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  1. 2019 Florida Swing

    This would be my guess. It looks to me like the Valspar will be the biggest casualty of this schedule. Hard to say what the net effect on the API will be. My guess would be Tiger consistently chooses the API over the Honda and this in turn could re-elevate the API a bit and get other players to follow suit. Hard to say.
  2. 2018 Masters Tournament Discussion Topic

    Rory at 10/1 odds trails only Tiger at 8/1. Rory looked really good last week, but I'm still not convinced he's comfortable at all on Augusta's greens. I would say the same for DJ also at 10/1. I've been wrong before though so we'll see. Phil at 18/1 seems a bit under-priced to me considering how well he's playing this year but he is fighting history a bit at this point with his age.
  3. 2018 Arnold Palmer Invitational Discussion Thread

    Just out of curiosity what does he say that is incorrect? I’m not saying he has never said incorrect things but I can’t think of any off the top of my head. I think he’s opinionated but mostly fair and lends decent perspective.
  4. Patrick Reed relief comment

    I'm fairly indifferent to Reed (except the RC where I love him) but I don't think he meant this in a mean spirited way at all. I think he's just not very good at making jokes.
  5. Rude Fans at PGA Tour Events

    I don't disagree but it's a hard/impossible standard to uphold and takes a subjective interpretation to enforce. There's no objective and widely enforceable standard to apply as to what constitutes inappropriate comments. Any kind of yelling/comment during a swing should be met with immediate ejection but beyond that I think it's best to just ignore the trolls and develop tougher skin.
  6. Rude Fans at PGA Tour Events

    I may be in the minority here but I'm getting a bit fed up with the likes of Rory and JT who seem to view the fans -who pay for their livelihood- as nothing more than a means to an end. I'm not condoning idiotic behavior at tour events, but it seems like some of these guys don't understand that the gigantic purses they take home these days are supported by larger crowds and with that inevitably comes a more diverse and raucous crowd. So Rory would you rather make $200K for winning the API and have a small group of polite golf clapping fans in the galleries or win $1.5M and have to deal with a couple idiots here and there? Your choice. ESPN ran the same story a couple of days ago and quoted Tiger who I think characterized things best- he said (paraphrasing) that as long as people aren't yelling in backswings, then most everything else is fine.
  7. 2018 Arnold Palmer Invitational Discussion Thread

    SLIG's swing and style of play hurts my soul a bit but I give him a lot of credit for his solid play over the past year. That said, he's somewhere around 115th on tour in scrambling as his overly mechanical swing doesn't translate well into any kind of imagination around the greens. Typically that isn't the profile of guys who do well at Augusta but you never know.
  8. 2018 Arnold Palmer Invitational Discussion Thread

    Heck of a round from Rory. I was thinking over the last 12 months that he was more or less done. Clearly I forgot that Rory is capable of looking mediocre for weeks/months on end only to turn around out of nowhere and look like the best player on the planet.
  9. 2018 Arnold Palmer Invitational Discussion Thread

    Well that isn’t a provable thing one way or the other so there is never going to be ‘evidence’ beyond antecdotal. My $0.02 is that gym work is certainly a good thing from a lean muscle and flexibility standpoint- think DJ. The bulk that Rory has put on hasn’t done anything positive for his golf game IMO...whether it’s hurt his game, I have no idea.
  10. 2018 Arnold Palmer Invitational Discussion Thread

    Correlation doesn’t prove causation but I think one can reasonably argue that Rory was better in 2011 when he looked like an average teenager than he is now. Again, I don’t think it necessarily has anything to do with the weight lifting (and mostly to do with his terrible putting) but I don’t think it’s totally out of bounds for Johnny to make that comment.
  11. Poll: Definition of GOAT

    My head hurts
  12. 2018 Masters Tournament Discussion Topic

    DJ at 9/1 odds seems way too high IMO. He was the favorite going in last year as well despite the fact that he's never really been in contention there (two top 10s). No doubt he could win there, but I would look to more of the usual Augusta suspects for my picks.
  13. 2018 Arnold Palmer Invitational Discussion Thread

    @colin007 this was really thoughtful of you! http://www.golfchannel.com/article/grill-room/fan-sends-tigers-back-doctor-fruit-basket-say-thanks/
  14. Got My Masters Tickets

    Glad to hear they made it up to you. I’m jealous, I hope you get some great weather this year
  15. 2018 Masters Tournament Discussion Topic

    I think it’s fair to think Tiger, Phil, Spieth, and Rose could all be in the mix come Sunday (and Freddie up until the back nine on Saturday) and my guess would be one of those four wins it. Assuming he can avoid the flagstick on 15 this time, I don’t see any reason Tiger can’t win it.

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