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  1. Oooh good tip. I am having trouble turning with my weight.. My shoulders are huge and I don't have the rotation I used to 40 lbs ago, lol. Working on the weight loss which will help more.. But will take this too the tee today when I play.. The right foot out tip is a quick one to take to the course..
  2. I have a small wager with a playing partner when Fred couples went cross handed? He claims it was at the beginning of the 1992 season and he won the masters Crosshanded. I distinctly remember it was later on that season during the tournament of Champions.. I seem to remember this because he played either his first round or a practice round with Davis love and love saw him on the first hole doing this and questioning it.
  3. I was B-Fit for Bridgestone TOUR B330‑S golf balls. 1. Rory McIlroy -12 2. Ricky Fowler -10 3. Phil Mickelson -11
  4. Thanks, I was told by another teaching pro I sent this video too that I reverse weight shift on the back swing, I see it there, I start my forward slide with about 1/8th of the backswing still to go, resulting in the head dipping back and putting more weight on my right side through impact.. will the drill you showed help fix that as well? He mentioned to pause a little on top, work on rotation instead of slide on the downswing then all will fall into place.. it looks like this karate chop drill might work with that as well.
  5. I've been Playing Golf for: 25 years, 38 years old. Competitive High School and College level. My current handicap index or average score is: 5 hdcp, was once a 1. My typical ball flight is: high draw The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: drop kick hook. OK, the drop kick hook is related to my club head getting to the ball before the hands do, I release early on the downswing. The angle looks great until here, the shaft bend is obvious rolling shutter effect.. I've always been told for being 6'5" and 370 lbs I have a great swing.. it's just that release point that kills distance. Average swing speed 102 - 105 MPH. Any helps or tips greatly appreciated! Videos:
  6. Thanks, I thought that might have something to do with it. However, I still am releasing early.. as you can see in the frame shots... what are some good tips to keep that shaft angle further down until impact?
  7. OK, getting back in the game again after not playing much last year, been on the course 8 times this year. I've been playing now for 25 years, at one point a 1 handicap golfer, now about a 5. I have always had this problem of releasing a little early on the downswing, now that I have just recorded my swing for the first time in about 4 years, I can really see it. I'm a big guy, 6'5" 375 lbs, have about a 105 MPH clubhead speed which could greatly be improved I think.. So, look at the frame by frame of my downswing.. I am hitting here a new SLDR 9 degree with a stock stiff shaft.. my old R11S had a Aldila Rip Alpha X in it.. I still have the shaft.. not sure if I should switch it out.. Anyways.. here's the shots .. and here's a youtube link of the full swing .. look at where the shaft flex is changing in the 3rd photo... way too early correct? I've always lost clubhead speed because of that move.. However, I can generally go around of golf and count on one hand the amount of mishit shots I have.. Now, a little more than that but that's simply a timing issue. Any thoughts? .. Switch out the shaft and go back to the Aldila RIP? ... any tips to correct that transition? .. I've tried a ton of ideas so far and nothing has worked correctly. Thanks!
  8. Can honestly say my Rocketballz factor is +17! Had a fitting today for my R11S at my local golf shop, they have a Trackman. I already had it setup about as good as can be although my swing speed has lost a couple MPH (must be because of beginning of season!). Swing Speed: 104 - 107, Ball Speed: 158 - 164, Launch: 10 - 11.. Distance: 280 - 285. Hit my Taylor Burner TP 3 wood, distance 235 - 240. Hit one of their Rocketballz Tour Spoon (I have one on order already through Edwin Watts), Distance: 253 - 257. ROCKETBALLZ Factor: +17!
  9. I majored in Computer Science and minored in Accounting. 15 credit hours is more than enough per semester.. loading up more will be tough. And that's not entirely true about coaches at the collegiate level... My division II school my coach was the head pro, and played on florida tours when younger. The assistant pro helped out as well who was also a teaching pro. Around here now, most of the DIII or community college coaches are assistant pro's at local courses. Our schedule usually consisted of 2 1/2 hrs practice every other day, and playing every other day. Practice was 45 minutes putting and chipping, 45 minutes 100 yards and in, 45 minutes full swings. Strict schedule .. helped a lot .. I hit the ball great now, I can't putt for crap because I don't put in the practice time. If I had my putting now that I had back then, I'd be unstoppable. If I hit the ball in college like I do now .. same way.
  10. Detroit Metro Michigan courses started opening last week. Our winter was fairly dormant, it was in the 50's mid January and people were playing. I got a buddy with an OptiShot simulator setup in his garage so we've been playing that throughout the winter. Just got out to the range twice this past weekend, was in the 60's yesterday. Today rain, but rest of week supposed to be 60's and sunny. Hoping to get my first round in tomorrow... gotta try out my new R11S on the course!
  11. I played at a DII school in the mid 90's as well. The program just started so they kept 12 players and the college course wasn't open yet. We had a competition day at our range the first day that had 2 practice holes, putting, chipping, and challenges. I finished in the top 3 out of 25 on that day. 2nd day we went to a local public course, left my bag on the bag rack to go putt, went back 15 minutes later and it was gone! The same bag but different clubs were next to it. Yet my set was stolen. I couldn't play that 1st day. The 2nd day I played with the coaches sticks which were Ping Eye 2, short and flat fitting when I played Titleist Blades 1" long and 2 up. Didn't shoot very well. Due to my 1st day performance the coach kept me on the team. Got a call from the course a few days later and my clubs had shown up, apparently a group just finishing had thrown my bag in the trunk by mistake. Anyways, I didn't get to play much competition my freshman year, only a couple events but it was a learning experience. I had to go through tryouts again my sophomore year. They kept 6 players so 6 spots were open. 30 competed. I made this one shooting mid 70's both days. I stayed on my junior year yet struggled with grades and my senioir year was the same. It's hard concentrating on school and golf, especially golf when your missing class alot going to tournaments. So... word of advice, don't fall behind the studies. Play a lot before tryouts.. as much as you can.. the more play the more consistent you will be! Play some tournaments also during the summer.. find whatever you can.. local city tournaments, county tourneys.. etc.. should be able to get in 3 or 4 weekend long tourneys through the summer at least!
  12. Just pre-ordered the 13 degree fairway wood through Edwin Watts... shipping on 3/15! I lived with my burner tp for 3 years.. my old Callaway Bobby Jones went about 15 yards further than that. Hopefully I'll get the 15 yards back with the rocketballz!!!! Oh, and just got a R11S to replace my G10 ... bag revamp for start of season!
  13. 5 over going into 17.. 195 yd par 3. nutted a 5 iron to 15 feet. proceed to 3 putt.. lost the hole to partner getting up and down. last hole, put a wedge to 5 feet for birdie.. 3 putt ..lose the hole by 1 and the match. :(
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