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  1. I remember reading an article that talked about the 'feeling of a mis-hit but finding your ball went much further than usual.' This article stated that actually hitting the ball with a driver just above the sweet spot would yield more distance. Was this just another bs blab article?
  2. Yeah I can agree with that. But the guys I know who went to my particular Club Champion place really liked their fitting and even named two of the guys they worked with. They have good reviews as well so I may take the plunge.
  3. Vinsk

    Beginner Golfer here

    Welcome to TST. You’ll find plenty of golfaholics here. Myself included. Glad you’re enjoying the game and glad you joined. We have a section here called ‘My Swing’ where you can post videos of your swing and get free instruction/advice. This is my go to place for anything golf and more actually. Ok...I’ll let you get back to that golf video on YouTube you were watching...
  4. That’s possible. But your 195yd second shot on that par 5 was 10yds off the green? So how far from the hole? But yes, taking 4 shots to get in from 10yds off the green is a glaring weakness if you do that on most your holes. I’m just saying I’ve played golf with strangers my whole life and it’s not common to see a bogey golfer stripe their drives and approach shots all day and keep making bogeys from poor chipping and putting. I’ve seen good drivers who then dub their approach, then hit a good shot in, miss the 6’ coming back for bogey and say ‘damn putting is where I blow my score.’
  5. If that's your normal hole outcome then yes. But it's not the norm that a 20hcp stripes the fairway and is within 10yds of the green for birdie only to make bogey. More often than not he/she is taking more shots to get to the green due to penalties, poor drives, failed approach shots. Your short game is what gave you a bogey on that hole. But I doubt it's why you are a 20hcp.
  6. Vinsk

    11 Reasons You Stink at Golf

    Oh brother. Absolutely unnecessary. Come on man....
  7. Vinsk

    Is This a 3 or 4 Piece Pumpkin?

    Awesome! I wonder if you coat it with a mixture of cayenne pepper/tabasco if that would deter the raccoons?
  8. Thanks @Typhoon92. Yeah I guess I don’t know enough about shafts/tech to really assess my situation..lol. I was just surprised how different the results seem to me. I was about 3/4 swinging with the Mizuno guy because I didn’t want to ruin his day with my profound display of shanking. My 7i club speed was showing 81-83mph. I guess I just wish I would’ve come out of those fittings with more confidence. I think (based on what I’ve read and heard from some friends at my club) that Club Champion is really thorough and professional. My fitters were/are primarily instructors and sadly rather poor ones. I know that doesn’t mean they’re poor fitters as well but ....Anyway. Thanks for the advice. If I go to Club Champion I’ll post my experience here. Luckily I joined Evolvr so I’m doing something positive now.
  9. Vinsk

    U.S. captain for 2020 Ryder Cup

    I’m sure Stricker is probably a good choice from the player’s perspective. And that’s what’s important. Personally I just find him to be very lacking in charisma or personality.
  10. Vinsk

    Failure To Include an Unknown Penalty

    Careless? I think the no call if not visible by human eye will eliminate instances like the Norqvist one. But even then..she could've been more careful to not touch any sand. I'll let that one go. But the others...isn't that just plain careless behavior? Should carelessness be excused? Because again I think this goes the wrong direction in that other sports do not forgive this.
  11. Vinsk

    Failure To Include an Unknown Penalty

    Yes I’m aware of that. I agreed with the statement that it’s a Millennial attitude.
  12. Thanks @boogielicious. I certainly ‘feel’ like I have better days for sure. But with my videos I appear to have the same bad swing pretty consistently lol. I wasn’t so perplexed about the shaft differences as I was about the length/lie angle. + 1/4 and Red dot is quite a change to +1/2 blue dot. I still have the i200’s. And now that I’m signed up for Evolvr I just want to make sure I’m properly doing all I can to improve. If I were to walk out of Club Champion with a fit to what I already have so be it. I’m not worried about the $350 for the full fitting. I just wanted to know if it seems necessary to bother. FWIW I didn’t have a lot of confidence in my previous fittings, and this may be unfair, but the guys were young and just kind of getting used to their equipment. I also took a few lessons from one of the guys prior to fitting and he gave quite a bit of instruction that I know isn’t accurate. Thanks for responding. Any further advice is appreciated.
  13. Vinsk

    Failure To Include an Unknown Penalty

    Am I missing something about this? Knowing a rule but not knowing you breached it isn’t the same as claiming to not know a rule. DJ for example: He knows you can’t ground your club in a bunker. He was penalized for doing so after the fact. Why? Because he didn’t know he was standing in an area that was deemed a bunker. Rules had been posted claiming those areas to be classified as hazards yet he didn’t know that. Isn’t it his responsibility to know that? Yes. So he was assessed the penalty. One if the stand out features in golf is the integrity of players and that it’s the only sport I believe where players call themselves out. Can you imagine a referee in football calls illegal formation on a guard but the player says he didn’t know he was breaching any rule...oh ok...never mind. Do you see the problem here?
  14. Vinsk

    Failure To Include an Unknown Penalty

    No, unfortunately it isn’t. It’s quite accurate.
  15. Vinsk

    When does it make sense to quit?

    Well hell....toss ‘em in a dumpster far away. If ya gonna be a bear....be a grizzly.

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