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  1. IMO it’s hard to overstate how important today is for Tiger’s legacy. Yes people will say he was the GOAT before today and all of this is just gravy- and that’s fine- but I think without today, in 30+ years, he would have been remembered as much for what he didn’t accomplish as for what he did. For those who didn’t get a chance to witness his greatness first hand, I think the history books would have partially remembered his fall from grace, injuries, etc over his incredible talent and accomplishments. Well I think all of that noise gets thrown out with today. Peak Tiger has always been the greatest the game has ever seen. That has never been a highly debatable topic IMO. The debate in my mind at least has always been whether Tiger’s career was better than Jack’s. I’ve always been split on that question (and never voted on this thread) but after today, Tiger has answered that IMO.
  2. Gotta be the greatest comeback story in the history of sports. Absolutely incredible.
  3. If Reed and Poulter were to win the tournament in consecutive years, I think the Masters may need to be cancelled.
  4. As someone who has a tweaky neck I can take Tiger at his word here. I’ve strained my neck before and thought it would be better in a few days and it’s ended up taking a few weeks to really feel better. Not comparing myself to Tiger, just saying that the neck is fickle and tough to predict. Neck strains are ultimately minimal on the injury spectrum but they can be debilitating in the short run.
  5. I walked my comment back after Phil was at least a bit less borish about it in the post round interview, but yea pissy is a good word to describe his behavior. Ultimately, Casey saved him from another image/PR blubber because if they had somehow finished in the dark it would have just looked like Phil bullied him into agreeing to it (which is what Phil was trying to do).
  6. I’m glad Casey put his foot down a bit and called it. It was dark and they had no chance of finishing two more holes.
  7. The captain unilaterally (in theory at least) picks 1/3rd of the team and 100% of the pairings. That’s a hefty influence. More so than any coach in any professional team setting as usually the coach’s ability to outright pick a large swath of the team is going to be quite limited. That said- from a credit/blame standpoint, I would say it’s somewhere around 70/30 players to captain.Both teams are playing the same course so I don’t think it’s rational to assign anything to the course.
  8. I’m worried this Reed-Spieth drama is going to disrupt what could have been a great pairing for years to come and infect the team room in future years. Hopefully things will settle down with time.
  9. Context is key- and what you left out. The ‘I don’t disagree’ comment was to the previous comment saying he was a bad pick. And I shouldn’t have gone so far to say the pick itself was indefensible. Putting him out in foursomes was however, and will go down in RC history as one of the worst pairings of all time. Phil and BDC are 6th and 7th on tour in birdie percentage- they should have played together in fourball if anything. Playing them in foursomes made zero sense. But yes, captains get too much praise when they win and too much blame when they lose. We all know that.
  10. And nice job of misrepresenting my opinion chief. I have said the Phil pick was a terrible one from the onset. Nothing after the fact about it. And as for him being tenth in points- he hasn’t shown any form since the Spring and he is literally second to last on tour in driving accuracy...for a tight driving course, he was an indefensible pick for anything short of nostalgia. This isn’t about searching around for whom to blame. We played terrible and likely would have lost regardless. But Furyk deserves some of the blame.
  11. Whatever, I would call BS on this mentaility but I’m not going to change your mind. Or I could say the same thing about swing coaches but I won’t go there. Furyk deserves some criticism here. The shitty play deserves most of it. Phil was a terrible/indefensible pick and nothing but a nostalgic throwaway of a potential asset for the team.
  12. It’s not only about the captains but Furyk deserves his fair share of criticism here. Inevitably it’s the players that lost it but Furyk made some indefensible decisions along the way and for that he should be criticized.
  13. This was a perfect storm against the US squad- bad play, bad captain-ing, and a course that we were really poorly suited for. Let’s just hope Phil and Bubba don’t somehow manage to eek on the 2020 team.
  14. To me criticism is warranted when a decision is made that is indefensible. That applies to coaches (captains) and GMs in sports just as it all applies to all of us in our careers. The Tiger/Reed pairing is defensible- it didn’t work out but most objective people would have said going into into the week that it sounded like a decent pairing on paper. The Phil/BDC pairing in foursomes is objectively and unequivocally indefensible. In sports and the business world- those are the kind of decisions that get people fired and for good reason.
  15. I feel pretty good about our lineup tomorrow until the last 4. I fully understand the need to front load our lineup or the rest is inconsequential but it sucks that Phil, Bubba and BDC are likely to be three losses in the last four matches. My guess is we win 4 of the first five matches and then it will come down to whether we can stay competitive and maybe go 2-2 in the last four.
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