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  1. Been cycling through $30/doz balls. This time I picked up Srixon’s "Trispeed Tour…” I like it, but not more than the Bridgestone e6 for feel; or the Taylormade “TP Black LDP” for greenside spin. On that note… I tried the Titleist NXT Tour… Nice ball but SO fragile! A decent iron shot will chew it up! No thanks Titleist.
  2. Would you mind posting a pic of your new bag strapped into the Clicgear? I particularly would like to see how the top strap fits.
  3. Golf Resume. What's yours?

    Age: 38 Height: 6' Living in: Bergen County, NJ Experience: last season was my first. I have played aprox 20 rounds so far. Best score: 88 Golf instruction that has helped: mostly golf TV and magazines Where I play: I usually play with my father in the central NJ area... Charleston Springs, Knob Hill, Gambler's Ridge, etc., but I plan on spending a lot of time on the 9-hole Bergen County courses this season. Best club: my Nike Sumo SQ hybrids... But lately I have been absoutely rocking my Callaway FTiQ driver at the range. Average driving distance in play: 250-275 yds. Goals for 2010 season: More fairways hit. I struggled with pushing my drives to the right last year, but I an confident I resolved the issue now.
  4. Maybe its just the courses i have played... But I have compared my iPhone apps (View Ti 2010 and Golfshot) to dedicated units and have found both to have identical accuracy. I chose to skip the dedicated units not because of the subscription fee, but the hardware cost. Besides the apps have more functionality than just measuring distance.
  5. Picked up some Pentas to experiment with. I'm not ready to game such an expensive ball without feeling there is enough of a benefit over the Vapors I play now.
  6. top five golf states

    But we have the best restaurants here in NYC. That has to count for something. ;)
  7. Whenever anyone buys new clubs, one of the first orders of business is to learn how far you hit each one. Once you know this information, the only issue I can see is how the new clubs fit into the rest of your set. For me, the Burner 6i mates up perfectly with my Nike 5h; and I don't have an excessive gap between my Burner 9i and my CG14 46*. So I think the stronger lofts is a non-issue. That being said, I will get fit for the first time soon and I'll see if my Clubfitter agrees.
  8. Ft-iq

    I love my FTiQ! I am a new golfer who was looking for a max-forgiving driver, and I got it. Don't get me wrong, the ball can go left and right, but the sweet spot is huge, and you really got to do something wrong to get a ball in the woods. Some talk about composite clubs sounding bad, but I dig the pop you get from the FTiQ when well struck.
  9. Frequency of Lessons

    I'd think, it's impossible to instruct yourself into a crappy game. The issue is that you will succomb to the law of diminishing returns. You mention that you can 'afford' x frequency of lessions... If you 'want' to do x, then go for it. ;)
  10. Frequency of Lessons

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  11. Your Golf Grade?

    my game as of my last round in the fall: Driver: D Been hitting the big stick great at the range lately. Looking for big improvement next round. Irons: B New irons have helped big time. Short game: C- Still need more consistant distance control. Putter: C I need to practice more to gain confidence. Overall game: C-
  12. Unproductive? That's a tough one. I try and avoid going to my favorite range at the time of day when the sun's angle makes it tough to follow the ball; or when high winds make ball flight too radical... But I'll still go! Even if all I do is work on my ball striking, or get a workout; only severe heat and humidity (my local range has awesome heaters) will have a chance of keeping me away.
  13. Callaway FT 3 or 4 Hybrid

    I have been kicking around swapping my 4h for a 3h, and choking down a bit when I want... But I plan on getting fit soon for the first time, and I'll wait to see what my Clubfitter thinks.