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  1. Meh. I don’t care about a common cold. I don’t want the life of a germaphobe. Serious viruses are one thing...others are not.
  2. Well...stats are the truth. What we think we see can be deceiving. They were better in 2019.
  3. I agree. Nobody should get any trouble for wearing a mask.
  4. Well....except the GOAT, Tiger. Tiger was hardly an engaging public figure who cheered the lives of many on social media. He was the most popular player ( still is) based on 99% of his on course performance.
  5. Right. And wearing hearing protection in the break room would be overkill. It’s not necessary. On the job site is a poor comparison for masks/Covid regulations. Out side activity with far beyond recommended social distancing doesn’t require masks to be worn. Period. Wearing a mask while playing golf alone is unnecessary. Nobody should be chastised for doing it if they choose. But more importantly nobody should be forced to wear one when there is zero chance of Covid infection occurring. I do not agree with the ‘just do it because it’s easier to enforce’ attitude.
  6. Just got back from Chicago yesterday. It was snowing on way to the airport. Asinine. Just ridiculous.😫
  7. Doesn’t this have to do with the basic issue across sports in general though? Men’s soccer players in the US are paid much less than NBA players because NBA is much more popular than soccer. MLB, NFL, NHL ....all considerably more popular than golf right? It’s not unfair that LPGA purses are smaller than PGA purses. It’s just economically appropriate. What am I missing here?
  8. People aren’t brainless sheep. And as the article mentioned blanket enforcement encourages fatigue and takes away from the enforcement of wearing masks when actually needed. So why don’t you just wear safety goggles any time you’re outside? No. There’s a time for enforcement and there’s a time to be reasonable and logical. Sorry. Overkill is not a positive attitude. I agree with the article.
  9. I had a couple of otters come in for testing the other day...bastards demanded the rapid test too.🤣
  10. Lol...yeah I was in the park...that’s where they had mask police...I avoid the bleacher areas where families have camped out for the 9 hour baseball bonanza. 😫
  11. I think the value of wearing seatbelts has been well proven don’t you think? And wearing masks has been proven when they should be worn as well. Nobody has said we should wear seatbelts when sitting in our parked car. When I’m alone, nobody around me for at least 100’...in left field outside the fence watching a game....it’s asinine to be told to put a mask on....
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