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  1. I’m somewhere between No and something else (voted no). As someone who has had the putting yips before, his problems did not seem akin to the yips at all to me.
  2. Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    Yep, assuming he doesn't have any setbacks between now and then my money would be on Hero.
  3. What is more likely to happen?

    Yea I would vote amateur for all the reasons already mentioned. I know some club pros with a lot of game, but like others have said, their schedules just don't allow them to practice enough.
  4. Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    Let's just hope Tiger doesn't try to come back at Torrey again- that course is too hard and it's too cold there in the mornings for his 150 year old back. I would love for him to wait until the Florida swing...maybe a comeback at Bay Hill to help re-elevate that tournament in honor of Arnie?
  5. Sums up my thoughts. I used to try to mimic that move when Sergio first came on the scene....needless to say, it didn't work for me.
  6. 2017 Presidents Cup Thread

    Good point IMO, didn't think about that.
  7. Cutting the cord

    thanks for moving mods and thanks to all for the help. Apologies for the duplicate post
  8. 2017 Presidents Cup Thread

    This could create some complications/unintended consequences but it makes enough sense to me that I would be for it. Realistically though, the rule is going to stay as is.
  9. When does the PGA Tour season start for you?

    I'm sure I'll watch some golf this Fall but typically I don't pay much attention again until sometime around Torrey or Phoenix.
  10. Is golf more mental or physical?

    Well my God, if it's already been 'proven' on here how day I say otherwise. Suffice to say we strongly disagree but there's not much point in me saying much else other than to add that many pros who have had the yips through the years disagree with you and whatever has been 'proven' by TST gods. Not sure why people are getting so worked up in this thread.
  11. Cutting the cord

    So now that our local cable company has increased our monthly bill for the umpteenth time (now $200/month for cable and internet), I've about had it and want to join the other millions of Americans who have cut the cable cord. Basically the only things on TV I watch are golf and college basketball. So I'm wondering from fellow golf fans out there who have cut the cord- how are you able to watch tournaments and are you limited in what you can watch without cable? I enjoy watching golf channel but it seems like there's no way to do that without a cable subscription....am I wrong on that? Any help would be much appreciated.
  12. Is golf more mental or physical?

    I haven't had a chance to read much of this thread but I would say it can be both. At times the physical can far outweigh the mental and in other cases it's the other way around. Anybody who says it's all or mostly physical has never had the putting or chipping yips. I had them bad in my junior playing days (state and high school tournaments) and it's crippling and can far outweigh whatever physical ability a golfer may have. Think back to Ernie's yips at Augusta a couple of years ago. That is when the mental side of the game far outweighs the physical side. Golf is unlike other sports that are based on reaction AND repetition. The golf swing is about repetition and muscle memory but it lacks the reaction component since the ball isn't moving- this is where the mental demons or strengths of a golfer are allowed to live and thrive.
  13. 2017 Presidents Cup Thread

    Yep as bad as the competition is and will likely continue to be, the tour won't change much about the event as long as it's generating the kind of $$ they want. As for Spieth, his heart was in the right place- he stopped the ball because the crowd was yelling for it to keep going but not much you can do about a rule that's on the books. The internationals tried to concede the next hole they felt so bad about the situation.
  14. 2017 Presidents Cup Thread

    It is and always will play second fiddle to the RC and that's fine. But beyond that the event has suffered from lopsided competition like we're seeing this week. If this keeps up for the next few years (which I think it will given the young deep talent pool in the US), I don't know how the tour can really continue on its current path for the event. The international team pales in talent compared to the US squad. (Avg world rank of 15 vs 30). This isn't is a dig at the internationals, just a testament to how stacked the US team is and will likely continue to be.
  15. 2017 Presidents Cup Thread

    It's a shame but this event is going to approach full blown irrelevance in the future if this keeps up. I'm still of the mindset that even a bad team match play event is better than a solid stroke play tourney but there's not much hope that this will be a compelling event anytime soon.

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