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  1. Thanks. The valley is a drain. Since we don't have curbs and gutters we have this depression in all the yards. It runs to the lowest point on the block where there is a drain that moves water to the lake. My garage is actually not as tight as it looks. The garage door opening is 18 feet wide. I cannot fit my truck into the garage. Roof of truck will clear the door but depth of garage is a problem. The garage door comes down on my tailgate. When I come in, I fold my mirrors in and get close to the post on the right. My wife actually has plenty of room to come in and out of garage. I told her to use the single car garage on far right but she didn't want to. So, I park my golf cart in there. Beautiful lawn. Nothing nicer than a great looking yard fronting your home. Since we don't have curbs, I get real picky (and upset with them) if someone parks on my grass. I like that high grass edge along the street look.
  2. My front lawn. St Augustine looks nice but honestly...I miss living where I could have a bermuda yard.
  3. RickK

    Carry or Push?

    Pushing or pulling...don't care. Never liked either one. I carried my clubs for years. Would still do it if my back and knees would cooperate with me. Still, easier or not, pass completely on push/pull carts. It is just a personal thing for me. Never liked doing it, would not do it today.
  4. Not going to comment on "internal OB" on golf course which is where this thread seemed to get sidetracked to. Seen it many times and have not thoughts either way. OB is OB and so be it. The one rule I personally cannot stand is the new drop rule. Yes, we have had variations of how the ball is to be dropped in past years and since the changes in 2019 was supposed to simplify things...I would have rather seen the legal drop be anywhere from shoulder high to knee high...not specifically knee high. I have watched a fair amount of golf, played in a bunch of tournaments (no at really high level) and seen a lot of drops taken since January 2019. I would venture to say that 85% of the drops were taken somewhere between the waist and the knee. Most folks arms do not hang down to their knee. And really most just drop more or less at arms length downward without bending their knee. Is that illegal? Yep. Should they have to re-drop it? Seems like a waste of time to do it but to be legal..yep. So, this simplified rule just made it less simple...JMHO.
  5. Color of the tees does not mean a lot to me (almost 74 years old). It really has to do with yardage from the various set of tees at any given course. I took a look at 8 courses that I play fairly regularly and here are the yardages for what is considered to be the Senior tees...from shortest to longest. 5540, 5614, 5650, 5682, 5855, 6035, 6120, 6189. So, as you can see there is about 650 yards total length difference between the shortest course and the longest course from the senior tees. At my age, I am comfortable playing up to around 6300 yards. Of course, the length of the individual holes has a lot to do with it. The shortest course I listed, 5540, plays to about 6000 yards from the regular (green in color) tees. When I play there, I typically play the green or regular tees. I did not list my home course in those yardages. My home course is 6529 from the white (regular) tees and 6029 from the gold (senior) tees. From the white tees, there are 3 holes that due to penalty areas (water you need to carry) that I have to lay up on unless I get lucky and just flat crush a drive (does not happen often these days). But, I can still play from the whites if I am just careful. Just means I hit a lot of hybrids into greens instead of irons. Last week, shot 79 from the whites with 1 ball OB for the round. That is pretty dang good for me. It is just not as much fun playing 6500+ yardage so I generally play the gold tees with the rest of the seniors.
  6. My club sent out a letter just last week because of inquiries. I copied and pasted the pertinent items outlined below. The Waterside Grill/Banquets/Special Events: 1. Detailed cleaning policy of the entire establishment, every 2 hours, set in place and strictly monitored. 2. Sit down restaurant dining has been eliminated to adhere to social distancing requirements. 3. Take-out orders are available based on limited menu. 4. Curb side pick-up available upon request. 5. No gathering of more than 10 people and social distancing within the building observed of 6 feet. 6. Cancellation/postponing of all scheduled events and community activities. 7. Special “Family Style” dinners for take-out and catering orders being offered. 8. Take out of mixed beverages allowed with food orders. Golf Operations: 1. Detailed cleaning policy of the entire establishment, every 2 hours, set in place and strictly monitored. 2. Social distancing of 6 feet per person required and no gathering of more than 10 people. 3. Golf cart ridership restricted to one person per cart (exception for family members only) 4. Flagpoles to remain in hole at all times. Flagpoles cleaned 2+ times per day. 5. Rakes removed from sand traps. 6. Driving range closed until further notice. Putting green open and flagpoles removed. 7. Removal of sand bottles and coolers from golf carts. 8. Golf carts cleaned and disinfected after each round. 9. Cancellation of all scheduled tournaments and events. 10. Elimination of all shot-gun starts to minimize crowd size in favor of tee times. 11. Remove water stations on golf course and provide bottle water for free. 12. Elimination of course beverage cart. Snacks, beverages and ice bags available in Pro Shop. Fitness Center: 1. The Fitness Center is closed until the COVID-19 social distancing requirement is removed. 2. Membership fees for the fitness center are suspended until the center is reopened. Tennis Courts: 1. Detailed cleaning policy of tennis court area, every 2 hours, set in place and strictly monitored. 2. Water stations removed. The club is doing all it can to remain open and keep as many of the employees working as they possibly can. Our club is within a city that is solely within a gated community. The golf course is more busy every day than it has ever been because of the "stay at home" order from the county. Also, the golf course is considered to be a "park" and has not really had any issues staying open....so far. What we do have to do is practice social distancing. Also, the golf course is only open to members and their guests. Outside players unaccompanied by a member...not allowed. The county sheriff can show up at any time to make sure all the precautions required are in place and being observed. As far as golf membership dues are concerned...we are paying what we always pay.
