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  1. Phil was on morning drive today and said that Bones will be getting lots of inbound calls from top players on tour...I'm guessing he wouldn't have said this if he thought Bones was hanging up his looping shoes, but who knows. It'll be interesting to see where he lands on or off the course.
  2. I watched a decent amount this week and Spieth had his B- game at best...and still won. And he became only the second player in the modern era (next to Tiger) to rack up 10 tour wins before age 24 (apologies to those who watched network coverage and already heard that 100 times from Nantz et al.) The guy is a legitimate gamer and those who continue to claim he isn't that good are starting to look like the Japanese soldiers who continued to fight in the Pacific for years after the war was over.
  3. Interesting. I would be all for hearing what he has to say vs. many of the usual talking heads But in Phil's cases, they often are :/
  4. Your stats were good and I was honestly surprised how solid Rory has been of late. No doubt that it's just a provocative discussion to have...he's an entertaining talent and character to talk about. As much as anything against him, I continue to be amazed how strong and deep the fields are now and how many world class guys one has to beat to win a major.
  5. Not sure what this means, but for the record; I think he'll never win another major because: 1.) his putting sucks. 2.) injuries will continue to nag/sideline him 3.) Field strength keeps getting better I never said Elk's comments (apathy) are why he'll never win another. Just that there could be a shred of truth in his comments.
  6. Agreed. IMO he's always had a little man's complex and tries to overcompensate via the aggressive weightlifting, swinging out of his shoes (probably causing some of his back problems), boasting about his bank account, and worrying about what guys like Elk have to say about him. Maybe he can use that complex to stay motivated....but yea, if he keeps putting the way he has been, this whole discussion is moot because he'll become irrelevant in time either way regardless of how 'driven' he may or may not be.
  7. being a bit (or a lot) facetious. He tends to just think very highly of his game IMO
  8. Johnny has a propensity to think he's the GOAT as we all know, but yea, in this case I can understand him being a bit peeved at having his record broken this way. There was a seemingly never ending train of people this weekend that had a putt to tie the record...Johnny's round at Oakmont wins in a landslide.
  9. Pretty sure comparing Rory's practicing/training to Elk's is conflating... Elk's own training regiment 20 years ago is irrelevant....it may be relevant to assess how big of a d bag Elk is in making the comments, but not to whether or not he may be right about Rory. Either way, I don't really care. Like I said, I don't know all/any of the reasons Rory's game is in decline but I think it is and I don't think it reverses. Guys like Koepka and Rahm are already better than Rory and only getting better and Rory is going the other direction.
  10. I would be willing to bet most anything on that. Impossible thing to quantify IMO without stalking the guy or his coach. Maybe he does, honestly I have no idea. Again, just because Elk is a d bag doesn't make the comments entirely baseless. Maybe they are, but the message and messenger need to be separated to have an honest debate here.
  11. You didn't actually offer any counter opinion; i.e. something along the lines of stating how much Rory has been practicing, etc. Something. All you did is try to say that I couldn't prove my opinion with facts.
  12. Of course, yes I know. In the absence of facts, all we can do is speculate and discuss. That is the purpose of this forum. It's not fun to debate facts. Wasn't trying to 'prove' anything. Just offering up my $0.02. Simple as that. Opinions are all we have in sports hypotheticals.
  13. Guys, calm down here. Just offering my $0.02, no different than anyone else. All I've said is to me something seems to be missing with Rory . He could very well come out and rack up 5 majors over the next three years, who knows. I wouldn't be surprised either way. When I see guys like Koepka now, they have as much horsepower than Rory and have a more complete game. Rory doesn't seem to be getting better while everyone else around him is. The reason- I don't know, but if I had to bet, I would say he never wins another major.
  14. ....OK. This is a sports forum where we just discuss opinions based on what we see with our eyes and ears. Yes, there's no quantifiable means of measuring god given talent or internal drive. These are subjective topics, just as most everything on this forum is. Not sure what your point is, other than just your usual attempt at de-legitimizing opinions that don't jive with yours.
  15. No I don't think so. That's not the implication. He obviously has a ton of talent and love for the game, just as all of the greats have had. But when you have hundreds of millions in the bank before you're 30, it's natural to lose at least some drive. That's human nature, not specific to Rory. Some guys have enough internal drive to rise above it and have such a fierce competitive nature that it doesn't effect their game, but I'm not sure that Rory has that. We'll see.