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  1. I got them for the look at standing over the ball they just fit for me ..........
  2. I have all of the UFW fairway woods --- there great !!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I have them on all the time !!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Played 9 today 39 not bad after 4 months
  5. I play a ball till a scuff or mark shows up .. then I pay it to the water gods or just leave it in the cart ...
  6. My putter is 28 in. just had extra tape and a little lead tape added to build it up at the bottom of the grip works fine...
  7. Don't feel to bad --- good days and bad days happen all the time to all. last month I shot a 33 and last week same 9 holes shoot a 40 oh well ----
  8. Wasatch state park golf ---- Midway Utah. Other great courses close too..
  9. I take them in the house all the time ----- to clean charge gps put used balls in a bag and get a few new ones........
  10. For me it was low and slow to start my back swing on all shots -- made a big change for the better.
  11. I love my stuff same as last yr. Last summer played my best in a long time. All I need now is more consistency.....
  12. Sounds like a fun way to play -- I will try that
  13. (95%) of the time 7-8-9 iron and roll it as much as I can.
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