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  1. A week ago I was in Orlando golfing at Grand Cypress. Today I had to get my Starbucks through an open door because my windows were froze shut. 🤬
  2. I travel a lot for work and have had this somewhere and loved it. I can’t remember if it was in Cleveland or Minneapolis. I just remember it was cold and the pizza hit the spot. It had a white sauce not red sauce. I would put egg yoke on pretty much anything though.
  3. Half way through the trip and we are having a blast. We played Southern Dunes yesterday. We loved the course but the greens were rough. A nice local lady playing behind us advised there was a worm issue due to the city water. We want to come back when it is fixed one year. We played Disney Magnolia today. There was some sort of Disney Race so it took us forever to get there but we really enjoyed the course. Tomorrow we play Grand Cypress and then Falcon Fire Tuesday before flying home.
  4. We played the new course and enjoyed it. But I just love how scenic the NSE course was. Last time I didn’t get to play the island green but on Monday I will get to. From a golf standpoint i see why people love the new course. But I love the scenic courses(resort style) too. For me this trip is about getting to hangout with my father in law away from the snow.
  5. My 11 year old daughter yells BaBa Booey when she hits the ball at the driving range. 🤦🏼‍♂️ Sadly I had to have a talk with her before the BMW Championship to let her know not to yell that.
  6. I am confused. That is absurd. This game is hard.
  7. I grab my wallet and phone at the turn when grabbing a snack. I even will keep them with me while warming up. I workin security so I may be over paranoid.
  8. “But not alll”??????😳 What gadget not in my bag is keeping me from happiness?! 😀
  9. I am sorry if this already has been a collective thread. I love watching golf on TV but the commercials are filled with clubs and gadgets that *will make me a better golfer. Has anyone ordered any of these items and which are junk and what if any can help? Some examples: Arm bands that keep your elbows close square strike edge club swing speed indicator club- super sonic C3i wedge glasses that help you find your ball in the rough gloves that keep your wrist straight That yellow metal bracket thingy
  10. Less than 4 weeks till I head down to Orlando. This will be our 4th year in a row heading down there. With this polar vortex about to hit the Midwest I can’t wait to get out of here.
  11. I don’t like lots of items in my pockets. Just the needed golf related items. My wallet, phone and keys all go in the bag or cart.
  12. Welcome. I visited your great city last year and fell in love. The food, history and architecture all amazed my wife and I. Can’t wait to get back.
  13. I will play and enjoy it in all weather conditions but I clearly am not at the point in my game where I know what adjustments to make to handle those conditions. I will say my focus does improve which somewhat helps but not enough to not affect.
  14. Sorry dumb question here. Obviously I am not an overly experienced golfer so go easy on me here. I have a 4 iron in my bag and it is only used for punching out. How different is a 4 hybrid from a 4i or how would it be different at punching out? I would think if it was somewhat similar he hybrid would be able to be utilized more frequently.
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