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  1. what are you saying then? the women I mentioned you didn't see, or you don't find attractive!? I actually couldn't care less about the quality. I was bored(out of work) and turned the tv to golf channel and it was on. I noticed the good looking women(which is pretty rare in women's golf), and enjoyed watching. Even though I am a lot older than most of them.
  2. what is the "real you"? I am assuming its not your avatar.
  3. joekelly, I am a man..I thought this was obvious(guess not) . I also have my pic in my avatar.
  4. First off...I rarely post, but I do come on a few days a week to read threads(especially the "days of our lives" ones! ).... Anyway, I am watching the LPGA European tour and I have to sa,y that I am mostly watching because there is some good eye "candy", but also some quality golf. I have never watched the Euro Ladies tour, until yesterday, when I noticed at least three good looking women(which is pretty rare for a women's tournament). Usually the leaders on LPGA are not that good looking. I have never heard of these players till yesterday. Mellissa Reid(she is tied for the lead) is a good looking blond! Camilla Lennarth(she has a website)...she is one the best looking women's golfer on either the LPGA or the European tour, in my opinion. Carly Booth-has a nice upper body! Anyone else watching this, opinions?
  5. well, I think Woody Austin was funny as hell! I loved watching his bizarre on course behavior! reminds me of some of my wacky stuff I have done. He seems funny too. Not a boring, robot like...Kutchner, Duffner and many others.
  6. Like most golfer's, he needs to do a little weight lifting(not just totally core work, flexibility, band stuff). It's good he lost weight, but he looks malnourished. Way to skinny.
  7. I saw Tebow. He was kidding throwing his club. Morning drive is good for people like me out of work! :) its a mindless golf show, and of course silly like most of these "morning talk shows"(Gary is a bit over-the-top..I was surprised he was a good bball player..nice form he has!). I see several of the people on the show playing around courses where I live. I see Rich Learner playing with his kids occasionally. He isn't good! :)...
  8. thanks Club Rat. I agree golf can open doors...while I lived in Cali, I played on average 2 days a week(got to be a low 'cap), and met a few friends on the golf course... You are right on many of your points. I am at the point where every year I debate quitting the game. If I was married with kids, I defiantly would. I played yesterday. While I didn't get real mad, on the last hole, I let out some swearing and talking to myself with a group of 3 other "retired" guys. Embarrassing. Seriously thinking about taking some meds, if I continue playing. My brain has a hard time, "pausing" and stopping before I speak or react sometimes. Hurts all areas of my life. btw, I think another poster is from Orlando area on here. I played Magnolia Plantation in Heathrow(Mike Bender school of golf). Have you played this before? I heard from the guys I was playing with that it is in better shape than anytime the last 10 years. Paid $13 for green fee. Gotta love golf now.
  9. I rarely post to this site(been lurking last few weeks)... Like a few have mentioned, people are "wired" differently. I am a type A, short temper person(which I HATE, and please don't think I am "proud" of getting upset when I play golf). I also have severe ADD. If anyone else here has bad ADD, or know someone who does, some or most with ADD, have a problem with impulsivity and especially temper problems. I have been playing golf for 15 years now(I am a ex D1 college football player and used to hate golf till the "Tiger effect"). Probably my biggest issue in golf is with getting upset and very frustrated on the course(I don't throw clubs though). It is VERY hard for me to not swear after bad shots. I have improved in age, but not a lot. I excelled in every sport I have ever played(played 4 varsity sports in high school), so yes, I am VERY, VERY competitive. Which is a big time curse when you play golf(drastic different skill sets than sports like Bball and FBall). I don't look at golf as something to just go out and spend $40 and its all glory and sniffing the wonderful air and enjoying the scenery(I fish and just go hiking if I want to do this). When I start loosing balls off the tee, that is the start of my temper issues on the course. Golf is expensive and when you start loosing balls and paying a fairly high green fee, this compounds the bad play even more and frustration(losing money). I don't enjoy most PGA tour guys. They are so boring and lack personality. You hit a bad shot...react a little. I am NOT condoning Temper Tantrums, but act like it matters to you sometimes. These guys(besides probably John Daly and a FEW others), all seem to be these "perfect/super nice" guys. The all American types. I want to see more "weirdo's" like Daly and that other wacko, Woody Austin(I think this is his name), this makes golf more interesting. Personality. Guys like Duffner, Jimmy Walker, Matt Kuchner and most others seem like they are literally on sedatives! I think a majority of golfers look at golf as an escape to work and maybe their boring family life, so most do not get upset. Many people who play golf have the laid-back "nothing bothers them in life" personality anyway. I probably should quit playing all together, I have been debating this the last few years. I don't have the "who cares" attitude that most here and golfer that I play with have. Good post, btw. Sorry for the rambling. If you got through this post, I will buy you a cold one(if I ever meet you in the Orlando area).
  10. yes, very good with his kids and enjoying time...I agree! just thought he would be better is all. I guess he didn't grow up playing much(I believe he is in his 50s). He seems like a nice guy...when I used to frequent the golf channel message board, he would get bashed pretty good. I don't think he is bad at commentating...a lot better than Kelly Tilgman.
  11. called; Winter Pines(in Winter Park, Fl....basically Orlando). I saw him this past Sunday, with his two teenage kids. This is a very basic muni course and was a bit surprised to see him. I watched him and his kids tee off. I was also surprised how bad he and his kids were at golf, I guess all the announcing with Faldo, he doesn't get much a chance to play!?? I asked the guy in pro shop and he said he was something like a 15-18 handicap!? Also, it didn't seem like many of the people knew who he was! kind of odd to me...I realize a lot of people aren't into watching golf on TV, but I basically learned the game by watching golf on TV in the early 2000s and late 90s(but I love watching most of the "big 3" sports on TV as well)...If you are around PGA guys and people like Faldo, I feel you should be better than this! it was also funny to hear him...they let like 3 groups play through before teeing off...he mentioned he didn't wan to "hold anyone up"! :) Most of the golf channel "guys" live around the Winter Park area, as its very beautiful with tons of lakes and great restaurants...if your ever in Orlando, get away from the tourist area for a day and come check it out.
  12. anxiety, is a big part of ADD, btw. He has ADD. Also, their are different levels of ADD. Some people have minor symptoms, some moderate some severe. I would say he has; minor/moderate issues, but I have no idea, since I do not know him.
  13. Hey Admin...I told this guy I didn't want to argue/debate this topic...are you going to step in? this guy doesn't seem to want to stop with the discussion.
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