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  1. I’m kind of hoping they don’t reschedule for later in the year. As much as I love the Masters it would just feel weird for it be played in the Fall or the dead of Summer.
  2. This course is great at creating really weird/uninteresting leaderboards.
  3. skydog


  4. I bought pga tour live to watch Cat on thurs/fri after he started going low on the front nine Thursday. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- as much as I love getting to see Tiger during this stretch of the season, I kind of wish he would forego the west coast swing for the sake of his health. It’s too cold along the Pacific this time of year for his back/joints- 45 degrees when he teed of Friday isn’t what his body needs.
  5. The top players on tour- the ones who actually put butts in the seats- are subsidizing the salaries of the ‘average’ tour pro. The 100th player on the money list is not contributing the $1 mill+ in value that he is pocketing. Meanwhile, Rory and Tiger are contributing infinitely more in value than whatever they are making on the course in any given year.
  6. Phil is not aging well...and I’m not talking about his game or looks or any of that. He just seems to be coming off the rails over the past few years and having a prolonged mid-life crisis. This is now part of an ongoing fact pattern of head scratching decisions from him.
  7. I would be all for the PC being nothing but captain’s picks. Would make it more fun and differentiated from the Ryder Cup IMO. Also, the tie concept is incredibly weak. In the event of a tie, have the captains pick one player to go sudden death for the win.
  8. People are still missing the bigger picture here. The announcers are not the main problem at CBS- everything else is...the absurd number of commercials (roughly one commercial per golf shot shown) the countless corporate plugs during coverage, the endless clips of dogs running on the beach. Actually showing golf shots seems like an inconvenient means to an end for CBS.
  9. The CBS telecast has chronic structural issues- the mind numbing volume of commercials and other brand plugs (Insperity leaderboard, Wyndham rewards nonsense, etc) drown out the few golf shots we get to see and leave me feeling like I took a quaalude after watching for 30 minutes. Getting rid of these guys is at least encouraging if it means that cbs recognizes that their status quo is broken, but I’m skeptical that they have the desire or wherewithal to change anything else.
  10. I would be all for a mixed doubles event...maybe top 50 in the world of each gender? Any male that doesn’t participate gets shamed for not caring about gender equality and growing the game 😁.
  11. Key word- pretend. Just like with the FedEx cup- pretend importance. Anyways, I’ll agree to disagree as I care about as much about the poty award as I do the FedEx cup...
  12. What’s complete BS? You really think Rory would rather have his FedEx cup and players wins (and whatever other tournaments he won) this year over another major? Dream on dude- if Rory is being honest, he takes Brooks’ year over his and it’s not particularly close.
  13. I’m all for no bunker raking, no yardage books, no green books, and an enforced shot clock, but yea, rolling the ball back would have the largest impact.
  14. I guess it’s a popularity contest... which season would Rory of rather had- his or Brooks’? I’m betting on Brooks’ which makes his POY win a bit idiotic in my book. To the topic of this thread- I don’t think Rory is overrated but I do think he’s underachieved.
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