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  1. Who cares? I mean, I like this forum but if somebody who didn't know anything about golf asked why Group A hates golf while Group B loves it, I'd just point them to this thread right here. I thought Mickelson's actions were hilarious. The USGA can go f*** themselves. As far as I can tell Mickelson should have been disqualified. Again, who cares? Disqualify him. Don't disqualify him. Doesn't matter. It's not as if he was in contention. If some poor privileged white guy can't upgrade his SUV next year to the Asian Hand Job Nanny version, what do I care. DO NOT LOSE CONTROL OF YOUR COURSE IN SEARCH OF A NUMBER. And, Phil, just own what you did. It's fine to own what you did. A big old f*** you to the USGA is an appropriate response.
  2. Aguirre

    Golf Paradise?

    And naps. Lots of naps. And mediocre food. Unless you like steak dinners every time you go out. Myrtle Beach is the king of discount/good golf. Nothing else can compare. But I agree about the Milwaukee muni's. Downsize and play snow bird in Austin (mentioned) or somewhere in Florida or Myrtle Beach.
  3. Aguirre

    Golf Paradise?

    I'd stay out of North Carolina just because of this guy. You're right about Jacksonville and Florida, but only because of the weather. I mean, another hellscape. This is better, but the guy clearly lives near Madison and Milwaukee. The RTJ golf trail exists amongst a trail of trailer parks and towns that are thrilled when a Taco Bell opens. One good recommendation. The villages also has the highest rate of STD's in the nation, I'd guess mostly because the population has a had a lifetime of sex partners to accrue such a thing. My parents actually considered moving there, until they realized it was an aquarium of people you'll watch die before you.
  4. Aguirre

    Classic/Old School Golf Pics Thread

    Almost everyone in old timey golf pics make it look like it's 50 degrees outside.
  5. Aguirre

    PGA Tour's New Slogan: Live Under Par

    I do, too. It reminds me of the kind of phrase some super wealthy 30 year old would shout filming a gopro video while kite surfing two weeks before he's arrested for securities fraud.
  6. It was a cool day, so I hit a 6 iron to back left-center fringe with a front left hole location. Two putt par.
  7. Aguirre

    Rude Fans at PGA Tour Events

    Oh, shit! It's the baby boomers that believe in good manners? I knew it had to come from somewhere. Thank God for one generation of Americans who taught the world.
  8. Aguirre

    Finau/Summerhays dunking

    That does not look like a 10' hoop to me.
  9. Aguirre

    2018 Masters Tournament Discussion Topic

    I haven't read through to see if somebody mentioned this but Chamblee sucking snot up his nose during the entire Live From show is incredibly annoying.
  10. Aguirre

    Using 8 clubs this year

    Sometimes I masturbate with just my right thumb and left middle finger, but it generally results in a subpar performance.
  11. Aguirre

    Hole in one, with club pinned to left armpit

    Haha, yes. I'd like to add that I've birdied that hole. FROM THE TIPS.
  12. Aguirre

    Dealing with slow play

    This is good. Also, just f***ing deal with it. I don't like slow play anymore than the next guy, but I'm at the golf course. I'm not married, but I wouldn't want to be spending time with your annoying wife or shitty kids either, so just enjoy the day.
  13. Aguirre

    Go to club or shot from 125 yards. READ ORIGINAL POST!!!

    In your specifications, I'll go with a 9i. Because I'm more often going to hit it a bit off the face or fat than correctly. I'd really have to step on a PW and hit it solidly to get it 125 in those conditions. But I'm more curious as to why you would ask this question. What's the point?

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