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  1. How 'bout them Korean women on the LPGA tour?

    My friend was at the tournament this past weekend and noted that the Korean ladies are playing some really good golf. Nelly Korda is trying to find her place though!! I think that the LPGA is definitely on the rise and the future is bright.
  2. Fluorescent Volvik Balls

    Right on...I know that they have come out with a Vivid XT model that has a higher compression of 80 with the matte finish. I think that the matte orange is the best finish and color combo on a golf ball because they are just so easy to track while in flight and see in the rough for me. I will always keep a stash of them on hand and I have seen them for as low as 23 bucks a dozen so that makes the decision even easier!
  3. Home Practice Net

    Real feel mat and Net Return net and never have to worry about either again for the next 10-15 years !
  4. Fluorescent Volvik Balls

    While the particular ball that you found appears to be the crystal ball model which is an okay ball at best. I do play their vivid model which has a matte finish and I really like. Volvik is very popular in Asian markets as they are made in Korea and they do make some good golf balls. Golf balls are so subjective and you should just try out different types until you find one that performs for you.
  5. Definitely not true...a middle of the range hitter on tour is still hitting near 300 yard drives. No putt putt champion has ever won on tour either so the long drive statement doesn't fit as long drive and putt putt champs are specialists. Corey Pavin had his moment but I doubt that he would be competitive with today's PGA pros. The shortest of drivers today puts it 20 plus yards by him. That won't work in the long term on tour. My Pro at my home course missed getting on the Euro Tour by one shot I asked him what was the biggest difference between him and the guys that made it....he simply replied " the extra 20 yards!" Mind you he hits it 285 on average. They all have nasty short games and can make putts but he mentioned that when they came to a par 5 you might as well write down a birdie....unless you had to erase it and pencil in an eagle. They were looking to attack even from 280 -290 out cause they could still reach.
  6. The Last Moment of Truth

    I agree...there is no way that you could fix anything in any given swing in that short a period of time. He's good....but he aint that good !!
  7. How good is good enough for your game?

    1. Scratch that way I would know that I am capable of shooting around par on any course that I play. 2. Knowing that I will be in the mix for every club championship and that my game would be competitive on an amateur tour. 3. As much as it takes...I took 6 months off from work last year and spent 8-10 hours at the course on most days. I went from a 13 to a 5.2 handicap, won the club championship in my flight, and really learned just how much work it took to just be a low single digit handicap...I loved every minute of it.
  8. I never hit off of the hard rubber mats at the range and will only step on them if I am hitting off of a tee. I learned the hard way after screwing up my wrists, neck and shoulders, and back from hitting off of them both right and left handed. Not to mention they change the loft of your clubs over time. The real feel mats were the solution for me. I got the combo stance mat and 20 x 36 mat and if I was ever forced to hit off of a mat I would go and pull them out of my trunk and bring them to the range because they are portable since they are two separate mats. I think I paid $177 for them and they are very durable and still look brand new. Even when they are sitting on top of a concrete surface you can hit down on the shot like normal and you don't get that jarring affect when the club rebounds back off of the mat. I strongly suggest this hitting mat as no one swings shallow enough to hit off of the junk mats that most driving ranges have.
  9. modern wooden clubs

    I bet they would perform really well if you hit it out of the middle....now I bet it's a different story if the strike is off center. I assume that a hickory shaft would have a much higher torque rating than a steel or graphite shaft. All clubs perform on center strikes but today's clubs are much better on off center strikes.
  10. Hot water and simple green. Simple green really brings the tackiness back out by removing that deep down dirt and oil. This is especially important because it is dusty in the middle east.
  11. elbows problems

    Where you by any chance hitting off of mats a lot? Even worse..mats that were sitting on concrete? I ask that because I learned my lesson to never hit off of those things unless the ball is on a tee. The club rebounding off of them is terrible for the wrists, neck and shoulders and I learned that lesson the hard way by screwing up both wrists and not being able to play for a year each time. Hopefully you are healthy and back out there very soon after your surgery.
  12. Desperation

