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  1. Three pars afterward? I guess we have different definitions of being broke. I can grant that it broke your "spirit," whatever the f*** that means. Bury your golf clubs in the back yard, don't hit hit your wife.
  2. When I was about 25, and still learning the game, I declared on the 9th tee to my two buddies that I was GOING TO TURN IT AROUND RIGHT NOW. I then made back to back 11's.
  3. It's important to remember that during this restart of the tour, these courses are mostly being played at different times of the year. That has contributed to lower scores.
  4. Beer selection good. Food bad. I've been twice here in Pittsburgh. I had fun both times, but don't expect an actual accurate golf competition. If you don't care about the accuracy part actually being judged, and just want to relax, good night out.
  5. Embarrassing. Whenever I've heard a colleague or any other individual talk about their brand, it makes me want to feed their face to baboons. The world doesn't need individual people to be brands. It needs more human beings. Brands are for Coke and Disney. A brand is an image. It's not a person. Just the worst f***ing people in the world talk about their personal "brand." THE WORST
  6. I'll go down to the 50s if it's sunny. I refuse to wear pants when I play golf.
  7. Well the weather is always spotty until then anyway. Won't miss many playable days.
  8. My friend said he heard that Wolf has heard from golfers and said they may be open on May 1. I don't know where he heard this but my buddy called me specifically to tell me this. I'm not reading or watching news past headlines. I've been more relaxed since I stopped.
  9. There's some hope that the PA golf courses will open soon.
  10. I want to know and it's not even a debate in my own garbled head.
  11. I don't know. A weird one. I had four birdies on Friday and shot 87. Those things do not jive. EDIT--Also, in case you think I may be one of those long hitters who just get in trouble a bit, I'm not. No penalty shots in that 87 with four birdies. Just a lot of bad shots.
  12. The downside of the great Florida weather is you have to live with Floridians.
  13. Thanks for the suggestions. Selling autographs seems to be the way we're going because neither of these two play golf. Which kind of surprised me.
  14. At full swing, assuming my game is in order and I'm striking it well: PW (48): 115 SW (56): 95 LW (60): 75 SuperDuperLW (64): 60 Or something like that. I'm not a great golfer but with wedges I do have an ability to step on them with a draw to add distance. So I'm not 100% confident in my distances. I sort of judge everything and then just go with what seems right in my head. It's probably the best part of my game these days since my putting has gone to shit.
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