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  1. Feel Ain't Real

    When my swing looks beautiful on video, my shots are disastrous. When I look like a crooked asshat, the ball flies majestically through the air.
  2. That’s pretty interesting there. So I can only imagine how big the effect must be on those pounded and smoothed over range balls I hit. Not to mention they’re floaters as well. I believe they are tested to fly %20 shorter than a premium brand new. So all those balls that have smooth spots must explain some of my irregular ball flights I.e. corkscrew. Right?!
  3. Michelle Wie, blonde hair

    I think MW is gorgeous. She strolls very elegantly on the course and always looks classy to me. I don’t care what color her hair is. And I’d bet there is no mismatch regarding ‘curtain and drapes’ because we all know one of those is most likely ‘uninstalled’.
  4. "Putter Stinger" All kinds of Awesome!

    Looks like a great shot especially for windy days. Thanks for presenting it better @iacas.
  5. https://apple.news/ACnGLByEUPaiMC4P4s9jqyg
  6. Looks like she tried to play a fade.
  7. Bizarre Jon Rahm Camera Crew Row

    I’d hardly call it ‘disgusting behavior.’ Poulter, Bubba, have touched on that level, but it’s just a little douche in imo at most.
  8. I played many goat ranch courses in West Texas and I can tell you hard pan fairways give you a hell of a lot more roll than many of those PGA TOUR courses!
  9. Impact Snap trainer device

    I got the impact snap trainer a few days ago. Pretty maddening for me really. I work it just fine. The snap and the yellow ball are doing what the video shows they're supposed to do. I did about 50 reps with this at the range prior to taking a club. When I did, I consistently hit my usual shanks over and over. So I tried the SSSSS method. Even doing slow and waist high to waist high I was hitting perfect little shanks. I fear I may just not have whatever strange, Himalayan voodoo, swing mechanics are necessary to hit a damn ball with a flat lead wrist. About pulled what little hair I have left out today. It's beyond frustrating. I'm at my wits end with this.
  10. I should’ve just tagged you when I first made the post. I was curious to get your input and knew you’d have a good take on it. Could be interesting how it all unfolds.
  11. Does Sports (Golf) Teach Life Lessons?

    Maybe a better title (topic) would be: ’In what ways have sports taught you and/ or your children life lessons?’ Sports have been a huge part of my life. It’s impossible to say they have no influence in my opinion. And if I had a choice to experience Malaria again or a round of shanks....I’d take Malaria any day. Both taught me lessons. Both are diseases. One is simply much more difficult to cure.
  12. Guess whose swing this is

    I guessed Sergio.
  13. Does Sports (Golf) Teach Life Lessons?

    “Prepare your child for the road, not the road for your child.” I think team sports are good way to instill the traits mentioned above. But there are times when coaches (little league for example) don’t do a very good job in teaching these traits and if a parent is not involved they may find their child going in the wrong direction.
  14. Improving Posture


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