    What troubles me about what I read is that you have you mentioned nothing about making setup adjustments. Your swing is your swing and I don't feel like you should be micro analyzing it. You should be analyzing very closely how you are setting up to the shot and carefully noting the results of the ball flight from that spot. If you are physically healthy then your problem is that where you are setting up, and what you are intending to happen with the shot, do not match. I had the pleasure of playing golf with a +3 handicap former touring pro for 6 months and over the course of the 110 rounds that we played, the most glaring thing that I noticed about him was his ability to set up to his intended shot day in and day out. His swing was no better than mine and I actually hit it 20 plus yards further than he did, but he was like a robot in how he setup to his shots and I could literally predict what was about to happen before he even hit the shot. If you are trying to hit a fade, everything in your setup should scream fade, and vice versa for a draw. Your miss is a pull hook because you setup in such a way that a pull hook can occur. Your ball position probably crept forward a lil too much and your body realized that on the downswing and tried to save the shot. You don't have to have a perfect swing, but you do have to have an understanding of your setup and where the low point of your swing is at all times. Ask yourself this question and I think you will see what I am getting at. Would you rather have the most beautiful swing on the planet, but an inability to get setup properly. Or would you rather have your own swing, but have the ability to set up to your intended shot with 100% precision, every time? Just because you have a visually pretty swing that in no way means that you will play good golf because if that was the case then Adam Scott would have all the majors. When you learn to setup perfectly and repeatedly to your intended shot then you will begin to take impact for granted because you know what's coming. Then you can play golf. I will attach some videos that helped me realize this and I hope it helps.
  13. Would you rather win a Major or the FedEx Cup?

    Tiger makes a fortune because he wins....period. A company cares that the people they endorse simply win as that gives them a chance to pump up their chests and boost their profits. Tiger's 79 tour wins are just as important as his 14 majors to Nike because after every single one they made a push to sell clubs and apparel. Companies pay those guys off of what they project they will do in the future and not what they have done in the past unless they can somehow capitalize off of it. Michael Jordan is and example of that...but there aren't many in his position where they make way more money off of what they did in the past. Also Jack of course.
  14. Would you rather win a Major or the FedEx Cup?

    “I'm very motivated,” Spieth said. “It's something I want badly, and it's going to feel a lot like a major championship when I step on the first tee (on Sunday).” http://www.pgatour.com/news/2015/09/26/jordan-spieth-tour-championship-round-3-east-lake.html
  15. Would you rather win a Major or the FedEx Cup?

    Well to clarify my statements further I was simply noting that when you ask a millionaire about money the answer is going to be much different than when you ask a player that isn't set financially. The only players that are judging themselves on majors are the absolute best players of the generation (Tiger, Rory, Jack, etc). Players with even a couple majors don't have the same litmus test. Next I was talking about winning 4 non majors per year in your career or 1 Major in your career and nothing else. Come on now anyone would pick winning one major per year and that would be a silly question to even ask. But if you played 10 years on tour would you give up 40 wins for 1 major championship? I wouldn't. NO Rory gets paid 250 million because of what Nike projects he will do in the future and anything that he does well is going to boost Nike's profits. Tiger's 79 career wins are cumulatively just as important to Nike as his 14 majors because companies simply want there gear on a winner. Tiger winning any tournament is good for Nike because the people at a regular tour event are much more likely to go buy golf equipment than the casual observer who watches only when he has the lead on Sunday in a major. Rory has been a phenom since he was a kid and his success was predicted, as was Tiger's, or Lydia Ko's, or any phenom that you knew just had it. Their outlook is much different than the guy who fought his way up through Q school or the Web.com tour and is on the waiting list to get in to tournaments cause he isn't high enough on the MONEY list. It was a good bet that they would be successful....it was just a matter of how successful they would be.

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