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  1. This. Also, if play is slow or there is an opportunity, I'll drive up to the group in front and ask them. I found an iPhone on a tee a few weeks ago, lol.
  2. Best places to live with great muni golf

    Milwaukee has a pretty good set. From lower end to higher end with accompanying green fee increases. Still, Myrtle Beach man. Muni prices and high quality courses.
  3. Neither Rory Nor JDay Will Win Another Major

    Seriously. I'll go so far as to say they'll both win multiple majors from this point forward.
  4. Yes. As I've told people who haven't played Oakmont who have asked how tough the greens are to read: "They aren't hard to read at all. They're difficult to putt." EDIT--I just quoted myself. Also, leave it to assclown robot Darren Rovell to make a story out of TV ratings. I will never understand the sports media's obsession with TV ratings.* Nobody who is an actual fan of any of these sports care one way or another. It's not as if golf is going extinct. I mean, I first heard about how baseball's fan base is old 30 years ago. And they're still talking about it. The second richest sports league on the entire planet. *Outside of it affecting their own salaries.
  5. Basically, the best golfers play well in the rain.
  6. PGA Championship Moving to May

    I think it's fine the way it is but whatevs. August is still a good month to have a major. It's empty on the sports calendar. Also, who cares about the FedEx Cup? I sure as hell don't. They've changed the format practically every year to contrive drama, and I'm not interested in soap operas.
  7. Ideal Pitching/Layup Distance

    Oh, I assumed you covered that. From what I understand, the approach the book recommends mirrors my mathematical approach I have on almost everything save for women. I need more math with my women because I love the crazy ones. I'm curious, is there a section in your book that covers scramble play? Because I can't tell you how many times I've had disagreements in scrambles where partners are measuring a putt based on how they'd play their own individual ball and not the fact that we're not going to three putt. And I'd frankly love something that's published to show them how they're wrong and I'm right.
  8. Ideal Pitching/Layup Distance

    Closest you can get to the green sounds great. However, I can get pretty wild with my 5W or 3W, particularly the latter. So I'm paying attention to the trouble, and if there's enough trouble I'm just going to hit my 7W, 9W or appropriate iron to get around 90 yards. That's about a full LW. If I go too far, 64 degree wedge. Too short, SW. So it's not the approach shot yardage that may make me play to an area, but the potential wild results from the longer woods.
  9. Obviously the 74 is a little misleading because the course is playing pretty easy. Still, I say it's impressive because he's in the middle of another athletic career. Pitchers (like Smoltz) have often made good golfers because those guys can play midseason since they only pitch every five days, plus their offseason.
  10. How 'bout them Korean women on the LPGA tour?

    How 'bout them? Wait, what else could I add?
  11. I voted Spieth (as I see everyone else has) but mostly because the PGA is a tournament I feel he's actually best suited for, not because I automatically think he's a better player. I would still bet that McIlroy ends up with more majors. Good God.
  12. 2017 Open Championship at Royal Birkdale Discussion Thread

    I saw very little of this championship, and zero shots of the final round. But what a fantastic segment with (Todd & David?) explaining the Spieth drop on Live from the Open. I've ripped the Golf Channel plenty in the past, but they do cover their home sport better than any sport-specific network does. Haha. Yeah, he swings like I do. And I'm 5'6". But I would have been rooting for him today. Fellow hair casualty and of similar age.
  13. Have you ever lost a ball in the fairway?

    Are you mute? I would have screamed at those idiots.
  14. Do you keep close watch on your score during a round?

    And this shows how all of this is just personal. I played with a group of eight today, and I only knew a couple of them, so I was riding in a cart with one guy's son who just turned 21. He's not good at all, but he definitely has potential. When his brother asked his score on certain holes, he had to think for a minute. I never have to think. EVER. It's actually difficult for me to imagine somebody having to rethink their shots on a hole to come up with a total. But some do. But I can empathize. *raises understanding finger*