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  1. You know what I mean!! I think!! Stay focused colin007!!
  2. The muscles used to execute shots right and left handed are the same but their level of condition are not. My muscles fire very aggressively left handed and not as much right handed so my touch is VERY different right and left handed and this translates to putting also. I have to really calm my body down on short game shots left handed whereas right handed I feel like I really hit the shot and it comes off much softer. Eye dominance and hand dominance also play a huge roll in the shots from different sides. I am left hand dominant and so my left swing feels like a punch whereas my right sw
  3. You know that Molinari works with this website in regards to 5SK right so he's not going to talk bad about the results because the person who ran the test is affiliated with the site. I don't see anything wrong with looking for a different perspective and posting my findings which is all I did. I really don't care if you putt with the the flag in or out but you act like you are being fair and objective once a different viewpoint is put out there.
  4. For clarity wood shafts start at 46 inches uncut.
  5. It can be done...the muscles just take some time to become coordinated. It took me about 6 months of focused effort to become competent. That being said I still putt right handed!! Not going through that hell ever again to learn how to develop putting touch and feel !!
  6. I don't talk about swing methods....I speak about impact, ball flight laws, D Plane, etc. Science of the game is what made my transition from right to left hand much much easier. The Earth is round I am more open minded than you think and this forum is proof of it. Just because I don't agree with a lot of what is said in that forum doesn't mean that I don't understand what is being said.
  7. When he described his testing in his own words it sounded like they were pretty thorough in how they tested things. Not easy to try and put all the information together in a quick instagram video so it did seem like they glossed over the details before they posted their results. Just because they didn't describe it thoroughly as you would like doesn't mean that they didn't conduct their experiment well.
  8. I am not eager to do anything...I was watching the course vlog...heard him talk about his findings...went and looked...and posted his findings. What would you rather I had done? As a scientist you should welcome his information and then take a look at it as you did and I fully expected. It is a "one off" experiment anyway and time will tell once enough time has passed and the stats have been collected.
  9. He knows how to get to impact...but after that all bets are off !!
  10. I just put the information out there that I came across and of course we can all do with it what we wish. His description in the course vlog would lead me to believe that they were gathering some valid results upon listening him explain it. It would then be difficult to properly explain it in a quick instagram video I would think.
  11. No..I'd rather the golfer pick the putter that they naturally aim the best regardless of the looks of the putter but most golfers don't take this advice. Scotty Cameron putters don't have anywhere close to the tech in them that MLA or EVNROLL putters have in them but people love the look of them and thus they sell a bunch of putters. If you are dead set on having a certain putter then get it weighted up correctly and get the laser putt on it and learn how to aim it reliably. It may not be 100% optimal but it will be much closer to optimal.
  12. A test that shows that the flag stick in is a disadvantage especially when the flag stick is grazed by the ball. It isn't an open and shut case. Edoardo Molinari conducts pretty scientific putting/flagstick experiment — and the results may surprise you - Golf Digest This is the video where Molinari is explaining more about how the test was conducted (10:06 is the timestamp):
  13. That means that the club's total playing length is 43 inches. The shaft, which started at 46 inches uncut had 2 inches taken off the tip section and then the shaft was installed in the club head and the final playing length of the club is 43 inches with the grip installed. 3 woods aren't typically tipped 2 inches so the person is letting you know how much it was tipped prior to being cut to the finished length. Let me know if you are still not clear on my explanation.
  14. Are you kidding me...find the flattest putt that you can...how bout that? Every hole has a straight putt around it so there you go..but if not then find the fall line on any given putt from 30 to 50 feet away so long as you are hitting putts at target a specific distance away. You don't even need to be putting to a hole...stick a tee in the ground...whatever it takes. Like I said I am not even concerned with how many putts are made because I am looking for the club to be consistent. You can then take that fitting and track your stats over time (hundreds if not thousands of putts) and verify
  15. I didn't say find a breaking putt, I said find a flat putt. Maybe I should have added a flat and straight putt that are all being hit from the same spot...that is 30 to 50 feet away. The entire fitting is done from one distance that the golfer chose depending on how much space they have available. I am not concerned with how many they make anyway...I am concerned with how tight their grouping is. If you miss to the same spot then that is a good thing...that is why I said don't look up also because I don't want the golfer to manipulate stroke length...I want the golfer to make the same strok
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