’m no professional by any means. @iacas is. It just seems like you’re trying to suggest feels are universal.
  9. Are you going by actual numbers or just how you ‘feel’ with the new clubs you’ve tried? I know you mentioned some monitor work. Seems odd with all the choices out there you couldn’t find a good fit. Ping i200, 210 and 500? If you like the Ansers I can’t imagine you not liking any of those irons. Callaway Apex? Mavrik Pros? So for me no. I enjoy hitting older clubs for entertainment but I’d never choose them over the newer ones available.
  10. Well..for some sure. The head is a body part. Maybe putting emphasis on the lead shoulder does nothing for a student. Then you tell him/her to tilt their head a little back ( Jack Nicklaus like) and voila! It’s feels. Nobody here says ‘keep your head still’ unless for a particular student it creates a movement you want to see.
  11. Many golfers move their heads incorrectly without even knowing it. Sometimes getting them to focus on their head will improve what their bodies are doing.
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