  7. I also play in a league that has plus handicappers and some very high handicappers. Everyone plays to their full handicap. Much controversy came about over skins once we had at least one very low handicapper. The only good option was to split the skins pot. 1/2 of our skins pot is Net Skins and the other 1/2 is Gross Skins. When you sign up, you are in both...no option to play just one side. It has worked out really well.
  8. I just stated what is happening around where I live. Not saying it is safe, just telling it like it is for now.
  9. Don't know of any courses in the Greater Houston area that have closed and not allowing play. However, all restaurants and bars have been ordered closed. So, there is not 19th hole or grill at the clubs. Some are allowing you to get take out food but all seating areas are closed to public/members. As far as the golf courses are concerned, those I know about, they are removing the rakes from the bunkers and asking you to not handle the pin...just putt with it in and move on. Some are only renting carts to single riders as long as they have fleet to do so. Water coolers have been removed from the courses. Congregating outside before or after round is highly discouraged. From what I hear, because of the dictate for people to work from home where possible...the golf courses around here are booked pretty solid until late afternoon.
  10. I only listed courses I played more than once. There are a lot more closures I could name that I only played one time. Texas National – Greater Houston area River Ridge – Greater Houston area Stephen F Austin – Greater Houston area Kingwood Cove – Greater Houston area Willowisp Country Club – Greater Houston area Bluebonnet Country – Navasota TX The Falls – New Ulm TX Treeline Golf Club – Tomball TX Pecan Valley – San Antonio TX Tuckaway Golf Club – Oneonta Alabama North Birmingham Golf Course -= Birmingham Alabama Gator Hole – Myrtle Beach area Belle Terre – Myrtle Beach area Indian Wells – Myrtle Beach area Bay Tree Green/Gold/Silver – Myrtle Beach area Heather Glen – Myrtle Beach area Possum Trot – Myrtle Beach area Deer Track – Myrtle Beach area Robbers Roost – Myrtle Beach area Island Green – Myrtle Beach area Wicked Stick – Myrtle Beach area Waterway Hills – Myrtle Beach area Wildwing Wood Stork – Myrtle Beach area Wildwing Hummingbird – Myrtle Beach area
  11. I know of several courses where each year they offer clinics for beginners, does not have to be juniors. Encourage wanna be players to go to those. I used to help people who wanted to "get into golf". Back then I loved going to the range and beating balls. I would offer to go with them to the range (not the course) and help them. I would make it very clear...I will not go to the golf course with you until you can hit 9 out of 10 balls off the ground (not a tee) with a 7iron and get the ball airborne and do that consistently. If you can't do that consistently...you don't need to be on the course. And, unless they can get a ball in the air off the ground, you really can't do much with whatever kind of shot they are hitting. Managed to get quite a few people into the game by doing that.
  12. You have to remember, you can only win just so much without bringing scrutiny into the equation and the USGA yanking your amateur status. A great majority of the people who play in the World Am are not willing to lose their amateur status.
  13. Don't tell the USGA but we don't play for gift cards or pro shop credit.
  14. I really have no interest in hitting greens and spinning the ball back. Been there done that in the past. I much prefer my ball to hit and stop without much roll out. I have played lots of different golf balls. I do put a fair amount of spin on my irons. I kind of alternate between the Taylor Made TP5X and the Callaway Supersoft. But, have played many other balls which probably perform just as well. I just stay away from TopFlites and Pinnacles. That said, if I am playing on a rain soaked golf course getting zero roll and having to dig the balls out of the green when they hit....a TopFlite or Pinnacle is just fine.
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