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  1. Righty to Lefty

    Gallon a day water drinkers, got a question

    Nope....anything over 110 is still hot to me...I just know how to function in it and prepare for it !! I've seen the heat really beat down some people out there who weren't prepared for it.
  2. Righty to Lefty

    Gallon a day water drinkers, got a question

    Kuwait is not that exciting of a place but they do love their golf out here in the middle east. Just don't come out out here in June, July, or August unless you have been in this type of climate before. Dubai and Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates or Muscat, Oman or Doha, Qatar in the winter months have great weather and really good golf. Playing golf in 130 degrees is not recommended (I still play in it cause the course is empty!!) but I don't have any issues so long as I get the hydration/salt intake right the night prior and use SPF 100 sunscreen and cover up as much skin as possible !!
  3. Righty to Lefty

    Are you a brand snob?

    No brand loyalty here: Callaway Driver and Mini Driver Callaway 3 Wood Adams 4 Wood Nickent Hybrids Cleveland Irons Cleveland Sand Wedge C3i Lob Wedge Oddessy Putter Wilson Golf Balls Ping Cart Bag/ Sun Mountain Carry Bag I play what works for my game no matter who makes it. I fitted each individual club to my needs and thus they all play their role.
  4. Righty to Lefty

    Gallon a day water drinkers, got a question

    Come to Kuwait in August and do ANYTHING remotely resembling a physical activity outside during the day and you will find out just how quickly things and get pretty bad!! You really have to be diligent finding the right mix of water and salt here or you will become a victim in no time. In less than and hour you can go from fine to in the hospital! I have to drink some sort of nasty mixture with a bunch of salt in it if you want to make it through and outside activity here. I hate it...but it works!
  5. Righty to Lefty

    Knowing the ballflight laws ISN'T important ?

    I'm back here to report back my findings after almost 6 years!! It has been further cemented in my mind just how important the BFL's and D Plane are. The average golfer is getting more and more educated and to me the younger you learn them the better.
  6. Righty to Lefty

    Gallon a day water drinkers, got a question

    He wasn't just low...he was dangerously low. Salt gets a bad reputation but it is very very necessary to the body and it proper function. If you drink a gallon of water I promise you are flushing off electrolytes at a rapid pace and those have to be put back or performance will suffer. If you sweat alot you need way more sodium than you probably think you do. Too much sodium is only a problem if you aren't active and fluid is held in your system and not being cycled. However there is a balance that must be maintained depending on the individual. The Dr. said that Lebron likely needed 10,000 mg of sodium the night prior to have avoided cramping up. The whole purpose of gatorade before it became a sugar based drink was to prevent the Florida Gators athletes from cramping in the hot and muggy conditions in the south and it used to be salt based. You can literally stop a cramp in its tracks with a few salt packets and a some water. But the best way is to prevent them from happening by upping your intake the night prior and then supplementing during activity. Drinking water by itself simply isn't enough. You can drink a gallon of water out here and still be a heat casualty if you don't get enough sodium for any of it to be taken into your cells to actually hydrate you as it is otherwise just passing through you. Here is the article: https://abcnews.go.com/Sports/science-lebrons-cramping/story?id=24047849
  7. Righty to Lefty

    How many three-putts (or more) did you have today?

    I shot 8 over 78 with 5 three jacks....oh what could have been!! Trying to get the game back on track is hard work!
  8. Righty to Lefty

    Gallon a day water drinkers, got a question

    I golf in Kuwait in the summer when the temps reach 130 degrees and I used to wonder why I would be drinking liters and liters of water and still be cramping up at the end of a good practice session. Then there was an article that was triggered by Lebron James cramping up in the playoffs in San Antonio when the A/C went out. The key is salt...without salt it is very very difficult to hydrate as the fluid will in most cases just be sent straight out the body and never have a chance to be absorbed. Sodium in the Body. Sodium is an essential nutrient but is something that the body cannot produce itself. It plays a vital role in the regulation of many bodily functions and is contained in body fluids that transport oxygen and nutrients. It is also essential in maintaining the body's overall fluid balance. Drinking a gallon of water is doing you no good if your body can't hold onto it long enough for it to enter your cells. My go to mixture is lemonade crystal light with salt in it. Every person is different so the amount that you will need daily will differ from me so you will have to experiment with the amount depending on if you are a person who sweats a lot which I am. I also monitor how dry my lips are and by that I mean if my lips are dry I know I am not hydrated and need to up my intake. Also salt will help with energy levels throughout a round because your fluid levels will be in better balance throughout the round. I hope this helps as it helped me tremendously in dealing with the very high temps in the middle east.
  9. Righty to Lefty

    How 'bout them Korean women on the LPGA tour?

    My friend was at the tournament this past weekend and noted that the Korean ladies are playing some really good golf. Nelly Korda is trying to find her place though!! I think that the LPGA is definitely on the rise and the future is bright.
  10. Righty to Lefty

    Fluorescent Volvik Balls

    Right on...I know that they have come out with a Vivid XT model that has a higher compression of 80 with the matte finish. I think that the matte orange is the best finish and color combo on a golf ball because they are just so easy to track while in flight and see in the rough for me. I will always keep a stash of them on hand and I have seen them for as low as 23 bucks a dozen so that makes the decision even easier!
  11. Righty to Lefty

    Home Practice Net

    Real feel mat and Net Return net and never have to worry about either again for the next 10-15 years !
  12. Righty to Lefty

    Fluorescent Volvik Balls

    While the particular ball that you found appears to be the crystal ball model which is an okay ball at best. I do play their vivid model which has a matte finish and I really like. Volvik is very popular in Asian markets as they are made in Korea and they do make some good golf balls. Golf balls are so subjective and you should just try out different types until you find one that performs for you.
  13. Definitely not true...a middle of the range hitter on tour is still hitting near 300 yard drives. No putt putt champion has ever won on tour either so the long drive statement doesn't fit as long drive and putt putt champs are specialists. Corey Pavin had his moment but I doubt that he would be competitive with today's PGA pros. The shortest of drivers today puts it 20 plus yards by him. That won't work in the long term on tour. My Pro at my home course missed getting on the Euro Tour by one shot I asked him what was the biggest difference between him and the guys that made it....he simply replied " the extra 20 yards!" Mind you he hits it 285 on average. They all have nasty short games and can make putts but he mentioned that when they came to a par 5 you might as well write down a birdie....unless you had to erase it and pencil in an eagle. They were looking to attack even from 280 -290 out cause they could still reach.
  14. Righty to Lefty

    The Last Moment of Truth

    I agree...there is no way that you could fix anything in any given swing in that short a period of time. He's good....but he aint that good !!
  15. Righty to Lefty

    How good is good enough for your game?

    1. Scratch that way I would know that I am capable of shooting around par on any course that I play. 2. Knowing that I will be in the mix for every club championship and that my game would be competitive on an amateur tour. 3. As much as it takes...I took 6 months off from work last year and spent 8-10 hours at the course on most days. I went from a 13 to a 5.2 handicap, won the club championship in my flight, and really learned just how much work it took to just be a low single digit handicap...I loved every minute of it.

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