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  1. I have only played golf regularly for the last couple of years but by far my favorite aspect of the game is the social aspect. I like how indexes can level the playing field and make it fun each time out. The guy I love playing with the most is my father-in-law. I could play with him daily and never get sick of it. Our personalities just click and we have a blast. I am pretty pumped, my brother in law just bought a set of clubs and plans on playing with us and he is one of my best friiends so he will be another guy to play with. There is nothing worse than playing with a schmuck but I can't think of a better time than playing a round with your golfing buddy. Who is your golfing buddy?
  2. I love traveling for work. I have over 50 overnight stays so far this year and the big thing is prioritizing your time when home. One of the big possitives is I have so many hotel honor points I never have paid for a hotel when vacationing. Your spouse has to be on board though. I would not sacrifice that, if it ever compromised my marriage I would find a new job in a heart beat.
  3. I am very happy with my progress. I am not respectable yet, but I am closer. For example, I just shot a 104 on a really tough course I shot 117 on last year. Most of you would cringe at a 104 but I am pretty pumped
  4. So close to respectable golf(relatively speaking).
  5. I was able to score my first birdie. I was inches away from an eagle. I shot a 104 at a very tough Blackstone course outside of Chicago.
  6. It's amazing how many strokes I leave out there in that range.
  7. I keep piecing new clubs in Lilfrier and it each additions keep me heading in the right direction. I just got a lob wedge for Father's Day and the more I practice with it the more excited I get about using it on the course.
  8. The geese are crazy on my course this year. They are making an absolute mess all over. I spend hours upon hours up home in North Dakota trying to get within 12 gauge range of the buggers but here they barely get out of your way while trying to golf.
  9. Happy Father's Day everyone. For me this day/weekend is closely associated with golf. My father in law and I played 18 on Friday and Saturday. This morning I opened up my gifts of practice balls and my first lob wedge. What are your Father's Day golf plans/gifts?
  10. I need to get this game golf... Pretty cool stuff
  11. 56 front 48 back nine on a course I had never played. I am pretty happy with my progress. Time to work on my chipping and putting... Plus I just got a lob wedge for Father's Day now I just need a gap.
  12. I shot a 49 front and 53 back nine. I am getting close. I can think of so many strokes waisted out there today. Out for 18 more tomorrow at a course I have not played yet
  13. Wow, very impressive. You are not far behind David.
  14. I am a newer golfer and personally love the Calloway Super soft.
  15. Gipper

    March Madness 2015

    Not me, I would love to see an undefeated team again but I just don't want it to come from a guy who is historically known for a dirty program. UK sold their souls when the brought him in.
  16. I shot a 104 at my new home course. I can see my self in the 90's here soon. I know where I left shots out there and it was the first time I had played the course so there are already some strategic ideas I am going to be able to use the next round. I did keep focused on my shoot for 5's but this course is doable for this approach. I also am going to get a mat and work on sweeping the mat a handful of times a week just to get that motion down. But my big goal for this next week is getting my wife to record my swing so I can get it posted on here.
  17. Just hit a really rough bucket at the course where nothing felt right. I will be walking 18 on Wednesday and will have an update. I am going to try to get my wife to video tape my swing and get everyones feedback on that. I am excited for the year to begin but a little frustrated at today's bucket. It felt like I had never swung a club before.
  18. Is it hard for people to post their rounds on here(or maybe a different thread). Someone over on the breaking bad thread posted their round and I thought it was pretty neat getting to see how they played the round. Some may find it boring but I think it would be fun to see how some of the better golfers play out there.
  19. I just got to watch this weeks episode and was pretty disappointed with Clay to the point where I was rooting for the old man to win. The odds are against Chad but I am loving rooting for him every week.
  20. Once again, I need to get the GameGolf, nice breakdown of each shot RRives. Looks like you are getting lots of golf opportunities in which is nice. We are a few days away from being dry enough to golf here in Indianapolis. Also, congrats on your first birdie!
  21. Just jogged 3 miles on the treadmill at the hotel. I am ready for warmer weather to get out and get more active. It wont be long.
  22. It's official. I just signed up for my first ever annual membership to a course. This is going to be my year to arrive and consistently shoot sub 100.
  23. First off nice round. Second, that game golf is great! I followed that thread here but this is the first time I have seen a round wrap up. Pretty unbelievable. I will have to look into getting this.
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