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  1. Righty to Lefty

    How Do You Add Up Your Score?

    I make a dot for a pars, write the number over par only for bogeys or worse, or the number under par and circle it for birdies or better. It is really fast to add up the score but if the person wants the actual number called off that they made on each hole that it takes few extra seconds because you have to look at what the par for the hole was to call it out.
  2. Righty to Lefty

    How Hot Is Too Hot to Play?

    "Average daily high temperatures in Kuwait range from 42 to 48 °C (108 to 118 °F); the highest ever temperature recorded in Kuwait was 54.0 °C (129.2 °F) at Mitribah on 21 July, 2016 which is the highest recorded temperature in Asia and also the third highest in the world." Dry heat... never to hot as I will play mid day in August in Kuwait...albeit with no skin exposed because the UV index is really high. Now if it is humid like in U.A.E then it is pretty miserable to play in anything over 85 degrees. I remember playing Abu Dhabi Golf club at 8 a.m. and by the time we hit 30 or 40 range balls we all looked like we had a bucket of water thrown on us. It was miserable and I say that I wouldn't do it again but I would because U.A.E. has some great golf but 90% humidity is uncomfortable at 70 degrees but really bad at 115 !! You can cool off in dry heat...just pour water on yourself and it will evaporate in 20 30 mins...but in humid weather all you can do is change clothes because no evaporation is going on !!
  3. Righty to Lefty

    Speed from the Arms in the Golf Swing

    I'm not cluttering up anything...I see fault in how the experiment was conducted and see no reason to leave anything at that and no reason to not say anything about it. The point is if you want to talk about arm speed then isolate the arms and don't include the wrists. The wrists were isolated, the lower body was isolated, but the arm swing included the arms and the wrists. The arms were never isolated. If the point is going to be made then I feel that it should be thoroughly made or it will be questioned which is fair in my opinion.
  4. Righty to Lefty

    Speed from the Arms in the Golf Swing

    Right but he clearly demonstrated that the wrists by themselves created 45 mph of speed. Being that the arms and wrist swing created 95 mph the arms created 50 mph. Like I said I get the point that he was trying to convey but I disagree with how the experiment was presented because the arms and the wrists are not the same and differences between the speed created by both was clearly demonstrated in the video. If the wrists were taken out of the equation then his arms created about 50 mph or right about the same amount as his lower body created. The arms can be isolated just like his lower body was isolated so I feel the presentation was misleading but I understand the concept that he was trying to convey. Iacas I completely agree that the arms are in no way passive and are a significant power source despite anyone's best efforts to restrict them but like I said I feel like I am restricting them but that isn't what is happening in reality. That feeling shortened up my swing quite a bit and but I experienced a huge jump in accuracy while all swing speed was maintained.
  5. Righty to Lefty

    Give or Take 2-3 Degrees

    Keep swinging and you will get there. Every golfer was a hacker at some point !!
  6. Righty to Lefty

    Speed from the Arms in the Golf Swing

    I think I am grasping the premise of what this video is demonstrating but I don't think that it was demonstrated properly. If you were only trying to isolate the arms then you should be sitting in a chair ,keeping your shoulders parallel to the target line the whole time, and not setting your wrists which you showed provided 45 mph. I doubt that you would then generate 95 mph of swing speed and would probably make about half of that. I say this because when you demonstrated the upper body swing you had the benefit of hitting against a stable base and torso because the point was to try to use no lower body at all. However you did set your wrists and that contributed with 45 mph of extra speed that you didn't have when you did the lower body only swing. Your arms only swing has the benefit of using the wrists as a lever where as the lower body only swing did not. The speed of your arms was transferred to a lever point, the wrists, and speed was added, where as if you didn't set your wrists then that would have been more accurate because the speed of the arms would have been transferred directly to the club, and the speed delivered would have been much less. This is exactly what happened in the lower body swing but you had to drag the club through impact because the intent was to only use the lower body. The lower body only swing had no kinematic transfer of speed, where the arms only swing did, and this where I see your experiment was flawed. I am in the camp of feeling like my upper body is passive and that I don't set my wrists but I know that it is happening at some point in the swing because I swing 118 mph. I know that I have fast hips and I try to feel like my upper body, lower, body, and the club, are coming through impact all at one time but I know that is not what is happening in reality because feel is not real of course. I hope my explanation was clear and that my point was made.
  7. Righty to Lefty

