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  1. Day 6 Played today in my league. Driver got me in a lot of trouble. Chipping and pitching were also not very good. Played to my average, but won my match, 3 and 2.
  2. Day 5 I been looking at some of my videos, noticed I'm taking the club back I think to far inside the line when I start. Concentrated on trying to get wider on the take away. Still checking my set up on every shot or drill.
  3. Day 4 Still working my set up. Every shot checking feet ,knees and shoulders. I'm also checking distance from the ball, and my wrist position. I'm hitting the ball in the center of the club but high. I'll be working on trying to make this set up a habit.
  4. Day 3 I worked on alignment with my irons. I would set up to the alignment rods, then I would check my hips and shoulders. It felt like I was open to the target. I'm trying to make this "normal". I've been set up 10-15 yards closed to the target line and I pull a lot of shots.
  5. Day 2 I focused on alignment and hands while pitching. I'm working on making solid strikes.
  6. Day 1 After taking a lesson, I was told my alignment was way to the right. I was aiming my club at the target, feet shoulders was 15-20 yards right. I got our the alignment sticks and practiced set up. This could be why I'm pulling the ball.
  7. I'm 64, so this was a long time coming, shot 79 today. I've been taking lessons all summer. Kudos to my local pro, Kyle. Thanks. Marty
  8. tosob

    Puzzle Solving Thread

    401 not even the top ten.
  9. tosob

    Puzzle Solving Thread

    415 I spelled my name wrong on the puzzle website. toasob there tosob here. fat fingers
  10. tosob

    Puzzle Solving Thread

    7.22 for me
  11. tosob

    Northern Michigan trip

    thanks guys
  12. I'm planning a trip for early summer to northern Michigan, would like some recommendations. I've been to Crystal mountain, Boyne Highlands, Arcadia Bluffs, and Tullymore. Looking to take a 4-5 day trip. Has anyone stayed at the Island casino and played Greywalls, Turning Stone and Sweetgrass?
  13. tosob

    Puzzle Solving Thread

    my time 9.02

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