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  1. **** off Senators, garbage ass hockey team.
  2. Outside of live golf, the only things I will turn on the Golf Channel for are the occasional Feherty interview and some Live From stuff at big events. Do they still have the Morning Drive show? Man, that show was bad.
  3. I don't have much to add, since I'm with the majority. #13 seems to me to be the most perfectly constructed risk/reward Par 5 in Championship golf that is also coupled with every variable, and aesthetic value.
  4. I hate to be "that guy" but I've played it multiple times, and have attended US Opens there. It's great, but I can honestly say that I would want to belong there even if being accepted and the money to spend weren't obstacles. It's too tough to play everyday, and I strongly dislike the high-level formality. But if I hadn't done those things, I'd take the tour. It's a super cool place and is just a fascinating course. The most amazing part of the course is that even though the greens are insanely difficult, I've never felt they were unfair. Of course if you get six feet above certain hole locations, you're in enormous trouble. It's hard to explain. Maybe @iacas could do it better.
  5. My first five rounds of the year: 86, 87,87, 86, 86. Lol. Although the last two were on very difficult courses, so I'm okay with the start. Usually I've played more than five rounds at this point. It's just that plans/weather thing that has hurt my ability to play a lot.
  6. I've had zero but my dad has had seven over about forty years of playing, twenty of them "serious." And all since he retired in 1998. During his serious playing days he's been at best a 12 and normally closer to a 16-20 HC. It's insane the amount he has had. I've only holed four full swings from the fairway.
  7. Yes, take my post very seriously. Look, I don't mind if you wear a "Make America White Again" shirt.
  8. Really? How long have you lived in Florida? I see them all the time in Myrtle, and based on experience and my knowledge about gators, they are a lot more common in Florida. Maybe Winter Park has a low population for one reason or another.
  9. Golf is a unique sport for choking. You just have too much time to think. I'm sure I'll miss some, but the others that come to mind: 1) Tennis (serving) 2) Field goal kickers at the end of games to tie or win 3) Free throws 4) Penalty kicks in soccer That's about it. Everything else is in the flow of the game, and I don't think they compare. I think too much is made of choking at the highest level (thanks, Johnny Miller), but not when you stick a 20 handicap into a USGA event. Even if it's just a qualifier. EDIT--And in the examples above, they do not encompass the entirety of play. In golf, it's EVERY shot.
  10. What's that famous quote, I believe from Bobby Jones about two types of golf? And one of them is tournament golf. That seems to be important here. Put a HH in a tournament setting and they'll probably melt. It's a thoroughly new experience. I remember a few years ago at Bethpage Ben Roethlisberger and a couple of other athlete celebs played the course in tournament conditions a week or two before the Open. I think Ben shot like 85. But put him out there in the actual tournament? Remember John Smoltz got an exemption on the buy.com tour? He promptly shot like 85-87 and missed the cut. I had him interviewed afterward and he was confused about how he had played so poorly. Well, it wasn't at your club championship or having a Sunday morning nassau. So I think I HH could be 127 on the course, but if you make it the actual qualifying round, that probability changes.
  11. Really? I'd hit driver on every hole (outside of the Par 3's) and figure it out from there.
  12. Well, I look forward to the next Craig Perks tomorrow.
  13. I don't even care much about the winner. I just like to see more big names in contention, whether or not they raise the trophy.