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  1. Hmm very interesting indeed. May have to pick one up on my way to Texas in March..
  2. Well my Winnipeg Jets got the 2nd pick overall and have some prospects this year that should be ready to play. And how about those two horrible trades yesterday... Montrealers gonna hate Berchevin am\nd Edmontoners gonna hate Chiarelli..
  3. Ok will do it will be painful for you to watch though.. 18yrs or older only..
  4. So I think I have the hip turn now but my downswing is sporadic especially with fairway woods. I top them them a lot. I can;t seem to hit down on them always try to sweep it, So bad that I took it out of my bag.
  5. I know this is a big problem for me and hopefully the hip drill with the stake will help.. 60 yrs old and willing to improve..
  6. Thanks I was in Phoenix at the time instead of cold mid Canada.. Cheers
  7. Well with 21/2 months to go are there any indoor drills I can do for this?
  8. Nice to be back at the Trap. :beer:

    1. iacas


      Glad you're back. Even if it's gonna be awhile before we get out on the course again.

  9. Broke 90 on my course few times almost broke 80 but close not good nuff. Lol
  10. Lower that's how much faith I have in this site.... .. Went down to a 15.5 this yr from a 16.5...
  11. Retired Carpenter/Locksmith... Just retired in May.been so busy that I'm golfing less now than when I worked..lol
  12. Im still getting a higher ball flight when I do it not sure if maybe im flipping
  13. Oh silly me ..lol just cruising the site and it came up.. hehe
  14. Great video. Something I know I am not doing. Working in pieces head still weight toward etc. I think I'm ready for this now. Thanks a bunch Mac and icass
  15. Life is short eat dessert first.......
  16. Bingo I went from the S&T; to get better impact but after reading other threads I kinda used what was good for me.
  17. Wasn't sure at first but now I understand it..
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