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  1. I will be competing in a 4-club tournament in a few weeks. I'm leaning toward the following choices: 3-wood -- I usually hit it about 215 but I'm hoping to choke down and swing easier to hit it under 200 6-iron -- for all shots 90 yards to 160 sand wedge -- for all shots under 90 yards putter -- I don't think I could putt with anything else. I personally think this should be required in order to protect the greens, but that is not the case. Any thoughts on different or better choices?
  2. I'm 65 and have been playing for 50 years. In the last three years I've slipped from a 6 to a 9 handicap even though I'm playing and practicing the same amount. I only play 9 holes at a time and am stuck on 42-43 (instead of 39-40). I am contemplating taking lessons but I wasn't sure if that would help, as I fear my issues are more related to focus and concentration. Here's a breakdown of my game: Driver -- the best I've hit it. Averaging 225 yards and hitting 90-95 percent of fairways. Irons -- slipped from hitting an average of 4 greens in regulation (per 9 holes) to 2 greens. No
  3. I've been fans of JT and Jordan Spieth for several years, at least in terms of their swings and off-course charity efforts. But the potty mouths have always been an issue for me. That being said, I'm disappointed in Polo and its knee-jerk reaction to what Thomas did. He made a mistake and apologized. What he did was a result of immaturity, not malice. He doesn't deserve the endorsement death penalty that the PC police like to hand out. As long as it's not part of a pattern, I say let it go. I draw a distinction between what JT did and what happened with Scott Piercy. While JT's was
  4. I can see now how a bag mounted on a cart at a 90-degree angle might not balance as well, but I would like to give it a try. My current cart holds the bag at a 45-degree angle and even with a fairly large bag, the clubs still get tangled up.
  5. This time of year when it's 95+ degrees I usually play only nine holes and end up with "composite scores" for handicap purposes. This question occurred to me today: if I were to play two balls for nine holes, could I count that as an 18-hole score? One factor that causes me to think "no" is the possibility of switching clubs for the second ball from a par-3 tee box (based on the results of the first ball) or the two balls being on the same line on the green, thus learning from the longer putt when lining the second putt. But to some degree that happens when playing in a twosome as well.
  6. Watching the Payne Steward Award ceremony tonight prompted me to post this question: Why is Zach Johnson not on the short list to be a Ryder Cup or President's Cup captain? They mentioned that he had been an assistant captain before. And what about Justin Leonard? No offense to Steve Stricker, but it used to be customary that captains had won at least one major. Zach has two and Justin has one major plus a Players Championship. I'm just stirring the pot. Your thoughts?
  7. The search term "upright caddy" lead to brand names RACR and RASR and the illustrations look to be exactly what I'm looking for. But all the reviews are from 2009-2010 and there are no similar products on eBay or offered by any other retailers. But I will keep looking.
  8. I think it might be easier for clubs to come in and out of the bag if it were vertical rather than at a 45-degree angle. But I might be wrong.
  9. There's another thread on this forum where users discuss the merits of ClicGear, Sun Mountain, and CaddyTek push carts. I looked back through several months of posts but didn't see this detail addressed: I'm looking for a push cart in which the bag stands upright instead of at an angle. I saw one at my club last week but couldn't get close enough to ask the player about the brand name. Has anyone else seen this brand or know of something similar? I'm looking to trash my old two-wheel, thrift store model pull cart and invest in a nice 3-wheel or 4-wheel push model.
  10. Couldn't find an answer to this question in the 2019 rule book. It's always been my understanding that if you address the ball and it "oscillates," there's no penalty as long as the ball returns to its original position. But is there a difference in the ruling if the clubhead actually makes contact with the ball as opposed to just causing it to move by addressing it? Here's a situation that never happened to me in 40+ years of playing golf but has now happened twice in the last week. I'm addressing the ball on the putting green, and due to carelessness I accidentally touch the ball with
  11. I was a sportswriter about 20 years ago and did a story on the behind-the-scenes details of running a pro golf tournament. I was told that various manufacturers each provided a few thousand balls so players using that ball in competition would have the same model to practice with. Every few hours the machines would collect the balls and volunteers would wash and sort them. At the end of the week the balls (marked "practice") would be donated to local junior golf. As far as I know, that's still how it's done. I'm guessing that today they would provide Pro V-1 and Pro V-1x, Taylormade TP5 and TP
  12. I've been playing for almost 50 years -- walking 99.9 percent of my rounds -- and that exercise has kept me in good physical shape compared to my peers who ride (or don't play golf at all). Regarding the pushing vs. pulling issue, I've never really thought about it. Up until about 5 years ago I used good quality carry bags, carried only 11 or 12 clubs, and kept to a minimum the amount of crap in the pockets (although a good first-aid kit is essential). I never had any back or shoulder issues as a result. Most likely, that's due to good genes and pre-round stretching. Then around 5
  13. I always walk -- for all the reasons already listed here. But mostly because it's better exercise and I score better (the "rhythm" thing). I understand why someone over the age of 65 might need a cart, but I'm always puzzled when I see foursomes of 20-somethings in carts. At courses where walking is allowed, they could play for half the price if they walked. When I hear kids like that complain about "how much golf costs" I want to smack them. Just my .02 worth.
  14. I did try the Callaway Chrome Soft -- white with black or pink hexagons -- but they didn't help much. Too me, white and yellow look the same in the air, and on the ground I can't tell the difference until I'm a few feet away, so when they get into the sandy areas off the fairway that doesn't help much. I really liked the new Titleist AVX, but again, only white and yellow. I'm going to stick with Callaway SuperSoft pink until I find something better. I did buy a new sleeve of pink Volvik Vibe off eBay for which the description sounds about right (like the Bridgestone 330 RXS), but I've he
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