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  1. I would be all for a mixed doubles event...maybe top 50 in the world of each gender? Any male that doesn’t participate gets shamed for not caring about gender equality and growing the game 😁.
  2. Key word- pretend. Just like with the FedEx cup- pretend importance. Anyways, I’ll agree to disagree as I care about as much about the poty award as I do the FedEx cup...
  3. What’s complete BS? You really think Rory would rather have his FedEx cup and players wins (and whatever other tournaments he won) this year over another major? Dream on dude- if Rory is being honest, he takes Brooks’ year over his and it’s not particularly close.
  4. I’m all for no bunker raking, no yardage books, no green books, and an enforced shot clock, but yea, rolling the ball back would have the largest impact.
  5. I guess it’s a popularity contest... which season would Rory of rather had- his or Brooks’? I’m betting on Brooks’ which makes his POY win a bit idiotic in my book. To the topic of this thread- I don’t think Rory is overrated but I do think he’s underachieved.
  6. Brooks’ outspokenness on slow play has converted me from a ‘meh’ observer of his to a full blown fan. Love it and love how much it bothers BDC.
  7. I wish Brooks had been playing with this clown... he probably would have gone ahead and started playing the next hole. Most of the tour’s problem, including slow play, all stem from the same issue- the tour treats the players like privileged royalty at the expense of the overall game and entertainment product.
  8. I would take the other side of that bet.
  9. I’ve been on the sidelines with Zinger and cautiously optimistic that he could be serviceable once he gets some reps under his belt....but he was pretty bad this week.
  10. Historically, golfers who are playing at the level Brooks is playing have been assholes. That said, Brooks isn’t one. Slow play is a cancer in the game and he’s right for calling attention to it.
  11. Question for those from Ireland or the UK...or frankly anyone from Europe with more context than me. Shouldn’t N Irish fans generally be more supportive of Brit players (Fleetwood, etc.) than Lowry? I’ve been a bit surprised this weekend by how overwhelming the crowd is in favor of Lowry. Granted, I’m sure there are plenty of Irish (Republic of Ireland) fans in attendance but just curious.
  12. It ranks up there with the ‘99 US Ryder Cup shirts.
  13. No and he probably won’t. Still a bizarre choice as someone to single out in their own thread as being overrated with there being many other more deserving names to mention in that category. I would wager on him winning a major long before Rickie.
  14. Fleetwood must be a TST reader. Good call Phil.
  15. No, sorry for the confusion. Even I know better than that 😁
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