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  1. I can’t believe I’ve missed this. I’m always browsing golf gear and equipment. Interesting looking for sure.
  2. Yeah I can imagine players who swing it fast can get a little squirrelly when they try a longer shaft. I’m considering trying a ‘softer’ flex to see if I can gain a little speed.
  3. Hello! Welcome to TST! Glad you joined and I’m sure you’ll really like this place! Awesome group here! Cheers!
  4. Not really. I don’t know if you’ve heard of Jim Venetos...we discussed his swing on this site. I swing from a position that I hold...closed stance and remain quite still on the back swing. So honestly I’m pretty consistent with my driver and figured a little longer shaft would give me some more yards. My accuracy was a little less as when I did make a mistake ( like opening too much on my downswing) my cut would be a little more drastic than with the shorter length.
  5. I think it may offer some distance for those who have good ss 110+. I tried going from a 44.5” to 46” and didn’t see much difference. But my driver ss is around 96-105mph.
  6. Oh absolutely. I watch a decent amount of LPGA too. And I enjoy it at a level that I feel they are fairly compensated for, which is less than PGA because ...it’s less entertaining..usually.
  7. So true, unfortunately. It’s not fair to label someone as sexist just because they find a sport more entertaining based on talent. I find women’s gymnastics in the olympics way more entertaining than the men. I also enjoy watching women’s tennis every bit as much as men’s. But women’s golf? It just doesn’t have the flair that the men’s does. They usually play quite boring. Just the fact that they can beat all of us isn’t exciting enough. Watching the guys go for par 5’a in two, crazy cut shots, hooks, long bunker shots, fw wood off the concrete, and of course monster drives. Sorry, but the
  8. Vinsk

    Rip Hank Aaron

    My 14 year old has a signed baseball from the legend. RIP Hank.
  9. I’m curious. I’m quite sure you weren’t using monitors 36 years ago so how can you be certain you weren’t hitting 300yd drives? I’m just saying sometimes our recollection may not be too accurate. We may feel or perceive that we’re hitting better than we did 36 years ago...but it’s possible we just don’t really know.
  10. Guys...this might all be true...except when we’re talking about.....THE HAMMER!!!!!
  11. Sandy Lie....that just might call for a suspension of your membership.
  12. Nor should golfers sing period. Peter Jacobsen’s band? Awful.
  13. ‘A little nonsense now and then, cherished by the wisest men.’
  14. I’m sure there are contract issues with it...but it seems a little much to be able to tell someone they can’t wear a shirt. They may not pay him to wear it...but what if he wore RL anyway?
  15. ‘That there is an RRRVVV’ Eddie- Christmas Vacation.
  16. Well you can’t really count 2020 as it was just a cluster f*** like most sports and everything else. Nonetheless it’s a lot more than just getting the best players...which they don’t really. A lot goes into the building of a college football team. Hell OhioSt had a massively good recruitment and still got their asses handed to them by Alabama. But...they also humiliated Clemson. So I thought there was some good football played despite the Covid mess.
  17. 100% agree. Yeah...I grew up in the south. Late 80’s early 90’s last time I think I heard it used other then discussing it.
  18. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said on Wednesday that that estimate is dependent on significant numbers of Americans being willing to be inoculated with one of several vaccines in various stages of development. If 75 percent to 80 percent of Americans are vaccinated in broad-based campaigns likely to start in the second quarter of next year, then the U.S. should reach the herd immunity threshold months later. If vaccination levels are significantly lower, 40 percent to 50 percent, Fauci said, it could take a very long time to reach that le
  19. This is from infectious disease experts and Dr. Fauci made this statement I believe. I get my information directly from a panel of experts but I can’t quote them for legal reasons...but I believe this information is available publicly.
  20. If 70-80% of the country gets vaccinated we can very likely be back to normal by summer time. If only 40-50% do....we’re looking at 3 more years.
  21. This may be harsh...but I don’t buy the bs run-of-the-mill ‘ that’s not me’ line. Yeah. It is. I think the last time I heard that word used like that was in ‘Breakfast Club’. I say a million choice words on the golf course...and that sure as hell isn’t one of them. Wtf?
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