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  1. m11, I think you nailed my major problem. My lower back gets stiff and I develope a bad takeaway. I am planning on working on my backswing with a slower tempo. I think I am casting and using too much arms and undercutting the ball...thus too high and short right. Thanks for the insight.
  2. Just remember, I smoother swing will result in less trouble when mishit and when hit properly will go as far as swinging out of yours shoes many times. When I start driving bad i smooth'n my swing out, keeping my head still and eyes on the ball through impact.
  3. Another excellent point. I can only get 100 yards out of my PW if I do everything correct. I did turn 50 recently and maybe I am just getting old. I used to get 120 yards easily out of my PW not too long ago. I just don't play enough I guess. I also lost about 15 pounds. Maybe when I was heavier I had more power. I duuno.
  4. Thanks. I will give it a try. I know I grip too tight at times and don't release the club. I haven't tried the feet closer together stance but that sounds like solid advice. Thanks again. Ed
  5. I went from putting horrible to putting excellent buy two things. First, I keep my elbow tight to my ribcage and take my hands out of the swing. Second, I follow through and keep my head down. Unbelievable how well this works fo rme.
  6. Anyone play the X-18's. How well do you hit them? I just bought a set and like them. The ball feels good off the clubface and the Uniflex shaft seems to work for me.
  7. My major goal was to drop weight. I was pushing 200 lbs. and am currently just under 180. I am 5"10.5" tall. My goal is to drop to 170 lbs.
  8. Wonderful and challenging course. Mature tree lined fairways, deep rough and fast greens. http://www.granvillegolf.com/
  9. You're to be commended for your tolerance. I know I would have lit the *&^%$)(*& up. But my temper is something I work at all the time.
  10. I think I will have to give this book a look. Great putting is a must if one wants to go low. Nothing worse than a 3 putt, or 4.
  11. I bought this book at Golfworks discount rack for 5 bucks. It is OK but not as good a Ledbetter's book.
  12. What are the prices like in Louisville area. I have a son that lives there and may play in there in the future.
  13. Who is going to win it all this year and who is going to be beat in the championship game?
  14. My priority right now is to get my daughter through college and my son through HS. Stressful times at best.
  15. Do as I say, not as I do. Most arrogant phrase to date IMHO.
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