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  1. Lol...yeah...well that’s why I threw in the apology with the unnecessary mention of the weather.🤭
  2. Vinsk

    NCAA Football 2019

    Completely agree. My concern with OU is them stopping Burrow for those 3rd down conversions. And like you said..the short passing can eat OU defense alive. Those two tactics may prove devastating for OU. However if Hurts and Lamb are on their top performances...OU will be a formidable opponent. OU 38 LSU 35
  3. Headed out to the course today. Just some chipping and pitching. Nice and easy 10yd-40yd. Went well with no jolts or spasms. I’m a little sore tonight but all good. Little by little. We’re in the 80’s so beautiful outside ( sorry to the Northern guys.) Going back out Wednesday.👍
  4. Not sure why Phil mentioned being 50 and not playing at the WM. There’s no rule against being 50. Kenny Perry I believe played in it several times over 50 no?
  5. Vinsk

    NCAA Football 2019

    Pretty good rundown of the game I think. I just hope we don’t get ‘fluke’ nonsense from either side. Botched punts, QB bobbles, dumb Offsides/False starts...that kind of stuff. Just want them both to show up and play hard. I think it’ll be a great game. Good call of course that this game will be the first of the season for Clemson. A&M scrappy but nothing to really compare to OSU.
  6. Vinsk

    NCAA Football 2019

    All good points. But the lurking issue for me is how OSU performed for more than half the game against Wisconsin. You give Clemson a 21pt start...you’re done. OSU a great 3-4th quarter team but that sluggish start won’t fair well with any of the top four teams. I think (hope) it’s a dogfight. I’m not too hopeful how OU will do against LSU. Zero discipline and an iffy defense isn’t what you want against LSU.
  7. Vinsk

    NCAA Football 2019

    Yeah JH not going anywhere unless he decides to. These games are difficult to predict as it really comes down to the players and they’re pretty bummed at this point. Let’s face it, Alabama enters every season with the expectation of winning the NC. And at the very least the playoffs. Not much fire in the players to play Michigan. The sports announcers, the coaches can all hype up the game but inside those kids the fire is smoldering and the sparks are gone. But, it’s still Alabama and JH still lost to OSU. Alabama 38 Michigan 20
  8. Vinsk

    NCAA Football 2019

    Damn....you make my posts look reasonable with that mess. You gotta do better than that.
  9. Vinsk

    NCAA Football 2019

    @Osnola....I’d like to see your answer too. Clemson has a pretty sweet deal. Started highly ranked, fair enough. But they pretty much coasted through this whole season while the other top 4 teams played really tough games. I really think more credit is due to beating ranked teams than beating cupcakes or mediocre teams by large margins. OSU’s wins against PSU, WI and MI are much more credit worthy than their blow outs of Rutgers and FAU. Well, that’s all Clemson has...and they squeaked by the unranked NC. So....Clemson number 1 why?
  10. Vinsk

    NCAA Football 2019

    Yes, but despite it being speculation I seriously doubt they’d have that margin of victory if they played OSU’s, LSU’s or even OU’s schedule.
  11. Vinsk

    NCAA Football 2019

    Right...and Clemson beat OSU 31-0 despite that big margin on paper. Gotta look past the paper bro...And yes I agree about the Clemson dog fight. See? You see the Clemson dogfight A game despite them not having any ranked wins. It doesn’t matter..you know it’s there. That’s my point that’s been so ignored and ridiculed. 😁
  12. Vinsk

    NCAA Football 2019

    Right. LSU/OU probably a high scoring game but I don’t have much faith in OU’s defense. And LSU’s win against Georgia was the most impressive win of any team all season. OSU won’t get blitzed 31-0 but Clemson will win this game.
  13. Vinsk

    NCAA Football 2019

    Who knows? Clemson is the total mystery really. Yes they have the history of showing up when it mattered. But as usual they’ve not shown us anything solidifying their stake other than blowing out teams they should....and then squeaking by an unranked NC. OSU of course has its pretty impressive resume as well as beating a ranked conference opponent twice...which is a difficult feat that OU did as well ( Baylor). OU obviously has a porous defense. But who’s tested Clemson’s defense? What defense has tested Clemson? However, as I’ve said before, purely my opinion, Clemson has bite with a solid running game and TL for a damn good passing game. And I think their overall talent and style of play will put them over OSU. And I’ll say this; whomever gets through will be dominated by LSU.
  14. Vinsk

    NCAA Football 2019

    Which of course is pretty odd. That’s that Big10 bias I originally mentioned. Cincinnati loses two games in a row and they drop one spot? Had any Big12 or SEC team blew two games in two weeks...they’d plummet. But hey...unlike you I can admit and man up to this stuff. I was wrong about Cincinnati....and that surely puts OSU in a stronger light doesn’t it? That’s a solid win for sure! OSU loses to Clemson. $100. Easy money for me.😃👍
  15. Vinsk

    NCAA Football 2019

    Erik my last post with the bolded text Is not opinion and quite important. You wouldn’t side with me regardless of what I post. Those are solid facts coming into this past Saturday and Matt is still hashing up stats from games a month ago. It’s down to the wire now. Ranked wins and recent performance is what matters. Not whether Cincinnati is still ranked. It will be interesting to see OSU/Clemson. It will be the first team Clemson has faced all season. They better be ready.....
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