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  1. my dad went pheasant hunting in south dakota a few years ago and he said it was the most fun he's had on a trip. hope you have a good time
  2. thts funny because we have a stuck up jerk overpopulation problem, how would you like it if i talked condensideingly about your actions
  3. wow, r u kidding me. i play a 7100 yard course, and i play the tips bc i enjoy taking a mid iron out once in a while. you dont get any better playing driver wedge for 18 holes
  4. not all courses are par 36, but most are, and tht seems like something he would mention
  5. we have an early goose season this year due to overpopulation, so i finally got back into waders the other morning, it wasnt quite the same not freezing my tail off though
  6. just bought a new blind and goose season started a few days ago, i killed a few the other morning. and by the way a goose cant swing a golf club, jerk
  7. bagged an early season doe yesterday, and i just bought a new layout blind for duck season, who else is pumped
  8. lookimtigerwoods

    Blue Tees?

    the differene in pace of play between these ppl playing the reds or whites and the blues wouldnt have made much difference. and how can you say that they are having less fun, most of the time ive noticed that the ppl hacking it around are having more fun than the 15 handicapper because they arent as concerned with what they shoot, theyre just messing around
  9. that makes 40 on a par 36
  10. the tees you play dont make half the difference yall are thinking they do. they do make a difference, but you still have to play the same green no matter what tees you play
  11. we have a huge goose problem, no one cared
  12. thts hilarious. looked like there were some pissed of peta types on that board
  13. i realize that playing by the rules is aplways important in any tournament or official round, but who doenst hate this guy in a not counting for anything round "hey that was a nice shot, what did you hit?" "That's 2 strokes!" or the guy who wants you to play off of rocks of roots or, the guy who yells at you for not walking all the way back up to the tee to re-tee after a lost ball
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