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  1. Look, heavy-handed annoying moderator, bullshit. READ BETTER
  2. I didn't call him a choker. Read better.
  3. I remember making a comment about the amazing natural wonder that are the legs of Michelle Wie on this forum, so I can't judge much. But, Limbaugh and Guiliani are gross people, so I'm not surprised Wie is horrified. It's like her dad's creepy racist older friend was drooling over her at a bbq.
  4. I haven't read the entire thread but the only chance I see this occurring is at at the US Open, the Open (British), and LPGA (which I think the PGA just became a part of like five years ago). The women's Slams in tennis are equal pay largely because those events are joint events. And--also importantly--draw a lot of television ratings and crowds for the women as well as the men. In golf, the ratings and crowds are way behind. And of course, those events are not held in the same weeks at the same venue. The LPGA and PGA Tour are not associated entities. So I doubt any of this will happen a
  5. Ha. I think he has. And I've seen it mentioned elsewhere. But I'm sure he'll lose it soon. He probably had too much fun in the offseason. Secondary point--I'm not one to put the "choker" label on golfers or any other athlete for that matter. But it certainly is more applicable in a sport like golf. Which is individual and has enormous self-controlled pauses between shots. And it's not looking good for Finau at this point. I won't do that to him yet either, but man, that top 10 finishes stat without a win. Thirdly, I hope Phil decides in a couple years to become a color analyst and NB
  6. Lol. "Not meant to be argumentative." Yeah, sure.
  7. Yes. I've been saying this for a long time. Somewhere in 600AD in Romania, maybe under control of the Avar Khaganate, some turnip vendor who beats his wife was lamenting about "these young kids." That's not to say that every new generation improves upon the last. But this constant lamenting about the next generation needs to stop. The world moves on. And, generally, continues to get better. What I wish is that more generations of parents (including my own), took more responsibility for raising their kids, than simply shaking their fist at social media aps. Lol. Wait a minute. You t
  8. I received first shot on Jan 30. Second is coming Feb 27. My buddy (a cop) is expected to get his soon, and at least one other of the potential foursome received his on Feb 2, so we're starting to plan a Myrtle golf trip in May. Hopefully will fill a foursome. We put it off twice last year because golf is of course* not the only part of the fun on a guy's golf trip. It's having great food, drinks, and hanging out at a bar and taking $10 a game from everyone else playing pool. Light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully about to permanently wrap up what I would easily call the worst year of my li
  9. I read most of the thread and agree with iacas, few people play from the wrong tees. Particularly on this forum. If I had to identify two groups of people who play from tees that are too distant, it's senior men with too much pride to move up and women. For the latter, that has far too much to do with the standard "red" tees than them not wanting to play forward. The option simply isn't available. Iacas also pointed out the longleaf tee system earlier, and I've become an advocate to all my golfing friends for this system. With my mother, who is 5 foot, 110 lbs, with back problems and 76 years
  10. Golf course architecture? Love the idea. Buildings? Meh. We could do a good thread on western PA and northeast OH courses. I bet we've played most of them. I don't think there would be many others who care, though.
  11. I don't curse like a school kid, though. I curse like an adult. Like, when I'm playing with friends, they will regularly hear me tell the golf ball to "cut, you c***." That's not school kid.
  12. 1. Get better.
  13. I don't have a problem with him or any other athlete swearing at all during the course of competition. Everyone wants these guys to be passionate but HEY DON'T BE THAT PASSIONATE. Still, you can't use homophobic slurs. He apologized. None of us should be defined by our worst moments (or best, for that matter). But he should be smarter. And he knows that.
  14. I'm sure glad architecture is an accepted topic on this site.
  15. I love listening to the talking NBC/Golf Channel heads emphasize how the fans are under strict social distancing rules, as I then see consistent video of fans not practicing social distancing rules.
  16. Three pars afterward? I guess we have different definitions of being broke. I can grant that it broke your "spirit," whatever the f*** that means. Bury your golf clubs in the back yard, don't hit hit your wife.
  17. When I was about 25, and still learning the game, I declared on the 9th tee to my two buddies that I was GOING TO TURN IT AROUND RIGHT NOW. I then made back to back 11's.
  18. It's important to remember that during this restart of the tour, these courses are mostly being played at different times of the year. That has contributed to lower scores.
  19. Beer selection good. Food bad. I've been twice here in Pittsburgh. I had fun both times, but don't expect an actual accurate golf competition. If you don't care about the accuracy part actually being judged, and just want to relax, good night out.
  20. Embarrassing. Whenever I've heard a colleague or any other individual talk about their brand, it makes me want to feed their face to baboons. The world doesn't need individual people to be brands. It needs more human beings. Brands are for Coke and Disney. A brand is an image. It's not a person. Just the worst f***ing people in the world talk about their personal "brand." THE WORST
  21. I'll go down to the 50s if it's sunny. I refuse to wear pants when I play golf.
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