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  1. You’ve made several posts that simply don’t make sense. When asked for clarification you say you don’t like to give details. You’ve said you have psychological issues. You’re all over the place. Not sure why your golf story is such a coveted secret to you. Nobody cares. We’re all here to talk about golf and learn how to play better. The owner of this site, @iacas has put countless hours into this place and it’s a fantastic site to get instruction, learn some history and express your opinions on golf topics and more. You must have some goal you’d like to achieve regarding golf. Present it. Clearly, and without all the wishy washy bs.
  2. That really just fuels the technical fallacy of the total wins. Not only are Snead’s bs wins counted, but many of Tiger’s better wins are not.
  3. I don’t thInk anything this kid is writing is serious. He’s just messing around.
  4. If you’re playing by yourself and groups are playing through....you’re still the problem. No way in hell should a 2-4 ball be waiting on you if you’re by yourself.
  5. That’s fine. Inaccurate? I’ll pass.
  6. $75 isn’t low cost? Lol...sorry. But seriously $75 for those irons wouldn’t be a bad buy if you like them. I think you’ll like them better than what you have and hit them better as well.
  7. Yeah I’ve heard that too. I’m thinking of getting a set of MP-18 SC.
  8. I get what you’re saying but I think it’s exiting if they’re all close and going at it. With the exception of Tiger, I’d rather see a flock of nobodies be one stroke apart and battling at it than popular players taking turns having the tournament won with 10 holes left.
  9. I’ve played both the i500 and Apex irons. Definitely preferred the Apex. The i500’s just had a ‘clunky’ feel that I just didn’t care for. I haven’t hit the JPX 919 irons but I recently switched from the i200’s to Mizuno MP-54 and just love them. I wasn’t a Mizuno fan due the limited series for left handers but damn...they’re nice. I don’t think you can wrong with any of those overall. All are real nice.
  10. And for some reason: This. Read these quotes from you. Again. Get it?
  11. Well then you can’t expect much from our answers. Look, this is just golf. It’s not some psychological, kool-aid drinkin’ social warfare experiment. If you’re just wanting some attention it will be limited. If you’re just trying to see how annoying you can be, it’s tiresome. Stop with the nonsense and let it go. There are some great people here and tons of good information. Enjoy it and/or learn from it. But come on man....
  12. I think he was trying to do his version of Miller by ‘calling it as he sees it’ but just doesn’t have it.
  13. Tommy has no chance. And money means nothing really as far as ‘rating’ goes. Charles Howell has won a boatload of money but nobody talks about him much. Come on...it’s sports. Second place or less isn’t the goal.
  14. People hit the ball poorly on the range all the time. And they have great rounds. I don’t think that is mostly a mental issue.
  15. I don’t think the COR should change from normal wear/use in a driver that new. If it wasn’t within the limits it most likely was poorly manufactured or just plain made illegal.
  16. I think it stems from those who just can’t grasp or maybe admit that golf is hard. Real hard. Those ‘ohhh just swing the club without thinking...it’s as natural as using a fork.’ We see a gymnast go flying in the air or a basketball player dribbling the ball like a mad man and we think, ‘damn...I can’t do that.’ We see a golfer swing a club and we think ‘ oh hell I should be able to do that.’ Yeah ...no.
  17. But what exactly do you mean by that? If it was ‘mostly’ mental it would be a hell of a lot easier to become good. I don’t see amateur golfers taking ‘mental lessons’ and fixing that banana slice. Do you?
  18. This I completely agree with. It’s like when reporters talk to players before and after a round, good or bad performance, you can easily group the responses down to a few that will be repeated by every player. Unless one has a distinct issue, performance anxiety, panic attacks, I find these books useless overall.
  19. I first saw Tiger when he beat Steve Scott for his 3rd amateur title. He had that broad striped shirt and straw hat on. I’ve seen the majority of his wins in the US but missed many of his overseas wins. He’s the GOAT. BTW...this post for example could’ve just gone on the ‘Tiger Woods Master Catch All’ topic....just saying....
  20. This isn’t a job. There isn’t any requirement to post. There’s tons of information on this site. You could perhaps do some searching and if you can’t find an answer to a question post it in the subject at hand. Interesting articles you come across off site that you think can generate a discussion, stories, etc. Try to put a little more thought into what you post. Your question about ‘scores are lowering’ was a bit hard to follow. I may have missed it but have you given an introduction to your current golf status? How long you’ve been playing, what your struggles are, what do you want to achieve? The mods and administration here are very reasonable and intelligent people. You’re not annoying anyone ...yet.😀
  21. Are you just wondering if there are tour players who got a late start? I’m sure there are players on tour who weren’t stars in either high school or college.
  22. Hello and welcome to TST. As far as knowing which clubs would help you the most, that’s a tough one. Being new to the game you really just need to take what you have and get some lessons in. You can always mix your clubs up and play the ones that feel best to you. If you’re young and swing hard the graphite Callaway irons may not be best for you. You’d probably do better with steel shafts. Personally I’d sell all of them and look for used set of SGI irons (Super Game Improvement) irons maybe 3-4 years old. Ebay has plenty of sets you could find. You can even post a video of your swing in the ‘Members Swings’ thread and get some free and excellent advice. Cheers.
  23. I haven’t been able to watch all of this yet...what happened here?
  24. There were only 56 touring pros in the starting field of 168 players at San Antonio. One day a writer asked me about this ratio, and I said, "It's absurd and unfortunate." Only a third of the players at the PGA were regular tour competitors—or, in other words, the best players in the world. - Jack Nicklaus Sorry @PeaceFrogg. Take it up with Jack. You’re wrong.
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