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  1. It was a cool day, so I hit a 6 iron to back left-center fringe with a front left hole location. Two putt par.
  2. Rude Fans at PGA Tour Events

    Oh, shit! It's the baby boomers that believe in good manners? I knew it had to come from somewhere. Thank God for one generation of Americans who taught the world.
  3. Finau/Summerhays dunking

    That does not look like a 10' hoop to me.
  4. 2018 Masters Tournament Discussion Topic

    I haven't read through to see if somebody mentioned this but Chamblee sucking snot up his nose during the entire Live From show is incredibly annoying.
  5. Taking A Break - A Form of Practice?

    I'd also add the following, but please correct me if you think I'm off base. For us amateurs, a short break will often break us out of a bad habit in our swing that we wouldn't necessarily would have corrected with practice. It's a bit of fresh start. I'd say that this is more rare than simply working through and solving the problem, but for golfers who aren't beating balls a lot, it can be an unintentional benefit.
  6. Only Bad Golfers are Lucky

    I understand the thought only in that it's a flawed way in which human beings look at chance and probability. Bayesian probability experts have studied this bias extensively. It's similar to the way that the smoker fears flying. Or the conservative investor avoids the risk of equity markets to invest in CDs without understanding inflation risk, and the idea that their nest egg won't grow fast enough. If Trevino's premise is true, then it's more of a probability question. That good shots end up with poor luck more often merely means that there is a higher probability of such shots being unlucky (ie, 60%/40%), as opposed to poor shots (ie, 40%/60%). If we pretend that those 60/40 and 40/60 numbers are real based on billions of theoretical simulations, then you're only "unlucky" or "lucky" if your results lie outside those distributions. EDIT--What I'm saying is that this is thought exercise about math, not golf.
  7. The Great Debate. Lob or Run?

    If I can putt it, I putt it. If I can't putt it, I chip it (bump and run). If I can't chip it, I pitch it. Get it on the green and get it rolling as quickly as possible.
  8. Most Consistent Golfers in Majors over the last 2 Decades.

    Consistent? Who knows. Somebody might consistently miss every cut. If you make it consistently good, it has to be Tiger over 20 years. And nobody is even close.
  9. Nah. I hate Orlando.
  10. Short of the Green is Better?

    "Yes." --Harvey Penick
  11. I've been advocating something like this for years. Of course I'm not pretending that I invented the concept, but it seems so obvious. While juniors are a concern, I think it's even more important for older women. Women still tend to take up the game later in life, and are golf's best hope of growing (much like the NFL has capitalized on female fan interest). My mother is an avid golfer, but she's in her 70s, and is less than five feet tall. She just can't hit the ball far. So she loves those junior tees in the fairway down in Myrtle Beach. She pretends that she's "cheating" but she clearly enjoys her round more when she can hit two solid shots on a Par 4 on be on a green, as opposed to 80 yards out. Plus, senior men really lose their distance around age 70. Many senior tees simply aren't short enough. And many courses have lazily built their gold tees five yards behind the red tees, making the men feel like goobers as they can still far outdrive their wives. More of this! I fully advocate this.

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