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  1. Vinsk

    Playing Golf Without a Thought

    I don’t agree. And this is why. Your input please @Puttin4Dough?
  2. Vinsk

    Hi from CA

    Hello @Glowing4Golf! Welcome to TST. Glad you joined. Many great topics here so look around. Are/were you a golf instructor?
  3. Be completely honest with yourself regarding this question. Are you asking this because: 1. You’re not hitting the ball as good as you’d like and wonder if changing clubs would help? 2. You just don’t like the feel/look of the RBladez as much as you thought. For the first, that’s golf. You can’t buy a better game. It really takes time and patience. For the second, don’t underestimate how a club looks/feels. If another club gives you warm fuzzies when you’re looking down at the ball then so be it. Take those clubs. Welcome to TST. And certainly take the advice @boogielicious mentioned about the My Swing thread. There are many awesome instructors on this site. Cheers!
  4. Vinsk

    My Swing (Vinsk)

    I've been Playing Golf for: on/off over 20yrs My current handicap index or average score is: 7.7 My typical ball flight is: push The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: shank
  5. Vinsk

    My Swing (Vinsk)

    I certainly see how my head is looking to the target when my trail arm is parallel to the ground vs the pros’ heads still being down. And immediately after impact my arms do appear to be in front of my chest and not ‘across’ correct? That’ll be a tough one for me because on those swings my feels were: 1. Rotate lead hip (right hip) as fast as possible to clear it. 2. Whip the arms through as fast as I can. The real killer is the shot from the FO view was awesome. I hit that 7i about 180yds and felt so solid.
  6. Vinsk

    Playing Golf Without a Thought

    During the long stretch of poor golf I suffered through in the winter and spring of 1967, I tried to rouse my game by attempting to bring off increasingly complicated shots. What I should have done was to back up, return to the fundamentals, and get one thing at a time under control. Jack Nicklaus.
  7. Vinsk

    My Swing (Vinsk)

    Thanks @JetFan1983 I’ll go through your swing thread as I’m not sure what you’re saying..lol. Here’s a DTL:
  8. Vinsk

    Getting Stuck on the Backswing

    Do you have a mirror? I know it gets a bit exasperating going back and fourth with a camera. Doing your swing with a mirror allows you to see your position and then repeat it, hold it and help ingrain what the feel is for you.
  9. Unless the putter is illegal, I don’t see any rule that was broken?
  10. Vinsk

    Did You Have a Eureka Moment?

    Not really a ‘Eureka’ moment as we’re discussing it, but my first real moment of excitement came when I first hit a shot ball first with a beautiful divot. All my life I was a sweeper. I decided to go to a Golf Made Simple course and was fortunate to be the only student for the whole weekend. After hours of work I finally hit an 8i that felt like no shot I had ever done. A buttery thud as I watched the ball soar like never before. A nice little pelt of dirt dropped ahead and at that moment I was dedicated to golf once again but with more excitement than ever before. Since then I’ve managed to develop a hideous swing but still almost always hit ball first. So I’ve got that going for me.
  11. Vinsk

    Will the New Flagstick Rule Become a Fiasco?

    The future will have holograms for flag sticks. Fluorescent orange tube of light coming from a quarter sized flat projector at the bottom of the cup. No more flag issues.
  12. Vinsk

    My Swing (Vinsk)

    Working on keeping my head more steady. I tend to move it with my body towards the target as I come down. Trying to not have as much shaft lean at set up. Working with Stephan on Evolvr. FWIW this was a very well struck 7i for me. Felt excellent despite all the faults.
  13. Vinsk

    Hogan #sigh

    I’m quite sure I know who you’re referring to. I don’t see what ‘fraud’ he’s committed? He was a bit of a hacker, became obsessed with Hogan’s swing, and really dedicated a lot of time trying to apply Hogan’s technique which apparently improved his game. I mean, good for him? He’s hoping he can help others because it worked for him. I don’t see that as being a fraud. I actually watched his video about his experiences and although somewhat entertaining I didn’t find anything amazing that would help me. He was used for a photo shoot because they thought his silhouette resembled Hogan’s. So what? He’s just a super fan and the BH company liked him. There are a lot more people out there getting rich for much worse things no?
  14. https://apple.news/A8c8SSFoxQCi0WhRNRgm0yQ So it appears the iOS 12 update is adding new features as well as improving current functions. An increase in speed and camera improvements as well! Looks like a nice overhaul coming Sept. 17.
  15. Can you use the air technique? Are you using solvent? I’m no expert but I know some guys here use the air compressor technique and they all seem to think it’s the best way to do it I believe.
  16. Vinsk

