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  1. The point is there really is a minimal amount that can be done to ‘prevent’ back issues that many if not most people experience simply by being humans. The golf swing is one of many, many reasons one can develop issues. And some people are more prone to problems than others. The golfers on tour who haven’t had problems don’t have a secret. They don’t have better posture. They’re simply luckier. Obviously certain movements can aggravate or accelerate back issues. But again people will progress at different time frames. Yes it’s nice to hear biomechanics/spine experts. I agree. But unless it’s a matter of extremely poor posture there isn’t a lot that can be done to make the golf swing ‘easier’ on the spine aside from an essentially ineffective swing. Just my 2 cents.
  2. I thought it was kinda funny when Rham said afterwards, ‘ if I hit that shot 10 times I’d find land 9 times.’ Caddie should say, ‘ and if you hit the lay up, confident or not, you’d hit land 10/10.’
  3. It won’t be a mundane Masters for Rory. He’s either gonna win or crash and burn.
  4. That isn’t fuzzy, no. Behavior is. Backstopping is obvious yet they continue to do it under the guise of ‘no intent.’ Hideki flat out lied that time he obviously stomped down his divot as his ball was rolling back headed for it. ‘ Oh I was just repairing my mark. I had no intention of improving my lie.’ Aside from backstopping I don’t think cheating is rampant on the tour but for the weekend players out there it has to be as clear as possible with no backdoors installed to muddle it up.
  5. I think Webb is a bit of a pansy and probably felt cool to join the bad wagon of rule bashing. Poor guy just doesn’t realize he joined an ass hat wagon. Hopefully these guys (Fowler, Thomas recently) will come to their senses and admit they’re wrong.
  6. True. There has to be some limit though. I’d just rather see some kids who may never get to play it despite being excellent golfers over those old guys who’ve played it dozens of times and really have no chance of playing the weekend much less winning. It’s a very small thought is all.
  7. Not a fan of the old guys playing. I’d rather see young hopefuls get in there.
  8. I agree with @billchao and @nevets88. AMG and EC are both good channels. Chris Ryan and Russel Herritage are good too. Not trying to overwhelm you as they all teach good stuff, it’s just that I don’t know you’re ‘style’ or what you will connect with so having some options can be good for you. I would think one or two of these suggested will click with you.
  9. Favorite: Tiger Least favorite: Tiger when he 3 putts or hits a drive ob.
  10. So once again we have a tour player not understanding and of course not even knowing the new rules: Web Simpson. Golf Channel - Golf Central Blog: Simpson assessed one-stroke penalty, says intent needs to be in rules Webb Simpson assessed one-stroke penalty, says intent needs to be in rules | Golf Channel Webb Simpson was assessed a one-stroke penalty for inadvertently moving his ball on the 14th green on Sunday... He stresses that ‘intent’ must be incorporated into the rules. He then proceeds to get the new rule regarding moving a ball while searching for it completely backwards. It wasn’t just a slip because he then states how they ‘reversed’ that rule where now you get a penalty where before you didn’t. Too bad the interviewer couldn’t have politely informed him he was completely wrong.
  11. You don’t have to be Tiger Woods or any great golfer for that matter to have feels. Sometimes someone can explain what they feel to achieve a particular position or movement and you realize that feel actually helps you do what you’ve been trying to do.
  12. Well I think it may be hard to really know because every brand has their own system of what's considered Regular/Stiff/X-Stiff. What is regular in one brand may be stiff in another. However I do believe IIRC the Apollo shafts frequency matched are based on the concept that the higher the frequency in a shaft pattern the more 'stiff' the shaft will be. So when you ask 'What is the flex' I guess the question would be 'compared to what?'. Sorry I'm probably not much help. But welcome to TST and I'm sure some others will chime in and give you a better answer. Cheers!
  13. I'm glad you like the Mizuno Irons and had a great outing with them. Unfortunately I must be the bearer of bad news. Soon, very soon you will have an unfavourable ball striking experience with them. You've flirted with what the golf gods can perceive as an 'eureka moment.' I'm sure the Mizuno Irons feel awesome to you. Many other irons will give you the same and maybe even a better 'feel.' But that's really irrelevant. You're happy with them and that's all that matters. But please, for. your own sanity and protection, keep that feeling to yourself. Keep it secret. Keep it safe.😁
  14. Some here have done this. I don't think it's any problem as you mentioned if you don't cause any hold up. I can tell you this: You're swinging exactly the same on the course as you are on the range. Now if you're just 'interested' in having actual video of yourself playing golf that's fine. But don't expect to find anything informational regarding your swing. BTW, welcome to TST...and.I lived in Dearborn, MI for 3 years. Cheers.
  15. WATCH: Tiger Woods hilariously mimics Kevin Na after quick-grabbing birdie putt Tiger Woods and Kevin Na shared a laugh after a bizarre pair of birdie putts in this must-watch video from 17 on... Great to see this. Tiger so different but in a good way.
  16. Or....we can all make an effort to understand the rules a bit better and learn how to abide by them and when they can be advantageous.😁
  17. Please be patient as I’m not a rules expert. Isn’t this quite affected by the venue and tour vs municipal Saturday round? On tour for many golfers the second the ball hits the ground there can be dozens of people searching for your ball. With no one on the hole but you or your group it’s quite a different search as walking to the general area isn’t really ‘searching’. When does the time actually start to consider one to be ‘searching’?
  18. Yep. And of course that mess at 17 yesterday. Otherwise he’d be just fine. It’s like seeing a real nice Mercedes with one donut spare tire...
  19. Nah. I don’t really buy into the Moe Norman being the greatest ball striker and here’s why; Moe was great on the range. He was primarily a range rat. You take any pro golfer and have him spend hours and hours all day every day just hitting balls, often the same club for hundreds of balls he’d be amazing to watch. Even I can take a 7i and after warming up and hitting about 15 balls can start hitting consistently good 7i’s to with a small dispersion. Pros don’t do that. They are focusing on a specific item with their swing. They’re changing it up, practicing short game plays and putting. Moe would go out and hit his 9i over and over for hours. Take Moe away from the range and put him on a golf course then he’s just a good golfer but nothing amazing. He’s been deemed the greatest ball striker by some yes. But it’s not really an equal comparison in that no pro is going to just range rat themselves as he did. If Henrik Stenson stopped playing and decided to just hit balls all day he’d be just as amazing to watch except he’d also be hitting it a lot farther than Moe ever did. I’m not trying to bash Moe I’m just saying he was in his own ‘sport’. IMO when ‘great ball striker’ is used, I’m referring to a golfer being able to hit different shots, different clubs and totally random. Not hitting a 3W 200 times on a range.
  20. It says ‘or having parts brought to him or her.’ So no.
  21. Agree with @dennyjones. We gotta see your swing before any realistic advice can be given. New irons? You could certainly go and try some out but it’s not going to be a wow moment as far as your ball striking goes. Now if you just enjoy shiny new irons and want to get that ‘new club adrenaline’ then have at it! I think what grip size you choose is really just personal comfort. I don’t buy all that ‘larger causes a slice tendency and smaller a hook’ stuff. If you have arthritis in your hands larger, softer grips may feel better but again it’s really whatever feels best to you. Here’s some great reading. You’ll get tons of top notch golf instruction here. Enjoy and welcome to TST.
  22. Well...FWIW...they said ‘got to’ not ‘should.’ If someone has a 25’ putt to win...you’d say he’s got to make this putt. Not ‘should.’
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