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  1. Awwwww Yeah. Now to get rid of that snow in the background. Thanks @iacas for offering this and for the super quick turnaround. Much appreciated! Can't wait to start testing it out!
  2. Ten Mevos are on their way to me. Copy and paste this list and add your name (in @mention form please) to the list where there's an "open" listed. local sale @saevel25 @iSank @Vinsk @bills80 open open open open open
  3. So I had my fitting at Forest Akers here in Lansing, MI. Matt Jones was in town from Chicago and did the fitting for me. I had read a lot prior to and certainly had high expectations. I would say they were definitely met. Similar to others on here, started out hitting 50 yard wedge shots. After a few changed out grinds a few times. All the while we were looking at flightscope on an ipad to see launch angle to figure out what the optimal bounce would be. Once we figured that out we switched shafts multiple times for both a 60 and 56 degree wedge until I found the right combination for both. Once that was done I hit a few shots from tight lies just chipping around a green. Afterwards he stepped on some balls in some deep thick rough and I was able to slide right underneath those as well with no trouble. While my description is light on specifics this ended up taking about 35 to 40 minutes of constantly hitting until I was comfortable. I ended up purchasing a 60 degree wedge with the Digger grind, Nippon Modus 115 shaft, 55 degree with a driver grind, 105 shaft. I will most definitely post pics once they come in a couple of weeks.
  4. Thanks for the update and detail! Definitely fun reading about your experience. Glad you're enjoying the clubs and feeling confident with them, even if it did take a little time.
  5. Wedges look great! I have my fitting at the beginning of June and really hoping I get a similar experience as you. Definitely let us know how the wedges perform the first time out!
  6. Thanks for the super quick reply! I'll starting working on that and report back :) Mike
  7. I've been Playing Golf for: 4 years after a 9 year break My current handicap index or average score is: 85 to 90 My typical ball flight is: draw The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: hitting off the toe of the club. When I first started playing again 4 years ago everything was a fade or slice. After coming to this forum and doing as much self instruction as I could it was apparent I slid my hips back a lot and never actually rotated in my back swing. I'm still working on that but it has changed my ball flight from a fade/slice to a draw/pull hook. After using impact tape it's apparent that I do not often hit the center of my club face on my irons or driver. As a band aid if I set up with the ball more towards the hozel I can then hit the sweet spot more than before but still not most of the time. I also struggle with the plane I take my back swing on. I noticed that if I take a flatter or more horizontal plane on the back swing I can hit the sweet spot more often but still not sure if that's what I should be doing. On the FO video I definitely hit off the toe. On the DTL video I did hit the sweet spot but only because of the setup changes I mentioned above. Thanks in advance for any tips and advice you can offer! Mike Videos:
  8. Supposed to be 56 next Friday in Lansing, MI. Now it's just a matter of finding a course that will actually be open. May have to settle for a range session.
  9. I have an Edel putter with the counter balance weight at the top of the handle. The game golf tag cannot screw in at all because it hits the counter weight right away. Other than sawing off the screw part and using glue to glue it on the end, any ideas? Even then, the end of the putter is oval so it wouldn't be exactly a snug fit between the tag and the end of the putter. Really hoping someone here has a Macgyver like idea. Update: I found this. https://gamegolf.desk.com/customer/portal/articles/1775100-counter-balance-putter-tag-entry
  10. I thought I would share my experience as well. I got fitted in Birmingham, MI at the beginning of July and my putter just arrived 2 days ago. The fitter had the new torque balanced fitting cart. The fitting only took about 30 to 35 minutes. My guess is because there were less combinations to try. It did take a few tries to get me aiming at the cup with the laser and did reset every time. The distance control part was the quickest I would say. He added a bunch of weight in the handle and that felt much better to me as I was more accurate with my distances. So even though the fitting was a bit on the shorter side I still felt really comfortable with the putter and the adjustments that were made. Here are a few pics.
  11. I got it and only played it a bit. I like playing on Tour mode and not being able to zoom in to where you're aiming. You have to use the hole map which makes it seem more realistic. I did read it's on a 2 year release cycle so I think they put the game out with the bare minimum and they did say there would be free DLC coming soon. So they'll add courses and what not over that two years. It's fun for me thus far.
  12. While it doesn't have any licensing for real courses and what not you may want to check out The Golf Club. The controls and how it plays is very real and doesn't have an arcade feel to it like past EA Sports golf games.
  13. Nice. Yea, I think that course is closed now. I drive by it every now and then. Between Jackson and Lansing there are lots of different golf courses to choose from. Though this will be only my second full summer playing since my high school days so still plenty more to try out. Mike
  14. I concur, the search function is quite amazing :)
  15. I've just been lurking for a few weeks and decided it would be nice to participate in the discussions as well. Lots of great information on this forum and a lot of good people as well. It's refreshing to read intelligent conversations on a topic. Anyone else in the greater Lansing area in Michigan? Mike
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