    Playing Golf Without a Thought

    For f**** sake ....it’s an asinine analogy. Walking down stairs has nothing to do with executing a golf swing. There aren’t millions of books or professional instructors teaching the art of walking down stairs. You’re being ridiculous.
  17. Vinsk

    Playing Golf Without a Thought

    You said this. And then this. So....yeah ok. Players can certainly enter a zone where they’re making shots without a thought. But pros often will work on something or try to continue a movement/position they’ve been working on. You said ‘think box’ and ‘hit box.’ Well, if you’re off the ball and thinking, ‘ I need to keep my trail arm closer to my body’ it doesn’t make much sense to say once you’re over the ball that thought is gone. Pros change parts of their swing often. In order to carry out a new feeling it doesn’t really work to just think about it then blank out when you’re over the ball. Something is making this new move. You have to willfully make the movement through whatever feel you’ve developed to execute it. I can stand behind the ball all day and have thoughts about what I want my trail elbow, my lead knee, lead arm to do. I can’t just get over the ball and think, ‘well here goes...inside hope those positions/movement happen naturally.’ It just doesn’t work that way.
  18. Vinsk

    Great Ball Striking

    @Righty to Lefty I can’t imagine how this statement needs to be argued? I understand this may seem relative to the context (watching my 8 year old hit the ball straight and 50yds is amazing...) But we’re talking about great ball striking as it pertains to this game, golf. There are long drive champions who deliver the club with enormous speed and direction as well as hitting the clubface at the best place possible. But, they have to hit the ball within the boundaries or it’s simply no good. Why? Because that’s an important criteria, a basic requirement of golf! What good is a bowler who can hurl the ball faster than anyone but throws it in the gutter every time? I think you’re being to literal in this. Great ball striking isn’t just making great contact with all else thrown to the side. Again we get that it can be discussed relative to the subject, such as a child or a 20+ hcp, but we’re discussing great ball striking as it separates a tour player from a top ten tour player. Either way, direction and distance is paramount in golf and to claim it plays no part in judging the quality of a strike is pretty silly no?
  19. Vinsk

    Playing Golf Without a Thought

    I think @Puttin4Dough is only referring to players while they actually swing? Maybe? However that’s still incorrect imo. I’m really contesting his incorrect assumption that players can’t control their movements in a swing. That is obviously flawed.
  20. Vinsk

    Playing Golf Without a Thought

    You mean like the pros who have alignment rods on the ground when practicing? Like the pros who wear/use training devices when on the range? Sorry, you’re just wrong.
  21. Vinsk

    Playing Golf Without a Thought

    It’s amazing how wrong you are. Of course they control movement. Are you really reading what you’re writing? @iacas can take any grip you suggest, strong, very strong, weak or very weak, and still hit the ball well. How can he do that? He knows by his feels what is necessary to bring the clubface to the ball. He is controlling it. John Daly and many other pros can hit a golf ball off a Coke can, hell..off a tee in someone’s mouth. You really just don’t understand what a swing thought is and how we can control our movements in a golf swing. If there was no conscious control then we’d all be great ball strikers. It’s voluntary. You’re still comparing waking and using a fork to a golf swing...apples to oranges..come on man...that’s just ridiculous.
  22. Vinsk

    Playing Golf Without a Thought

    Yeah you’re wrong. You don’t consciously think of it. But it’s still an action following a command by you and traveling a somatic neuro pathway. It’s not ‘engrained.’ This is why, as @iacas stated, people who have suffered injuries may have to learn to walk again. @Puttin4Dough ...yeah, this.
  23. Vinsk

    Greeting from NC

    Welcome to TST and welcome back to the world’s greatest game!

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