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  1. How 'bout them? Wait, what else could I add?
  2. I voted Spieth (as I see everyone else has) but mostly because the PGA is a tournament I feel he's actually best suited for, not because I automatically think he's a better player. I would still bet that McIlroy ends up with more majors. Good God.
  3. I saw very little of this championship, and zero shots of the final round. But what a fantastic segment with (Todd & David?) explaining the Spieth drop on Live from the Open. I've ripped the Golf Channel plenty in the past, but they do cover their home sport better than any sport-specific network does. Haha. Yeah, he swings like I do. And I'm 5'6". But I would have been rooting for him today. Fellow hair casualty and of similar age.
  4. Are you mute? I would have screamed at those idiots.
  5. And this shows how all of this is just personal. I played with a group of eight today, and I only knew a couple of them, so I was riding in a cart with one guy's son who just turned 21. He's not good at all, but he definitely has potential. When his brother asked his score on certain holes, he had to think for a minute. I never have to think. EVER. It's actually difficult for me to imagine somebody having to rethink their shots on a hole to come up with a total. But some do. But I can empathize. *raises understanding finger*
  6. Yes, that's it. I can't explain it, but even small wagers add some kind of competitive thing for me that makes the round more fun. On the flip side, playing for big money--where I can lose like $300--doesn't add anything more than playing for $30. But, as somebody pointed out, I don't like betting with strangers. I've done this twice as I can recall, and promptly took all the money. But I still don't like to do it. This is true, too.
  7. Sure, balls plug sometimes. This happened to me today, but I found it. I just love the rules guys who say stroke and distance. If somebody in any of my groups quite clearly hit the fairway, and you insisted they drive back to the tee box to take stroke and distance, you'd never be invited back again, and you're a horrible person. Formal competitions are a different matter, of course.
  8. This for me as well. I literally can't not know. My brain remembers every shot, and knows exactly where I am in relation to par. It's not an option for me to shut off this knowledge. EDIT--If I'm not playing a match, I don't ever use the scorecard. People have asked me why I don't keep score. But I am keeping score, in my weirdo head.
  9. I agree. I suppose if you extensively practice with those clubs, you can overcome those obstacles, but this is still a rare play among the touring pros. Seems as foolish to try as the 12 handicap attempting a Mickelson/Woods style flop.
  10. I posted this thread a year and one week ago.
  11. To be clear, Jerry Garcia didn't yell. But he definitely said "Play ready golf" loud enough that it was clearly meant to be heard by me. Anyway, I feel better after reading the responses. I wondered if I had gone overboard.
  12. I spit on the face of the club and clean it with brush or towel. Mr. Clean. C'mon.
  13. I don't have many. I have played Oakmont multiple times, and it's amazing and exhausting. If I had to list some others, they would be Augusta, Pine Valley, and any of the great links courses in Scotland. Over the years I've seen some pictures of courses, and one that looks amazing to me is The Ocean Course at Cabo del Sol. I'd like to play there.
  14. Yeah, as has been said everyone is different. My club rests on the ground, but only slightly. My club face is slightly open. The ball is basically off my front heel.
  15. I've really worked on my temper over the years, and I feel I've got it mostly under control. But occasionally, I still lose my shit. Now, I don't think that in the following instance I "lost my shit" how we'd normally use the term, but in the serene world of playing golf, it may qualify. I was at River Hills Country Club in Little River, SC (Myrtle Beach area) last Tuesday. I was playing with my mother and father and we were playing from three separate tee boxes. Myself from about 6400, my dad at the seniors, my mother some really forward tees that some of the courses in Myrtle have. So yes, that slows you down. My dad also has CPOD, and that slows us down further. However, we normally keep up pretty well so long as the course is crowded. And it was on this day. We had to wait on a twosome on the first hole, and on the second tee. There was a twosome behind his. Guys were in their mid 60s, one looked like late stage Jerry Garcia. So after myself and my dad teed off on 2, we were waiting for my mother to hit. The twosome approaches the tee boxes, and I hear Jerry Garcia say "What the hell were they waiting for?" from fifty yards away. Now, old dudes don't realize that voices carry on a quiet golf course, and although they can't hear anymore, I certainly can. So I don't think he intended for me to hear that comment. But I took note. Of course we waited because there was a twosome in the fairway about 220 from the tee when I arrived at the 2nd tee box. Now, this twosome was IN THEIR FIELD OF VIEW when Jerry Garcia made his comment. So we complete the hole, and as we arrive at no 3 (teed off on the back, so it's actually 12), the twosome is on the green. So I have to wait again. My parents drive across a bridge to wait near their tee boxes. The twosome behind us approaches the tee box right after I hit, so they didn't see why we had to wait this time. As I get off the tee box I say "Looks like it's going to be a bit slow today." I say this so these ****ing guys understand that I've been waiting, and to be patient. I'm met with dead silence. They didn't even make eye contact with me. We were only fifteen feet apart. I get to the green (I'm on the fringe about ~40 feet away, my dad is on the green ~15 feet away, my mother is in the fairway. I line up my putt, and I considered putting before my mother, but she was getting close to being ready to hit, and I could see the twosome in front of us sitting in their cart waiting to tee off on number 3. I mean, we're not going anywhere. So I backed off the putt. Jerry Garcia, at the senior tees 125 yards away says "Play ready golf!" This was meant to be heard. I yelled WHAT?! and stared him down. "You see that twosome on the next tee box?" This was not in an indoor voice. I'm quite loud and I was making sure he knew I was pissed. Anyway, he backed off, but I was all fired up now, and it took me an hour to calm down. So did I overreact in getting that confrontational? Or did this asshole fully deserve it for not getting the information about the pace of play in front of us before making comments directly to us? P.S. My dad and I both sunk our birdie putts on the hole in question.