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  1. mfm22

    Driver Technique Confusion

    You're releasing better with that feel . Catching ball on the up swing my have had you holding off release a bit Only saying this as I had similar issue
  2. Frustrating as it is there must be a few good pro's out this way ?
  3. Hebron sounds right - I agree for all the Golfers & courses here on L. I. not many decent instructors . Plenty of cookie cutter , teaching beginners but don't ask them about swing plane or angle of attack etc.. I have had a recent assistant pro that made an effort and it was appreciated but he wound up just trying various band aids - not what I'm looking for
  4. Mike Jacobs? Darrel Kestner & Jacobs are probably very good but they are very busy . Be nice to find a less known instructor that has some insight ... I've worked with busy pro's, one eye on you and one on the clock !
  5. I'm looking for some help / instruction / coaching - I'd like to make a few changes and work on full swing mechanics . I would love to find a good instructor and work through out the up coming season Anyone know of or worked with an instructor they would recommend ? - Needs to be on Long Island , want to keep travel time to a minimum [ long Island can be over an hour drive depending on where ] Not looking for the " big name " guys - but willing to pay for good solid instruction
  6. I've been looking back on some Mac Ogrady threads & you tube videos , Seems like some good stuff in there recently began using some of Ernest Jones "swing" feel , relaxed forearms / wrists and really see the benefits to using the forces instead of interrupting them wondering how mixing the the structure of something like Morad with the free swinging feel ala Jones Or is this just a recipe for disaster ?
  7. mfm22

    Pulling the Handle Inward

    The "pulling up " happens as a result of a posting up onto left [ right } side - The left shoulder rotates and rises arm is connected to shoulder so arm rises , club handle rises - club head goes forward into impact ... It's all necessary not new it will happen with good mechanics.
  8. Marvchamp stole my Thunder - Let the left heel rise if need be going back - coil don't slide don't have to think shorter swing ,just be more efficient . excellent description . Swing freely coming down getting weight into the left side is key ! Experiment with wrist tension if you can find a more relaxed wrist flex coming down the club head will naturally lag and you can gain easy yards good luck & think longer - wider not shorter
  9. mfm22

    Poor instruction is very common. Why?

    I've taken lesson's from a few different instructors over the last 12 years . Some were "Method " teachers - TGM & Carl Lohren to mention the ones I remember ... Honestly they were good instructors but way to methodical - imo A few in between were not very good and just spewed the same basic info to every student - It's a good idea to try to watch your instructor / pro work with a few different types of students and listen - see what they say - work on - if it's the same things be a little concerned as every body has a bit of their own DNA . I know most beginners have similar issues - OTT being a very common one Every student will respond to the corrections in a different way so the lesson has to fit the student - doing the same drill for every OTT student will yield some results but likely leave a few very frustrated folks The instructor I've worked with recently has been helping but not really finding the cause - just slapping some band aids . He tries hard and spends xtra time with me but the bottom line is WE are not fixing some of the issues It's hard to teach a complex motor skill without a well rounded knowledge of skill & most importantly the ability to Communicate with many different types of students - I'm realizing that I am more visual - need to see - copy for my own - then associate a " feel"

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