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  1. Cool stuff --- I have 5 brands of clubs in my bag and love whats there right now...............
  2. Our senior assoc. that I play in has a game for the front and back.. Low gross= net = skins =stableford = 5 clubs and a putter......... On one we had low gross front and stroke play on the back........ Has a 32-37 par is 72 best 18 hole round for me.........
  3. Ours has a men to 54 blue tees seniors 55 and up white tees and 70 and up super seniors with 10 handicap or higher yellow tees. 70 to 75 with under 10 handicap white tees.........
  4. Get there 30 min. early -- set my stuff up swing the iron with a swing sock -- putt a few mins. -- swing the iron some more -- chip a little -- swing the iron -- tee off..........
  5. To play as much as I can ??????????????????????
  6. Looks like a early bullseye to me......
  7. I hope he will ---- he just needs to play and relax he is trying to hard........
  8. Most winters I push snow it seems to help stay in shape
  9. All year the guys I play with have left it in on putts 15 - 20 or more out, When its under we pull it,,,,,,,,,
  10. 18 clubs total --- 2 spare putters --1 spare fairway wood -- 1 spare wedge
  11. I got them for the look at standing over the ball they just fit for me ..........
  12. I have all of the UFW fairway woods --- there great !!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. I have them on all the time !!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Played 9 today 39 not bad after 4 months
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