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  1. i just got a cobra pro d too (the old one not this years) to me it feels as if it plays close to the titleist 909d3 its a low spin head, while the 907d2 i thought spun more plus its got a vs proto in it and its cheap...i bought mine in practically new condition at golf galaxy for 130
  2. im 17, and chicks dig polo blue hahaha no but really, it smells sorta fresh, doesnt smell too "old", and isnt too strong either maybe aqua di gio too.
  3. haha, you guys are lucky to be playing golf in tennessee winter im up here in chicago, and it already started to snow just a bit but yeah, i'm also a junior on my high school golf team, and i play in the Illinois Junior Golf Association How about you guys? I heard these like, little IJGAs and such are great ways for college exposure, but i wish i was a little better :P
  4. well clearwaterms since youre from the chicago area, im assuming you know the busy golf course on the chicago lakefront, marovitz if you want to play there during the offseason, its for free, no one is usually in the clubhouse (usually early spring or fall, just before winter) also you could get a couple holes in for free after 6 and get on the course when no staff are on duty anymore.
  5. Dang dude, 17? And i thought my size 14 was big... But yeah, you cant go wrong with either one, although the tour 360LTDs have more tech features than the normal 360
  6. I thought those putters were rare, since ping makes their putters in phoenix now (rather than scottsdale where the company originated from.) Either way its a great putter, I had almost the exact same experience when i found my gamer, and its stuck with me through everything
  7. "The Right Sticks: Equipment Myths That Could Wreck Your Golf Game" by Tom Wishon Basically, its a collection of myths and legends about golf equipment and industry standards and how they are not suited to the average golfer. These are then accompanied by the true facts about golf equipment that not so many people really know about. Examples: Does your new driver really have a larger sweet spot? (Barely) The longer the length of the club, the farther you can hit it (No) You can change the flight of the ball by putting lead tape on your clubhead (No) The higher the MOI, the straighter the shot (Sorta) The larger the grip, the harder it is to release and vice versa If the shaft is too soft you'll hook it and vice versa And he addresses the mirage of being custom fit at big chain golf stores It's actually a pretty interesting read, it ended up saving me some money instead of buying new equipment haha
  8. yeah i'm surprised they dropped them mid-season maybe to bring back consumer attention after tiger's leave?
  9. I'd say yes, at least to the extent of the 711 "no shirt, no shoes, no service policy" I mean, I was at the course yesterday and there was a guy who just decided to play shirtless.
  10. haha you're so lucky to have a 1 iron I really wanna pick up a ping eye2 1 iron i saw at a store last week But I agree, leaving the 2 iron in my bag has really helped me improve ballstriking simply by helping me remember to keep me head down...or else
  11. Don't forget the size of K.J. Choi's HUGE PUTTER GRIP!
  12. haha I feel the same, I don't want to get fitted until I stop growing I'm only 16 :P
  13. The 905T and 905R are essentially the same thing, but the T is just a smaller head size Apparently the R delivers a little more spin than the T, but to me they performed essentially the same.
  14. Hey guys, I was just wondering if the performance or anything of my driver shaft was compromised. Between unloading my bag and driver separately from the car, the driver fell onto the curb and the smallest little knick appeared on the shaft. So far it only looks to have scratched away the slightest layer of the paintjob. Or am I just paranoid?
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