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  1. I play in a Senior Traveling tournament league pretty much every week. We play 25 different courses this year. Some of those will be a 2 hour drive for me because we play on Thursdays and have to deal with rush hour work and school traffic.
  2. Several courses in my area have TifEagle and they do not overseed in the winter time. During the warm growing months when heavy traffic, they are usually 7 to 9. Once we get cold(er) weather and a frost the color of these greens gets very dark looking...almost a blackish tint to them. When that happens...the speed of them gets upwards of 10 to 11. Since they aren't growing, they mow them usually only once or twice a week but roll them every other day.
  3. Curiosity question for those of you who have attended the seminars concerning WHS or have a much better understanding of what is coming than I do... There are several courses I can think of in our area where the slope rating is probably off quite a bit. For instance...one particular course added some new tee boxes. In doing so, they backed up every other set of tee markers then had the course rated. The rating for the "regular (white) tees" jumped from 124 to 130. The members there complained loudly about having to play from so much farther back when playing the tees they normally played. Then the club pretty much put all the tee markers back up to where they used to be when rating was 124. Thus, you shoot a good score here...you get dinged pretty hard on your handicap. Another course did quite the opposite. They added new tee boxes, moved everything back but did not have the course re-rated. In effect, pretty much everyone at that club's handicap increased. So, my question is with the changes for WHS, would some courses be "required" to have their course re-rated if the scores shot there indicate either the courses is rated too high or too low?
  4. This statement from the OP's post...."The earliest bunkers were natural: un-raked, unpredictable, full of footprints and debris and divots. They were genuine hazards; if you went in one, you couldn’t be sure what would happen next." I would not have an issue if they were like I would envision the earliest bunkers. The problem I would have with then not being maintained today is, at least in the beginning of unmaintaned, you have bunkers where you get sand so deep that you can plug a ball and maybe never find it. I envision those earliest bunkers to be harder, more dirt like as opposed to this loose white stuff many prefer to see today. A little layer of sand/loose dirt would be ok. But, bunkers where you can walk in them and leave 2 or 3 inch deep footprints...no thanks...those would need to be maintained.
  5. 13* fairway wood....problem solved. 😁
  6. Would you care explaining to me "doesn't want to follow the rules"? I don't understand that statement at all. If the Local Rule is in play my question is/was where would the drop be. Not wanting to not go back to the tee box surely isn't against the rules, if the LR is in play here. So...please explain exactly how he would be "violating" the rules? And, if you see Missouri Swede's post with the diagram...he DID NOT have to go back to the tee box. Again...he would not be violating any rules. It was a simple uphill straight away 190 yard par 3. He just hit too much club and OB was behind the green. I think Missouri Swede's diagram posted explained what he could have done. As I stated...I simply did not know myself. Had he gone OB right or left before the green, then the assumption on my part would have been that he would drop over in the fairway just as he would on a par 4 or par 5. But, since he was over the green...this issue came up. it does...thank you. And maybe clears it up for someone else here who thinks he would not be playing by the rules by not going back.
  7. But, if the player did not want to go back to the tee box (190 yard par 3), where would he drop. Would he come back between the tee box and the green in edge of fairway? He was probably 25 yards behind the green and 35 from the pin where the ball went OB.
  8. Question...please. This came up recently and honestly I have no clue as to the answer. The Men's Golf Association at one of the clubs I play has the Local Rule taking stroke and distance away and you drop with the 2 stroke penalty in the edge of the fairway. The situation came up on a par 3. The player hits his tee shot and believes his ball to be just over the green. We find his ball has bounded off the back slope of the green and gone OB. Since the MGA has adopted the local rule, the question came up as to where does he drop and play from. Can someone help with this please?
  9. In my 60s when I gave up walking 36. I am 73 now and I can still walk 18 unless the course is hilly...but not every day. I really don't have an interest in walking that much. I play around 200 rounds every year. The last time I walked 54 holes(carrying my bag, not pulling) I was in my early 50s. I have never liked walking and using a pull/push cart/trolley.
  10. Ahhh yes #7. I was waiting to see this one. For years, I told everyone that this was the only dogleg left Par 3 I knew of. From the back tees, if the pin was back left, you were forced to hit a draw around that big pine tree. 😊
  11. I played Memorial Park probably 2 or 3 times a week for the first 5 years I lived in Houston after moving here in mid-70s. Then played it a few times every year probably up until 15 years ago. Played in the City Amateur there 2 times. I can truly say that I hardly recognize the holes they have shown so far. What a transformation!!! If they can keep it in good shape should be a wonderful track. Looking forward to playing it once again.
  12. One of the reasons I like having a GPS device is knowing yardage to front edge of the green and back edge of the green as well as the middle. I know my yardages pretty well. I do not want to come up short of the green and I do not want to hit it long and over. So, armed with that info, I try to hit the club which will get me closest to where the pin is without coming up short or going over the green. I do play some courses that have huge, really huge greens. There can be a full 4 club difference between the front and back of the greens or maybe even a bit more. One thing I really don't try to do is hit a let up shot or stand on it try and get just a bit more. That usually never works well for me. So, let's say the pin is 100 yards but the back edge of the green is 110. I am going to hit my SW and probably come up just a little short (95) instead of trying to hit GW (110) and possibly going off the back of the green. Easier to putt 15 feet than to have to chip out of 2inch grass with the pin so close.
  13. Yep, easily understandable. I played in one a few years back, 4 man team, handicaps were 2, 5, 7, 9 and we shot 52 with no string or mulligans. Fortunately, because of the payout, there was another team playing with our group, so total of 8 on every hole. People were complaining that we cheated and the guys who played against us basically said..."it was real, we witnessed it". So, yep, it can be done.
  14. At the club I belong to we have Blue tees (7101), White tee (6529), Gold (6029), Red (5504) and recently added a marker at the beginning edge of every fairway which is Orange. Don't know the yardage on that just yet. That tee box is being used by beginners, ladies at their discretion and agreement amongst their playing partners and men who are over 80 years old. Now...if you play in the Men's Golf Association (MGA), they normally play from the White tees. However, if you play in the MGA and you are over 70yrs old, you are allowed to play from the Gold tees but you give up 2 strokes doing so. It is optional to do that. If you play in the Senior Men's Golf Association (SMGA), they normally play the Gold tees. But, if you are over 70, you are allowed to play from the Red tees and you give up 2 strokes. And, if you are over 80, you can play the Orange tees and you give up only 2 strokes or the same as you would give up by just moving up to the Red tees. Moving up in any case is optional. I can't really say how the Ladies play. Have yet to get to play in their group but we do have 2 ladies that play with the SMGA from time to time. Both of them can beat most of the seniors on any given day. I think the only time the MGA uses the Blue tees is during the Club Championship and only if you are in the Championship flight.
  15. Once the group ahead is out of range, whether on the green or not, hit the stupid ball. You can't reach them. Why hold everyone else up?
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