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  1. Ha Ha! I've had the reverse thoughts plenty of times when on the golf course. Watching a group of golfers hacking it left, right, long, short, fat, thin, off trees, in lakes, in bunkers, in bunkers again.... I've wanted to scream "Get off the damn Course and Go Practice Golf!!"
  2. Just curious about your golf leagues. Here is info on 2 of mine: 1. Jeffersonville Golf Course, Norristown PA, USA 19403 2. Men's and Women's league 3. USGA handicaps 4. 9 hole League every tuesday 3pm 5. 30 members but only 12 reliable ones. 1. Traveling League in Southeast PA 2. Men's 3. Custom Handicaps 4. 18 hole league every other saturday 5. 16 members.
  3. So title tells the short story. Long story is my tee shots sucked and my putting was horrific. I figure I had something close to 45 putts counting putts from just off the green as well as those actually on the green. What a debacle.... greens were FAST. I just never adjusted, kept blowing putts by by 10+ feet. Was playing proV1s. Other than putting I was hitting my driver thin and included a topped shot. I have been having trouble getting my club to the ball with the longer clubs. Not sure why, It's possible im doing a squat and coming out of it as i turn. Any ideas what would be the most likely culprit for thins and tops?
  4. Part of it might just be advertising. All we can realistically do at work is put up a flyer on a cork board. Word of mouth has not been super productive. Maybe I should post on craigs list or something.
  5. Interesting opinion. I have seen many, many 9 hole leagues. These tend to be the after work leagues.
  6. Bringing this up again.... My mother in law showed me a newspaper article pretty much detailing the point of this thread. it was saying that in the last 10 years golf has lost like 5 million players ( im assuming worldwide). here is an example of things they are trying.... 15 inch cup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/more-sports/score-15-inch-wide-cup-open-golf-article-1.1761994
  7. It still works, it's a cosmetic problem at this point. So i guess its constructed well as it survived a 140 MPH blow to the casing.
  8. Got my Radar!. Took some practice swings... right around 108Mph. did get it to 113 when i went as hard as I could, but I felt unbalanced. Anywho I started swinging with the headless club and tried putting some screws on it for just a little more weight. Was getting that into the 140's So guess what i did then! i started doing one arm swings and lost my spatial relationship to the radar. BOOM goes the plastic! LoL i shattered a hole about the size of a golf ball right into the radar and sent it flying. Ironically it still works!
  9. You hit one of my big points. I think its caused by many factors. One of the biggest is that if you're not willing to work 60hrs a week they can find someone else who will. It would only be an option if everyone said I'm not working more than 40 a week. Of course that likely won't happen, although I could see at some point in the future the government setting a lower work hour standard law, forcing companies to hire more employees for the same set of hours rather than have 1 employee work them all. So 2 people to work 6 hours instead of 1 person working 12... I feel that's where we are going... like pretty soon an entire walmart will be run by 3 people...LoL
  10. Started off shooting 120's. in about about 3 years I shot 69 (all time best). How? I played 5-6 days a week when it was warm enough to do so. Even played once when it was in the 20's and snow was on the ground in places. of course I was 15-18, golf was practically free.... free with HS and College and 6 bucks for as much golf as you could play on the weekends.... (those were the days....)
  11. Right. So the obvious next question would be why are there no young people with golf as a priority? It's no different than the original topic of the thread. I'm bringing up observations from 15 years of league golf. These are people who "say" they would like to play, but when it comes time to put up or shut up they always have an excuse as to why they cant.
  12. That's the point of the thread. Plans? ideas? etc etc... I'm going to try some of the overspeed work posted earlier along with maybe some medicine ball twists. i'll document results once my Radar gets in from Amazon.
  13. Yeah, ultimately this thread was about fitness and exercise, not technique
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