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  1. I remember this shoe from several years ago being ruled illegal for use by the USGA. But as far as wearing shoes or not...only course/club rules that I am aware of. A Golf Shoe Under Fire - The New York Times
  2. I voted Zero but the statement I never lose a ball does not fit me. And, I don't lose 1 or 2 a round. Let's just say it is rare when I lose a ball. I may go for days/weeks and never lose a ball and then play and lose 2 or 3 in one day. If the 2 or 3 happens, I am having a horrible round for whatever reason. Played 6 times week before last and never lost a ball. Played 4 rounds last week and lost 2 (drowned them actually because of 2 ugly 7 irons into 2 greens...same hole both times.
  3. Played in 1 tournament, a scramble event, and they had the 12" hole on holes 9 and 18. My comment "if golf were to go this way in the future, I QUIT!" Maybe for young kids event or something like that but sooner or later you need to progress to playing real golf.
  4. RickK

    Pace of Play Video

    I was thinking the same thing. Immediately in the video, "walking towards your ball". Not many that I play with do that from the tee box anymore. We are all just OLD. The video has a bunch of common sense that everyone should know. Oh...and the gal who was slow in her pre-shot routine (red cap/black outfit), she needs to get a different golf bag. She struggles to get her club(s) in and out of it. 😃
  5. When I was in my 20s and early 30s, I could walk, carry my clubs and play 54 holes without much of an issue. Now that I am in my 70s, when our group goes to Myrtle Beach each year, a group of us will play 36 holes usually 4 out of 8 days riding in carts. I am the oldest guy in the group that does this. I am ok afterwards. Good enough to go take a shower and then go out to eat. Get up the next day and do it all over again. 😃 The last time I actually played 54 holes in same day, I was 64 and we were riding in carts on a hilly golf course. Still did not bother me all that much. We did it 2 days in a row. It was fun.
  6. You say he made a "negative comment" but you did not tell us what the comment was. What did he say? And, how did he hit the ball? Just curious trying to gain more information before making any comment.
  7. You have been given the "official" Rules of Golf ruling. That said, we don't have the option of playing under PGA Tour conditions where they have crews to pump the water out of bunkers before allowing play. To that end, I play in 2 tournament leagues where play is under the USGA Rules of Golf. The committee has the option of declaring specific bunkers as Ground Under Repair...basically taking them out of play. This is only done in cases where a bunker is completely filled with water, such as you describe, and it is not applicable to every bunker on the course. If other bunkers are not completely filled with water and there is the ability to take relief inside the bunker itself...those bunkers are in play. However right or wrong this may seem, it is equally fair.
  8. I'm a little late reading up on this post. But, here is my take and opinion...FWIW. I am a member of a private club. This is my 5th country club to belong to in the past 50 years. My reason for each one of those clubs has been moving residence from one place to another. I live in a country club community. I had several options but what sold me on this club was the neighborhood and the viability of the club itself. Lots of country clubs have gone under in the US in the past few years. This club is solid, privately owned by an owner who is also the developer of the gated neighborhood where the club is located. It has a solid revenue stream. To live, or own a lot, in this neighborhood...you must pay an initiation fee up front and maintain a social membership at the very minimum. Lot sizes here range from 1/2acre to up to 10acres. Homes range from 3000sq ft to over 10,000sq ft. with prices all the way up in the millions. You can own and operate your own golf cart here as long as it meets the standard set for carts. While there are numerous millionaires living here, the club is very unassuming. The golf course is well maintained and generally some type of improvement going on all the time. Fairly easy to get a tee time or find someone to go out with. Pace of play is generally under 4 hours. So, all of the above is why I live and belong here. Now, that said...probably 50% of my golf is not played at my club. I belong to 2 tournament leagues, play in the MGA at a daily fee course in addition to playing in the SMGA at my club. I am old enough that I don't have a lot of other priorities to prevent me from playing golf very very frequently. I have been asked why I bother belonging to a private club since I play so much golf outside of my club. Well, that is pretty simple...I can go hit range balls pretty much any time I want for as long as I want. If I want to go play 3 holes, 6holes, 9holes, a full 18...I can do that easily pretty much any time I want. I have a regular group that I play with on Saturday and a different group on Sunday when I am not playing tournaments elsewhere. Plus...I like belonging to a private club. It is my "kind of thing.". Playing as much as I do elsewhere, if I could not afford it, might be a different story. But, I can.
  9. If I am invited to play at someone else's club, I always offer to pay and if that is declined, then my statement is always "Allow me to at least tip". Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't. When I invite someone to play at my club, all charges go on my club account. If they offer to tip, great. If they don't, so be it. They were my guest to begin with. I view it similarly to going out to lunch with someone when it is not business. If they say they will pick up the tab, same thing...I say, "How much is the tip, I will pay it." If I am picking up the check, I don't ask them to pay the tip but if they offer, I will let them do it. I have always looked at it like this...if I am getting to play a club I may not have ever played and may never get a chance again....great deal for me. The least I can do is offer to pay any tips. So, if I was asked to pay the tip...hell, I would just pay it and think nothing of it.
  10. Here in SE Texas, we were CPO for months during what is our winter and early spring. It was not fun. Now we are getting into the part of the year where we have that 10% to 20% rain chance every afternoon but usually not enough to soak the course. Now we just need the wind to die down a bit. Oh...and the #$%& gnats to go away. They are horrible.
  11. I don't recall you mentioning how old you are and looking at your screen name I doubt you are a senior. You have gotten some good advice here. If you are fairly new to the game, which I think I saw somewhere that you were, heed the advice given here. Also saw somewhere you mention drinking beer with your mates, so guessing you are not an early teenager. So, use some of the advice here but you need to work on your driving distance. Go some place and have your swing speed checked. You might also want to have your driver checked to see if it is what you really need to be swinging. If you have any athletic ability at all, I am guessing you should be able to hit the ball more than the distances you are getting just by figuring out what is robbing you of that distance. In the meantime, play those long holes to make no worse than bogey. Good course management can help you lower your scores.
  12. Did they get this ruling wrong...NOPE. I think they got a lot of stuff wrong with the rules changes for 2019 but by leaving the ruling about distance measuring devices and not allowing for elevation...they got that right.
  13. Not sure villain is the word but I cannot/will not root for Zach Johnson. Have never liked the guy.
  14. I play out of 2 different clubs and also play in 2 tournament leagues. It is a bit different in the 2 tournament leagues. Those have 1st flight thru 3rd or 1st thru 6th. In those, every flight gets whatever handicap they play 2. 1st flight in one of those leagues has a +2 handicap player. At the 2 clubs I play out of, the MGA/SMGA at those has a Championship Flight and then usually 4 other flights. Players in the Championship flight (generally +handicappers thru 3 or 4 handicappers play scratch. Then the other flights get handicap based upon their handicap index.
  15. Not in my pocket but either in my golf bag or in the cart. I do not use the phone for yardage information but have used it to call 911 for someone in the group we thought was having a heart attack.
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