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  1. I think most expected Tiger to be in the mix this week as the course should have set up well for where his game is at this point in his life. Unfortunately, I think the damn marine layer and cool temps really effect his body and ability to compete (he said as much).
  2. Yes, Brandel questioned his ‘toughness’ during Masters coverage and Brooks has taken issue with it a couple times now, including yesterday. I’m not a perennial Chamblee hater like many, but his take felt particularly forced, misdirected, and bizarre. Basically he was angered by the story that Brooks lost 20 lbs for the Espn mag and had to attack him for something...but because there isn’t much to criticize in his game Brandel tried (and failed) to draw his toughness into question.
  3. Apples and oranges. We always knew that Jordan’s game could come and go because he isn’t long and is overly reliant on putting and iron play. For Rory, we knew that he had all the physical talent in the world but was mentally fragile. Brooks seems to have the full package of endless talent and ice water nerves. Sure, it’s golf and it could all fall apart for him at any time, but I don’t see it happening. It’s starting to really feel like he may win 50% of the PGAs and US Opens for the next decade.
  4. This one may be over before it started. This course is too perfectly setup for Koepka and he’s too damn good.
  5. There isn’t a clear ‘winner’ (loser) for this category out there right now IMO but Rickie gets my vote. Yes he’s probably overrated relative to the attention he gets, but he’s a really solid putter and flights the ball too well to not pick up a British Open or Pebble style US Open at some point.
  6. It was merely an anecdotal take. Based on the eye test and the RC selection process aside, the composition of the tour today looks drastically different from an athletic talent standpoint than it did 15 years ago. Is the universe of people with access to the game dramatically different? No, but the universe of top tier athletes who decide to pursue golf is (thanks to Tiger).
  7. As the No Laying Up guys recently pointed out, if you want to see how much of an impact Tiger has had on the quality of tour players, go back and look at the 2006 US Ryder Cup team. The bottom half of the team is laughable. Compare that to the 2018 squad where Webb Simpson and Rickie are the weakest guys on the team (based on resume). 1997-2010 IMO saw the ‘normal’ increase in SOF. From 2010-today we have seen a ramp in that rate of increase due to the coming of age of kids who got into the game (or got better) because of Tiger. Brooks and DJ are the most obvious examples IMO but there are countless others. It’s hard to imagine them playing golf, or at least approaching it the way they do, without Tiger paving the way.
  8. IMO it’s hard to overstate how important today is for Tiger’s legacy. Yes people will say he was the GOAT before today and all of this is just gravy- and that’s fine- but I think without today, in 30+ years, he would have been remembered as much for what he didn’t accomplish as for what he did. For those who didn’t get a chance to witness his greatness first hand, I think the history books would have partially remembered his fall from grace, injuries, etc over his incredible talent and accomplishments. Well I think all of that noise gets thrown out with today. Peak Tiger has always been the greatest the game has ever seen. That has never been a highly debatable topic IMO. The debate in my mind at least has always been whether Tiger’s career was better than Jack’s. I’ve always been split on that question (and never voted on this thread) but after today, Tiger has answered that IMO.
  9. Gotta be the greatest comeback story in the history of sports. Absolutely incredible.
  10. If Reed and Poulter were to win the tournament in consecutive years, I think the Masters may need to be cancelled.
  11. As someone who has a tweaky neck I can take Tiger at his word here. I’ve strained my neck before and thought it would be better in a few days and it’s ended up taking a few weeks to really feel better. Not comparing myself to Tiger, just saying that the neck is fickle and tough to predict. Neck strains are ultimately minimal on the injury spectrum but they can be debilitating in the short run.
  12. I walked my comment back after Phil was at least a bit less borish about it in the post round interview, but yea pissy is a good word to describe his behavior. Ultimately, Casey saved him from another image/PR blubber because if they had somehow finished in the dark it would have just looked like Phil bullied him into agreeing to it (which is what Phil was trying to do).
  13. I’m glad Casey put his foot down a bit and called it. It was dark and they had no chance of finishing two more holes.
  14. The captain unilaterally (in theory at least) picks 1/3rd of the team and 100% of the pairings. That’s a hefty influence. More so than any coach in any professional team setting as usually the coach’s ability to outright pick a large swath of the team is going to be quite limited. That said- from a credit/blame standpoint, I would say it’s somewhere around 70/30 players to captain.Both teams are playing the same course so I don’t think it’s rational to assign anything to the course.
  15. I’m worried this Reed-Spieth drama is going to disrupt what could have been a great pairing for years to come and infect the team room in future years. Hopefully things will settle down with time.
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