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  1. RickK

    Humidity revelation...

    On really humid mornings here in SE Texas, I quite often play with my left hand rain glove instead of my normal glove. The Titleist rain gloves of today are better than they were a few years back. Previously, I felt they needed to be wet or damp but the new ones I got (2018 version), they work just fine without being wet.
  2. RickK

    Putting Tips

    I have had my putting woes for a number of years. Pretty solid player for the most part but just never seemed to make putts that I felt I should make. I have had people tell me that I take the putter back outside, I loop it, I don't take it back on line, etc. I have struggled with trying to get this right. I could concentrate on watching my stroke with the putter and they were right...I was all over the place. Now...have I turned this around completely...not by any stroke of the imagination but I have definitely improved. I found that most of my problem was my stance. My stance promoted me taking the putter back to the outside and the loop it or sort of cut across the line. I got 2 yardsticks and put them down with about a putter head and a half width apart and then tried different address positions and stances until I found one that promoted a pretty clean back and forth stroke with no loop or taking it outside. I had been crouched too much, my hands were too low at address also. After all that, it comes down to being able to read the break and speed. Then, putt with some confidence. If I misread a putt but hit it on the line I was looking and speed i was expecting...then all is not completely lost. I also found that I was consistently low of the hole on breaking putts. Had to work on reading the break better and giving the ball a chance to go in. As I was told...there is more of the cup for the ball to fall into if the putt is on the high side. But on the low side of the hole, you have reduced the area of the cup the ball can fall into significantly. So, I would suggest you have someone watch your stroke or even film your putting stroke and see where the putter head is going. May not make any difference at all for you but I can tell you...it has saved me several strokes on the greens pretty much every round. Last week I had a round with 5 birdies and that had been almost unheard of for me in recent years.
  3. Well, I played for years without a rangefinder or GPS. I have not played for years with both. If I am playing a course I am familiar with, it really does not make much difference either way (with or without). Where I find it comes in handy is courses I am pretty much unfamiliar with. Not every course provides you with depth of green information. I find that more valuable than anything else.
  4. RickK

    2 holes in 1 in a single round

    A guy playing in a MGA tournament at one of the clubs I play at had 2 in the same round. Someone looked up the odds on doing this...astronomical.
  5. RickK

    How Hot Is Too Hot to Play?

    Hottest temperature I have ever played in was 107* No idea what the heat index was that day. But, we played and it was ok. Just had to drink lots of liquids to stay hydrated. Now...ask me what is too cold to play in, I can probably come up with a number. But have yet to find what temp is actually too hot to play.
  6. RickK

    Time On The Driving Range

    I should put in more range time than I do but I just don't do it any more. I would much rather go out and play. If I go to the range before my round, I generally hit 5 shots each with 7iron, 4hybrid, driver, 9iron...in that order. Then I go hit 3 or 4 sand shots and chip 3 or 4 shots. And, lastly go putt a few. This is a vast difference than when I was younger. Back when I had just turned 30, I moved to Houston and began playing with my boss and some of the other guys I worked with. I could beat everyone except my boss and the difference in my game and his was like night and day. I wanted to get better so I spent 5 nights a week for 6 weeks at a driving range working on my game. It made a huge difference. I never did beat him but I sure narrowed the stroke difference margin significantly. He had held his tour card at one time. We have a few people at my club who hit probably 150 shots or more every day the range is open. One is a young high school golfer and he is quite good. The others are old buzzards like me except in the fact that they put in range time and I don't.
  7. RickK

    Your First Set of Clubs

    My first set was a Northwestern starter set...3, 5, 7, 9, putter, driver, 3wood...at least I think that was the set makeup. Played with those for couple of years and then my wife's (at the time) uncle gave me his old set. They were a full set of Wilson Staff irons (2 thru wedge), Macgregor Tourney driver and 3 wood.
  8. RickK

    Melt down!

    Hey, I had a similar situation yesterday. Played lights out on the front 9 for me (2 over) and got to the back 9 and never made a par. It was all me. I lost my concentration after I let someone else releasing the cart brake in the middle of my backswing bother me. Never got it back. As I said it was all me. I just need to concentrate more and be able to stop my swing if I get distracted. I used to be pretty good at doing that. But, well all have days when it just does not come together. Sometimes it is concentration, sometimes it is fatigue, sometimes it is putting to much pressure on ourselves in a competition situation...it is golf.
  9. 5 seconds or less. Once I address the ball, I need to pull the trigger and let'r fly. I have never understood how someone can stand over the ball and freeze or continue to waggle the club for 10 to 15 seconds and then try to make a shot. Any other thought processes, for me, take place before I step in the address position. I pick out my target and any thought process about the shape of the shot or whatever has to happen as I stand behind the ball getting ready to address it. And, that takes only a few seconds also. I have had people time me just so I would know and generally when it is my turn to hit...gathering yardage, pick a club, picking a spot, etc...is usually about 20-25 seconds to do all that and also hit the ball. A lot of that also has to do with the familiarity of the place I am playing. If a new course...maybe 5 seconds more but generally not.
  10. RickK

    Newbie Long Time Golf Addiction

    Glad to see another golfer from the Greater Houston area.
  11. RickK

    Self-delusion, spelled G-O-L-F?

    One of the quickest ways for me to tank my round is to start thinking about score. I generally know how I am playing but I try to just focus hole by hole and minimize my mistakes. And, one of the worst things I can do is add up my score before the 9 is over.
  12. RickK


  13. RickK

    Do They Really Mind???

    To me, it really does not matter what you shoot as long as you keep up the pace, are pleasant to be around, don't throw clubs or temper tantrums, and don't curse and raise hell about your bad shots. I have never had a problem playing golf with people who were much better than me. I tell'em about what I shoot and off we go.
  14. RickK

    Cold weather golf?

    Bunch of years ago, 22 degrees at tee off. After 12 holes, and temp was only 24...we gave it up. In the part of the world I live in now, that probably would never happen. Too much moisture in the air and I don't know of any courses that open in that kind of temperature.
  15. If you consider membership fees (and then not paying green fees because I have a membership), pretty close to $11,000. Green fees at courses where I am not a member would be about $5000. I actually try not to think about it.

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