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  1. RickK

  2. Do They Really Mind???

    To me, it really does not matter what you shoot as long as you keep up the pace, are pleasant to be around, don't throw clubs or temper tantrums, and don't curse and raise hell about your bad shots. I have never had a problem playing golf with people who were much better than me. I tell'em about what I shoot and off we go.
  3. Cold weather golf?

    Bunch of years ago, 22 degrees at tee off. After 12 holes, and temp was only 24...we gave it up. In the part of the world I live in now, that probably would never happen. Too much moisture in the air and I don't know of any courses that open in that kind of temperature.
  4. If you consider membership fees (and then not paying green fees because I have a membership), pretty close to $11,000. Green fees at courses where I am not a member would be about $5000. I actually try not to think about it.
  5. How long is your golf commute?

    Should have been an option for "Varies". I live in a golf course community and, by cart, it takes me right at 8 minutes to get from my home to the golf course. But, I also play in 2 different tournament leagues and the MGA at a club I used to belong to. So, my commute time varies from 8 minutes up to about 1hour 30 minutes. I play roughly 100 rounds ever year at courses other than the course where I live.
  6. Are Rangefinders contributing to slow play?

    My answer is NO, does not slow down play (unless you have no clue how to use it). I have both a GPS device and a laser rangefinder. I rarely pull the rangefinder out of my bag. I do play a lot of different golf courses during the year. If I am familiar with the course then the GPS device is probably all I need. If I am playing a course that has lots of doglegs or stuff that my GPS device does not show, then I will use the rangefinder to shoot those targets and get an idea where I need to hit the ball. I would say that 98% if the time, I rarely ever use the rangefinder to shoot the pin on a green. I have distance on the GPS to front/middle/back and if I have a general idea where the pin is located, that is really enough info to proceed. It really does not matter what device you use if you get the yardage and you are still waiting in the fairway on the group ahead of you. it can't speed you up or slow you down at that point.
  7. When your son out drives you.

    My son has been out driving me since he took up golf again as a junior in high school. But, he has never beat me. Tied me for 9 holes but has never managed to beat me for 18 holes. I know how to get in his head. I think if he had time to play more, he would probably beat me soundly almost every time we played. But, he can kill the ball off the tee. 300+ yard tee shots are not a problem. Sometimes he can find them after he hits them. :)
  8. What is Your Punch-Out Club?

    It used to be my 6iron but I dropped it this year for a 6hybrid. I use the 6hybrid now. Just play it back in my stance a little and hit my typical punch shot. Unfortunately, I struggle if I need to hit a low hook with the hybrid whereas with the 6iron...it was no problem at all.
  9. Real rule or a local one?

    While I do not disagree with you, I think both of us know that many many golf courses do whatever is necessary to speed up play and lets face it...there are a lot of guys who are out there playing who will never understand the concept of playing a provisional ball.
  10. Carts in your yard? Suggestions

    I am guessing that your home owners association probably has some restrictions on what you can put up along your property line since you live on the course. I know my association does. If they allow it, I would consider putting up a low 3 foot high wrought iron fence. A lot of home where I live have the regular height wrought iron fences but a bunch of them are the lower fences. I think they look really good. And, the cart traffic in your yard will cease. Not sure of the cost difference but I have seen some homes that have some type of black hardened vinyl fencing that looks exactly like wrought iron. When I bought my home, my neighbor on one side of me had that along the property line between us. My fence is wrought iron. She told me the fence was put up the same year mine was. It looks exactly the same as mine (actually probably better) 9 years later. Fortunately, my home backs up to a nature preserve and not the golf course. But, I am picky about my yard. If someone decides to park their car in front of my home and gets it up on the grass...I pretty much go ballistic. If I had golf carts coming up into my yard on the grass...I would not be very kind to the offender(s).
  11. Club preference

    ^^^ THIS ^^^ Don't buy them unless you have a chance to hit them beforehand. I have wasted more money on something "I wanted" only to find out geez, what a mistake. I thought I would like the M1. I hit it at a TM demo day with various shafts and nothing felt good. Then I hit the M2. Same thing...different shafts and came away liking the M2 with a particular shaft. They gave me the specs on the club and I had the pro shop order it for me. One of the best investments in golf I have made in years. My iron experience has been similar. I bought a set of irons that I really thought I would like without hitting them on a grass range. After a week of looking down at the ugliest top line on an iron I had seen in years, I traded them for different irons. (ended up being over $200 mistake). Just make sure they work for you before you drop the coin for whatever it is you plan to buy.
  12. Uneven tee boxes, why?

    $$$s come to mind and for many people just having grass on the tee box is a plus. I am fortunate that the tee boxes are pretty good at the clubs where I normally play. But the high cost of doing anything to a golf course prevents major improvements. If there are sprinkler heads involved, you can't just go in and drag it down level and then re-sod or replant grass.
  13. Grass Re-Growth Rate

    This is what I used when I built a grass putting green in my yard.....

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