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  1. Righty to Lefty

    Watching The Pros Putt With the Pin In…

    When he described his testing in his own words it sounded like they were pretty thorough in how they tested things. Not easy to try and put all the information together in a quick instagram video so it did seem like they glossed over the details before they posted their results. Just because they didn't describe it thoroughly as you would like doesn't mean that they didn't conduct their experiment well.
  2. Righty to Lefty

    Watching The Pros Putt With the Pin In…

    I am not eager to do anything...I was watching the course vlog...heard him talk about his findings...went and looked...and posted his findings. What would you rather I had done? As a scientist you should welcome his information and then take a look at it as you did and I fully expected. It is a "one off" experiment anyway and time will tell once enough time has passed and the stats have been collected.
  3. Righty to Lefty

    OK, I Think I'm Going to Watch Pebble Beach

    He knows how to get to impact...but after that all bets are off !!
  4. Righty to Lefty

    Watching The Pros Putt With the Pin In…

    I just put the information out there that I came across and of course we can all do with it what we wish. His description in the course vlog would lead me to believe that they were gathering some valid results upon listening him explain it. It would then be difficult to properly explain it in a quick instagram video I would think.
  5. Righty to Lefty

    Altering/Re-Gripping Counter-Balanced Putter

    No..I'd rather the golfer pick the putter that they naturally aim the best regardless of the looks of the putter but most golfers don't take this advice. Scotty Cameron putters don't have anywhere close to the tech in them that MLA or EVNROLL putters have in them but people love the look of them and thus they sell a bunch of putters. If you are dead set on having a certain putter then get it weighted up correctly and get the laser putt on it and learn how to aim it reliably. It may not be 100% optimal but it will be much closer to optimal.
  6. Righty to Lefty

    Watching The Pros Putt With the Pin In…

    A test that shows that the flag stick in is a disadvantage especially when the flag stick is grazed by the ball. It isn't an open and shut case. Edoardo Molinari conducts pretty scientific putting/flagstick experiment — and the results may surprise you - Golf Digest This is the video where Molinari is explaining more about how the test was conducted (10:06 is the timestamp):
  7. Righty to Lefty

    43" Driver & 41" 3wood

    That means that the club's total playing length is 43 inches. The shaft, which started at 46 inches uncut had 2 inches taken off the tip section and then the shaft was installed in the club head and the final playing length of the club is 43 inches with the grip installed. 3 woods aren't typically tipped 2 inches so the person is letting you know how much it was tipped prior to being cut to the finished length. Let me know if you are still not clear on my explanation.
  8. Righty to Lefty

    Altering/Re-Gripping Counter-Balanced Putter

    Are you kidding me...find the flattest putt that you can...how bout that? Every hole has a straight putt around it so there you go..but if not then find the fall line on any given putt from 30 to 50 feet away so long as you are hitting putts at target a specific distance away. You don't even need to be putting to a hole...stick a tee in the ground...whatever it takes. Like I said I am not even concerned with how many putts are made because I am looking for the club to be consistent. You can then take that fitting and track your stats over time (hundreds if not thousands of putts) and verify if your putting stats are improving. That's why I track every round that I play so that I can refer back to see if my putting actually improved and if it was sustained (which it has been.) You fit how you fit and I fit how I fit. I was a tour lock fitter and have done my fair share of putter fits with great success also so what's your point? The information is there for the readers to do with it what they may.Try your method and try my method and go with what works best for them and go play good golf. I said that aim can be off and gave a remedy for that...the laserputt as it will fix that issue pretty quickly I assure you. Have you ever tried fitting someone in my way? I started out fitting the way you suggest and found that I got better results doing it differently. I never said your way is wrong...I said that I got better results doing it differently. No shame in that...
  9. Righty to Lefty

    Altering/Re-Gripping Counter-Balanced Putter

    I didn't say find a breaking putt, I said find a flat putt. Maybe I should have added a flat and straight putt that are all being hit from the same spot...that is 30 to 50 feet away. The entire fitting is done from one distance that the golfer chose depending on how much space they have available. I am not concerned with how many they make anyway...I am concerned with how tight their grouping is. If you miss to the same spot then that is a good thing...that is why I said don't look up also because I don't want the golfer to manipulate stroke length...I want the golfer to make the same stroke. A tight grouping is what I am looking for..then the correction is all about where it is in relation to the hole. If the putter fits you correctly then you can make a predictable stroke and then you can expect a certain distance will be produced reliably. Then it is a matter of how well you aim it after that. Aim is partly how the putter suits your eye but if you just love the look of it then the laserputt option will teach you how to aim it reliably. If you can lag putt into the 3 foot circle reliably from variable distances, and you make a high percentage of your 3 foot putts ( at least 90% or better when doing the Mickelson 3 foot drill on a nasty slope) I assure you that you will putt better. There is no reason to put anymore stress on your putting when it isn't the most important factor to scoring until your handicap is in the low single digits approaching scratch.
  10. Righty to Lefty

