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  1. Neither Rory Nor JDay Will Win Another Major

    I've been vocal on here about how I feel on the future of Rory's career. I actually think JDay has a higher probability of winning a major again than Rory does, but yea, I don't think either one wins another. Rory has built one of the best driver swing the game has ever seen...the problem is he now can't take that swing and hit the ball of the ground - he's DFL on tour from 120-140 yards. That's a big problem considering he has that distance more often than not on his approach shots thanks to his bombed drives. Layer on his health issues, poor putting, and potential lack of hunger, and I don't see him winning another major. I also think he's severely downplayed his health issues to get/maintain sponsor $$s (I don't blame him, plenty of players do)...I'm guessing TaylorMade will soon be regretting their $100M investment in him if they're not already. I think JDay still has the drive to win and obviously the all around game...to me it's a question if his health holds up and unfortunately I don't think it will. I'm not a big Rory fan, I like JDay a lot, so I hope I'm wrong.
  2. Parity on tour

    I never said it does...I said the short term benefit of maybe being able to get a bit more distance is offset IMO by a shorter career. And bulkiness/strength does not= distance in golf. I think the emphasis should be on high rep/relatively low weight workouts as well as flexibility. I think the aggressive weight lifting coupled with the modern day swing (still lower body coupled with huge amount of torque on upper body) will continue to lead to shorter and shorter careers. FWIW Trevino and many others from the previous generation share this thought- there's a good discussion about it on Feherty's 100th episode. Rory and Jason Day can hit the paint off the ball but their careers are both on the decline due to health and they're in their freakin late 20s. Tiger won his last major at 32. Something is seriously wrong with that.
  3. Parity on tour

    Maybe this goes without saying but "working out" is a hugely broad concept. I think most would agree that some degree of weight and flexibility training is important for a pro golfer. It's a question of where do you draw the line and IMO the dead lifting/high impact lifting that Rory et. al are doing is complete nonsense and going to hurt their game more than it helps by shortening their careers. Guys like Ernie, Phil, Jack, and Tom Watson who have taken a fitness approach to the game have had amazingly long careers with minimal injuries. IMO the extreme 'athlete' approach to the game gives you a career up to ~35+/- like you get out of athletes in other sports.. Frankly, I'll be amazed if Rory and Jason Day are still playing with any form by the time they're 35, which is sad to think about.
  4. Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    I wouldn't think so given the circumstances. If it did, they could just give him a token 6 month suspension starting now with the expectation that he won't be playing for the next 6 months anyways. But considering the debt the tour owes Tiger and the fact that he's (hopefully) gotten help for this stuff, I don't see them being heavy handed like that at all.
  5. Parity on tour

    I don't know....I think parity is OK up to a point but at some point it would be nice if the current crop of young guys (Thomas, Koepka, Rahm, etc.) stepped up and started stringing together multiple major victories. A bunch of one and doners is not good for the game IMO. More importantly (but I don't see this happening) it would be nice if some actual rivalries developed in the sport. Sports is best IMO when you have rivalries driven by mutual respect between fellow competitors paired with a bit of disdain (Byrd v Magic was the best example of this in sports history IMO). Nowadays everybody is buds and goes on Spring break together...that doesn't sit great with me. As it relates to the poor ratings, Shack calls it the Kumbaya effect. http://www.geoffshackelford.com/homepage/2017/8/14/36-2017-pga-ratings-lowest-since-08-whats-up.html
  6. Yep I think you're probably right. I don't think golf is in a bad position, I just think the tour should continue to make some adjustments (schedule tweaks, shortening season, etc.) to keep from getting over its skis too much.
  7. Pretty ugly ratings...although the crows were large and raucous (in a good way) in Charlotte this weekend. I wonder how long the huge payouts and weekly tournaments can sustain itself on tour in a post Tiger world. I think ultimately there will need to be fewer tournaments and smaller purses, but I'm guessing the tour won't make a change until absolutely forced to.
  8. I fairly strongly dislike NFL football and I still watch a lot less golf once the PGA is done....really once the Brit Open is done.
  9. I live 100 feet from one and have played golf my whole life in Virginia and NC- so yes, I've played plenty with a lot of regularity. The one next to my house is most often sloped hard back to front, and full of subtle but not overt breaks in between. Others like Cape Fear have more of the design you're talking about. Either way, IMO, his greens (if they haven't been redone through the years) are just more subtle than most aggressively sloped (often gimmicky IMO) modern greens today. Either way, off topic a bit, we can agree to disagree otherwise
  10. They are sloped hard back to front (so yes, not flat) but don't have the countless huge rolls and contours that modern day designers try to put into greens.
  11. Yea from my experience frequently playing a couple old school Donald Ross courses (relatively flat, subtle greens), one of which now has this grass, my $0.02 is that you're both right. They were hard to read to begin with, and this type of grass probably makes it even a bit harder.
  12. Phil's game is definitely starting to look his age. Kind of sad, but I think his 'window' is probably shut.
  13. I hate the taste of crow, but if Spieth doesn't win I wouldn't mind seeing Rory win
  14. I'm watching at the moment but I'm having a hard time getting excited about this event. Not that I'm ever that excited for the PGA, but my interest is especially low at the moment. If Spieth is in contention this weekend or if there's another good story line, I suppose that could change.
  15. PGA Championship Moving to May

    I'm not saying they've necessarily excluded southern ones in the past, but yea, the North and Midwest/Great Lakes seem to get more than a fair share of PGAs historically....NY/NJ have three of the next six PGAs. I know you have to go where the big populations of people are to some extent, but off the top of my head I would like to see the likes of Austin CC maybe get one, throw in a desert course, and maybe something like Shoal Creek in Alabama.