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  1. Dunno how I missed this thread up until now, I'm 100% right handed, but have always batted/golfed lefty. When we used to do one-hand tee and soft toss hitting drills in baseball practice, I'd have to flip around do them from the right side with my right hand, because it just felt more natural. But.. screwing around playing tennis, I'd always rather hit a backhand than a forehand and also I mentioned in the ping pong thread awhile ago that I hit just about everything backhand with my right hand, even on the wrong side of the table. Just weird... if you told me tomorrow that I had to go
  2. These frequently go on sale between $19.99 or $24.99 for 3 dozen. Actually a pretty darn decent ball at the $9.99/ dozen. http://www.golfsmith.com/product/30083475/lynx-black-cat-golf-balls
  3. There's a course right down the road from me that I love to play that's completely the opposite. It's one of the higher rated public courses in Texas for the money. It's got six each - par 3's, 4's, & 5's. I should play from the whites at about 6100 yards, but I usually end up playing with some better players and end up at the blues for 6600. Even then, it's not a ridiculously hard course. On topic, par 70's are out in my book. I don't even particularly like watching the pros play them on tv. I'd rather see some scoring opportunities on a par 5 with a tough pin or something rather
  4. Nope, never even thought about getting into a league until you just mentioned it. Might have to look into that. Funny thing is, I never really struggled playing against anyone until this job. We have two or so tournaments each year that anyone can sign up for and you win a silly trophy and random restaurant gc or something... not really high stakes. There's about 6 or so of us that typically just beat each other up in the tourneys and in side games... a few Asian and Indian guys (no racist) and a couple that played high level baseball. Depends on the draw but we usually end up knocking ea
  5. Yep, anything with a pad is way different than playing with the paddles that come in the generic sets. One thing, I prefer to play on pool table tops instead of stand-alone tables even though they should only be about an inch or two higher, that's what I grew up with and used to. Doesn't sound like a big difference, but every time I play on a regular table, it just feels too low. The other, I've never been a "smasher" one of those who just loads up and tries to slam every forehand they can. Probably 80% of my returns are backhand.... It's way easier imo to deaden and return a smash backha
  6. What paddles did you end up with? My current one is nothing special.... a Butterfly that ran around $80 the with zipper case from Dick's a few years ago. It's at work cuz we have a table there. I'll find out the exact model Monday. Just curious as to what spin/hardness you prefer and what's considered lower- mid level these days :)
  7. Yeah, I read toms, have a subscription to Maximum PC, build my own computers and all that fun stuff - but I'm not really all that tech-y when it comes down to it. I was more asking specifically if there's any way I can possibly run a (my) single link DVI card in 1440p. Googling it and my particular GPU gives all kinds of confounded answers, with dual monitor setups to get 3840x2160 with HDMI, supposedly supported 4k resolution (but not really) yada yada - or if I'm stuck and going to spend around $100 on a new card.
  8. When I upgraded most of my desktop PC last fall, I skimped on the video card like always. I don't game much, mostly screw around with a couple older Madden and Triple Play sports games, so I've never spent much on graphics. Got a new 2560x1440 monitor today and come to find out, my card only has a single link DVI output and will only run it at 1920x1080. Looking around online, it seems some R7 240 cards come with dual link DVI and support 1440p, but mine doesn't? My card is: item 82E16814202055 on Newegg - I can't post the link - I ordered it a couple weeks after the new R series cam
  9. Obvious answer is obvious.... Why isn't she on the Dan Plan already?
  10. Flower Mound and Keller are both great areas over that way. Keller would probably be about 25% shorter commute depending on which side of FM you'd be on, but neither drive would be that bad. As Patch said, traffic isn't THAT bad and you can usually find the backroad commute being roughly the same as taking the main roads and by doing that, you miss the frequent accidents and jams. I have a 15 mile/25 minute commute over my way. I could maybe save 5 mins each way by taking the highway, but as soon as it rains, gets foggy, construction or anything traffic gets backed up and the back way ends
  11. badandy519


    I go to one here in DFW every couple of weeks. We've had a few work outings there as well. They have a phone app that lets you track your score history, against everyone there that day, change the TV station in your bay, etc etc. Food and drinks aren't any more than most restaurants. They have 8 week leagues with prizes that are always running, kid camps in the summer, and all kinds of other promos. We've taken people from work that have never swung a club in their life and everyone has a blast. During the week here, you can get one bay for $20 per hour before noon. With work, we
  12. Some more of my favs that haven't been mentioned: Nice lay-up (after any shank/flub/etc) Good spot to come in from No pressure (putts to win or cancel a skin, tester for par, etc)
  13. Thurman Munson - a dead yank
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