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  1. These suggestions have mostly been about swing. But the ball you play can also affect the trajectory of the gofl ball. The ball at my local range are top flite range balls. These go significantly lower than the One Platinum ball that I play. The One Platinum spins the most of any ball on the market. If you use any top of the line ball (Prov1x, Prov1, Callaway HX Tour, Nike One Black or Platinum) and you still hit it low, then I would guess that it it your swing.
  2. I know an instant fix for the shanks. Make slow swings (70% full power) with the ball played off the toe of the club. Hit 10 like this. Then go back to playing the ball in the middle. Hit 5. Repeat until you are de-shanked.
  3. Just in advance, this info may be useless because my browser will not let me view the link. As far as your club pointing left, the main thing you should worry about is having the clubface square to your left forearm. You should not be able to see anything but the clubface. Your misses equate to one thing : An across the line position at the top. This means that the shaft of your club is pointed to the right of your forearm (standing behind you). Across the line misses include big hooks and huge blocks. Take a look at your position at the top.
  4. I will use mainly 3 clubs. A 9 iron, pitching wedge, or sand wedge (56 degree) A 9 iron ill use when I'm 5 to 10 yards off the green and have nothing to go through but fairway. I'll use the pitching wedge in the same senario but from 10 to 20 yards off the green. I'll use my sand wedge for chipping from, or over rough. I use both my 60 degree and 56 degree for sand shots depending on the pin, lip hight, ect.