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  1. I've used a small drill bit and drilled the holes a little bit deeper. the normal tool works then. It gives the two spikes on the tool more to grip on to.
  2. My analysis is a little bit different. Both have low fairway accuracy. S/C is at 43% or 6.02 per round (14* .43). His greens in regulation is 25% or 4.5 per round. This gives s/c 10 "good " looks at hitting the green, 6 from the fairway and the 4 par 3's. Now his green's in regulation look better, 45%. If s/c can increase fairway hit to say 9 and change his total to 13 good looks @ 45% is now 5.8. That is a shot and a half a round. Better looks might also help the gir % to increase. Working on finding a reliable tee shot will also help with the all the full swing shots. Shots that do miss the fairway wont be as bad, still giving you a decent chance to get it close. For me finding the fairway and not shooting from the trees is key to me having a chance to score,
  3. I was going to make an appointment to get fit for new irons. Then clubs I was going to demo are Titleist ap1, Mizuno 900 forged and hot metal, Callaway apex . Now that Titleist has announced the new 718 I'm thinking about waiting and adding the ap3. Should I add any other clubs to the mix, wait for the 718's. How long before the shops have demo's? confused in nw indiana marty
  4. Take look at wader pants. Kept me warm in 33 degree water under a pair of waders . http://www.cabelas.com/product/Cabelas-Mens-Legacy-Fleece-Wader-Pants/1379109.uts?searchPath=%2Fbrowse.cmd%3FcategoryId%3D734095080%26CQ_search%3Dwader%2Bpants%26CQ_st%3Db marty
  5. Driver fades and irons draw?

    I draw my woods and fade my irons. Want to switch.
  6. 11/6 working on tempo, seems I'm always to quick at the start. I am also working on coming to a full finish. If i don't finish a swing I get into the correct position and hold it for a couple of seconds.
  7. 11/5 did my 30 min. workout. After work hit some balls into the net. working on tempo.
  8. 11/4 pitching and chipping work into the net after work.
  9. 11/3 worked on my grip and stance.Grip, making sure it is my fingers and not my palms. Stance, trying to be more up right, standing taller and not rounding shoulders
  10. I'm 62, fat and out of shape. I feel part of practice is being able to do the drills to make you better. So for part of my monthly challenge i'm doing golf related work out for 30 - 48 min. , 3 days a week. I'm using Kia fitness for golf. Today was day one. Hope this is acceptable.
  11. chipping and pitching work. trying to make a relaxed swing with good contact. Played today, 80 in northwest Indiana.
  12. Breaking 80 or no DBs -- which is harder?

    I've had 2 dbl free rounds, best score to date is 80.
  13. Yes I'm a better golfer. Handicap last year was 17.8, this year last update 14.8. My short game, mostly chipping and pitch shots have shown the biggest improvement. I shot 39 for the first time in my life, 80 for the round.

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