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  1. Two mile light jog today and 5 sets of 15 push-ups.
  2. Penalty strokes and 3+ puts..... If I could even manage those to by the end of the year I will be able to reach my goal of breaking 100
  3. My favorite golfer D.A. Points shot a even 72 today. I hope he can have another solid round tomorrow so I can follow him over the weekend online.
  4. Thanks Spyder, i will keep working on my game(lessons start Monday, league on May 15th) and if it worked I would love to play. My major concern would be taking the enjoyment away from others. There is no shame in my game and when playing with friends now I will pick up my ball 1-3 times a round to not slow down play and start at it again on the next hole. Hopefully by then I will be a little more consistent.
  5. I am in Pittsburgh and would travel for an event. My game is not at a place where I could join a bunch of scratch and single handicap guys for the round but if you were doing the clinic and dinner after the round I would love to meet everyone. I would be willing to pay the whole fee if the let me join along to watch how you guys attack a course if there was not an even number of people playing.
  6. Just scheduled my first set of lessons starting on Monday. I think this will be huge in getting in the 90's. I am taking them at a driving range and that makes me a little nervous because I know nothing about the instructor but it is what I can afford.
  7. College sports - Notre Dame and NDSU Bison MLB - Pirates NHL - Pens NFL - Vikings Soccer - Liverpool
  8. Gipper

    2014 NHL Playoffs

    Looks like the Rangers are coming to town on Friday. We need to play better then we did in the CBJ series. Let's go Pens!
  9. For some reason nothing feels natural and I am uncomfortable from the set up on through the swing. I keep hitting the mat first and I push a lot of the shots right.
  10. Yeah, I should have been calling ahead. Today they were closed due to being over saturated and the last time was due to a group lesson.
  11. First of to clarify I am in my early stages of getting into golf. I am trying to hit two buckets of balls a week and I am discovering a frustrating trend. When I have to hit off the mats instead of grass i really struggle and end up leaving with the feeling that I just wasted $8. Normally I go to the grass hitting area but when I am unable to i become even a worse hacker. Has anyone else had an issue with this when they were first beginning? I am sure it is just mental but it is killing me. Any thoughts or advice is appreciated.
  12. At most courses do you have to be a member to get the GHIN# and sign up?
  13. I picked up the Taylormade RBZ driver from Dick's sporting goods for $100.... I am going to hit it so much further into the woods and lakes this year. :~(
  14. Gipper

    2014 NHL Playoffs

    Come on Pens... Can't blow a 4-0 lead.
  15. Thx for all the feedback everyone. I get the new clubs back Tuesday and will hit a bucket that night. Then walking nine on Thursday. The stack and tilt is intriguing me. I have been hitting the ground behind the ball consistently and I hope to see if this may help.
  16. My biggest pet peeve as a newbie is playing with someone who tells me 25 different things to do to fix my game while playing the round. By the time my round is over my head is spinning.
  17. Thanks in the hole. I find myself often trying to do the work of hitting it far instead of just letting the club do the work. I am not quite sure what you mean about keeping my head centered(which could help explain my struggles) so I will check out those videos.
  18. This week I hopefully started to lay the foundation to hit what seams like the impossible 99. I have loved golf since college but due to my fitness level and finances I have not been able to play consistently enough to improve my golf game. In the last year I have lost 160 pounds and I feel like I am ready to hit this game head on. I have only played 3-4 rounds a year but just joined a golf league at our church that is welcoming to beginners. I will be playing nine holes with them and will be getting another 9-18 holes in on the weekend. For equipment, I just bought a used set of the original(2008?) Titleist AP1 irons and Dick's sporting goods had the Taylormade RBZ bonded driver on sale for $100 so I picked one of those up. I will be taking the irons in to be fitted and most likely extended today. My biggest tool is joining this site to help with round management. This is embarrassing, but my approach has been to just take the longest club I have available from where the ball is. I have spent the last couple days on here reading about how you guys approach the course and I caught myself laughing at myself multiple times. I will try to have a video of my swing on here in the next week and I am guessing that will be entertainingly sad for most of you. Over the next couple of weeks I will keep my mouth shut on here for the most part but try to absorb as much as possible without bombarding the brain. Thanks all for letting me be part of this forum. Gipper
  19. I am a Sr Security Specialist for a transportation company
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