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  1. Which Golf Pill Would You Take?

    I voted add 100 yds to my drive for the obvious reason but also because ‘Never hit a shank’ wasn’t a choice.
  2. Jack vs. Tiger: Who's the Greatest Golfer?

    Nah. Says nothing really. Jack as usual played a nice solid round while the top of the leaderboard crumbled. The fact that he was in his 40’s was impressive but he basically won similar to how Willet won.
  3. Jack vs. Tiger: Who's the Greatest Golfer?

    Exactly. Jack was the best of his time. Never mind blowing or artistic to a level of a phenom like Tiger. Jack was best of his time. Tiger is GOAT. Wonderful closure of this discussion. Lol.
  4. Apparently Lexi is showing the brain power of DJ. I mean, come on....you just grab a sign and move it? Sorry, this is just dumb.
  5. The only thing Nicklaus is in favor for is anything that will hinder the chances of the obviously much better golfers beating his records especially the 18 majors.
  6. Just awesome! Thanks for making this happen Erik! Quick and simple...can’t wait to give it a go!
  7. 2018 Genesis Open (Riviera, Hogan's Alley)

    Nice ones! Thanks @nevets88
  8. Come on bro.....just let it go.
  9. 2018 Genesis Open (Riviera, Hogan's Alley)

    LOL! Wow ....yeah, started a massively popular website, authored a book all about golf, spends 80hrs +/week with golf instruction/business and gives out advice for free. I can only assume the ‘67’ isn’t your birth year. If so, @Ernest Jones has it right.
  10. 2018 Genesis Open (Riviera, Hogan's Alley)

    @MrGolfguy67 knows that. He’s just being THAT guy.
  11. 2018 Genesis Open (Riviera, Hogan's Alley)

    See? Even you care more about Tiger’s round than Saunders. Welcome to the vast majority!
  12. Help choosing irons

    Well hello Night Rider! Welcome! Yes, getting fitted is really the better route to go. But temptation...I get it. There are SO many choices these days. Being new to this you really can’t go wrong with GI (game improvement) set from TahlorMade, Ping, Calloway, Titleist etc. Also depends on your budget. You should at least hit a club before you invest. Nothing worse than spontaneously spending $500-1000 then standing over your 7i and not really being thrilled with it. I’m a Ping fan but also have Callaway and Srixon irons. You can also find great used clubs on eBay from all these brands as well. If you’re not willing/wanting/able for a fitting, then any of the mentioned brands and others would be a fine route to go.
  13. Lol!! Oh we just love you to bunches Erik! Anxiously waiting by the mailbox!
  14. Completely disagree. Obsolete? Won’t happen. Golf will always win. Tim Potter...(who?) just beat the biggest hitter and number 1 golfer on the planet at Pebble Beach. People are getting these unproven ideas about golfers going out and destroying these courses. No they’re not. There are still plenty of bogeys and worse happening at every tournament. It’s nonsense talk generating from a few guys who hit some amazing shots here and there. So what? Enjoy it and watch golf evolve but remember, golf will always win. Done. No need to dial back the ball or the equipment. Finished. Dumb idea, period.
  15. 2018 Winter Olympics Discussion Thread

    Yeah...I don’t agree with the Russian girl scoring THAT much higher than Nagasu. I also thought Rippon should’ve been first place after his awesome performance.

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