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  1. Two words Zion Williamson...I'll just leave that there...the reason why I feel that the bigger faster stronger statement is relevant to this topic is because it is proof that golfers have to be improving because the athletes are starting out more physically dominant and thus if these athletes are choosing golf, which they are among other sports, then golfers are getting better, especially as you move up through the levels towards playing on tour. The Pro golfers are better than they were a generation ago absolutely. Lebron James was 6 foot 8 250 when he entered the league...Zion Williamson is 6 foot 6 285 with just as much athletic talent if not more in just one generation. Cameron Champ is golf's proof of that in one generation in golf as he is 20 yards by Dustin Johnson.
  2. Absolutely but that is to be expected. When I refer to the athletic side of things all that speaks to is the fact that the physical traits of the people picking golfer are ever changing. That in conjunction with better gear, lessons, and tech will create better players on the whole and this is relevant to all sports. The next "Tiger" will be a bigger, faster, stronger version with the same mental make up and internal drive to be great that he has. A "learn it from the dirt" type of golfer has almost no shot in this day and age unless the person is athletically superior by far and relentlessly motivated.
  3. I would be willing to bet that there are more golfers than 20 years ago due to this guy named Tiger Woods. The worldwide appeal of golf is vastly underrated in the U.S. because of basketball, football, and baseball. Kids may be fatter than ever, but they are also bigger faster and stronger than ever. More and more athletes are choosing golf and as long as athletes continue to be injected into golf, the golfers will continue to get better. This is true of any sport though and not just golf.
  4. I think what @Hacker James means is that even if handicaps on the whole aren't seeing dramatic improvements, that there are more golfers that attain lower handicaps. The best way I can describe this is with major league baseball pitchers. The highest fastball thrown is still right about 104 mph and there are 2 guys in league who can throw that hard. Where it used to be each team had 2 or 3 guys that could throw mid to upper 90's now each team has 5 to 7 guys that throw that hard. I remember when I was in junior college I was blown away by how many guys on each team threw between 92 - 96 mph. This shift in average speed will raise the average fastball speed in the major leagues because their numbers are limited. But this shift in golf may not even be noticed by looking at the numbers because there can be more players attaining a lower handicap, but there can also be an influx of new golfers that offset that average and make it appear as though golfers aren't getting better across the board when they actually are.
  5. Righty to Lefty

    Are you a Better Golfer than a Year Ago?

    I simply don't get to play enough. I only get to play 3 months out of the year at most. Anytime that I get to play consistently I tend to improve quickly. I understand the game better but I need more on course reps to realize that potential.
  6. Righty to Lefty

    Oldest Club in Your Bag

    My irons (Cleveland 588 Altitude), Putter ( Odyssey 2 Ball Tank), and my 2,3, &4 hybrid (Nickent 3DX Ironwood) have all been in the bag for 6 years now. The irons and the putter will be in my bag until I cave the faces in on them which means forever!! The hybrids are from 2008, and I had them for 6 years before I put them in play, and they have hit literally thousands of shots apiece. They proved their worth as I bought all three of them for 39 bucks total. Find what works for you and then beat the face off of that club is my motto!!
  7. Righty to Lefty

    Buying Balls - In a Season, How Many Balls Do You Lose a Round?

    When I haven't played in a while and am playing on a tough course I can easily run through a half dozen in a round but I usually don't play my gamer ball during this time because a piece of me dies when I lose one because I play the Wilson FG Tour X golf ball that isn't made anymore. I do have 41 dozen of them but one day, a decade from now, they will run out. When I am playing consistently I am in the range of one or two per round due to lost ball or damage to the ball. Once a ball is damaged then it goes into my pouch to be used on hole number seven at my home course that has water from tee box to green on both sides of the fairway. Whenever I see a deal on my preferred golf ball I don't hesitate to buy 10 dozen or more especially when I was getting the FG Tour X for $17.98 a dozen.
  8. Righty to Lefty

    62/64 Wedge for hard lies?

    I was just about to ask you how far you hit it because I was certain that you don't carry enough swing speed for it to fit in your bag. I carry a 65 degree C3i wedge that I can hit 100 yard moon balls with and I just don't get what people mean when they say you can't open it up...sure you can....you can open it up as much as the lie will allow as with any wedge....but do you need to in most cases? You are already working with 65 degrees of static loft to begin with and I find it to be dead simple easy to use out of a bunker and almost like cheating. They are not for everyone especially if you don' t have enough swing speed but I find that style of wedge very useful in just about every situation.
  9. Righty to Lefty

    62/64 Wedge for hard lies?