    AJGA tourney back at Mill Creek

    Karl Villips won didn't he? Kid is a beast and shot 62 I believe in round 3. Unbelievable the talent that these kids have at such an early age.
  8. Righty to Lefty

    Give or Take 2-3 Degrees

    Excellent info!!
  9. Righty to Lefty

    Gallon a day water drinkers, got a question

    Nope....anything over 110 is still hot to me...I just know how to function in it and prepare for it !! I've seen the heat really beat down some people out there who weren't prepared for it.
  10. Righty to Lefty

    Gallon a day water drinkers, got a question

    Kuwait is not that exciting of a place but they do love their golf out here in the middle east. Just don't come out out here in June, July, or August unless you have been in this type of climate before. Dubai and Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates or Muscat, Oman or Doha, Qatar in the winter months have great weather and really good golf. Playing golf in 130 degrees is not recommended (I still play in it cause the course is empty!!) but I don't have any issues so long as I get the hydration/salt intake right the night prior and use SPF 100 sunscreen and cover up as much skin as possible !!
  11. Righty to Lefty

    Are you a brand snob?

    No brand loyalty here: Callaway Driver and Mini Driver Callaway 3 Wood Adams 4 Wood Nickent Hybrids Cleveland Irons Cleveland Sand Wedge C3i Lob Wedge Oddessy Putter Wilson Golf Balls Ping Cart Bag/ Sun Mountain Carry Bag I play what works for my game no matter who makes it. I fitted each individual club to my needs and thus they all play their role.
  12. Righty to Lefty

    Gallon a day water drinkers, got a question

    Come to Kuwait in August and do ANYTHING remotely resembling a physical activity outside during the day and you will find out just how quickly things and get pretty bad!! You really have to be diligent finding the right mix of water and salt here or you will become a victim in no time. In less than and hour you can go from fine to in the hospital! I have to drink some sort of nasty mixture with a bunch of salt in it if you want to make it through and outside activity here. I hate it...but it works!
  13. Righty to Lefty

    Knowing the ballflight laws ISN'T important ?

    I'm back here to report back my findings after almost 6 years!! It has been further cemented in my mind just how important the BFL's and D Plane are. The average golfer is getting more and more educated and to me the younger you learn them the better.
  14. Righty to Lefty

    Gallon a day water drinkers, got a question

    He wasn't just low...he was dangerously low. Salt gets a bad reputation but it is very very necessary to the body and it proper function. If you drink a gallon of water I promise you are flushing off electrolytes at a rapid pace and those have to be put back or performance will suffer. If you sweat alot you need way more sodium than you probably think you do. Too much sodium is only a problem if you aren't active and fluid is held in your system and not being cycled. However there is a balance that must be maintained depending on the individual. The Dr. said that Lebron likely needed 10,000 mg of sodium the night prior to have avoided cramping up. The whole purpose of gatorade before it became a sugar based drink was to prevent the Florida Gators athletes from cramping in the hot and muggy conditions in the south and it used to be salt based. You can literally stop a cramp in its tracks with a few salt packets and a some water. But the best way is to prevent them from happening by upping your intake the night prior and then supplementing during activity. Drinking water by itself simply isn't enough. You can drink a gallon of water out here and still be a heat casualty if you don't get enough sodium for any of it to be taken into your cells to actually hydrate you as it is otherwise just passing through you. Here is the article: https://abcnews.go.com/Sports/science-lebrons-cramping/story?id=24047849
  15. Righty to Lefty

    How many three-putts (or more) did you have today?

    I shot 8 over 78 with 5 three jacks....oh what could have been!! Trying to get the game back on track is hard work!

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