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  1. Hello and welcome to TST! I’m in Orlando. Plenty of us here to rib the poor folks in the Northern regions and their ‘ year round golf’ conditions...lol. I don’t know the Miami area too well as far as golf. I lived in Miam-Dade for about a year. Welcome again!
  2. Yeah this. If I toss a club...it’s gone.
  3. I’m sure he’s suggesting Hogan swung the club in one sweeping motion with no pauses. Hagen was suggesting Hogan had a continuous tempo. Just talk.
  4. LOL! Classic. Many of my discussions here have gone pretty much like that.
  5. But don’t the new phones require USB C? So if those old blocks aren’t C then they’re useless for new phones right?
  6. And..what does ‘obsolete’ mean? I’ve yet to see a leaderboard where the top 10 were all ...? Furyk shot a 58. Is that course obsolete? Does obsolete mean if it hosts a PGA TOUR event every player in the top 10 shoots under 60? Maybe some would find it boring but someone will win. So what makes a course obsolete to play?
  7. Norman shot a 78. Faldo didn’t have to be too stone cold to win that one. Norman only had to shoot even par to win. Faldo played great. But it wasn’t an astronomically good round as much as Norman’s was astronomically bad.
  8. I mean it’s golf. It’s hard. Faldo won ( three?) majors with a huge amount of very low percentage events happening...such amazing luck...for two Masters for sure. Golf will always win. Let them bomb away.
  9. Wow. What a damn shame. Brainless cowards.
  10. Not as much as they use to. In most cases, not on courses that favor longer hitters. Well..that makes sense from any era.
  11. It’s a dumb debate. Dialing back the ball is stupid. Architects can find other ways to make a course challenging other than length. The lowest round of 58 was done by a short hitter ( Furyk). BD isn’t destroying the game. Short knockers are still making it out there.
  12. Hello and welcome back to TST! All good advice so far. But having an open mind doesn’t really help with narrowing the field..lol. First, you can’t go wrong with Mizuno. Mizuno has made some amazing irons since 1999. So have all the other big brands. I’m sure you have a few specifics you’d like to have such as top line thick or thin, cavity back/MB, appearance and of course feel. You could always start with hitting the last three years of Mizuno irons and see how it goes. Have you looked at irons as far as Super Game Improvement, Game Improvement, Player’s distance and Player’s? Based on what you’re wanting this will narrow the field a bit too. Mizuno MP ( 2018-2020) Callaway Apex, Maverik series. Titlesit AP 1-2-3, 2020 Taylormade P770 MC/MB
  13. Not sure I agree with this. Unless there’s a neurological defect the body doesn’t naturally put itself out of balance. Turning the hips is creating torque. Your timing may have been off with regards to your rotation but I don’t think your hips opening loses torque.
  14. What the hell is wrong with people? Just ridiculous. ‘ It’s not unusual for the NBA, MLB or NFL teams having games cancelled or postponed because of COVID outbreaks with their athletes.’ These sports all involve less than 6’ and even direct contact between people. Golf has zero of this. What a moronic decision. And they took this into consideration? Asinine.
  15. I’d rather play with a 30hcp who plays ready golf and tracks his ball than a scratch who annoys the f*** outta me.
  16. Asinine. All of it. Let it be. Golf isn’t considered one of the hardest sports in the world just because it’s hard to hit it far. If you have to hit it 320yds to compete at the highest level of the sport then so be it. I wonder how many of these whiney distance people are the same who claim they’d rather hit it straighter than farther?
  17. I know her...she’s a really cool lady so I’m ok with her...
  18. Yeah...Goff has luck like Faldo!
  19. Well...he did ...he just didn’t realize someone had the same ball type. But I guess that means he didn’t ID his ball...completely......🥴
  20. Stunning 18th-hole blunder sends college player on emotional rollercoaster With a four-shot lead and one hole to play, Kentucky sophomore Alex Goff looked like a shoo-in to take medalist...
  21. Mike Bender ( Zach Johnson’s coach) runs a good one in St. Cloud. I went there and enjoyed it overall. Not sure what Covid protocol is there. Andrew Rice...another good one. Martin Chuck...pricey.
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