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  1. We were booked to play Southern Dunes on a previous trip but had to change due to some issues with their greens. Will have to look at getting it back on the roster because I have heard this a lot
  2. I have not read up on or seen Tranquilo yet. I will have to look it up. We love playing new courses. I like Eagle Creek but would not mind somewhere new. I may not be understanding the 'resort course' term and I may be off in it's use. My father in law is from Chicago and I am from Indy and we just like getting out of the horrible cold and get a chance to play prettier courses than any we get to see on a weekly basis. We enjoy the quality of the nicer courses but also really like the ever changing nice views as we go.
  3. I am in the process of planning our 4th annual trip down to Orlando. We stay in the Kissimmee area. We are playing 4 locations and would love to hear any recommended swap out locations. We prefer resort style over links style. Any thoughts or recommendations would be great. Eagle Creek (Looking for a good warm up course before playing more challenging options - we come from up north so we may not have played for a few months outside of simulators) Orange County National - Panther Lake (have never played) Champions Gate - North/South/East (love this course - played once) Falcon Fire (father-in-law loves this course and it is the only one we play each year)
  4. My Orlando trip was a blast. I came no where close to breaking 100 but there were some positive things to take away. I hit my hybrids and irons decent and my putting was better than my normal. I really struggled with my driver and was horrible with my 3 wood. My biggest weakness was my pitching/chipping from 90 yrds in to where I could use my putter off the fringe. I am going to play enough golf this year to get this moving in the right direction.
  5. Gipper

    TST Fantasy Golf 2018

  6. It is so frustrating. At times I am near the green in regulation just to double or triple bogey.
  7. One week till my first rounds of 2018. I am playing 4 tough courses in Orlando. I don't see myself breaking 100 on any of them but plan on keeping the ball in front of me and making every shot count. I do ok getting off the Tee but my irons, chipping and 3 puts kill me.
  8. My father in law and I are heading back to Orlando for the third straight year. The second week in January we will be playing The Disney Palm Course, both Champions Gate Courses and Falcon Fire. We are playing two less courses because our wives and kids decided they want to be warm in Florida too so we are spending three days at Disney before they fly home so we can start golfing.
  9. I need to return to this thread to get my 2018 kickstarted. Last year I traveled over 110 days and did not get to play very often and only scored sub 100 twice. My travel will be much this year and I plan on getting to play much more consistently. Inconsistent iron play and 3 putts are my nemesis and what I will be working on this year. My goal is to be posting on the breaking 90's forum by the end of the season.
  10. Gipper

    Taking children to a PGA event

    I am looking at bringing my 8 year old daughter to the BMW Classic practice round. She loves golf and Ricki Fowler. It have never been to a practice round but think it would be a good way to introduce her to an event. Also, at 25 bucks if she only lasts a few hours that would be fine. Has anyone attended the practice rounds? Am i thinking right on bringing her here first or is it not something worth visiting? if this thread should be in another area please let me know.
  11. I fly into Orlando on Friday for 6 rounds of Golf in 4 days. For any locals or people who have traveled there what are some restaurants in the area that you would recommend for evening options?
  12. It was cold and windy here. I shot a 52-48=100 on a new course. I found a golfnow deal.... 18 and a cart for $20. Really small greens were a challenge.
  13. That is some chilli play.... Where do you think you left strokes out there?

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