    If you want to get rid of that fear just tee up your most lofted wedge off a driver height tee...but don't change your ball position and leave the ball in the same ball position it would be in sitting on the ground. You will quickly learn how to control your low point. Don't worry about the ball flight at this point because it is probably a draw but that isn't the point of the drill. This is effectively simulating the shot without the rough being present. This is the exact type of adjustment that you will have to make in the rough. You have to see the shot visually in relation to depth into the ground also. You are basically making an "air divot" because from the rough the club may not make it to the ground so you should expect to feel only resistance from the grass and not from the ground or you will catch it high on the face and it won't carry as far as you expect it to. The shot will become less scary over time because you will have a plan and will be able to visualize the shot better. Hope I'm making sense and this helps you out as I see you are already a very good golfer.
  10. Righty to Lefty

    Who has two sets of irons?

    I have two sets of irons that are at completely different ends of the spectrum but for good reason. I have a set of Cleveland 588 Altitude irons and I love them and will NEVER get rid of them. This is because they are the result of all my experimenting with with my other set of irons that I will speak of in a moment. I am a high swing weight player and I have to feel the club head moving around me at all times. My irons swing weights are E2 - E9. I am able to easily manipulate the swing weight of the Altitudes because they are hollow clubs so I drilled holes in the toe and ran a hotmelt in them until I got the desired swing weight. They are forged face irons and extremely durable but the hotmelt gives them a very dense "soft" feel at impact and it mutes the sound so they don't sound like a hollow head iron at all. They are ugly...but I love em! My other set of irons are a set of Miura left hand cavity back irons and they were my "test" clubs that finally helped me understand what I needed in a club as far as swing weight and center of gravity bias. The clubs are beautiful but they were put through hell as I epoxied weights used to balance car tires to them to experiment with swing weight and center of gravity placement. I dogged these clubs out but the knowledge gained was invaluable to me so I will NEVER get rid of them either. I have since had all of them ported so that I can add tungsten plugs to the toe of them to replicate the swing weight of my Altitude irons. I also had a v sole ground into them so they don't dig so much. and they were sand blasted and brought back to life. They will forever have a place in my heart because they taught me so much about what I like in my clubs. They are pretty...and I love em just the same as my ugly clubs!!
  11. Righty to Lefty

    Who has two sets of irons?

    Wow...do you rotate through them or is it that you just can't let them go?
  12. Righty to Lefty

    62/64 Wedge for hard lies?

    I was just giving you a hard time actually but the fact is that a 64 can be effectively used around the greens just like any other club but of course selecting the proper club in relation to the lie and the type of shot needed is very important. I will say this though...if your in the rough and you go right underneath the ball that isn't because of the bounce....it is because your low point of your swing was too far beneath the ball and if that is the case then you would mishit any club in that situation. Sure you would get away with more the less loft you had because the ball would be projected more forward than up but the fact would remain that you didn't get yourself in correct location in relation to the ball and no matter what club you were using, the shot would not have been pulled off as you expected.
  13. Righty to Lefty

    62/64 Wedge for hard lies?

    The more loft, the bigger the face to path difference will have to be to create draws and fades in all cases. Also more loft will increase spin which makes it even more difficult to tilt the spin axis. I would agree that there is a point at which the strike is so oblique that it will be difficult to generate max spin but 64 degrees is not that threshold. A 64 degree wedge is spinning more than a 45 degree wedge in every situation simply because more speed will be required to execute the shot. For a 40 yard shot you just can't hit a 45 degree wedge with near as much speed as you can a more lofted club.
  14. Righty to Lefty

    62/64 Wedge for hard lies?

    How is a 60 wedge more forgiving than a 64 degree? I think forgiving is actually the wrong word because if the bounce of the clubs being compared is the same, or greater than the angle of attack then a 64 degree wedge is actually more "forgiving" because as loft increases it becomes more difficult to tilt the spin axis of the shot and create draws and fades. That being said you will inherently hit a 64 degree wedge straighter than a 60 degree wedge. Now there will come a point where you don't hit a certain loft far enough for it to have use in your bag but that is a different story. I can hit 100 yard moon balls with my 65 degree wedge if need be and it is extremely useful around the greens for me because a stock shot comes out of the shot window that I want to see my pitch shots come out of and it allows for a fuller swing on 40-70 yards shots which is huge for me. That being said my friend hit a 64 degree wedge about 40 yards on a full swing so the club just isn't useful to him at all. He played with a long drive guy that carried an 80 degree wedge but when your swing speed is 140 mph then you need that loft to help you hit short game shots because the guy hits sand wedge 150 yards! In regards to bounce....I love bounce...the more the better! I hate it when my wedges dig into the turf and I can't think of many situations where bounce isn't your friend. That being said even if you were hitting a shot off a tile floor you have 60 ish or more degrees of loft on a shot struck with square club face so that is enough to get you out of most situations no doubt. The lie will dictate how much you can open the face and expose bounce but you should have enough loft to work with in most situations even from the tightest lies.
  15. Righty to Lefty

    My Swing (Righty to Lefty)

    Thanks for all the advice so far I will work on these things and video my progress and see what happens I will also video myself hitting a fade because I want to see how that will contrast with these swings also.

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