    Altering/Re-Gripping Counter-Balanced Putter

    Yes...the swing weight would increase...but the total weight would decrease and this may or may not work for you. I found the best way to fit a putter is: 1) Find a flat putt of 30 to 50 feet. 2) Line up the first putt and then stroke the putt. Do not look up and stroke 4 more without looking up at the hole. 3) Note the results: Perfect fit - All putts finish in a tight grouping AND close to the hole (within 2 feet). No adjustments needed. You are done with your fitting! This means that you initial read is good and that your putter is talking to your hands and giving you a consistent distances. Moderate fit - All putts finish in a tight grouping BUT are noticeably short or long of the hole (If your putts are all left or right of the hole then you don't aim your putter well and that will need to be recalibrated or a different putter chosen that fits your aim.) If your putts are well past the hole then you will need to reduce the weight of the putter (difficult to do) and if they are short of the hole then you will need to add weight to the putter (easy to do with tour lock opti vibe weights.) I don't want to change my stroke and the distance that I expect the putt to go...I want the putter to do that for me so that is why I adjusted the weight of my putter until it rolled the prescribed distance that I FELT it should roll with the STROKE LENGTH that I think that I need (This is so so important and should be the goal of the fitting.) Make adjustments and retest until desired results are found. Bad Fit - Putts miss short and long and do not have any pattern to them at all. This would be a nightmare scenario and will probably either require a lot of work to get the putter to fit you or might require a totally different putter all together. When I fit putters I fit them to lag putt inside a 3 foot circle because if you can do that and make anything over 90% of your 3 foot putts (Mickelson 3 foot drill on the nastiest slope you can find) then putting will not need to be your focus until you are a very low single digit handicap. I also used a laserputt training aid for a long time to show me exactly where I was aiming my putter face without question. That will help if you like the look of your putter but don't aim it well because you can work with the laserputt and adjust even though the best case would be to naturally aim your putter well. Hope this helps and let me know if I wasn't clear on something.
  11. I agree that he is doing his thing. He had a lot of doubters but I am glad to see that he is getting it done using a more scientific approach to the game. We are all subject to the science of impact and he definitely knows how to get his body to impact and repeat it. Good for him.
  12. Righty to Lefty

    43" Driver & 41" 3wood

    Yeah it means that two inches were cut off the tip of the shaft...then it was cut to 43 inches (**Playing length with the shaft installed in the club head and the grip installed**) by cutting the rest off the butt end of the shaft. Tip trimming will affect flex and that is the point of it really is to be able to account for the weight of the club head. For instance if you prefer high swing weights and heavy club heads you may have to tip the shaft to maintain a given flex because the weight of the club head will make the shaft play weaker. Tipping the shaft will make it stiffer than the listed flex and play to the flex listed once the club head is installed. Butt trimming of even a few inches, has almost no effect on the flex of the shaft but tip trimming of even a half inch, can have a dramatic effect on flex depending on the bend profile of the shaft. Hope this helps but if you need more clarification let us know.
  13. Righty to Lefty

    Watching The Pros Putt With the Pin In…

    Now if Adam Scott perceives that the flag stick helps him to align properly and dissect his putts better that it much different would you agree. Most analysis is coming from the perspective of a putt that is traveling too fast being saved by the flag while he is saying that it helps him see his line better and that may prove to be a big deal for him if he is using it for a reference point and it helps him see his intended line better. Confidence in your alignments can for sure lead to noticeable and sustained improvement for sure. We shall see over the course of his season this year.
  14. Righty to Lefty

    Watching The Pros Putt With the Pin In…

    I like how you broke it down and I see where you are coming from. My basic premise is that that it is hard to hit the flag stick in the first place and that most putts will miss the hole until you are close enough to where having the flag in is irrelevant. I think this benefits tour pros the most because it will likely save each a shot or two during the season which at the right time can mean a lot of money. People aren't going to be dropping 2 or 3 putts per round because of the flag stick. I will leave the flag in because I know that good putts will go in and that bad putts will miss and maybe a rare putt will be struck on the correct line but with poor speed that will hit stick and go in. My comment about cleaning up imperfections on the green was just mentioning that there will be much more benefit gained from that rule change than the flag stick because you no longer even have to consult with anyone whether it is a spike mark or not...you can just fix it without worry. This will mean that the leaders of a tournament will be able to putt on just about the same surface as the first people out did and that is a big deal in my opinion especially with all the traffic around the hole.
  15. Righty to Lefty

    Watching The Pros Putt With the Pin In…

    No I don't care to revise my statements. If you want the best depth perception and alignment stand a human next to the flag and make them tend it. The flag shouldn't sway a golfer one way or the other because what are the chances that you even hit it from anything outside probably about 10 feet....slim to none. In order for you to even hit the flag your putt had to be online to begin with and if you hit the putt with so much speed that it needed the flag stick to go in the hole in the first place then it was a bad putt to begin with. Taking the break out of a putt reduces the capture rate of an already small hole to begin with and I don't agree with doing it. You brought up some great stats but how many of those putts would have hit the flag stick and gone in? Probably not gonna provide that stat and if you did it would be minuscule? Most putts don't touch the hole at all when missed let alone hit the middle of the cup with enough speed that they roll over the top of the hole. You then used Adams Scott's good putting week to try and prove your point and I am frankly shocked. You just used his " one off " putting performance to act like he is magically a better putter because he leaves the flag in when I would bet the house that he regresses back to the mean in terms of his putting performance throughout the upcoming season. He had ONE good putting week and you used that as proof? The nerve !! The greens at Torrey Pines are fantastic, are not very undulating, and roll very well...that is more of a reason why he putted well than the flag stick being in while he putted. The golfers are also allowed to fix ANYTHING on the putting green now so they aren't losing shots to spike marks or any imperfection on the putting surface. That is a much bigger deal than putting with the flag in. Care to revise your statements? I agree that their margins are slim but hitting the flag stick is pretty damn hard to do to begin with. Golfers being allowed to fix any imperfections on the green without worry is a much bigger deal than putting with the flag in. What is more likely...a Pro slams a putt into the flag stick or in the past a Pro wonders if a mark on the green was a spike mark but is unsure, doesn't fix it...then rolls the ball right over the mark that they couldn't fix and then watches the ball roll offline and miss? Being able to fix any imperfection on the green is far more important than putting with the flag in.

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