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  1. tosob

    Puzzle Solving Thread

    401 not even the top ten.
  2. tosob

    Puzzle Solving Thread

    415 I spelled my name wrong on the puzzle website. toasob there tosob here. fat fingers
  3. tosob

    Puzzle Solving Thread

    7.22 for me
  4. tosob

    Northern Michigan trip

    thanks guys
  5. I'm planning a trip for early summer to northern Michigan, would like some recommendations. I've been to Crystal mountain, Boyne Highlands, Arcadia Bluffs, and Tullymore. Looking to take a 4-5 day trip. Has anyone stayed at the Island casino and played Greywalls, Turning Stone and Sweetgrass?
  6. tosob

    Puzzle Solving Thread

    my time 9.02
  7. Yearly membership at my local club. New irons my be in my future this year.
  8. tosob

    Your Workout Today

    I guess i should start to jump in here. Friday night, 10 min elliptical, phase one day 3 Kia fitness for golf, 10 min Bike, breakdown, 5 min warm up , 5 min 30/10 50 revs/ 130 revs per min.
  9. tosob

    new to exercising suggestions

    I bought his videos about a year ago, tried them on and off for about a year. I've made a commitment to an exercise program this fall. I started his videos again . I'm in week three. we will see what happens in the spring. I'm working out at the gym 5 days a week. I'm doing 3 days of his beginner workouts, one day core and one day a full body work out . All days start out with a warm up and ends with 30 min of cardio.
  10. tosob


  11. I have a bone spur. Saw a D.r and he gave me 3 shots of steroids in the heal. I haven't had a problem in a year. I'm a casino dealer and on my feet 8 hours a day. Marty
  12. I've used a small drill bit and drilled the holes a little bit deeper. the normal tool works then. It gives the two spikes on the tool more to grip on to.
  13. My analysis is a little bit different. Both have low fairway accuracy. S/C is at 43% or 6.02 per round (14* .43). His greens in regulation is 25% or 4.5 per round. This gives s/c 10 "good " looks at hitting the green, 6 from the fairway and the 4 par 3's. Now his green's in regulation look better, 45%. If s/c can increase fairway hit to say 9 and change his total to 13 good looks @ 45% is now 5.8. That is a shot and a half a round. Better looks might also help the gir % to increase. Working on finding a reliable tee shot will also help with the all the full swing shots. Shots that do miss the fairway wont be as bad, still giving you a decent chance to get it close. For me finding the fairway and not shooting from the trees is key to me having a chance to score,

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