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  1. Hello and welcome to TST. What exactly do you mean by ‘better?’ It’s really your own preference. The Ping Eye2’s certainly have an enduring reputation. You may see a drop in distance going from the more modern G irons to the Ping Eye2. The G irons are designed to get the ball in the air easier. As far as the BC it’s really just a matter of what you like. Performance wise I don’t think there’s any significant difference. If you could get a Ping Eye2 7i and hit it for comparison with your G iron you’ll be able to make a better decision.
  2. I got pissed at myself one day on the range from this flipping mess. I took the club in my trail hand and bent back my wrist and just hit dozens of balls one handed. Then I just placed my lead hand on flat without gripping and hit a few more dozen. All slowly and focused. Try this.
  3. I can’t relate to any tour player. I’d have a much better shot at bulking up than playing golf the way any of them do.
  4. Trees have saved many lives for me on the golf course. Mostly left lining trees.🙂
  5. They don’t. Tiger is clearly the GOAT. What’s arguable is whether Jack is actually second.😉
  6. It may actually benefit you to read through all the stats. You mention a few which of course Jack achieved through a considerable weaker field. Even disregarding that Tiger has so many more stats of domination than Jack. It’s just like the bs Sam Snead 82. Really? If you give Tiger the same criteria Snead was given he far surpasses Snead in wins. Likewise if you apply the criteria to Snead his wins greatly diminish. Does that make any sense that wins counted for Snead don’t count for Tiger?
  7. Lol! If I’m ever in court I’ll take Erik in my corner....
  8. Awesome! So I bet you have those lie angles re-checked every 6 months?😄
  9. That’s 2007-2018....Doesn’t that just show that ball speed in general has increased as well as purse size and thus the more money won correlates to that?
  10. The ZJ point I agree isn’t really supportive...but the way Azinger and others were slobbing over BD being so amazing due to his distance was exaggerated to me being that BD was only 6th in distance.
  11. Especially when BD wasn’t even the longest hitter out there..AND Zach Johnson made a good showing and he’s hardly a big hitter.
  12. I mean...what do you expect him to say? That’s just simple respect is all.
  13. That’s a solid post right there Scott. Totally agree.
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