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  1. MP-32's

    I have the MP 32's and i couldn't dream of getting anything else! they are beautiful and they just feel so awsome to hit! If you have the skill and are able to get them, do it! they rule! :D
  2. I use True Temper R300 in my Mizuno MP-32's, works wonders!
  3. Luke Donald Withdraws from Open Championship

    baah :( that sucks!
  4. In the last month i've been working a lot on my swing, and here's how it look now. I'm pretty pleased with the consistensy and how the feel is now. I've been seeing som great results in my game, now i'm just enjoying every time i'm out on the course. What do you think about my swing? Dressah ..
  5. Which irons do you use?

    I have an allmost new set of Mizuno MP-32's I couldn't wish for anything better, they give me the control, the feel and preformance that i look for in irons, and they look so hawt too!
  6. Heaven and Hell

    Personally i'm an atheist, but i think it could make for a funny cartoon :p
  7. I doubt i would be able to use the swing i have now in my senior years. I base my swing on high flexability, so i doubt my body would be to happy if i swing like this when i'm like 60 or something :p I like how my swing is now though, single digit handicap is only days away - I've found my swing through practice, and then a bit more practice .. and watching the pro's :p This is my swing: .. Dressah
  8. I'm going to sweden in a week to play golf with my dad, we're also stopping by this huge golf store called dormy, i'm going to treat my self with a Mizuno MP-600 driver. I was thinking, this is the first time i'm going to get a shaft that suits my swing. I'm willling to pay the money for a high end shaft, but does it really help you that much? I was thinking of the new models from Fujikura. They look awsome, and if it helps make the result of my drives better, why not get it? I was thinking of the Fujikura Rombax 7X06 .. Any of you know if it's worth the money? And btw, i'm new here, so hello everyone!
  9. Jack or Tiger: Who's the Greatest Golfer?

    I'd go with Tiger ;) Both legends though ..
  10. Your Home Course Website.

    www.bgk.dk is where i play the most, but i enjoy the other three courses on the island i love on as well :D