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  1. I seem to recall Faldo saying years ago that if there were no sponsorships they all would be playing Mizuno.
  2. Your Final 10 Rounds

    I have played them. Six out of 10 have public access. I am a member of two and get on one more based on reciprocity. The others took a bit of networking and schmoozing.
  3. Your Final 10 Rounds

    Royal County Down -- best course The Old Course -- best town and always in awe North Berwick -- most fun Lahinch -- What Ireland is all about Augusta -- best experience, fried chicken and olives Kingsbarns -- most dramatic Fishers Island -- most scenic Ballybunion -- best craic Cypress -- best combination of scenery and shot value The Misquamicut Club -- Home
  4. True. The only time the hole by hole net score matters in stroke play events (or qualifying rounds) is under many "match of cards" methods.
  5. There is also a misconception that he always crafted greens that were mounded like turtle shells. Most of that dome effect is the result of 100 years of sand top-dressing.
  6. After Ernie played Justin Rose walked over and look at the spot that Ernie played from. He seemed to be a bit puzzled.
  7. Slow play etiquette

    The St. Andrews Golf Club (UK) just implemented the following: Ready Golf Over the past year or so there has been quite some discussion on this subject by the golf authorities and club golfers in general. In the past, the etiquette of golf always gave the “honour” to the player with the lowest score at one hole in medal play to tee up first at each hole once the 1st hole has been played. So now we, The St Andrews Golf Club, would like to slightly amend the way we play in stroke-play events by adopting Ready Golf. Studies have shown that an average additional time that 3 or 4 people take per hole under the etiquette system, is 100 seconds for a 3 ball and 125 seconds for a 4 ball. The problem arises from the order in which the group plays from the tee. If the “honour” is with a golfer who must wait for the group in front to clear to a safe distance before he can play, the delay is estimated to be 3 minutes at its longest. In an average round, therefore, not counting par 3s, there is a potential saving of up to 42minutes per round. If we could see even a 30 minute saving per round that would be a great benefit to us all. Some members of the Club are currently using this method, but it is not the norm. The Committee of Management is now asking members to start adopting the Ready Golf method in an effort to speed up play. If you are safely able to play when the group in front of you are out of range please do so regardless of the scoring at the previous hole. Prior to teeing off in a stroke play competition please try to make sure that the Ready Golf method is promoted. Thank you all in advance. This will not apply to Matchplay events.
  8. Dave Pelz says this is the best method and if he was starting golf today he would employ it.
  9. How long do you use a golf ball?

    Until it proves itself disloyal and then it has to go. A ball that turns on you once will do it again.
  10. I played golf in St Andrews last week with a couple guys who are on the R&A Rule Committee. They said that the re-write is expected to be substantial. The primary goals are to simplify the rules and speed play. They only two items that both of them felt fairly certain to be included were allowing the player to leave the flagstick in when playing a stroke on the green without penalty and allowing the player to drop on the fairway (to avoid divot holes, loose impediments that might cause the ball move if removed and other irregularities). Many other items are being considered but without much consensus yet. The speed play goal strikes me as a bit hypocritical since the rest of the world seems to be heading towards the US handicap posting model which is one of the greatest causes of slow play.
  11. I have always suspected that Baltusrol was copied from the Misquamicut Club in Rhode Island. Misquamicuts first pro won one of his four US Opens there.