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  1. Vinsk

    PGA Show 2020

    You’re in Orlando and not a word from you!? Lol......
  2. Midsommer: Birdie. Disturbing in a Kubrick way. Like a more intense Eyes Wide Shut. Not a horror film in the common sense of that description. It was beautifully shot with a sense of doom and suspenseful, sickening fates for characters you don’t even know, or have to know. Not mindless torture or gross shocks like the ‘Hostel’ series. This was more elegant and disturbing.
  3. Yea that surprised me, too. The hole runs downhill and I had a blind shot from where I was. All I knew was I wanted to keep it left of the tree and I hit a low draw that must have run quite a bit. You must’ve hit your ‘tour’ 6i.
  4. New photos reveal dormant Augusta National like you've never seen it before Is Augusta National putting in a new teebox on No. 13? That, plus four other in-depth observations gleaned from...
  5. Vinsk

    NCAA Football 2019

    I said there will not be any punishment for this issue. Period. No possible bs statement. No shit it’s possible...hardly a bold bet there. I stood my ground and said they won’t do any punishment and they didn’t. You stated/ implied that there is a possibility they will because ‘ hey dude this is the NCAA.’ Great. But I got it right. No biggie.
  6. Vinsk

    NCAA Football 2019

    This is the NCAA you're talking about, man. I've seen students get in trouble for accepting a free lunch. I guess we’re doing the whole Brady Bunch ‘ exact words’ game. The statement above implies punishment is very likely. I disagreed. That is all.
  7. Vinsk

    NCAA Football 2019

    Yeah that’s why I said it would blow over. Nobody is going to take the time to watch the film over and over and/or interview witnesses for something like this. It’s done.
  8. Vinsk

    NCAA Football 2019

    LSU Players "Unlikely" To Face Significant Punishment After OBJ, Cash Incident On Monday night, the LSU Tigers took home their first national title since 2007 with a victory over the reigning... Like I said.....
  9. Vinsk

    NCAA Football 2019

    That’s ‘trouble’? A pretty tight ship you must run..lol. It’ll blow over with minimal activity.
  10. Vinsk

    NCAA Football 2019

    Right. And I just don’t see them taking the effort to track down those who may have received any money who are returning.
  11. Vinsk

    NCAA Football 2019

    Nah. Won’t go anywhere.
  12. I agree with this completely. I’ve seen some high profile guys and a big YouTube instructor all with disappointing results. The latest instructor I’m with ( still recovering from injury so I’m out for now) has been by far the best. My Evolvr instructor has been excellent I’m just not as suited to online instruction as in person. But the information and priority pieces were the same with both instructors.
  13. Vinsk

    NCAA Football 2019

    Yeah. Just beautiful. LSU cleaned house. ‘Lil ole Clemson’ got their pants dropped. JarJar Binks just couldn’t get it going against the SEC beast. Burrow started a bit clunky then got the scramble down and it was over.
  14. Quite often actually. In fact, I’ve just about called every shank. And yeah @billchao you called several shots including that incredible sand wedge from 8” wet Bermuda on the bank of a pond safely onto the green. I wouldn’t bet against very many if any of your trouble shots.
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