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  1. Lol...that’s great!
  2. But it’s not really. A lot can happen from the time one tests negative to boarding the plane. Or the test may have not detected the virus at test time. Testing negative when asymptomatic isn’t that reliable due to the unknown status of the virus in the body if present. This silly ‘ negative test no more than 72hrs old’ is a joke. Sure it’s better than nothing....but barely. Sadly, people are flocking to urgent care clinics and testing sites to get their golden ticket to travel. It’s irresponsible.
  3. Hell ya! I mean for all those complainers...which is worse? Wearing a white belt and pink suspenders, or, getting yours ass kicked by a guy wearing a white belt and pink suspenders. 😂
  4. White belt with no pants or shorts on....that’ll get ‘em....😂
  5. I go back and fourth really. Some days I’ll play and just can’t find a swing to save my life. I’ll admit it’ll ruin my mood and often my day is kinda shot. Other times I’ll have a good playing partner, have some beer and just kinda play the round without much thought. Of course my bad days usually involve the shanks. Nothing, I mean nothing, can make me enjoy a round when those sons-a-bitches are the star of the show.
  6. Damn that looks long! 110mph? What was the weight difference?
  7. I worked course maintenance over my summers while in college at a country club. A couple times a tournament was stopped to continue the next day. The players had stuck tees to mark their spot. I just had a guy literally remove the tee and place it right back after I’d pass over it.
  8. Somebody lifts the marker and once mower has passed it’s replaced.
  9. Wow....So awesome to see DJ like that. Never see the wanna be Brooks like that. New respect for DJ. Great win!
  10. As long as I hear ‘ and another birdie for Tiger’ I don’t need any crowds. 😃
  11. Too heavy...the white has a much better feel.😏
  12. Driver is great for my par 5’s....just struggle when I fly the green and hope to get up and down for eagle.
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