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  1. Best Shot of the Week

    I ripped my 5i today on a 312 par 4 ended up with a par because poor putting but I really launched that ball out of the tee box, set up my next shot for a pitching wedge
  2. What would you shoot at Augusta on Sunday?

    Probably in the temple or back of the head after about 110 strokes
  3. Driver/Hybrid problem

    Hey guys, I joined this website a while ago but have since forgot my username and password....oh well. Anyway, like the million threads before this one I am having major issues with my driver and hybrids. I am playing better than ever with my irons, more distance, straighter, better launch angles, the whole 9 yards (no pun intended). There is a couple of things about this issue that is confusing me. I put impact tape on my driver and hit the ball flush almost every time, still hitting worm burners. I went on a LM 3 separate times, consistent 270 area (indoors lol), pretty decent launch angle (10.5 club), low ball spin. The sales associate there said "you must hit pretty well off the tee." Sadly I used to, that's what hurts the most about it. I would like to say I am topping the ball but that is not what the impact tape says. I have been desperately searching for answers about this problem. I will definitely get a video of my driver swing up when I can (sore back at the moment). Its the same story with my hybrids, worm burners. I am able to hit the ball well with a 3 iron, way way way more consistent with my 3 iron than my 20 degree hybrid. I know that I am not going to get real specific answers without a video but I am just curious if anyone else has experienced this. When I first started playing I couldn't really hit long irons well but would BOMB hybrids down the fairway, hybrids were my go to club. At the moment with the 20 degree hybrid my ball position is where I would place a 5 iron and I like to think I swing the same, apparently not. Thanks for reading and I will appreciate any little tidbits that can help me. I will also post my LM stats when I post the video but for reference my ball speed is 150 with my driver. Thanks again