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  1. Vinsk


    I got these for my kid and after one hit it was dented. As for the videos I think they’re more entertaining than MLB...what a yawn fest. Sorry.
  2. Steve Stricker officially named 2020 U.S. Ryder Cup captain in native Wisconsin | Golf Channel Steve Stricker is bringing a whole new meaning to a home Ryder Cup. In what has seemed like a formality for months... If this is belongs elsewhere please move it. Just wanted to get some thoughts on this. I know he’s a nice guy. I just find him to be a total bore. We certainly need some redemption after that ass handling we got last year. What do you guys think of Stricker for captain?
  3. Vinsk

    Who Will Win The Game Of Thrones?

    I’m just gonna watch about the last three episodes then I’ll be good. Can’t wait!
  4. Vinsk

    Is It Important to Have a Caddy on Tour?

    I of course agree with this. But FWIW this component of caddying was rather minimized during the Kuchar thread.
  5. Vinsk

    Who Will Win The Game Of Thrones?

    I have to wait a bit too. I just wanted to say this is an awesome post. Huge GOT fan here. I've been stewing over this for quite some time. I've narrowed it down..but too intense to commit just yet..lol.
  6. Vinsk

    Nicest and Rudest

    I followed Justin Rose, Henrik Stenson at the API and they both interacted with the fans and just seemed like real cool guys. Snedeker and G Mac were cool too. For you older guys ...my only verified jerk ( aside from media stories) was George Burns. My cousin was a rookie on the PGA Tour and was a roommates with Kieth Clearwater in college. They were traveling together to a tournament and when in the parking lot Burns tossed a beer can at their car, shot the finger and called them p**** rookies. Other young guys had told my cousin they weren’t surprised as he was known as a total douchebag.
  7. I’ve been a ‘ I can do this alone’ player for a long time. Only since joining this site have I learned without question I can’t. I highly recommend Evolvr. I’ve just joined and 2 months in I’m making improvements that I’ve not been able to do before.
  8. Vinsk

    Driver Swing Speed Increase?

    While core training, strengthening and flexibility are certainly important, I would first focus on your mechanics. Not only is this the fastest of the components to increasing your speed but it is imo the more important. Why? Because it won’t do you much good in the long run to simply swing OTT and casting...faster. Now of course you can do both strengthen and improve flexibility while working on mechanics depending on your time availability.
  9. Hello and welcome to TST. So I assume you’re thinking of buying before trying? Have you tried any of them? I’m only asking because knowing the advantages for you is pretty difficult. Any improvements on one putter may have zero or even negative effects based on your putting method. If you’re not in a rush ( I know, hard when it comes to new clubs) I’d certainly want to try them each out and even better get a fitting before shelling out that kind of coin. Cheers.
  10. Vinsk

    Kuchar Pays Caddie $5k, Is Shamed, Pays $50k

    I’m referring to immediately after Kuchar wins. You don’t think a lot of people were thinking ‘hey...Kuchar just won ...what a huge day for that local caddy.’ Or something like that? If you’re right...that mgmt. team sucks.
  11. Vinsk

    Kuchar Pays Caddie $5k, Is Shamed, Pays $50k

    Yes. He does. Their client, who took a local caddy of the area (remember, growing golf internationally is still going on) doesn't speak English, and just won a PGA tournament...and you think he has to ‘run this by them?’ It would be on the list of things to know.
  12. Vinsk

    Kuchar Pays Caddie $5k, Is Shamed, Pays $50k

    Yes, Kuchar. I was suggesting that they heard (or knew) Kuchar low balled the caddie and enter damage control. Tell him to refrain from any comments for now, fix the problem and move on. But it’s true as you said they may not micro manage such issues.
  13. Vinsk

    Kuchar Pays Caddie $5k, Is Shamed, Pays $50k

    Well I think it may be an issue to blame his management team for in a sense. When Kuchar won you’d think they’d have a plan in place for such an occurrence and ensure their client doesn’t get wrapped up in a mess such as Kuchar’s. Someone on his mgmt. team should’ve been able to foresee this issue as damaging and take action promptly.
  14. It’s really just more of a type of OCD for Bryson. Thinking he’s making an adjustment for air density is comical at best. But as long as it doesn’t hold up other players then he can have his little fun with it.
  15. A bit of an odd little character you are. But surely you can come up with something better than that. Not being able to break 100, 90 or 80 certainly means a swing has issues. Dunning-Kruger? Lol! Look chief, the next time you go googling psycho-analytical terms be a bit more accurate and have some sort of intelligent point to the term you find. @iacas enjoys helping people play this game better. It’s just that simple. He couldn’t care less if another player or student is better than him. He just tells it like it is and doesn’t sugar coat or con people in believing something that isn’t true. Now perhaps you have something to discuss regarding YouTube instruction?

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