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  1. Harvey Penick is amazing...i read it when i was 12 and again this year and it just gets more and more amazing each time...pick it up at all costs, its truely one of the best golf books ever...
  2. what branch of the military? i have a friend that just went to the Naval Academy (going to be a marine)...welcome to the forum
  3. I don't have one specific favorite, but i have a few great ones to mention for you... # 7 at Cohasse Country Club--A very short 320 yard par 4 with a downhill tee shot...the front of the green is guarded by a very difficult bunker, making the go for the green extremely hazardous...missing left runs the risk of two large bunkers and missing right is out of bounds...the green is a Donald ross signature postage stamp size, and behind the green is OB. its a great risk-reward hole. gotta love ol' donnie Ross. The entire shattuck Course is amazing. its soo difficult but so worth playing over and over. its target golf all the way, with little room for error, which is what i love.if you have a mentally strong game, you will prevail 100% of the time...great golf
  4. Erik, i really cant stand how childlike you are...your what? a twentysomething little geek who hides behind a computer screen all day looking to call people like me names like ignorant boobs? i think you have a lot of issues man. anyways, i didnt say it was a mac-pc debate, i was stating that i dont like the mac computer...the operating system is garbage to me...windows is easy to manage and its got more to it in my opinion... which is exactly that, my opinion...i have used macs before and i dont like them...so get off my nuts alright? haha people need to just chill out...this is some f**kin forum you got going here erik, full of uptight people who dont like a little off digression "THIS THREAD IS CALLED MAC USERS! YOU USE WINDOWS! AHHH IM BEING RETARDED! GO AWAY GO AWAY!" CHILL OUT PEOPLE...i dont care if nobody sides with me on this, its my opinion that macs blow, it doesnt mean you have to jump on me for it...get a LIFE
  5. i dont agree...my thinkpad was ready to go and the huge processor made everything so fast...plus my thinkpad is so reliable and so easy to use...windows is so easy to run, there are no problems with it, and it keeps my computer up to date with the latest things...its all i need...have fun replacing your mac in 2 years...
  6. we were playing a tournament and it was me (at a 1 handicap) and my friend (a 4) against two other great golfers. there was a monsterous 487 yard uphill par 4 that we were playing...both me and my partner put ours on the green and one pof the guys put it close. the other guy however, hit his OB... we went up to look for it and we had all seen it go OB, even his partner had said it...it frickin flew over the stake...so we went up to look just to satisfy the beriddled golfer and what does HE find? a golf ball...except it was different than the one he said he was playing...hmm so after a bit of an argument we let him hit, we were up 5 holes after 5 anyways so why complain...so he hit his shot and it went flying over the green..ok right? who really cares? oh no... "That wasn't my ball, i have mine right here!" yup, he said it...so after 5 minutes of explination and rules book pointing, we finally caught a rules official and he went and explained it to him, thank God...my millions of rules books paid off in the long run, and we swept the match 8 and 7... I love to win. but cheating is a low i will never commit to. I cant have a true handicap if i cheat, and its only going to hurt me to cheat...mind games are ok depending on the situation...the people i play with on a regular basis do it with me all the time, and they say I'm the only one with a tough enough mind game to keep it outta my head...thank God...the shit they throw at me is enough to make you cry laughing..."Hey mike, is that a 7 iron? my wife is 6 months pregnant and even her fetus could hit an 8...just so you know..." It gets worse, but those phrases cant be seen in public places...
  7. i dont know why it didnt stay up here, but i posted it before and so I'll do it again... I have an IBM thinkpad 7-60 and its all modded out so its going to do well with me through college...Can't wait as for Macs, i cant stand them...too boring, too inconvienent...we hed the desktops in school and the notebooks were used at my work for a while...just hated the damn things..i dont like apple in general..way too overpriced for the product they bring...nike anyone? IBM is the way to go...nothing better in my opinion, and ive tried the bulk of them out before i bought this one and tuned it up like a sportscar...this thing just cant be beat! so Boo apple HORRAY IBM!
  8. i probably wouldnt be too hard to cast one, at my course we have a regular putting green and a smaller one with the 2 inch cup...they get the same treatment so it's a great way to practice the accuracy part of the putt on course-like conditions...
  9. I had one when i was 13 years old (youngest member to do so at my course) it was a 190 yard 3 wood (i was 13, keep in mind) and it was elevated enough so that my dad and I didnt see it go in, but the couple on the tee next to the green started cheering and clapping and i said to my dad "must be close!" i wouldn't have guessed it ever...best feeling ive had, and im 17 now os hopefully more are to come...
  10. haha Im 18 and i dont get to choose either... I'm just not a fan of NJ when i drive through it because everyone there is aweful to you both on the road and off...just not a fan i guess...
  11. Thanks a lot Don (if I may) for the advice...its 10 right now so i dont think I'll get an answer but i sure will try soon, it's definetely worth a look right? thanks again for your help!
  12. I post this thread so as to see what people would like to change about the rules...It would be my hopes that people respond with ideas, however outragous they be, as to how things would change if you could change any aspect(s) of the game...from pointless rules to local rules to random game points, what would be different if you were the big guy? I'm going to throw out a few of my own, to get this started... 1) (this is just me being picky) did you know the maximum length of your Tee cannot exceed 4 inches?? Yes, i would probably never want anything more than that (i use a 3 1/4" most of the time) but i dont see how you can limit it...oh well, its just me being weird...i wouldn't have a limit on stuff like that... 2) I would like to extend the par for courses, meaning having longer pars, no limit to the size. maybe this could happen when we play on the moon and it takes our ball about 2 hours to land.
  13. i dont think it was off topic so much as it was further discussion... The whole technology deal is a very sensitive topic right now (i think I'm going to start a new threead about it in a minute). With new meterials and clubs like hybrids and alike being developed year after year, its hard to say that technology takes away from the game when scores arn't getting any lower... For instance, the R7 may allow you to adjust the weight, but for the average golfer, it doesn't alliow for improper swing mechanics...sometimes the adjustment in weight can amplify the undesired swing and push that 280 yard drive further into the woods... that being said, i think further technological advances in golf would greatly benifit the game...anything to bring more people in is a great achivement, and making it easier to begin is even better... As an equipment obsessed golfsmith myself (here is where i bring it back to topic) I am always looking for a new way to shape my shots. i have multiple hybrids (check out the ones they have on www.paradoxgolf.com ) with the movable weights and I like to hit them at the range. if i can blast a 240 yard 21* hybrid and shape the shot I want, what's the reason I can't use it? because it makes it easier? I still have to put the right swing with the right line with the right amount of spin with the right distance on the ball...call it what you want but DON'T call it easy...
  14. for a while i played with just a PW (48) and a 60* lob wedge...its how i became really good at hitting the desired shots with either...now im putting a 4th (have been playing with 3) in my bag so I can sharpen the short game and drop the final strokes i want to...i can hit the same shots with a 4 iron as i can with a 3, so i figure the 3 isn't needed
  15. gotta bump this just because im so interested...anyone? please?
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