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  1. I played a course last weekend. I had to play behind two retired ladies (I was playing by myself). I waited for them on every hole, until the 11th when they decided to have lunch and let me play through (they were 4 holes behind)... Anyways, apart from not letting me play through, they completely disrespected the course! If one of them would hit a bad shot, she would slam her club into the ground and then throw the club at her cart or down the fairway. I saw her throw clubs on at least 10 different occasions... I sometimes think that a golf etiquette test should be required before a person is allowed to go out onto a course. I mean, I had to take a golf rules/etiquette test to play Junior golf, why should older people have leave to be so disrespectful of the course!?
  2. Were you being serious in this post? So, on a 110 degree day, you would refuse someone who is wearing shorts? Wow. . . . I mean. . . . wow.
  3. William Willett, in part because he disliked having his golf rounds cut short by dark, conceived Daylight Saving Time. "The prominent English builder and outdoorsman William Willett conceived DST in 1905 during one of his pre-breakfast horseback rides, when he observed with dismay how many Londoners slept through the best part of a summer day. An avid golfer, he also disliked cutting short his round at dusk. His solution was to advance the clock during the summer months, a proposal he published two years later.[19] He lobbied unsuccessfully for the proposal until his death in 1915;" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daylight_saving_time
  4. Take the guy who hit your car to court if he refuses to compensate you. He doesn't have insurance, but he's still got to pay for your property damage. Just because he doesn't have an insurance company backing him, he still might have other assets that he can compensate you with (he has a car, make him sell it and pay you...) Also, sorry about your iPhone. My upstairs neighbors had a party last December (the night before my Corporations final...i'm a law student). They had the same thing happen. People started showing up that they didn't know, they had stuff stolen. Worst, I had my two bicycles stolen out of the garage. They tried to argue with me that it wasn't their fault that my bikes got stolen. They gave up on that when I got up to get some of my law books...
  5. Wow... So, I voted that I think a dress code is a good idea for a golf course. When I voted this way, I had a reasonable dress code in mind (e.g. Please wear a shirt at all times, please wear shoes at all times, please wear pants or shorts at all times). A dress code like the one I just suggested, I think, would benefit the game. I really don't want to go to the course to be paired up with a guy who takes his shirt off on the second hole... But you want to go so far as require "decent grooming." Not only do you want to dictate what I cannot wear, but also dictate whether I shave or not, or if I decide to grow my hair out (not that I would, I'm making this argument for those who do grow their hair out). What exactly is decent grooming anyways? Does that mean that a man cannot have hair longer than 3", or that ladies must have hair longer than their shoulders? If I wake up and run to the course without taking a shower, will that get me barred from playing a round until I take a dip in the lake? My brother went to a high school where they required "decent grooming." It meant that no one there could have any facial hair. Would you go so far as to suggest the same. No one with a two-day growth or a full beard can play the same course with you because heaven forbid you have to look at his facial hair? Decent grooming is a hogwash argument. Why not start telling me that I can only wear blue shirts on M,W,F,Sa and Green shirts on T,R,Sun? I mean, if you're going to tell me how to groom myself, you might as well tell me what colors to wear too... Like I said, I am fine with a reasonable dress code (such as, no shirt, no shoes, no pants/shorts, no playing), but when people start suggesting that grooming comes into play is where I draw the line.
  6. Either of you ever listen to the HP books on tape? Jim Dale is an amazing reader and won a few awards for his work on the series...
  7. Turkey, cranberry, sprouts, cucumbers, lettuce on wheat. This makes for one sleepy afternoon in the office.......
  8. $4.45 for the regular stuff. Was up to $4.75 two weeks ago... San francisco....wheeeee~!
  9. Fat Tire Chimay (Red and Blue) Blue Moon Spaten Optimator Samuel Smith Winter Welcome Ale Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout
  10. I don't drink during a round, unless its a very social event. My firm had a golf tourney this summer, free beer and booze on the course. I had a couple of beers and a JD, played a little worse than normal, but we still won. Other than than, like a few posters before me, I have enough fun playing golf as it is, so I don't feel tempted at all to get a beer on the course. Golf is hard enough as it is, why get drunk and lose my motor skills?
  11. mgoofy24

    I am FAT

    I am fat as well. 6' 230lbs. I've had an office job all summer, so that didn't help. I just got some dumbbells for home, so I've been doing those and crunches for the past week or so. Also, will be getting 2 hours of biking in each day (commute to school and back) starting later in August when law school kicks up again. Want to get down to 180-190 and fit in the suit I bought at the start of law school again... Need to cut out the bad meals and plan my eating schedule better to have small meals throughout the day...
  12. I would assume water because water expands as it freezes. If you freeze a gallon of water it will be more than a gallon of ice.
  13. What's the difference between beer nuts and deer nuts? Beer nuts are $3.49, deer nuts are under a buck.
  14. mgoofy24

    God is crying!?

    I actually enjoy playing in the rain.
  15. San Francisco is pricey. The driving range down in San Bruno might be a bit cheaper than going to Harding for a lesson, although I'm not sure. It might also be cheaper across in East Bay. I am in agreement with most people here though, solo lessons are much better than group lessons.
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