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  1. I did no such thing. I am a medical expert as I hold an MD and currently practice medicine with said degree. I merely pointed out my experience and knowledge base for COVID-19 of which I’m not an expert. These types of frivolous posts are what we are trying to avoid. As a medical expert I agree with this.
  2. http://www.golfreview.com/product/golf-clubs/irons/tour/equalizer.html
  3. I don’t know this particular course...but I don’t think shot statistics would support this. Right? Proximity to the hole from 50-70 vs 90-110? Show me where the 90-110 produces shorter birdie putts.
  4. A +2.8 isn’t hitting driver off the tee usually? That seems odd....
  5. I’m a physician. I don’t know what your background is but I’ve spent and am still spending considerable time with all things Covid. I’m in daily contact with the CDC, infectious disease specialist and local health departments. I’m hammered with updates and studies from the CDC and other entities that are not available to the public yet if ever. So frankly no. I’m not particularly interested in regurgitated Google info. Surely you can understand that.
  6. If you are insinuating that @iacas’s level of science education is equivalent to a 35hcp golfer you are grossly mistaken. He hasn’t torn down anything you posted nor anyone else’s posts. It’s a discussion and just as you have he has posted facts and opinion to consider. Your word isn’t gold. You’re far from being any authority on Covid. Your ideas and opinions ...along with facts are just as welcomed as anyone’s. Just don’t get all worked up if people don’t embrace your Google searching regurgitate.
  7. These same people however don’t walk into restaurants barefoot, or take off their shirt off in a bank if they’re hot. They won’t take a leak on the side of a building downtown. They comply every day then act like freedom warriors when it comes to masks.
  8. I’m waiting for the day BDC has on his white pants and those protein shakes decide to wreck a little havoc on the ol’ GI system.....😳
  9. Well...yeah. This kind of mechanical practice really should be done with video. You’re shown what the proper movement is you’re trying to achieve...then you do it very, very slowly. Over and over. You’ve got to make sure the feel you’re acquiring is producing the position you’re looking for. How you hit the ball needs to be further down the line for now.
  10. Uhh...it’s ‘Kens’. 😡
  11. Looks like a couple of tracks popped out place. Have you tried just firmly zipping it back down over the damaged area? Instant zipper No More Zipper Mishaps Keep This In Your Pocket For Instant Repair! Do you have a number of clothing or...
  12. If you have hand sanitizer with you shaking is fine.
  13. He made the change to graphite as part of his experiment. I believe even his putter is a graphite shaft. Graphite shafts today are quite developed compared to the older ones. Aerotech for one....
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