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  1. I'm a huge fan of the Bobby Jones Workshop Edition driver. Very traditional look at address and the ball absolutely explodes off the face.
  2. Graphite shafted Nike slingshot OSS 4-sw $300 Ping rapture 21* hybrid $70.00
  3. did you hear one of the fans go "I love your video game" lol. Im Glad it wasn't a you da man or get in the hole one. lol
  4. KZG is a nice brand of clubs and by no means offbrand, but not for a new person, I think the mizunos are the best for you
  5. A little coffee in the sugar this morning bud?
  6. I thought i found the deal of a lifetime when i found graphite shafted nike slingshot oss irons for $300, but today i found a pair of Taylormade r7 Draws 4-aw graphite shafted for $240. that 4 iron would also solve my hybrid delima. Because my oss' start at a 5 iron and i need a 3 and a 4 iron. so do i trade them in and wait a while for the hybrid or spend close to the same amount and buy 2 hybrids. my whole reason for trade in is because these nike's are too big and heavy, plus they are too forgiving. and i cant do flop shots which i use very often. :( i hate being an impulse buyer
  7. ok well i had a match with my school last thursday and got off to a good start with a par(almost birdie) but then i hit one bad shot and the round went to crap, but luckily it was called because of lightning. So i though well just a bad day, Wrong!!! I had practice yesterday and did absolutely horrible, chunking, topping, slicing, you name it i did it. Plus i have our regional tournament thursday. Please just tell me it was the golf gods hating me or is this just a bad string of days. How can i recover mentally from this.
  8. overrated-callaway, some taylormade drivers, underrated-adams no doubt, bridgestone, wilson
  9. I've been told that many times. But i took it as motivation. It made me want to prove them wrong.
  10. It woul have to be the lynx predator driver, it just felt like i was hitting a beach ball with a telephone poll. No feel what so ever
  11. well when my dad makes one bad shot he gets rather angry which distracts me and affects me, but if i hit a good shot he feels proud therefore taking the anger away
  12. Okay well this past Thursday was my first practice with my golf team. Well i have not played in about a month so i was expecting the worst. But my first hit was about a 110 yard 8 iron, and kept hitting everything nicely all day. So I'm asking, can a long break improve your attitude or even your game?
  13. i really hope he can get a real swing. He has a great mentality and has the attitude to be good at golf. Haney CAN do it, now will he? that a better question
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