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  1. Interesting thread. I belong to a couple of traveling golf leagues as well as a couple of golf clubs. We too have to either respond to a call for players email or we have to call the club to get entered. Rarely do we have an event that fills up as quickly as the OP has indicated here. I would imagine in our case, we don't have what seems to be an abundance of members as the OP's club does. Sounds to me like OP needs to have a discussion with the Committee handling registration. Or he needs to do what we have to do if you want a good tee time on Saturday...start calling at 6:30am because
  2. First guy I noticed years ago who had it near the heel at address.
  3. The ball is not lost. The ball is "holed" and it is over at that point. No penalty for dropping and nothing else you do counts. ALWAYS look in the hole.
  4. Depends on how many times you play during a year and what cart rental fee is. I pay almost that much and it is a deal for me. Of course, I have played 124 rounds on my home course so far this year.
  5. I finally retired last August after 41 years 11 months 9 days with one of the largest oilfield equipment and service companies in the world. My last gig there was VP of IT. I must admit, I miss the professional interaction, getting to fly all over the world on the company dime, eating out at great restaurants worldwide and staying in very nice hotels. Do not miss the politics that were ever present the last 6 years.
  6. oh...bout that much. 😃 I read all your comments on this thread. Like you, way back when, I just lined up Titleist with the path I wanted the ball to travel on. Later on, I came to realize that was mostly a waste of time for me. I put personal markings on my ball for identification purposes but nothing to aid with alignment.
  7. I wish someone having lines on their ball was the most I had to worry about in golf. I could care less. It is not illegal, so it does not matter.
  8. Anything outside of 75 yards, I want to bring it in high because I typically will hit a full shot. Now, inside of 75, getting a bit too close for my LW so I tend to hit knock down type shots which will come in lower. If I can't reach a green, I prefer to be 75 yards or more out so I can hit a full shot. I hate 30 or 40 yard shots, especially over bunkers.
  9. I do miss the handshake on 18. Our deal now is we touch putter heads after the round. I still remove my cap/hat when doing so.
  10. Well, I am old so I play in the SMGA. We have regular "play days" on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and then a smaller group plays on Saturday afternoons. The MGA has a group that play every Saturday morning and then they have smaller groups that play around noon on Wednesday and noon on Friday.
  11. I play in a league which has people who play from the "regular" tees and then some who are over 60 who play from the "senior" tees. With the way the World Handicap System is today, you just use whatever handicap they have from whichever set of tees they are playing. That way we don't discourage anyone who wants to play from playing.
  12. Golf courses are something I usually can remember, some even hole by hole. As I said in my post, may have missed some. The states/countries I have not lived in, the numbers are small and I remember those well. To get my number for Alabama for instance, I went to the list of golf courses in Alabama and added up the ones I knew for sure I had played. Did the same for Texas and Southern California area. As far as South Carolina was concerned, in the Myrtle Beach area there are only 4 courses I have never played because I have to have someone get me on there. I also counted the MB courses th
  13. Are these executive courses? Have you asked the pro(s) there about the course ratings? I answered my own question about the course by going to the Crystal Springs website. The one course that has Gold tees and ratings is Ballyowen (maybe spelled wrong). On that course, Gold is definitely not intended for Seniors at 6508yds. It is longer than the blues (6060yds) and white (5531). So, looking at all the scorecards for the 6 courses...it appears to me that the yardages and slope ratings for the White tees would seem to indicate that is really for Seniors. At least the yar
  14. I live in a private country club gated community. My community and the surrounding neighborhoods are predominately white. To live in my community, you must be at a minimum a social member of the country club. We have a few African-Americans living in the community as well as other races. They are all in the minority. We have several African-American families who are golf members and they play. A couple of them are quite good. Can't tell you why more don't live here. We have lots and lots of people living here who were not born in the US. I heard a remark from a new resident's Mo
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