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  1. Awesome reply. I'll definitely check out that link. Thanks.
  2. My lob wedge and I don't get along. At all. I hate that thing. And I'm pretty sure the feeling is mutual. I can't chip with it. I can't flop with it. I can't do squat with it but dig holes and invent new curses. I'm very decent with most of the rest of my clubs. My irons and I get along great, especially my small irons. My PW and SW and I are great friends. My SW is actually very close to my favorite and most reliable club, after the good ol' 7i. But I can't hit beans with my 60* LW. I think when I upgrade I'm just going to go PW, AW, SW, and fill out the top of my bag a little
  3. 10/10: Nope. 42/50: I have witnesses. 3 of them, one the club fitter/swing coach that worked with me at the TM fitting. And Trackman data. Not that they do any of you guys any good. But the example should serve to illustrate that my swing is good enough to look past beginner's luck and into some fitting options. And I don't mean to sound rude, but it seems to me I have laid out plenty of evidence to support that the shafts are quite important IN MY CASE. You have given me an opinion, but haven't offered any evidence to support it. Though I agree with you on some of your points, I was candid
  4. So, if flex isn't an issue (or as big of an issue), can you clear something up for me? Here are my focus points: 1) Two different drives with S flex shafts, stock length, fly straight, while my R flex, stock length, curves. I also experience this problem with a friend's TM RBZ 2.0, which has a stock length, R flex shaft. 2) With both stiff shafts, I can swing as hard as I want to and still go straight. That tells me that my form is good. 3) With my regular shaft, anything I swing over ~75% arcs, which, when combined with the results from the stiffs, tells me that the shaft i
  5. Yeah, I'm on the same boat as dBrock. Other than duffing a wedge every now and then I make pretty consistent contact. My swing isn't perfect, but it's not too shabby. When I was swinging the TM JetSpeed and the Ping G25 with stiff shafts, I could crank them and it was beautiful. With my current driver, if I go full power, I pick up the most tremendous slice, but if I slow my swing down and only go ~75-80%, it flies. I have a fairly slow backswing and a fast downswing (don't know exact), so I'm sure my transition is pretty fast. Would that be where the torque rating matters? I assume pl
  6. What didn't you like about it? I don't really know anything about how a shaft is built, so the weights and all that is totally foreign to me. I just know I was told to look for stiff.
  7. I currently have a RAZR X Black driver, 9.5*. I've been to two fitters now who both agree that is the correct loft me, but they both want to see me with a stiff shaft. This shaft is going at a great price on RockBottomGolf.com right now, so I thought I'd give it a shot. What do you think? Would this club and shaft be a good match? http://www.rockbottomgolf.com/grafalloy-prolaunch-axis-golf-shaft.html
  8. Must've mis-typed my search. Thanks.
  9. I did a search for something along these lines, but I couldn't find a very recent thread, so I thought I'd ask again. From where I am in my game, I think I could benefit a lot from picking up a driving/catch net. I can't afford to go to the course or the range three times a week and I need to work on making consistent contact with the ball, and I think a net would be a great way to do that. What are your thoughts on these? Are they good for anything besides making sure I don't take out my neighbor's windows with a stray shot? What are the pros and cons of hitting into a catch net? Is on
  10. Sorry for the late reply. That site is awesome. I will definitely give them a hard look. Thanks!
  11. Really, I guess my biggest hangup on the entire situation - whether or not to go get fitted - is if you can extend a graphite shaft or if you just have to totally replace the shaft. I think that if a person could just lengthen it then I would know what needed to be done. If I'm just going to have to replace the whole shaft to get another inch of length, then I might as well go the distance.
  12. Thanks for the advice. I appreciate it. I actually have quite a bit of experience with GigaGolf. My oldest brother owns a full set. He's had them for about six years now and is really happy with them. I've played them a couple of times - we're the same height and within 15 pounds of each other - and they feel good, but honestly not a lot better than the Powerbilts I have now. He gets great results out of them, so to each his own, I guess. I'm actually pretty sure I know what lenght and lie adjustment I need because I have been to their site dozens of times. I've "custom built" se
  13. Buckshot, Tiger: Yours is great advice, and actually where I did start, but the problem is I'm 6'4". Standard length/lie clubs are actually detrimental to my swing because they re-enforce bad habits due to such extreme out-of-fit clubs. Otherwise I would absolutely be right there with you. I've taken a some lessons with three pros at my course over the past two seasons, and their diagnoses was that standard clubs don't fit. In fact, one of them sprung for me to put an extended shaft on my driver out of his own pocket because he was afraid of what the shorter length was doing for my swing f
  14. MVMAC - Cool. I appreciate the help. What is it that they like so much about them? I really don't have any experience with Taylormade other than their fantastic reputation. I spent some time last night visiting YouTube and other forums and kinda started leaning towards the Nike set, with the Callaways in a close second due to my experience with that driver. Both of those iron sets are supposedly really forgiving, which is pretty essential for me, and the Nike driver held neck-to-neck with the RBZ and RBZ 2.0 for distance. I'm not really an enormous fan of adjustable, but I fi
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