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  1. I'm going to a wedding in April just out side Austin, in Bastrop Tx. Anyone have recommendations as to where to play, I'll have 3 days to play. I'm making it a 10 day trip from NW Indiana, so looking for places to play on the way down or way back. Thanks Marty
  2. I'm looking for a new golf mat. Anyone have experience with any of these. fiberbuilt 4' x 5' Single Sided Traditional System with Performance Turf | Traditional Mat Systems | Fiberbuilt Golf For any questions or to place an order, please contact Fiberbuilt. real feel Home - Real Feel Golf Mats true strike TrueStrike Bringing Golf Mats Into The 21st Century The innovative TrueStrike golf mats that truly reacts like hitting off the fairway, by letting you hit down and through the shot just like on turf thanks Marty
  3. I set up with and open stance but a square club face, like I'm going to hit a pitch. I hit the shot just like a regular sand shot but let the club dig.I always finish and don't decelerate. I use a 50 degree wedge with very little bounce. Ball pops out nice and soft.
  4. Day 10 1 miss I did contact drills today. would do the drill till i was happy with the result, then I wuld do a full swing. If i had good contact do another swing, if not back to the drill.
  5. Day nine 1miss I just hit balls into the net, trying to practice routine. I stand behind the ball , pick a target, walk in, set the club, move in, set my feet shoulders then complete the swing. I did this for about a half hour.
  6. Day 8, one missed day Missed posting yesterday, so today is day 8 of posting. I worked on my 5 iron, I have not been hitting it well. I taped the face and tried to slow my swing down, not jerky. Last 5 minuets of the session started to stripe it mostly center hits and about 3 lines up the face.
  7. Day 7 Played 18 today, went to the range to warm up, hit about half of my small bucket well, some fatties. I shot 85, had one 8 on a par 5, cranked the first one ob. I hate hiting 3 off the tee then 3 putt. came back par, birdie and par.
  8. Day 6 Played today in my league. Driver got me in a lot of trouble. Chipping and pitching were also not very good. Played to my average, but won my match, 3 and 2.
  9. Day 5 I been looking at some of my videos, noticed I'm taking the club back I think to far inside the line when I start. Concentrated on trying to get wider on the take away. Still checking my set up on every shot or drill.
  10. Day 4 Still working my set up. Every shot checking feet ,knees and shoulders. I'm also checking distance from the ball, and my wrist position. I'm hitting the ball in the center of the club but high. I'll be working on trying to make this set up a habit.
  11. Day 3 I worked on alignment with my irons. I would set up to the alignment rods, then I would check my hips and shoulders. It felt like I was open to the target. I'm trying to make this "normal". I've been set up 10-15 yards closed to the target line and I pull a lot of shots.
  12. Day 2 I focused on alignment and hands while pitching. I'm working on making solid strikes.
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